tagMind ControlFalling Ch. 07

Falling Ch. 07


Chapter 7, In which Jenny and I come to an understanding

It was mid-afternoon and instead of walking into a meeting downtown, I was gazing out the car window at suburbia. My friend Jenny was driving, since she was familiar with the area.

I turned back to study Jenny with mixed feelings. She was an attractive girl, only a year younger than I -- I'd seen her license -- and quite vivacious once I'd gotten past her shell. Twenty-four hours ago, she'd been a waitress working the respectable side of the Bad Hoss, the restaurant and strip club where we'd met. Since then, I'd introduced Jenny to a lot of things good girls didn't do.

Jenny noticed me looking and flashed the same happy smile she'd worn when she posed nude for her application photo an hour ago, about the same time I'd learned she'd been a member of her school's Purity Club years ago. Starting that night, she'd be the Bad Hoss's newest dancer. It still seemed like a big change; I wished I was taking it as well as she was.

"Loosen up, Linnea," she encouraged me. "Estelle still works at the salon, and Hattie says she has a real good reputation. Apparently people come from all over to see her -- maybe not as far as you," she added with a laugh.

"It's not that," I assured her, mostly truthfully. My life had gotten awfully complicated since I'd met my girlfriend, Stacey. She practiced magic, which sounded preposterous, except I couldn't argue with the results. I'd never been attracted to girls before I'd met her, but she'd turned me onto cunnilingus in a big way. There was nothing that turned me on as much as licking Stacey, except maybe watching her cum on my busy tongue.

Or getting sodomized by Michael. He was my other roommate, the gay boyfriend of my dead brother, and Stacey's sponsor at some "Mind Controllers Anonymous" group. I'd been helping him grieve for the loss of my brother, but it had turned into something more than that.

In retrospect, it was clear both of them had done something to me -- besides the sex -- but I didn't care about that, it felt so good being with them. There had been some tension because Stacey didn't like to share me, but I'd been working on it. I shuddered to think what would happen if she learned the truth about this trip.

What she knew already was bad enough. I'd tried to use some of her magic on one of my big clients so I could make a sale and improve our living situation with a hefty bonus. Somehow I'd screwed up and gotten things backwards. After a long evening with my Neanderthal sexist pig clients, I was exactly the sort of cock-craving slut they imagined all attractive women to be.

I didn't regret that, either. I could remember when my attitudes had been different, but it felt like some other person -- not me. I knew Stacey wouldn't like it, but at least I'd closed the sale. Anyway, it was just sex, and not love like I felt for her. I was left with just two problems.

The first problem was that Stacey had flat-out told me to refrain from sex until I got home and she could help "fix" me. Assuming I needed fixing; I didn't really think anything was wrong with me. It was a hard thing to do, and in fairness to Stacey, she realized it. That was why she'd told me to get my pussy pierced, as a reminder.

My second problem was sitting beside me. I really, really liked Jenny; we both had the same cravings for cock and pussy and were totally compatible with each other. It was like we'd been best friends for years, and I knew Stacey would blow a gasket if she found out, because my feelings for Jenny weren't just about the sex. I loved Stacey, but I feared I was cheating on her emotionally with Jenny.

Jenny didn't know about Stacey, either. How could I share so much with her, and not tell her I loved somebody else more? I couldn't. I also worried her live-in boyfriend, Dan, might not be so understanding about her new lifestyle. He'd seemed accommodating enough in the hotel room last night, but would he be happy to learn he wasn't sharing her with just me? Men could be so funny, sometimes.

A tiny corner of my mind wanted to urge Jenny to be faithful and considerate of his feelings, but it was swamped by the rest of me, which wanted to jump right in and get fucked every which way, too.

"Cheer up!" Jenny repeated. "You haven't done anything wrong! I wasn't really happy with that waitressing job anyway, and you helped me square everything with Darryl so it's better than before." She gave me a quick look before returning her attention to the road. "And whoever you're frettin' about will understand; I just know it."

I straightened in my seat. "What?"

She laughed gently. "You look like a dog waitin' to be kicked. You think you're cheatin' on somebody, don't you? Let me guess: you've got a woman back home."

It was a little uncanny how well she'd read me. I'm sure I flushed a little. "Smart girl. Why don't you explain things to me? I'm feeling a little stuck, myself."

Jenny laughed delightedly. "I knew it! See, I knew you weren't getting this ring for yourself, not when you're still wearing clip-ons. It had to be for somebody else, and it surely isn't me. I guessed a girl, 'cause a guy would have asked for a boob job instead, and you know your way around a pussy too well."

"You think my tits are too small?" I asked, looking down at the skin exposed by my blouse where the buttons were missing.

"Lord, no," she answered. "I wouldn't change a thing about you, Linnea, except your hang-ups."

"Thanks, I think," I replied weakly.

We turned into the parking lot fronting a nondescript strip mall. Jenny navigated the lot and pulled into a spot near a beauty salon before replying.

"Look, you're from -- wherever -- and I live here. We both knew this wouldn't be more than a short fling. I know the love you feel for me, Linnea; I've felt in the way you've touched me and the way you look at me. I saw the way you went out of your way to help a girl you hadn't even laid eyes on before yesterday."

The look she gave me went straight to my heart before turning south for moister climes. She was so close to having it right, but hadn't accounted for the need to try and put things right where I'd made a mess.

"I just know that anybody with so much heart has plenty left for those she loves -- the same as I know anybody you could love will understand your needs and know that sharing with others don't mean there's less of you for her. Just like Dan and me!"

I could feel tears in the corners of my eyes, and my throat was tight. "You're a gem, Jenny," I choked out, and leaned over to hug her tightly. Her misplaced trust and optimism touched me to the quick, but I needed a friend just then.

Jenny sought out my lips and kissed me, and it might have gone further but for the seatbelts still restraining us. "We'd better go in," she said huskily, "or you're never gonna get your ring."

Regretfully, I decided she was right, and we headed into the salon.

It was a typical establishment, the kind I'd been in many times before, but I looked around with a new appreciation. Not unexpectedly, it appeared to be inhabited solely by women, nearly all of them fairly fashion-conscious. The staff were mostly on the younger side, and the clientele were a mix of coeds out of school for the summer and trophy wives who had no job to interfere with their free time.

My mouth watered at the sight of all those attractive bodies so artfully displayed, and I heard Jenny's soft sigh beside me. I belatedly understood what Stacey had meant when she'd told me about the pull of a hair salon the day we'd met.

"Welcome to Trendz! Can I help you?" asked the receptionist when we approached the front desk.

"Yes," I smoothly answered. "I'm Linnea Richwell, here to see Estelle. We called earlier."

She found my name on the appointment list and lined it out. "I'll let Estelle know you're here, Linnea. Can I get either of you anything to drink? Sparkling water or an iced coffee?" I shook my head.

It turned out Estelle was the oldest woman in the place, with a weathered face and greying hair that made her look old enough to be my mother -- not the most comforting thought. Luckily, she acted younger than she looked, giving the pair of us a friendly smile and escorting us back to a private room at the rear of the salon.

Finally, when we were alone, she got right to business. "Now, Linnea, I understand you're interested in a genital piercing?" Estelle made it sound like she did them all the time, which for all I knew, she did.

I nodded nervously. It wasn't that I was shy about exposing myself, but rather that the thought of somebody poking holes in me -- especially in sensitive areas -- scared me.

Estelle nodded soothingly. "And did you have something particular in mind, or would you like to look at some pictures for ideas?"

"I'd like a little ring, right at the top," I said. Actually, it was Stacey that wanted it, but I didn't see a reason to go into details. Her wish was good enough for me.

"That's a very popular choice," Estelle reassured me. "Now, you understand everybody is built a little differently, and I won't know for certain what options you have until I've examined you, but are you more interested in aesthetics or stimulation?"

"Oh, stimulation!" Jenny chimed in before I could open my mouth.

"Can we have a moment alone?" I asked, frowning at Jenny. She stuck out her tongue at me.

"Certainly. This is a very personal decision, and I want it to be the right one. I'll just step out for a smoke; let me know when you want me back again." Estelle rose gracefully and exited the room, closing the door behind her.

"Jenny, I'm the one getting pierced. Can I please make the decisions?" I knew the last thing Stacey would want was something that stimulated me even more.

"You'll look beautiful no matter what she does, Linnea. You're doing this for your girl, but I don't see why you shouldn't get something out of it, too," she pouted.

"It's complicated," I temporized. I tried to think what, if anything, I could say. "She -- ouch! Jenny!"

She'd reached over and plucked a hair from my head! As I watched, aghast, Jenny rubbed it against her glossy lips, popped it into her mouth, and swallowed. "How does this work?" she asked.

I looked frantically for my purse and saw it sitting in Jenny's lap, opened. We stared at each other and I started to think she hadn't gotten it right. "Can I have my purse and lip gloss back?" I asked, trying to pretend nothing special had happened.

"Just relax," Jenny said, looking slightly exasperated, and I slumped back in my chair as all of the tension I'd been holding inside me melted away. "That's better," she smiled, and I smiled back, knowing she was right. Part of it was relief at being able to skate out of a conversation I didn't really want to have with her.

"Tell me how this works," she prompted, holding my tube of lip gloss. "You did something to Darryl, didn't you?"

I abruptly changed my mind, figuring that if she knew that much, I might as well come clean. "It's magic," I responded. "No, really!" I protested, reading her expression. "If you take a hair from somebody, smear a bit of the gloss on it, and eat it, you can make them do things. I used it to make sure Darryl would give you a job."

Jenny laughed. "I knew something was up! I couldn't believe it when Darryl signed that contract -- I always hated the way he low-balled the girls there." She turned serious again. "Is it working on you?"

"I don't think so," I admitted. "I actually don't understand very much about how it's supposed to work."

"So, if I told you to squeeze your boobs, you'd do it?"

"Silly," I reproved her, "I like doing that anyway," as I proceeded to demonstrate. I was nearly falling out of my blouse anyway, since several of the top buttons were missing, so it was easy to massage myself.

"Pinch your nipples, hard"

"Ow!" I exclaimed, jolted by the sudden burst of pain. We looked at each other for a moment of surprised silence.

"Did you like that?" Jenny asked

"No," I said shortly, rubbing gently to make the pain go away. "That really hurt! I don't know what happened."

Jenny focused intently on my face. "Do you love me, Linnea? Tell me the truth."

"I'm sorry," I started, deciding she deserved to know, "but no. I really like you, Jenny; I like you a lot, for a lot of reasons." I licked my suddenly-dry lips. "But I'll always love Stacey."

Her expression turned mulish. "Have you loved her for a long time?"

"It seems like it sometimes," I laughed lightly, "but really we only met a few weeks ago! She just sort of swept me off my feet." I smiled at the memory and confided, "Can you believe I wasn't interested in women before then? I guess sometimes you just don't recognize who you're waiting for until they come along."

"I really like you too, Linnea, and I think it's mean of Stacey to make you get pierced if you really don't want to. I think she did something to you to make you feel this way, and I think it's plain wrong."

Since I'd reached a similar conclusion not too much earlier, I couldn't exactly argue the point. On the other hand, it felt disloyal to Stacey to say so, and Jenny was being way too hard on her -- I knew my girlfriend loved me as much as I loved her, and that was saying a lot.

"If I tell you to love me, will you? Be honest," asked Jenny cautiously.

"No. It doesn't work that way," I replied.

"There has to be some trick," she said, shaking her head in frustration. "I don't think there's really anything that different, but Daniel says I've turned into a slut." We shared knowing laughs that would have had any listeners tenting their pants. "Tell me why."

Her last plea echoed between my ears and I found myself talking without having intended to say anything. "There's something more. Stacey didn't tell me; I guessed. Instead of swallowing the hair, you wet it with your pussy juice and then burn it." Abruptly I decided to come clean about my most shameful deed. "I did that with one of your pubic hairs while you were in the shower this morning."

"You are so bad," Jenny drawled, but she was smiling as she said it. "I'm glad you did -- who all knows how long it might have taken me to discover how much I like being with a girl?"

"Or taking it in the ass," I added.

"Lots of things," she agreed. There was a pause, and then Jenny spoke softly. "I left something out, too, Linnea. I don't want to be just a one-night stand for you. I want to be with somebody who understands me, and my needs, the way you do. Last night you made me feel things I'd never felt before. I don't want you to go back to her and forget me."

"I could never forget you," I husked, and she cut me off.

"Don't move!"

I froze as Jenny gently caressed my cheek and then plucked another hair from my scalp. I wanted to tell her to stop, hating the thought of betraying Stacey yet again, but I felt myself lubricating as I watched Jenny wind the hair around a finger and then sensuously trace her shining lips with it.

She contorted slightly so she could slide the finger up the leg of her shorts. I hadn't been in a position to see before, but the darkness of the denim suggested Jenny wouldn't have a problem wetting her finger, and the hair, with her intimate secretions. "Forgive me," she whispered, holding the glistening blonde strand between us.

"I forgive you," I gasped, suddenly realizing I could breathe again. "Don't do this, Jenny," I begged, fearing she would take me away from Stacey, even as I longed for what the two of us might share.

"I think I have to," she finally said, and plucked a cigarette lighter from the clutter on the counter along the wall. We both watched the hair turn to curiously scented smoke in the tiny flame.

Nothing happened.

Finally, I stood up and removed the lighter from Jenny's unresisting hand. "I still forgive you," I told her, and then kissed her to prove it. "You don't need magic to have me, you little slut," I said after coming up for air a minute later. Our second kiss was passionate, almost animalistic, as we tried to force our tongues further into each others' mouths.

My hands were all over Jenny's sweet body, and on sudden impulse I trapped one of her nipples between my fingers and twisted it roughly through the thin fabric of her top. Jenny gasped and swayed in my arms, nearly collapsing, and I realized she'd orgasmed.

She blinked rapidly and stared at me with her mouth wide open, presenting quite an arousing sight. "How?" she said, and then reached into my gaping blouse to fondle a breast.

I sucked in my breath when her fingers brushed my rigid nipple, and cried out when they pinched it between them. Unlike a few minutes earlier, there was nothing but ecstasy in my voice. My nipples had never been so sensitive.

"I never told you I liked that," Jenny said, looking at me closely.

"Oh God, do it again!" I husked, trapping her hand against me with my own.

A smile blossomed on her face and spread as wide as I'd ever seen. My heart leaped in my chest to see Jenny so happy, and I knew my face mirrored hers. God, I had to have her! My entire body was trembling with desire.

"Fair's fair," Jenny said, holding me off with her arm. "Wait just a minute, Linnea," she asked, and I relented, curious what she was doing.

As I watched in basically a haze of physical need, Jenny collected a few more hairs from both of us and twisted them together into a thicker strand, which she proceeded to knot. My heart twisted at the way she absently chewed on a lip while completing the process.

The worn stump of Stacey's tube of lip gloss sufficed to coat the variegated bundle in Jenny's fingers, and she carefully inserted it inside herself before looking up at me.

Finally understanding what she was doing, I hastily pulled my skirt up around my waist, allowing her to wet our hairs even more in the secretions from my copiously dripping pussy.

"Together," I gasped, holding the lighter in a shaking hand and igniting it. I still loved Stacey, but there was no way I could give up the toothsome little minx standing in front of me.

"Together," Jenny agreed, holding the hairs in the flame; to our mutual astonishment, they went up in a sudden "poof" like flash paper.

Absently I thought there might be a reason I'd never seen Stacey do this, but then all I could think about was Jenny. It felt like the rest of the room faded away, and then her eyes grew until I could look into her soul, and knew she could see mine.

We didn't touch, but I'd never been so intimate with another person in my life, Stacey included. My heart beat faster and faster as sensations and desires flashed through my mind. I knew, subconsciously but with perfect clarity, exactly what excited Jenny, because the same things excited me.

Our sensitive nipples could bring us to peaks of delight just from manual stimulation; there was no question the feel of a penis stretching our rosebuds was far preferable to traditional intercourse, no matter how pleasurable. Our greatest pleasure was to kneel before a woman and taste her pink folds, bringing her to oral fulfillment.

We reveled in the label "slut", knowing sex, even with others, was but a tribute to the power of our bodies. However degrading in appearance, we knew the apparent submission was merely an offering to the other, made and received in perfect understanding of our mutual love and passion.

The heat and tension inside me spiraled higher and higher, and I don't know what would have happened if Estelle hadn't chosen to return.

"Are you girls alright? It's been mighty quiet," she asked, peering in the door. "Y'all haven't been smoking anything in here, have you?"

I was still holding the lighter, and Jenny's pupils were so dilated her normally hazel-colored eyes looked black. Presumably mine looked the same. "No, just finishing our discussion; please come back in. I'm definitely looking for stimulation." We both giggled breathlessly, like adrenaline junkies staggering off a violent roller coaster ride. I wanted to fuck someone, anyone. Jenny flashed me a wicked grin over Estelle's shoulder, not that she'd had any doubt what I'd do.

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