tagIncest/TabooFairytale, 2011 Ch. 02

Fairytale, 2011 Ch. 02


Peeking through her eyelashes pretending she was still asleep Ashley watched as her father opened her bedroom door. She watched him standing there his robe open below the belt at his waist his hand around his hugely swollen cock.

She felt her breasts swell and her become slippery hot wet watching her father's hand sliding up and down his hugely swollen thick cock looking at her his daughter half naked in bed.

Ashley didn't know how long he'd been there outside her door. She felt so excited and tingly all over her father watching her, looking at her, jacking his hugely hard cock. She closed her eyes smiling inside; at last, her Daddy had come into her room. She thought of her dream, her fairy godmother; did she put a spell on her Daddy, too?

Ashley could hear his breathing, his hand sliding on his cock the sound of pre-cum slippery in his fist. She imagined where he was looking and felt his eyes burn into her there, her closed eyes, her cheeks, her lips; she took a slight breath. Her shoulders and arms, her breasts, her nipples; she involuntarily lifted. Her belly, her hips, her perfectly smooth bald mound; she felt a tingling ache deep in her belly. Her thighs; she felt herself quicken, and her legs open almost imperceptibly. Her calves, her feet; she pointed her toes, felt it deep inside her little pussy.

She felt herself getting so wet, her breasts tingling. She heard him murmur under his breath, "Mmmmm, lil baby," fantasizing about her, looking at her laying on her back in her bed.

She heard him growl with a rumbling that made her nipples throb and ache, "So beautiful, my lil baby, my little princess," her nightie unbuttoned and open, his daughter practically naked, her ripe full breasts so tantalizingly beautiful. "Such a sexy lil baby..." he growled under his breath exciting himself, "Daddy thinks about you at night, lil baby," her curves her soft skin glowing in the slight morning light. "You didn't know that, did you, that Daddy thinks about you," posed, a painting, her breasts swelling, her belly rising and falling to her sleepy soft warm breaths, her hiding her gleeful excitement, her little pussy tingling with erotic thrill.

Ashley could barely keep her eyes closed so her father would keep looking at her; she wanted him to see her like this, she didn't want him to leave, to stop jerking his cock right there in her bedroom, right above her. It excited her immensely that she turned her father on, that he wanted her, just the two of them alone together in the forest cabin. She'd wanted him for so long, wanted him to want her, for so long.

She feigned she was dreaming so she could stretch and show her father her puffy swollen breasts, her bald shaven cunny, her perfect little slit, her soft belly, her inner thighs, all that Teddy and Leo made ready for him the night before and that she wanted to be his.

She heard her father's intake of breath, "Ohhh fuck, lil baby, look at you. So beautiful lil baby, so beautiful, mmm lil baby, Daddy wants my lil girl."

Looking through her eyelashes Ashley felt that warm buttery feeling in her belly like she had in her dream when her fairy godmother granted her wishes. She pretended to still be asleep, letting her father fantasize, excited to hear what he was thinking, saying, whispering hotly at her door, pulling on his lovely cock. She watched intently without her Daddy realizing she was awake her father's big hand sliding up and down rolling his fist over the big thick mushroom shaped helmet of his cock, his hips fucking his cock into his hand, through his fingers, squeezing around it. She could see the shiny wetness coating his hand, dripping wet like she was. She could see his balls swollen and full with cum swaying to his movements. Ashley felt her little pussy cream watching her father jerking his cock him standing in the doorway to her bedroom, the look on his face one of pure lust, licking his lips, jacking his long thick hard daddy-cock, looking at her his little girl his daughter naked head to toe, her white cotton nightie draped around her, so warm and soft in her bed. She thought about Leo between her legs his fur rubbing along her inner thighs, the feeling of his hot hard cock sliding into her. She wanted her father between her legs, in her arms. She wanted to lay on him like she had on Leo, his broad shoulders, his wide body, his big cock fucking up inside her, stretching her little pussy, giving him pleasure with her hot, tight, wet little pussy just like Leo had.

She heard him, whispering, "... making Daddy's cock so hard, my sexy little girl. Daddy knows you were rubbing on Daddy's cock through the covers. My lil baby's shaven little cunny, mmm, I love that you shave. Nnn, want to lick my lil girl's sweet little slit," he growled fucking that huge swollen thing through his fist, his daddy-cock even bigger than her Leo's cock. "Mmm, lil baby," she heard him groan, saying all kinds of naughty, dirty things about her mouth her bottom her sweet little pussy. It was everything Ashley could do to not caress her aching hard swollen breasts to squeeze her pebble hard nipples Teddy under her arm, Leo still along her side, to slide her soft little fingers between her delicate little legs to touch herself afraid if she moved her father would leave her room.

She responded back to her father under her breath, in her thoughts, "Nnn, Papa, yessss, lick my little pussy, Daddy. Ohh Papa, nnn lick me, Papa, jerk your cock for me Daddy. Look at your lil girl, pull on your daddy-cock for me, Papa, let me watch you pull on your big daddy-cock, so sexy Papa, so hot, watching you jerk your cock for me, thinking about me, all the dirty naughty things you want to do to your little girl. All the dirty naughty things you want me to do to you, Daddy, for you, Papa. I will, Daddy, I want to Papa, I want to Daddy. Look at me Daddy. Look how wet I am. Look how hard my nipples are, Papa."

She closed her eyes all the way for the pleasure of hearing her father, of watching him jack his daddy-cock dripping with pre-cum, that she made him so excited, right there in her room, his robe open, her Daddy's furry chest she'd run her fingers through so many times, sitting in his lap, laying on his belly early on Saturday mornings. Mornings she'd pretend that she didn't feel his long thick cock harden under the blankets between them, her little pussy warm and slippery wet. That she'd lift and press her hips as if she weren't meaning to, making him harder and harder, his eyes flashing at her so excited, his lil baby "unknowingly" making her father so hard.

Sometimes she'd sit up, straddling her father's waist, and purposely move around, animatedly purposefully rubbing herself on her father's cock under the blankets, making the hard pointed head of his cock poke and press against her little pussy, rocking on him in just her T-shirt and panties, her father's long thick hard cock touching her little pussy through the blankets. Her panties damp and her sweet aroused fragrance making her father's cock throb under her even more, she tried willing him to reach up and squeeze her tender breasts, her sensitive nipples, making her even more excited. She'd feel so naughty, such dirty thoughts for such a sweet girl, her Daddy's little girl, purposefully making him hard, delighting in making him hard. If only he knew his innocent little girl at night was rubbing her teddybear's felt-tongue over her nipples, pretending he was her Daddy. That she was rubbing her soft slick little pussy on her Leo's long plastic tongue, laying on the huge stuffed animal, rubbing herself on his soft fur, his elongated torso, kissing him like he was her father. That Teddy and Leo had magically come alive last night, and fucked her like wild animals, his little girl calling them, Daddy, sucking and fucking their hugely hard daddy-cocks, all three of them cumming together, in anticipation of this very moment.

Leaning against her doorframe, her father's hips moving in a sexy rhythmic thrust, fucking his cock through his fist, thinking about his daughter that way, she imagined his rigid hard cock bouncing and swaying as he came into her room, him touching her. Her breasts, her nipples on fire, she willed him to come into her room, to come to her. She heard his bare feet on the wooden floor, him approach her bed, lean down, his breathing getting closer and closer, his scent his warm wet lips kiss her forehead him breathe her in. She could feel his love, his lust, and she felt herself open, want him. She felt his warm-hot fingers trace along her tender sensitive hip and belly, her inner thigh. She tingled all over. Her nipples aching to be touched, sucked, her creamy lil pussy already so slippery wet as she felt him touch her freshly shaven mound.

Ashley stopped breathing as her father's fingers slid through her creamy wet little slit, as she felt him take her hand, the heat of his cock as she wrapped her fingers around it, so huge it barely fit in her hand, as she still feigned sleep, opening her legs for her Daddy so he could touch her even more.

"Ohhh lil baby, so beautiful, so creamy wet for Daddy," she heard him whisper just above her, feeling how wet she was.

She felt his lips touch hers. Her lips opened unable to not breathe in when she felt his big long finger touch into the length of the slit of her dripping wet little cunny, and press.

Her body quivered when she felt her father's tongue lick the underside of her upper lip; she almost moaned out wanting to push her tongue into his mouth, her legs spread as she felt his finger so softly and gently press inside her buttery soft folds, his palm press into her vulva, her smooth bare mound.

Ashley almost gushed out loud when she felt her father's hot wet mouth surround her swollen breasts, him take first one breast and then the other her into his mouth, his tongue swirl over her aching hard nipples.

She couldn't help letting out a soft little cooing purr as her father slid his finger into her little hole, her spreading her legs, arching her back, pushing her breast into her father's mouth, her finally batting her eyes open, moaning softly sleepily, "Nnn, Papa, yessss, touch me, my nipples, Papa," touching her fingers to the back of his head, holding him to her breast.

Her father's hand so big and soft and warm and gentle between her legs she squeezed her father's thick cock in her little hand, holding onto it, so hard and heavy and throbbing hot in her hand. She imagined it's downy softness, it's hardness in her mouth her little hand tightening and loosening around it in rhythm with her father's finger sliding in and out of her tight little pussy.

"Mmm, lil baby, yesss, let Daddy make you feel good," her father growled, his daughters hot little cunt sucking on his finger, her so delicate and feminine under him, his strength practically lifting her from the bed so effortlessly.

Her bare soft skin rippled with pleasure as he touched her, licked her sucked her breast back into his hot wet mouth. Ashley shivered all over thinking about seeing her Daddy jack his cock, and began pulling on him in earnest sliding her little fist up and down her father's cock, his big finger fucking up into her soft wet creamy little pussy, his pre-cum dribbling over her little fist making her hand slide on him so wet and slippery hot hard in her little hand. Ashley's mouth hung open her breathing ragged her so excited so hot for her Daddy.

"Yesss, lil baby," her father hissed out under his breath "pull on Daddy's cock, lil baby, jack Daddy's cock, Ashley, that's my good girl," his whispering voice like a spell as he sucked her other breast into his mouth, his finger gliding in and out of her hot wet little pussy making her little hips lift and roll, pressing her pelvis into her father's gentle hand. "Yessss, that's my good girl, let Daddy make you feel good. Mmm, lil baby yesss jack Daddy's cock. Your hand feels so good lil baby. Yesss, squeeze Daddy's cock. Just like that, Princess. Mmm, yesss, lil baby, pull on Daddy."

"Oh god, Daddy" Ashley rushed out on a whimpering breath, "nnnn Papa, nnn touch me," her father's words exciting her beyond measure, jacking on his cock, making her want it inside her, wanting, to make her Daddy feel good, wanting, to do it good for her Daddy, wanting to make him feel as good as he was making her feel, everything inside her quickening.

"Daddy wants to lick my little girl's lil cunny, baby," her father rushed back into her ear. "Daddy wants to taste you, little baby." Ashley gushed out a breath. "Daddy's wanted to taste my little girl, for so long, lil baby," the warmth of his breathing right on her dripping wet bald little pussy sending shivers all through her as she spread her legs, wanting his mouth between her legs.

Ashley felt her father's arm slide under her lower back, and turn her toward him kneeling next to her bed.

"That's my girl, mmm, yess lil baby, spread your legs for Daddy. Such a beautiful little pussy, mmm so creamy wet for Daddy, let Daddy taste you, lil baby. Let Daddy lick my little girl."

Ashley could barely breathe when she felt her father kiss her bare tummy, the insides of her soft bare thighs, right on her smooth bare shiny wet little mound. She couldn't help the way her body lifted toward his mouth, the way her pelvis pushed up at him, anticipating, hungry, needing her father's mouth wanting his mouth at last on her tingling wet little cunny. She moaned out loud when she felt her father's tongue snake through her pink wet little slit, slide through her sex, lap at her creamy slippery wet little pussy, his big strong hands surround her swollen hot breasts, his warm soft fingers pull on her aching hard nipples, his mouth, his lips, his tongue.

"Ohhh lil baby, you taste so good. You're so sweet and creamy, Ashley, mmmmm, so wet. Love my lil girl's taste. Nnnggghh, lil baby," he moaned into his daughter's swollen pink sex.

Ashley wondered if the night before had all been a dream. She no longer felt sore. It was as if her body, her father's mouth, his hands, his fingers, were being touched for the first time. Her little pussy so slippery wet, her excitement, something she'd never felt before.

She wanted to squeeze her father's cock again, to be sure she wasn't just dreaming. His tongue was making her writhe, quake. She pulled his head against her, his mouth, deep into her little cunt remembering Leo licking her, her father's tongue wide and long and lapping at her sex, flicking over her clit, his mouth and tongue all over her, her hot little cunt on fire. Spreading her legs wide, her cream gushing all over her father's mouth she lifted her little hips, pushed into her father's warm, wet licking sucking mouth, his lips, his tongue making her whole body quiver.

"Oh god Daddy, nnn Papa," she gushed as she jerked and twisted and gyrated her hips thrust into her father's lovely hot wet mouth, his tongue like magic. She wanted to suck him, too. She wanted his cock in her warm little mouth, in her little hands. She wanted to suck him, just like she'd sucked Teddy. As if her Daddy read her mind he turned and lay on her bed, on his back pulling her on top of him, spreading her legs over his mouth, and sucking her again, whispering between long licks, mouthing her entire wet bald little pussy, "Suck Daddy, lil baby. Daddy knows you want Daddy's cock in your mouth don't you baby?"

Ashley looked at her father's hugely hard cock, the word "yes" shouting out in her thoughts, mesmerized, took it in her little hand, and sucked him into her hot wet little mouth.

She moaned on her father's cock, so big and thick in her mouth, so hot and salty sweet. Moaned as he licked her, mouthed her entire bald little cunny. She sucked and sucked, jacked him in her little hand, bobbed her head up and down, taking him as deep into her throat as she could. I love Daddy in my mouth, she thought, love sucking his cock my father's cock, my...Daddy's cock.

"Oh god baby, yessss, suck Daddy," her father groaned hotly, thrusting his hips fucking his cock into his little girl's sucking warm wet mouth, through her little fist. "Ohh, Ashley, mmmm, suck Papa, lil baby. Yesss, jack Daddy. Good girl. Fuck Daddy with your mouth, lil baby. Such a good girl, Daddy's good girl, mmm, you like Daddy's mouth on your little pussy, don't you, Bear? You're so wet, lil baby. Taste so good, so creamy wet. Daddy can't stop licking your bald little pussy, baby. Mmmm. My little girl's hot little pussy."

Ashley sucked and sucked and sucked on her father's thick hard cock. She loved hearing him say her hot little pussy. Him calling her, baby, his lil baby, his mouth licking her everywhere between her bare thighs.

She'd imagined this so many times, just like her Daddy had imagined licking her, sucking on her puffy aching swollen breasts, her wet little pussy. She wanted to suck him until he came in her mouth. She wanted to suck her father off just like she had Teddy. She wanted to suck him, and swallow him. She loved his taste, too.

"Mmm, Bear, you feel so good on Daddy's tummy, lil baby, so soft and warm on Daddy's tummy. Ohh lil baby, yesss Daddy loves your little pussy, my lil girl, my hot little baby."

Ashley felt light as a feather on her father, his mouth and fingers making her quiver with delight. She loved the taste of his cock. She loved the taste of his cream. Her Daddy's mouth on her little pussy, divine.

She pulled him from her mouth and watched herself jack her Daddy's slippery wet swollen throbbing hard cock in her little hand, humping and rocking her little pussy on her father's hungry mouth before eagerly sucking him back into hers.

"Baby, Daddy wants you to turn around and climb on Daddy's lap, lil baby," her father breathed out still licking and sucking her hot, dripping wet little cunt he growled, "Daddy wants...to fuck my little girl."

Ashley's response was to suck hard on her father's cock in a frenzy sliding up and down on her father's hot mouth, grinding her little pussy on her father's amazing tongue, imagining his hugely hard cock inside her. His entire mouth over her pussy, the way he'd fuck his tongue deep into her little hole was making her crazy for his cock, and he knew it. She wanted him inside her. She wanted to pleasure him with her little pussy. She wanted to make her Daddy cum in her little pussy, deep in warm buttery belly. She wanted to cum on her Daddy's cock, all over her Daddy's big throbbing hard cock.

Ashley's father rolled over with her onto her back, stood, and then moved between her legs. Ashley stared at her father's hugely swollen cock, erect, thick, bobbing, dripping wet from her mouth, and spread her legs, wide. She watched him touch the big bulbous head to the lips of her bald shiny wet little pussy. She watched him smile at her, his eyes burning into hers. She spread her legs opening herself even more, wanting, needing her father's cock wanting him to have her, to see the look on his face sliding inside her, his daughter, her wanting him just as badly. She felt his cock push against her slippery wet swollen hot little cunt.

"You belong to Daddy, lil baby," her father growled with love.

Ashley flushed so hotly she turned red. Yes, she belonged to her Daddy.

She felt him spread her open. She was so wet, her pussy so inflamed, he slid inside her, glided inside her, his huge throbbing daddy-cock filling her.

He looked into her eyes, beaming love and lust simultaneously. Ashley saw stars as her father slid inside her, her eyes wide and flashing back at him, beaming her love and lust into his eyes as her Daddy began fucking her.

"Ohhh lil baby, Daddy feels so good inside my lil girl," he told her, pulling her to him, fucking his throbbing hard daddy-cock inside his lil girl, his big hands surrounding her hips, pulling her onto him. "So soft. So wet. Mmmm, Ashley, Daddy's fucking you," he beamed smiling, "fucking my hot little girl, my lil baby."

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