tagRomanceFall Lovin'

Fall Lovin'


"That's great, but Dale, I needed twelve dozen, not one." Mina Pickett groaned in frustration. "Fine, fine, but get them here as soon as you can. It's almost Halloween."

"Problems?" A masculine voice questioned.

"Only a few. Dale only sent twelve pumpkins, instead of twelve dozen, Johanna quit, and Clara is up to her old tricks again." Mina put her face in her hands.

Greg, her best friend from high school laughed. "That's all?"

"Yep." Mina peeked at him from between her fingers. "She hid the ribbon in the back of the toilet. Said it'd be safe there. From the Nazi's."

"Now, why didn't Anne Frank think of that?" Greg adopted an innocent expression.

"Hell if I know." Mina dropped her hands. "Then she put all the mums on the decorative bales of hay."

"That sounds like an okay idea."

"Without taking the shrink wrap off the bales, and after she took the mums out of their pots."

"I'm pretty sure she got that backwards."

The duo smiled at the thought.

"Sometimes, Greg, I'm not sure I should be doing this." Mina stood and walked to the window, watching the wind terrorize the trees.

He came up behind her and rested his hands on Mina's shoulders. "Yes you should. You're damn good at it, and people in this town love you. You're making a killing."

Mina turned and kissed his cheek. "Thanks hon, sometimes I need to hear it. Well, I'm out of here. Think you can handle it?"

"I'll be fine. I've just gotta finish up Mrs. Patterson's arrangement, then I'm done."

Mina went to the back room and grabbed her purse. Calling out a good-bye to Greg, she headed for her car. She had to laugh to herself; Greg was a friend from school, big, burly, muscular, a deep voice that sent women's hearts aflutter, and ice blue eyes that had the ability to melt a glacier. But he was a gentle giant. He appreciated classical music, rarely watched football, and he moonlighted at her floral shop for extra cash. He enjoyed his part time work, but Mina couldn't help but smile watching him arrange a bridal bouquet. And she laughed aloud each time a customer found that a man, let alone such a manly looking one had done the arrangements for their wedding, birthday, or a funeral.

They'd been friends since the sixth grade, and dated briefly in high school. They decided that a relationship wouldn't work, but all it did was draw them closer.

Mina was a country girl with a dream. Ever since she was little she wanted to be around things that could grow. Things that were green. Watching the corn grow taller than she was always amazed her. Seeing trees stretch their arms to the uppermost reaches of the sky had the ability to astound her. Being able to witness flowers bud and bloom staggered her.

So, when the opportunity came along for her to buy a floral business from an old family friend, she didn't hesitate. Once into it however, she had her share of doubts. But Greg was right- she was good at it, and people did love her. Plus, she bought the name and reputation right along with the inventory. It was a small town, the shop was already in good standing, and buying an established business was probably the smartest thing she could have done. Profits were up twenty percent, but Mina was rarely home to enjoy herself, let alone have the time to find a boyfriend. At twenty-eight, her biological clock was ticking, and there were no prospects in sight.

At that thought, Mina frowned and pulled into her driveway. As she unlocked her front door, her cell phone began ringing. It was Greg.

"What could go wrong in seven minutes?"

"Nothing. Don't be so paranoid." He laughed. "I'm heading out, and I'm starving. Care for some food?"

"Hmm. You do know how to tempt a girl." It was a quarter after eight, and Mina wasn't exactly looking forward to a dinner of popcorn or chips and salsa.

"I always have. Change your clothes and I'll be over to get you in a few."

She flipped the phone shut and let herself into the house. She turned on the hall light, and hummed to herself as she made her way to the bedroom. A plump white cat uncurled itself from her pillow and meowed a greeting.

"Evening Michael. Keeping my bed warm for me?" Mina laughed as she slipped her dye stained shirt over her head. Her jeans were next. She ruffled through her clothes in the closet, undecided. Thinking of the autumn chill, she grabbed a fresh pair of jeans, slipped a pair of clogs on her feet, and wriggled into a tightly fitted black sweater.

"I liked it better the other way."

Mina gasped and flew around.

"My God, Greg, I almost wet myself!"

"That would have been entertaining also." He flashed a grin.

"Get that lecherous look off your face, ya pervert."

"Quit acting like I've never seen you naked before."

At a stalemate, the pair eyed each other. Then they smiled.

"Will I do?" Mina extended her arms and twirled.

"You'll do. I had a clean shirt in the car, but my jeans are a lost cause."

Mina walked to the door and switched off the light.

"You smell like eucalyptus." The corner of her mouth quirked upwards.

Greg leaned towards her with a seductive smirk on his lips, and for a second Mina thought he would kiss her. But his words stunted the arousal she was feeling.

"You smell like fertilizer."

"You ass!" Mina slugged him in the shoulder.

Greg just licked his lips and shoved off the doorframe.

Mina shook her head and headed towards the front door.

"So where are ya taking me?"

"Mickey D's. Where else?" Greg opened the passenger door of his car and gestured for her to sit.

"Wow, you know how to treat a girl too." Mina smiled as he shut the door.

As he seated himself behind the wheel, he added, "I'm teasing. A nice gal like you should get all the comforts of home cooked food. We'll head to Colonel Sanders." Greg waggled his eyebrows.

"You're so sweet. How'd ya know Ah had a hankerin' for some home fried chickin?" Mina's exaggerated hillbilly accent caused Greg to laugh.

"Ya'll country girls is the same. Getcha some chickin, and you're feelin' fine. Course, I don't reckon it'll hurt my chances of a roll in the hay." Greg suppressed a smile as he turned into traffic.

"Joke's on you, Billy Bob. I ain't gotta hayloft."

"Never said nuttin' 'bout no loft."

The conversation continued to the restaurant, and Mina barely controlled her laughter as he ordered with his accent. She rolled her eyes as he informed the adolescent at the counter that she was his woman. Getting their drinks, Mina found a table that wasn't directly under the air conditioning vent.

They ate, they talked, they laughed, and when the food was gone, they sat and talked some more. At the flower shop, they didn't get a chance to just sit and visit, so this was a welcome change. Suddenly Mina realized there was a different light to his eyes. A light that was shining... what.... Love? Longing? Both? She couldn't read it clearly enough to define, but she read it with enough clarity to know that he cared for her, and that he wanted her. Instantly sobered, Mina leaned forward in her chair. Greg broke off his sentence, noting the concentration in her gaze.

"What's wrong?" Greg's brow furrowed in confusion.

"How- why- where did we go wrong?"

"Excuse me?"

"Us. Our relationship in high school. What went wrong?" Mina stared at him intently.

"Sweetie, we were just kids. We didn't know what we wanted or where we were going. We both had dreams, and we just weren't on the same path." Greg leaned forward also, resting his elbows on the table. "Why do you ask?"

"I was looking at how you were looking at me. And it made me realize that I love you. More than just a friend, I think. That I've always had some sort of love for you. I've always been attracted to you.... I guess after the years I forgot why we broke up in school, and just accepted the way we were."

"You figured all that out by looking at me?" Greg smiled slightly.

Mina's voice was low. "You want me."

Greg's stomach tightened. "You finally noticed."

"I'm not sure how I feel about that."

"I know exactly how I feel about it. My jeans have even figured it out."

They watched each other from across the table. Mina shifted in her seat, a warmth flooding her belly. Greg shifted also, his arousal apparent. Heat. That's what it was. Finally Mina leaned back, and as she did so, Greg could make out the outline of her nipples straining against her sweater. He shut his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them, a flush of pink warmed Mina's cheeks.

"What if it's just my biological clock ticking?"

"Then I can hear it from here, and it's winding up the grandfather clock." A muscle in Greg's jaw twitched.

Mina burst out laughing, then her eyes softened.

"Would we be making a mistake?"

"Not a chance. And that's my brain and my heart talking, believe it or not." Greg smiled.

Mina's eyes glowed passion.

"Then let us take our leave and break our fast."

"We just ate. And it's ten o'clock at night."

"I wasn't speaking of our fast from food."

Understanding dawned, and Greg fairly jumped from the booth. Mina's eyes widened at the proof of his desire. His cock strained against his zipper, and made a visible bulge beneath the heavy denim of his jeans. She swallowed. He glanced down and his face turned red.

"Let's go before I embarrass us both." Grabbing her hand they ran from the restaurant.

He opened the car door for her, barely waiting until she was in before shutting it again. He jogged around to his side and slid behind the wheel. There was no casual chit chat as he backed out of the parking space, or as he turned into Main Street heading back to Mina's house. All of Greg's concentration was on driving, and his knuckles turned white on the steering wheel. He didn't look at her because he knew if he did, he'd pull over and take her in the front seat of his car.

Mina turned in her seat to watch his features reflected in the headlights of other cars. He had an excellent jaw line, one that she couldn't wait to kiss. He licked his lips as she watched, and a flame flickered up her stomach and down her thighs. He finally did glance her way, and he saw that her eyes almost glowed with desire. Greg swallowed hard, and she admired the play of muscles in his cheeks and neck. Greg stepped a little harder on the accelerator and she smiled.

It still seemed like years later that they pulled into her driveway. Mina was out of the car almost before he had it in park. He was out of the car almost before he turned off the engine. Mina had the door unlocked and was pushing through when he came up behind her, slamming it shut behind him. Mina spun suddenly, wrapping her arms around his neck. Being six-foot-three, Greg bent his knees some so her shorter stature could line their parts up correctly. Once her arms were wound as tight as they could go, he grabbed her behind her thighs and lifted her, so that her legs were around his waist.

"Are you sure? You'll kill me if you say no." Greg's lips were a centimeter away from hers.

"I'm sure. You know where the bedroom is." Mina moved the fraction of space forward, and their lips met in a wild, lusty kiss. Tongues explored and plundered, lips met and meshed, her hands ruffled through his hair, his hands caressed her bottom and up between her legs. She wriggled in his grasp, trying to get as close to him as possible. He began moving forward, opening his eyes as they kissed so he could get them safely to the bedroom. Once there, he set her on the bed and followed her down immediately.

There he lay, between her thighs, pressing up against her, rocking his body into hers. Her legs writhed, parting as far as they could in the tight confines of her jeans, her heels hooking onto the backs of his knees, needing something stable in the world that was tilting. Finally, he broke his mouth free of hers, his breath coming in gasps. Her hands slipped from his shoulders, and she gently pushed him off to the side. Greg lay there, panting, his cock still straining to be released. Mina smiled, a tingling filling her body, wetness gathered between her legs.

She sat up, grasping the bottom of her sweater, and pulled it over her head. Her bra came next. Greg groaned as her ample breasts were released. The chill in the room puckered her nipples almost instantly. But to be honest, it was half due to Greg staring at the rosy peaks.

Mina laid back down, her fingers loosening the button and freeing the zipper of her jeans. Lifting her ass from the bed, she slid them down over her hips, past her knees, and used her feet to kick them off. Greg sucked in a breath as a red thong was revealed to his heated gaze.

Mina sat up on her knees and 'walked' to where he lay, just a couple feet away. She urged him to sit up, and he complied, lifting his arms and she stripped his shirt from him. A still summer-bronzed chest with a light furring of hair was revealed, as was his flat, muscular stomach. Strong arms and hands lay dormant as he allowed Mina to do what she would. Getting the button and zipper undone was a tad tricky- there wasn't much room to work with. She smiled as he lifted his hips and helped her tug down his pants. All that was left was his boxers, but those quickly followed. His cock sprung from them, grateful to be free. Greg breathed a sigh of relief, closing his eyes for a few seconds.

When he again opened them, Mina's hand was lightly running up and down his inner thighs. His cock gave a lurch, and a bead of moisture appeared at the tip. A slow, sexy smile graced Mina's lips, and she leaned down, using the tip of her tongue to gather the fluid. Greg's jaw clenched, and she swirled her tongue slowly around the head. He let out a moan. She took him into her mouth gently, slowly, gliding her tongue down his length. His hands clenched in the sheets, and his hips bucked upwards as he shivered in delight. He let her work her magic for a few minutes, sliding him deep then stopping to suck just the head.

Greg moved his body slightly, and reaching forward, he tugged her thong to the side. Mina made a purring sound. He slipped his fingers between her legs to make her ready, and his eyes popped open as his fingers and palm were coated with moisture. He groaned and his cock gave another twitch. He found her clit and she moaned around him. His fingers delved deeper, slick with her essence, and slid easily inside her tight passage. She clenched her muscles around him, and his hips jerked upwards in response.

They were both at the fever pitch of their arousal, staying as they were, moving slowly so that neither one would explode without the other. Their eyes were shut, and they moaned and sighed at the other's talent. Greg was the first to move. He slipped his fingers from her depths, and then Mina pulled up, giving his cock one last lingering lick. He smiled as he crowded her, pushing her onto her back. He settled himself between her legs, and she lifted them so that her knees were almost even with his shoulders. He braced himself, and with one hand guided the tip to her weeping entrance. And froze. Mina's hands had found his upper arms, and she was holding on for dear life, her stomach muscles quivering, her eyes shut, a moan escaping at the first prodding of his cock. Her eyes drifted open. Greg looked like he was in pain.

"I don't have anything." His teeth clenched.

"I- I'm not on the pill."

"We'll stop." But he didn't move.

"I'm not worried." She quickly calculated. "It's not that time."

"If you're sure.." Greg swallowed hard.

"I'm sure." Her hips thrust upwards and he slid in a little deeper.

Greg's eyes popped open. Her hips wriggled, and her legs and feet tried to press him into her. After another few seconds of debate, he plunged forward. Mina cried out, then tightened her legs around his waist, writhing beneath him as he set a tempo. She clenched her muscles around him, her hands roved over his shoulders, arms and chest. She could feel his heart thundering against her palm, and her heartbeat raced to match it. Greg moved his weight from his hands to his elbows, laying his chest and stomach along hers. He kissed her neck, her ears, his tongue hungrily lapping at her heated skin. She turned her head and kissed and nipped at his neck and shoulder.

Sweat glistened on their bodies as they frantically rode each other, fighting to reach the finish line. Greg reached between them and his fingers found her clit. With each thrust, he rocked his hand against her, and she whimpered, her fingers clenching his shoulders, her nails biting into his skin. Their breathing came in ragged gasps. Greg's free hand caught her hair and pulled until her head tilted back and his mouth came down on hers with bruising force. Her hands rubbed up and down his back, frantically clutching him, kneading his muscles, moving down to grab his hips and ass, encouraging him to go deeper, faster, harder.

Greg tore his mouth from hers and gasped out for her to let go so he could pull out.

Mina shook her head, and clamped her legs harder around him, trapping him. He struggled to get free, intending to spill himself on her tummy.

A throatily whispered word was his undoing.


Mina let out a breathy gasp and caught her bottom lip between her teeth as she came, her muscles tightening, clenching, and holding him deep as she convulsed around him. Greg removed his hand from between them and leaned back, grasping her hip as he came right along with her. Mina's legs wriggled, her hands clasped his upper arms, and she felt his cock lurch as he pumped himself inside her. He moved within her slower as he felt himself drain. Breathing hard, Greg collapsed on top of her, his face against her neck.

Mina's heart still raced, and together they struggled to breath. She felt full. He was still inside her, which she loved, but she felt fulfilled somehow, felt like she belonged to him. His cum filled her passage, and she gave him a squeeze with her thighs. Greg took that as a sign to remove himself from her person, but her arms wound around his neck and forced him to stay. As their breathing evened out, she knew he was softening inside her, and felt their fluids slipping from her body. The thought aroused her anew, but she knew he needed to recover.

Finally she let her legs fall to the sides, and her arms dropped from his shoulders. Greg groaned and lifted his upper body from her, and as he moved to slip out of her the rest of the way, she tightened around him and he gasped.

"You're bad."

"Not." Mina smiled.

Greg smiled back as he rolled to the side.

Together they laid still, letting the cool breeze from the window dry their bodies, and finally their hearts slowed to normal beats. Mina stretched, and Greg watched as she squeezed her legs together. She reached a hand down and laughed as she realized her thong was still on, just not quite right. She cupped a hand between her legs and pushed up, and Greg's eyes widened. She moaned with delight.

"My new favorite thing." Mina's eyes twinkled.


She rolled to him and whispered breathily in his ear.

"Feeling you inside me, even when you're gone."

Greg's mouth went dry, and he looked down with surprise as he felt himself begin to harden again.

Mina caught her bottom lip between her teeth as she noticed his reaction.

"You're going to kill me." Greg groaned.

"Not today." Mina smirked and rolled on top of him.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Satisfying twelve years of curiosity. What else?" Mina's hand reached down and grasped his cock. Greg gasped.

"You're insatiable, I can tell already." His hips moved upwards.

"You're complaining?"

"Maybe." It was his turn to smirk.

"Sir, I do apologize, but the complaint department is only open until six. You'll have to call them first thing in the morning." Mina guided him inside her.

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