Fake Mom Ch. 02

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My mom's birthday gift.
2.6k words

Part 2 of the 2 part series

Updated 09/11/2023
Created 09/11/2023
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Chapter: - 2

Five months had passed since Charulata started staying with us. During this short period of time, a lot has happened. Dad and Charulata have developed a strong insatiable sensual relationship. I enjoyed watching them act like newlywed couples.

There were several times when I caught them having sex in the kitchen table, bathroom, bedroom, and even on the shared rooftop of the flat. They were so sex crazy that they hid condoms throughout the house as a precaution. To be honest, I find the concept of secret sex quite fascinating. Two individuals are having a secret intimate relationship with each other. I get horny just thinking about it. So, I watched them closely, but kept my distance.

Sometimes I found used condoms filled with dad's thick cum in the dustbin. It looks like dad was discharging his thirty years of saved up semen. Personally, I don't mind them having sex all over the house. They deserve to enjoy it for as long as possible as they have earned it.

There is only one thing about them I hated wholeheartedly. Every day, dad and Charulata would have kinky morning sex in the toilet while pooping. In fact, they enjoyed it so much that they would spend hours in the toilet before coming out. The worst part was having to wait while holding my shit and pretending like I didn't saw them coming out of the toilet.

As I didn't want to be a third wheel in their life, so I kept my distance. Despite my best efforts, she managed to drop my guard. Charulata is both kind and joyous, but also naïve and airhead.

Charulata didn't act shy, but her behavior was reserved. Nevertheless, it had completely vanished after a week. At first, she wore traditional Indian housewife attire, but then she switched to mini tops and long skirts. In the house she doesn't wear bra or panties, so her nipples are always visible.

A while back, I was assisting Charulata in the kitchen when an unexpected event occurred. I was washing the plates, and she was chopping meats on the cutting board. As her hands moved rapidly across the cutting board, her tits bounced on her chest because of the motion. From her tight lemon-yellow top, Charulata's erect nipples are clearly visible.

Despite my best efforts, I couldn't resist ogling at her breasts. My hands are itching to grab her tits and squeeze them like a balloon. As I was lost in my pervy thoughts, I didn't noticed Charulata was watching me.

My face turned red as our eyes locked. I thought it was over, she would be disgusted by me. After a few minutes of silence, I became panicked and ran to my room.

A few minutes later, Charulata walked into my room. I was shocked and agitated at the time. Charulata said, "Let's talk." In a crackling tone I asked, "What?" My eyes were fixed on the ground to avoid eye contact. Then she said, "There's no point in hiding it now." My heart pounded and my face went red.

Charulata said, "It's common for boys your age to behave like this." I looked at her with shame on my face. Charulata said, "look Mino, you can tell or ask me whatever you want. I just don't like it when you act timid around me." Suddenly her presence had a soothing effect on me. In a soft tone, I asked, "So you don't find me disgusting?"

Charulata began laughing loudly. She sat beside me and placed her left arm on my back, she told me, "Ogling at my breast does not make you a bad person. Do you have any idea how many men ogle at my body every day?" She didn't judge me for what I am. "I don't know what others think about you, but I know your heart is in the right place," Charulata said.

As she was about to leave, I asked, "Did you and dad have sex when my mom was still alive?" Since day one, I have been haunted by this question. Charulata calmly replied, "NO! We decided not to do anything until the time was right." I felt a weight lifted after hearing that. After our small conversation, I felt very at ease around Charulata. It's better to say she is an open-minded person.

Watching porn all alone in the dark while stuffing my face with cake was how I spent my New Year's Eve. After I returned from my part-time job, they had already left for the party.

They returned around 10:30pm. Charulata was sobered, and dad was completely wasted. As soon as Charulata put Dad on the bed, he fell asleep. After that Charulata came into my room and tossed me a can of beer. As usual, I was surprised when I saw her. She plopped her bottom on the bed and said, "relax, it's the last day of the year. Have a drink." After saying that, she opened her can and started drinking. After a moment of hesitation, I also joined her.

After several small talks, Charulata revealed something big. On my second sip, she had already consumed two cans of beer. Charulata appeared to be out of her element. As soon as she finished her third can of beer, she lay down on my bed. After a while, everything went silent. Suddenly Charulata asked in a soft tone, "Mino, can I share a secret with you?" As I took my third sip, I said yes.

As Charulata laid sideways, facing me, she said, "earlier tonight, Ravi requested a divorce." Putting the beer can between my thighs, I asked, "Who is Ravi?" Charulata replied, "my husband."

Charulata was already married to a guy named Ravi. He was abusive and self-centered. At the time I'm writing this story, he's already been killed in a car accident. As a result of Ravi's violent nature, she moved to Chennai. She used to send him monthly allowance so he wouldn't bother her. Divorce reasons were unknown.

I said, "It's good news." She was crying. I said, "until you are ready to tell dad, your secret is saved with me." She hugged me tightly. I wiped her tears and offered her the last slice of the cake. As she watched me, she was amazed at how calm and understanding I was.

Charulata asked, "Btw, what's with the cake?" Shyly, I replied, "Every year, on my birthday I buy myself a cake." She choked on her beer. She looked at me with wide eyes and said, "Today is your birthday? You can't just drop this on me so casually."

Charulata explains how she would have planned my birthday if she had known a few days earlier. It's not that I don't want to, but I've never been able to celebrate my birthday. After finishing her last can of beer, she said, "I know the perfect birthday gift for you." She was drunk, but full of energy. Suddenly, she stood up and left.

Charulata returned after seven minutes. She wore a long overcoat. She walked slowly into the room and closed both doors. She was sweating and breathing heavily. Charulata said, "Mino, get ready for your gift." After saying that, she shed her overcoat, revealing her oily body underneath it. She wore a white bikini with light blue flowers printed on it. I felt like my heart was racing. As she walked closer to me, her big saggy boobs jiggled. Then, she bent down and told happy birthday.

I felt like the main character in a porn story when Charulata said, "I think the perfect gift for a 19-year-old boy is to lose his virginity." My dreams are coming true. In order to unzip my pants, Charulata bent forward on her knees. "Oh my!" she exclaimed. "You look like you might burst." I felt a jolt of embarrassment in my heart. After a little struggle, she removed my pant and underwear.

Charulata said, "I thought your dick will be mere in compared to your dad's, but this thing is downright huge." She admires it before swallowing it completely. It felt heavenly to feel her tongue roll all over my dick in her warm mouth. She looked at me and asked, "so? Does it feel good?"

Keeping her tongue steady, she tickled my foreskin. I felt as if something was about to burst out of me. Charulata said, "just let it all out inside my mouth, soon as you can." My hips started moving on their own, I gave two hard thrusts before ejaculating my first load. Charulata made a gobbling sound, before swallowing my cum.

A naughty smile spread across her face as she licked her lips. Charulata said, "Now let's move on." She took me to the bed and then said, "here are my saggy breasts." She held them up-close to my face and told I can lick or suck them. I was living my dreams. I grabbed them and started licking them without thinking twice. I was able to taste the sweet flavor of her body. Charulata's erect nipples were soft like jelly. She let out a soft cry as I bit her nipples.

Charulata said, "You don't need to rush. They are not going to run away, you know." I couldn't hide my love for her breasts any longer. I grabbed both of her breasts and began sucking them even harder than before. Charulata kept moaning, as I bit her nipples. I got little carried away and bit too hard on her nipples. She screamed before pushing me away. Charulata in an upset tone asked, "how hard do you think you are biting?!" I told her sorry. She said, "Jeez... What if you left a mark?! It's a sensitive spot, and your dad won't be happy about bite marks."

I bowed down and begged for forgiveness. I was afraid she wouldn't let me have sex with her. My face showed a clear sign of desperation. Charulata looked at me and said, "Jeez... I won't break my promise, you know. I'll let you lose your virginity."

Charulata stood up. She removed her bikini and revealed her lower body. Charulata squatted down. She then leaned back a bit, revealing her shaved vagina. I narrowed my eyes and said, "Vaginal sticker?" Charulata wore a vaginal sticker with the words only daddy written on top of it. Charulata said, "My pussy is only for your dad, so you have to do it in the anal." I cannot disagree with her. In a missionary position, she laid down on the bed. She then spread her legs up in the air and pulled her butt cheeks back, revealing her black and tight anal hole.

Charulata said, "take a good look, this will be the last time you'll see your virgin cock." I swallowed hard and slowly bent forward to smell her anal hole. I put my nose on top of her hole and took a long sniff. I could smell a fat stinky shit hiding in her rectum. The stinky smell enticed me to lick her anus hole with my tongue. I couldn't get enough of her anus hole, so I sucked on it with my mouth. After some time, Charulata finally moaned in pleasure. She in a pleasureful tone said, "your dad doesn't like anal sex, so I'm still an anal virgin." Hearing those words made my cock even harder.

Before pulling out my tongue, I insert it as deep as I can into her anal. Charulata said, "Now, put it in slowly." I held my dick on the tip of her anal hole, and it slid right in. Her anus fit perfectly. She said in an astonishing tone, "No way... its size, its curves, everything is perfect."

She told me that my dick fits perfectly in her anus just like my dad's dick fits in her vagina. Her anus was much warmer than her mouth. I felt as if someone had wrapped a hot towel around my cock. To get Charulata used to my cock, I started with small half thrusts. After that, I started moving faster. I can easily go deeper into her anus from this position. Charulata said, "Oh dear... at this rate I'll shit myself." I said, "Don't worry I will push it back into your lower intestine." Immediately after saying that, I shoved my cock dipper into her anus. A loud scream escaped Charulata's mouth. As she tightens her anal, it becomes more difficult to move freely. The walls of her anal are tightening around my cock. It felt so good that I couldn't resist myself from groaning.

Even though my movements aren't special, I kept hitting her sweet spots. In a slutty tone, Charulata said, "If you keep hitting my sweet spots, I'm goanna get addicted to your cock." Charulata totally underestimated my sexual stamina. She thought I would be done by now, but I kept shoving my cock until it touched my dick. Finally, I've reached the deepest part of her anus. There is something gooey touching the tip of my cock. I said, "bingo!"

I pulled out my cock and saw Charulata's poop sticking to it. A naughty smile spread across my face. I shoved back my cock into her anus with all my strength. After pounding her for twenty minutes, she screamed and peed herself. Hot golden yellow pee started leaking from under her vaginal sticker. I said, "I'm making a poop smoothie in your anus." My cock was totally covered in her shit. I kept on thrusting her until I finally ejaculated in her anus. My cum was flooding her anus hole. I gave two more thrusts so the cum and her poop would mix properly. I carefully pulled out my cock, making sure that the poop smoothie wouldn't spill out. Charulata said, "you made me cum without ever touching my pussy."

She was about to pass out, so I quickly held her up and told her to sit in a squatting position. I placed my shit-covered cock in her mouth and told her to clean it. Her wet tongue cleaned the cock and swallowed everything stuck to it.

I asked, "did you like the poop smoothie?" Her head nodded up and down as she said, "I love it." Under her anal, I placed a bowl and instructed her to release the poop smoothie in it. I started recording it on my phone. For the video, Charulata let her tongue out and made a slutty victory pose with her hands. After that, she spread her ass cheeks and started pushing out the poop smoothie. Before releasing the poop smoothie, she farted twice. A mixture of my sperm and Charulata's shit was coming out of her anal hole. Charulata's face displayed extreme pleasure and relief. She passed out soon after that.

The whole room was filled with the stinky smell of our poop smoothie. Charulata woke up after a while and then we had sex in a sixty-nine position. I cleaned her anus hole with my tongue and after that I sucked her boobs for a while before falling asleep.

We decided to tell dad everything since a family never keeps secrets. Both Charulata and I were scared, but we decided to face the consequences regardless. After listening to everything, dad said, "Charulata and Mino I'm glad you two got along so well." The new year morning was filled with laughter and joy. My dad was happy to hear Charula's husband was leaving her, I am happy to be part of the family, and Charulata was happy to find two perfect dicks for her holes. We may be a weird family, but we were happy.

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AnonymousAnonymous3 months ago

Well, at least we now know why you put the first chapter in Loving Wives. It was too little too late and didn't really change anything about where that chapter belonged, but thanks for explaining!

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