tagInterracial LoveFaith Debased Ch. 3

Faith Debased Ch. 3


Chapter 3: A True Cum Slut Is Born

I called Cal at around 7:00 the following morning.

Brian hadn't come home until well after midnight, still fuming at what the painters had done to his meticulous work. We had gone to bed shortly after that. He had been snoring fitfully at 5:30 when I had gotten up to pee, and I vaguely recalled someone kissing my cheek and telling me they'd call later, but that had been coming to me through a sleepy fog. I had no idea what time he had left for work that morning, but I really didn't give a good goddamn as I impatiently waited for Cal to pick up his damned phone. He wasn't there now and Cal soon would be.

"Morning, Slut," Cal said after the twelfth aggravating ring.

"Cal!" I gasped. "You shouldn't answer your phone like that. I could have been a client calling with a computer problem."

"Twenty-first century, Faith," he chuckled. "We got caller ID and all kinds of state-of-the-art shit these days." There was the sound of Blues music playing in the background; sounded to me like Billie Holiday. "Your husband must work banker's hours."

"He left sometime early this morning, Cal," I said as a shiver raced through me just hearing his deep rich voice. I explained that Brian had gotten home very late and that I had waited up for him. "And, Cal," I cooed, "my white husband's side of the bed is soooo cold right now."

Cal snorted. "Like it ever got very hot. Phone guy been there yet?"

"Not yet, They told me yesterday it'd be early 'cause it's Saturday. Oh, and I ordered a separate line for the computer, too."

"Good thinking, Faith, won't tie up the house line when you're surfin' your kindda porn sites. Now, you best get that tight white ass outta bed and get dressed. I don't want him catching you in your robe, and maybe getting' a glimpse of what I'm gonna be usin' when I get there."

And, God, how I wanted to be used by him. I wanted it so bad right then. "And when will that be. Cal?"

"When I get there, Slut," Cal snapped, "Now get your ass outta bed and put some coffee on. Phone guys always appreciate a cup of coffee, might even get that jack thrown in free if you give him a cup. But nothin' else, not even a peek at your little white titties, you hear me, Slut?"

"I hear you, Cal. You are the only one who's going to see my white titties today." 'And he was going to suck them...' I thought to myself. '...and maul them...' And I was going to hold his big black cock tightly between them so he could fuck my white tits.

"You got that right, Slut."

The phone went dead in my ear and I got out of bed. My black lover was coming over, and he was going to do such wonderful slutty things to me and to my willing white body. I masturbated to those salacious thoughts as I showered, cumming several times.

So the Phone wouldn't get so much as an accidental peek at Cal's property, I dressed in my most matronly attire--what amounted to a button-up-the-front June Clever housedress and flats, my hair pulled back in a tight bun and no makeup. I'd fix myself up real nice after he left... for Cal. Then I went in the kitchen, poured what was left in the pot from Brian filling his thermos into a cup and stuck it in the microwave to warm, then put on a fresh pot. I made some toast and sipped my coffee and waited. And waited. And I waited. And I waited. And I...

Two and a half hours and a fresh pot of coffee later, Cal walked through the back door like it was his house, not Brian's and mine. "Phone guy already been and gone, Faith?"

"Not yet, Cal," I answered as my heart beat out a sinful tattoo inside my constricting chest. "I'm beginning to wonder if he's ever going to show."

Cal glanced at his watch. "Saturday, probably spent half the morning in the coffee shop." He looked at me. "Well...?" I was out of the kitchen chair and pressed up against him in less then one of my pounding heartbeats, my face tilted up to be kissed. Cal grabbed my hand and held it hard against the large bulge in his crotch. "You gonna be my slut, one of your hands best be right here whenever you greet your man. Got it, Slut?"

"Yes, Cal," I answered as I shamelessly rubbed and groped his huge cock through his pants. "Is that what I'm going to be, your slut?"

"No, you already are my slut." He leaned his head down like he was going to kiss me, but at the last second he swiped his wet tongue across my lips, my nose, and my startled eyes. "And a slut gets kissed when I want to kiss her, not the other way around."

"Yes, Cal." Good Lord, he had me trembling. He was treating me like a slut, like the slut I wanted to be for him, that I would be for him. And we both knew it.

He pushed me back. "Let your hair down." I undid the tight bun for him and shook it out. "Open that dress up. Show your man what you're wearing underneath." I hesitated and he snapped, "Now!" I obediently unbuttoned my dress half way down. "No bra. Good. But I see panties, Slut. My sluts never wear panties, less I tell them to. Get rid of them."

For some unexplainable reason I balked. "And what if I don't?"

So fast his hand was a dark blur in my vision, Cal's fingers were inside the waistband of my panties and he jerked me to him. "You asked, Slut," he spat in my face and yanked hard. I wasn't wearing flimsy panties, these were everyday cotton panties, meant for a little hard use, and they didn't give. He yanked again and the panties tore at the seams. Twice more Cal yanked on my panties, not quite as hard, like he wasn't serious about tearing them off me right then, like he teasing me. The second time I came in them. With a quick twisting wrench, what was left of my panties were at last torn free of my trembling body. "Like I said, no panties." He pushed them in my face and smeared my cum onto it. "Now, open up and suck the rest out, Slut."

I opened my mouth, he shoved the wet, tattered rag in, and I did as I was told. I sucked my cum-juice from the ruined panties until there was no other taste left other then soggy cotton. "Get rid of them," he told me and I gladly pitched them over his shoulder. He put his powerful hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. "Now, dig my cock out and show me if you learned anything new at that site I left up for you."

"But, Cal, the Phone guy..."

Cal grabbed a fist full of my hair. "Once, and only 'cause you're new to this, Faith, don't you ever, I mean NEVER, but me again."

Cal's dark face was even darker and I meekly undid his belt, unsnapped and unzipped his pants and lowered them down to his shoes. Then I pulled his boxers--blue silk this time, down. I leaned in, kissed the head of his half-hard cock, then took it in my mouth and sucked. It began to grow harder and I started taking more of it into my hungry slut mouth. Then more. And more. And... And then the fucking doorbell rang.

Fuck!" Cal pushed me away and pulled his boxers and pants up. "Go answer the fucking door," he said as he zipped up. "And button up that dress 'fore you get to the door."

I hurried past him and was doing the top button as I reached the front door. "Good morning, Ma'am," a dark-haired young woman said when I opened it. "I'm Regina, from the Phone Company. You ordered a second line and a jack installed today?"

I took in her clunky boots, her tight jeans, the heavy-looking toolbelt around her flared hips, and how her company shirt appeared to be too confining for her breasts. Finally, I raised my gaze enough to see her face. She wasn't pretty, but there was something in her vanilla-mocha complexion, in her full, sensuous lips and in her luminous, thickly browed dark eyes which made her stunningly attractive. "Ah..." My voice seemed to catch in my throat. "Ah... yes. Yes, I did." I stepped back. "Please, come in."

She smiled. "Have to do that to see where you want the jack, Ma'am," she said as she stepped through the door. I closed the door behind her and turned around. There was definitely an unmistakable--almost palpable--sensuality about the young woman and an electric shiver--nearly as hard as being this close to Cal--rippled through me. "And where would you like it, Ma'am?" she inquired and I was startled as the unbelievable thought 'Right between my legs' raced across my mind.

"She's going to want in here," Cal said, coming out of the kitchen. While I had been answering the door, he had gone out to his truck and was now holding his toolbox. "Down the hall, first door on your left. Follow me."

We all three went into the new computer room and Cal showed her, Regina, where he'd like the jack installed. "That were you want it, Ma'am?" Regina asked. "I've learned never to take a husband's word as law. I only drill when the lady of the house has put her finger on the spot."

"Oh!" Apparently, the Phone lady had mistaken Cal for being my husband. "Mr. Saul isn't..."

"I'm her computer guy," Cal snickered. "Faith's husband's at work."

Regina smiled at him, just not as friendly as she had seemed to smile at me. "Then I'll take your word in this case, Mr. Saul. Any idea where the Interface is located? Outside, I hope."

"Yep, saw it right outside the back door when I came in. You need any help running the wire, just give a holler."

"Will do, Mr. Saul." Regina turned to me. "Would you like to show me to the back door, Ma'am?"

'I'd like to show you more then the back door' I found myself thinking and quickly shook it off as I we both left the room. "This way, ah... Regina."

I showed her out the back door. She spotted the gray box she was interested in--the Interface, Cal had called it--then scanned our small back yard and nodded. "Good, ped's in your yard, not your neighbor's. Make's things a lot easier for me."

Regina headed off toward the tall, lime-green metal box tucked in the corner of the fence and I went back inside. Only after I had closed the door behind me did I notice that my palms were sweaty. 'Why on earth?' I wondered as I rejoined Cal in the computer room. "What are you doing?" I asked, looking over his shoulder at what seemed to be a long, interconnected menu of some sort on the screen.

"About to see how adventurous my new slut got after I left." He clicked on one tiny folder labeled history and a long list of addresses ran down the right side of the screen. "My, my, my," he chuckled as he scrolled down, "you did go out there and play, didn't you."

Yes," I confessed, staring at the seemingly endless list of porn sites I had visited the night before. I hadn't realized at the time that I gone to so many.

Without looking away from the screen, Cal reached back and up under my dress. His thick finger easily entered my wet cunt. "And how many times did you make this nasty pussy cum while you were playing in the porn sites?"

"Oh, God," I moaned, rocking my cunt on his unmoving finger. He wasn't going to do anything. If I wanted finger-fucked, I'd have to do it myself. "I made myself cum so many times, Cal... All those big black men fucking those white sluts, those nasty white sluts happily sucking those huge black cocks off..." I was quickly rocking my hips with far more urgency. "...holding their own asscheeks wide apart so their black studs could fuck their asses..." An almost painful jolt hit me. "...gallons of slimy cum being shot onto their quivering white asses, on their arched backs, into their contented face and in their hair, in their wide open mouths from so many giant black cocks..." I came incredibly hard on Cal's finger.

Cal kept his thick finger deep inside my spasming cunt until my orgasm had run its body-jarring course then pulled it out of me and held it up like he was giving me the bird. "Clean it, Slut." I closed my mouth over it and sucked down my warm cum juice. I had come to like the taste of myself by then. "Go get me the cordless phone from the kitchen." he told me when I at last removed my mouth from his squeaky clean finger.

I was back in less then half a minute with the cordless phone. Cal took it from me and punched in a number. "Cecil," he said a few seconds later, "need a new account set up, under this name." He gave the guy on the other end of the line our name and address, our existing phone number and the new phone number being installed by Regina. "Same setup as the one you did for me, using the second number I gave you." Cal scowled. "That wasn't a request, asshole. You did it for me, you'll do it for whomever and whenever I tell you to. Otherwise, that chubby wife of yours is going to find out about those naughty young black boys you visit so frequently." Cal's severe tone became even more menacing. "Then, you little pole-sucker, then your mousy, church-going wife's going to learn what it's like to have some real cocks pounding her pudgy white pussy, a dozen of them, all big and black. Wanna bet once she gets used to taking three huge black cocks in her at the same time, she'll be begging for one of my friends to pimp her out... for black men only, I can assure you of that."

For the first time I was a little afraid of Cal. The threat in his voice had been implicit. He had meant every word of what he had told the guy. If he didn't do exactly as he was told, Cecil--whoever he was--would, without a doubt, become the cuckold of a white whore for black men.

"Much better, Cecil," Cal said in an almost friendly way. "Call me back at the main number with the codes when it's setup. I'll take it from there. Have a nice day, Cecil. Oh, and pat that flabby ass of your wife's for me when you see her tonight. Bye." He set the phone down and smiled. "Some people just need the right sort of motivation. Surprising what a little 'gentle' persuasion can get accomplished."

Cal picked me up and set me on the desk. "Your account's going to be the same as Cecil setup for me," he explained as he undid the bottom three buttons of my dress. "You'll have to subscribe to one site, but don't worry..." He pushed my legs apart and worked two fingers into my pussy. "...little dick Brian won't find you out, it'll be listed on your credit card statement as being a craft group..." He began finger-fucking me deeply. "...or maybe a cooking site, whatever you tell me to tell Cecil to make it when he calls back with the necessary codes." I was so close to cumming again my cunt muscle clamped tight around Cal's thrusting fingers. Cal stopped and looked into my eyes. "You do want to be able to access all the naughty place you went and played in last night, don't you, Faith?" He quickly buried his fingers deep inside me. "Well, don't you... Slut!"

"YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed and came violently.

Cal's Cheshire grin was extremely persuasive. "Thought so."

* * * *

Half an hour later I was getting Cal a cup of coffee when he came into the kitchen and leaned against the counter. "What do you think of her, Faith?"

"Of who?" I asked, handing him Brian's special over-sized mug.

He nodded at the window above the sink. "Of the Phone lady."

I looked out the window. The Phone lady was kneeling beside the phone pedestal, talking on her test phone. She turned her head, saw me in the window, smiled and waved. Regina's smile was captivating and I felt an errant butterfly in my stomach flutter. "She seems... pleasant."

Cal looked at me for a long moment. "You really didn't catch it, did you?"

"Catch what?" Cal didn't answer; he just stared at me. "What!" I demanded.

Cal shook his head. "Faith, you amaze me with your skewed naivete. Thirty minutes ago you were the nastiest slut I've been with in awhile and yet you completely missed another woman coming on to you not even an hour ago."

"You can't be serious!"

"I'm dead serious. When we were all three in the computer room, whenever you were looking at me, the Phone lady was very definitely checking you out. And what I saw in her eyes, she liked what she was measuring with them."

"Regina... the Phone lady wouldn't do that." Regina coming on to me, checking me out when I wasn't aware of it, was not something I was prepared for. "Even if she is predisposed in that way, she'd... she'd be afraid I'd report her to the Company."

"There, you're right, Faith," Cal said. "Her job would be at stake and Regina wouldn't chance making a pass at you, not openly, not unless she had a clear, unmistakable indication from you that it would be welcomed. But this you can take to bank and deposit, before that sexy Phone lady leaves here today, she'll know whether you're interested, or not."

The thought of Regina making an open, unmistakable pass at me was... It was unnerving, to say the least. 'Would she? Had she?' The possibility that it might, indeed, be true was becoming more then mildly exciting to me.

"Well, what's it going to be, Faith?" Cal snapped his fingers in front of my face and I jerked. "Which will it be, Dreamy Eyes, you going welcome the invite we both know Regina's going to make to you, or you going to run and hide in the bathroom till she's gone?"

"Cal...?" My head was spinning; my entire world was suddenly whirling out of my control. "Cal, I... I don't know. Everything's too... You're the only other man I've ever been with... I'm cheating on my husband with you, Cal... a black man... and now you say... you tell me a lesbian wants me... wants to... It's all so... Everything is so confusing. I... I don't know what to do... what I should, or shouldn't do." I pleaded with him with my eyes. "What I should do, Cal? Tell me what to do. Please!"

Cal looked out the window. Regina had closed up the phone pedestal and was coming back toward the house. "I shouldn't do this," he said thoughtfully, "I want you all to myself... you need some serious breaking in." He grabbed my arm and propelled me back to the computer room. "But this is just too good a thing to pass up, my newborn bi slut."

Cal had me standing feet-apart on a chair, ostensibly straightening a small picture above the window when Regina came into the room. "Ready to install the jack, Mr. Saul," I heard her say and wondered if she was looking at him, or at me. The bright light from outside shining in through my parted legs was making it clearly evident to the Phone lady that I had absolutely nothing on underneath my dress.

"Be with you in a sec," Cal said. "Would you be kind enough to help Faith down. She's a bit spooked of heights."

The Phone lady chuckled. "Then she shouldn't be standing on wobbly chairs." Regina's hands were at my waist, then they slid down on my hips, and they felt so warm through the thin material of my dress. "Easy does it, Ma'am. Just step down. I've got you."

I stepped down, and I'm not positive if it was accidental, or I did it on purpose, but I stumbled back into her. It had to have been on purpose because I've never been afraid of heights. The Phone lady's ample breasts cushioned me. Regina's arms enfolded me protectively. I didn't want to move, ever, but I had to. "I'm... I'm terribly sorry," I said, righting myself stepping away. "Sometimes I can be so clumsy. Cal told me he would do it, but he was busy and..."

"No problem, Ma'am." Regina's smile was so warm, so sensual, so inviting, if I had been wearing panties they'd have become instantly wet. "Glad I could be of assistance." Her luminous eyes washed over me then she turned her gaze to Cal. "So, where exactly do we want to put this jack, Mr. Saul?"

That damned Cheshire grin was back on Cal's face and scalding cum juice was running down the inside of my quaking legs. And the smiling Phone lady was the root cause of both. At least in my case, a seductive lesbian named Regina, with the warmest hands imaginable, was entirely at fault.

Cal marked the spot with his finger. Regina drilled a hole through the wall with a long bit, then told him she would slide a probe through from the outside, and if he would be kind enough to thread the wire on the end, she'd pull it through and we'd have the new jack installed in about twenty minutes.

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