tagNonHumanFalling for Fae Ch. 03-04

Falling for Fae Ch. 03-04


Chapter 3

Rhy was home. She was tired, but she had a pretty good hall on tips for her first night. She put the money up and went to bed. She slept and dreamt of her mate, her Anthony. She had to make her move, A demon was after her and she needed to be claimed before he did something. Rhy slept and smiled in her dream.

Love, you're home. I made dinner. Dream Rhy stated, hugging him close.

I missed you today. I can't wait until the time comes when I can spend all of my days with you, my dear. Dream Anthony whispered.

They kissed and their bodies levitated from the earth. So deep was Rhy in her dream that she did not realize she was being stalked. Outside of her building, three demons sat. One reported in, "Sir, she is home, sleeping. The vampire blocked her door. We can't go in."

"What vampire?" Roddrick asked.

He needed to go to this place, the pub. Tomorrow night, with a human companion, he'd go there and see. Rhy was his, and he would have her. Roddrick thought. She was lovely, but not as lovely as his Fee. Yes, only he called her that. She was perfection. He remembered the first time they met. He hungered and she was a delicious morsel. She proved to be so much more.

Breaking every rule of demon kind, he fell for her. She was a fighter, his Fee; Rhy reminded him of her. He lay in his bed. He needed to see what he was up against. Tomorrow he would know. Roddrick slept.

Across town Anthony could not sleep. He felt as if he had led a lamb to slaughter. Looking at the time, he saw that it was late. It was to late to call. They did not have class the next day, but he needed to talk with Rhyannon. He needed to warn her and tell her to stay away from his friend. She wanted him and he was flattered. He smiled, she was a beautiful girl, but he had a role and he would not break it this time. He'd find a way to warn her and hope she heeded his warning.

As the hour grew late, and everyone slept, Gus met with his coven. "Gus, she is a pesky fairy. They're a frivolous lot. Why put us in this?" Silas complained. Everyone waited. It was obvious that Gus was on edge. For some reason, Silas loved to push him.

Gus turned on him, "Silas, if he hurts the girl, it will break Felicity's heart. I won't have her heart broken again. Besides, he is a vile creature that feeds on the weak. He needs to be destroyed. If you are loyal to me, then fight with me. If not, then find a new coven. We will deal with this Briar demon."

The coven grumbled. But Gus was a leader within the coven. "We fight with you." They vowed. He then explained his true reasons.

"I wondered why you took such a degrading post. You knew what she meant to him, and stayed close to her to draw him out." His father observed.

Gus nodded, "I could not save Diana. Father, I failed her. I was out hunting when he took her. I searched for them, but when I found them I was too late. I watched that demon drain her dry. Fifi came in and she attacked him, and tried to save her. I should have moved, father. I should have attacked the demon, but I froze. This small, beautiful woman faced a monster to try and save my sister. Yet, she was too late. He struck her and she ran. I swore he would pay. I watched as he dropped Diana's lifeless body to the floor. He started to go after the female, but one of his minions called him. I stayed hidden. When I finally moved, I knew that bastard would pay." Gus shuddered.

He continued, "Months later, I found Fifi in a cabin giving birth alone. I delivered the child, and it was part demon. The babe came too early and could not survive. She had no one. She never told her parents, so I stayed there. The babe lived for only and hour, but she held her son close. I helped her bury her son on her parents' land. And I knew unlike I had done for my sister, I would keep her safe from him." Gus paused, his brothers shared a look. They never knew what really happened until now. Each coven member stood ready the join him in battle.

Gus exhaled, "He never knew. He does not realize that for an hour, he had a son. Even if he did, he would not care. He's a demon, and has no heart. Now, he wants this girl. He won't have her."

The coven was enthralled. Gus was their brother. They weren't very large, barely ten members in all. However, if he needed them, then they were there.


The night went on. Warren was restless. Something was wrong and he needed to go on top. The next morning he was talking to King Alfendae. Earlier, the King was relieved to know Rhy was safe. But the girl with Rhy, that lady looked so familiar. He had seen her before.

The next morning dawned bright and cheerily. Warren rose, prepped for his day. He requested an audience with the royal couple. He entered the throne room, not sure what the reception would be.

Kneeling before his king and queen, Warren addressed the couple. "Your majesties, I come before you with a simple request. Princess Rhyannon has been on top a few months now, and I find myself worrying. I am requesting permission to go on top and make sure she is safe."

He paused. Queen Fezira smiled. Finally, this nightmare would end. Her daughters would not be alone.

King Alfendae cleared his throat, and Warren shook. "You know who Rhy is don't you son?"

Warren was confused, "Yes. Sire, she is a royal princess. She is a member of our family."

Alfendae stared. This young man was the mate of his daughter. He just had not admitted it to himself yet. "Remember when you were ten and Rhyannon was seven. Some nymph children cornered her and started teasing her. You and your brothers intervened. Do you recall what you told those girls?"

Warren thought back and then remembered, Rhy and her sisters were playing in a meadow. He was out playing also. Two nymph children joined them. As children they often played together. A nymph was not different from a fairy. They lived near the water and rivers. On this day, they were out and saw Rhyannon. The girls came over and decided to have some fun at her expense.

Rhyannon was not one to back down and gave as good as she got. Warren did not interfere until the older nymphs joined in. He rushed to Rhyannon's side and chased the bullies away. "If I ever catch you bothering my girlfriend again, I'll rip your heads off." He then turned to Rhyannon and asked was she OK. She looked at him with her big lavender eyes and nodded. Her sisters came and he relinquished her in their care. He and his friends went back to their game.

Warren was now speechless. Rhyannon was his partner for life. He knew it at ten, and now she was off trying to claim another man, a human. Warren faced the king, his eyes ablaze with anger and determination.

"So, yes, my son. You may go up top and bring your wife home." King Alfendae decreed. Warren stood and saluted him, then he took off. He would find Rhyannon and she would understand once and for all this human was no good for her.

Alfendae called him back. Arrangements needed to be made. Warren was anxious and ready to go. Meanwhile, Rhy received a message from Professor Sadore to come to his office. She was floating on cloud nine. She dressed and headed to the school.


Felicity was asleep in her apartment over the bar. Something was wrong and she woke up. She looked around. Then she went downstairs to check the bar. Everything looked fine. She had some orders coming in, but they would be in later. All of a sudden, someone began beating on the door. Normally she would ignore them, but this time she answered. It was a gnome. "Look it's not my business, but you sister is about to make the biggest mistake in her life. You have to stop her."

"Wait, who are you?" The gnome briefly explained and told her that Rhy left suddenly and caught the bus she usually takes to school. He saw demons watching her. After her bus pulled away, they spoke to each other and vanished. It could be nothing, but it could be something.

Felicity faced him. "Thank you. I'll take care of her."

The gnome stood to leave. "Look, you don't have to believe me, but your Dad has helped me and my family more than anyone ever has. He entrusted me with your sister's care. Even when he cut her off, he asked me to watch out for her. She's in danger. I don't know how I know, I just do. Please, just go down there and check on her."

Then he left. Felicity looked around. She shimmered and took her true form. Flying out, she caught a ride on a feather and floated to the school. Moving swiftly, she found her way to Professor Sadore's office. She listened and knew the gnome was right. She had to stop this.

In Anthony's office, Rhy was sitting. In her hurry to dress, she wore a simple pink sweat suit.

"Ms. Devale, I was concerned with what happened in my class yesterday. I know my friend made you uncomfortable. I just wanted you to be sure you are alright." Anthony started.

Rhy laughed, "Professor, do you have classes today?"

Anthony was uncomfortable, so he stayed behind his desk, "No, and after we leave I have other things I must do."

Rhy stood and removed her jacket. Wearing nothing beneath but a small white camisole, no bra; Anthony swallowed. His body hardened. He began to wonder, Why did he really have this girl to come down here? He could have called. Rhy was enjoying his confusion and she knew he wanted her. Slowly she stripped before him his excitement fueling her need to consume him. Soon, she stood before wearing the tiniest camisole with the tiniest white panties he'd ever seen.

Then she sat in front of his desk and leaned back. "Professor, are you sure you don't want this?"

Anthony groaned. Who was he fooling? He wanted this girl. He wanted to fuck her brains out. Apparently she was serious. Pushing his chair back he growled "Come here." Rhy laughed and climbed on him, straddling him.

"You have to be quiet, and you can't tell anyone about this. You want me little girl, then I am going to give you what you want, " Anthony whispered. Lifting her and placing her on his desk. He stood and removed her panties. She was perfect and he leaned down tasting her. She was so sweet, and he could not wait to ram himself deep inside of her sweetness.

"You can't tell anyone. I will deny it." He demanded once more. Rhy had never been more aroused in her life. Anthony opened his pants and exposed himself to her for the first time. "Suck it." He demanded. Rhy wasn't sure what he meant, but she gladly went on her knees.

"Ouch, no teeth, don't use teeth." He demanded as he pumped in and out of her mouth. She tucked in her teeth as Anthony continued to violate her mouth.

"Stop, I want to fuck you now." He said. Rhy stood, and he lay her on his desk. Inserting a finger, he smiled. "Damn, it's been a long time since I took someone's cherry. I'll make it good. I promise baby," as he prepared to enter her.

"What in the hell are you doing?" A shrill female voice called.

Anthony jumped and pulled up his pants, as Rhy fell off of his desk. "Fifi what the fuck! What are you doing here? Wait, how did you get in here?" Rhy demanded.

Felicity was not focused on her, but the man. "My sister is off limits. If you ever look at her again, I will rip your balls off."

At this point, Rhyannon had her pants and jacket back on. What Felicity said registered. "Wait, sister?" She shimmered and took off. Felicity followed her. Rhiannon went into to forest where she and Felicity fought.

"My sister, you're my sister. I can't believe this. Mom and Dad put you up to this." She argued.

Felicity pinned her. "No, but I won't let you mess up you life like I did mine. I can't go home Rhy. I can never go back because like you I refused to listen."

Rhy froze, "You're Felicity. You're Felicity."

Holding her still, Felicity took a deep breath. "Yes, I am. Mom and Dad didn't tell me to spy on you. Mom did ask me to look out for you and I'm glad she did."

Rhy started wrestling again. Felicity pinned her as she realized they were in the open. They needed to get back to Rhy's apartment or the pub. Out here, they were vulnerable. If a Briar was after her sister, she wouldn't be able to stop him.

"You silly girl for once listen to me. He is not your mate. He is not, because a true mate would never use you like he did. You can't give yourself to any man only your mate. If you do you will be trapped by him." Felicity declared.

"How do you know? You don't know him." Rhy declared.

Felicity shuddered. They were in trouble. Someone was out here with them. "Rhy, please, let's go someplace safe."

"Why, I can't have a life. You and everyone else knows what's best for me. I might as well stay here." Rhy declared. Felicity was scared and exasperated with this girl. Rhyannon was too damn stubborn for her own good.

Applauds erupted and Felicity froze in fear. Rhy was still complaining when she noticed her sister had gone chalk white. She looked up and right at Roddrick.

"Today is my lucky day, two fairies." He smiled, and leaned down as if he was admiring flowers. "Rhyannon, I told you I would come for you. Fee, I knew you would come back to me. You're mine love, never forget it."

Felicity spoke, fear lacing her voice, "Roedon, let my sister go. She is innocent in all of this."

Rhyannon realized that they were actually in danger. She started to speak when Roddrick grabbed her sister in his palm, squeezing her. Fly away, Rhy. Go home. He can't hurt you if you go home. Felicity sent frantically.

No, I'm not leaving you. Rhy replied.

Mustering up all of her strength, Rhy rammed the monster and he laughed. She wasn't strong as a fairy, but she'd be damned if she stood there and let him hurt Felicity. Flying around Rhy needed something sharp. Then she saw it, a long thick thorn.

Breaking it from the rose, she flew with all of her might at the demon. Stabbing his neck, he yelled and swiped at her, thereby dropping Felicity. Moving swiftly, Rhyannon caught her sister. She was bleeding profusely. They flew straight to the pub. Felicity was hurt, and her hurt wing was torn severely. Carrying her, Rhy flew as swiftly as she could. She had to get to Fayes. Fayes was a safe haven. They made it and she flew in a window, slamming it shut as two of the demons that chased them crashed into the glass. They could not enter. They could not get to them. Rhy got her upstairs and on her bed. Her wing was torn."Come on, Fifi, please let me check your wing. Shimmering back to her human form, Rhy cared for her sister.

Felicity cried. She never wanted to see that monster again and now he was after her sister. "Rhyannon, please, go home. I can't protect you here. I can deal with Roedon, but if he gets his hands on you he will take your life. I'll never forgive myself. Go home."

Rhy wasn't leaving, "How do you know Roddrick?" She asked.

Staring into space, reliving a nightmare, Felicity whispered, "He's my husband."

Rhy gasped, and at that moment the door downstairs opened, and she heard Gus walked in.

Chapter 4

Rhy stood and stared at her sister, horrified. It made sense now. If she mated with a demon, then she could not come home. But she could see that her sister feared him. He hurt her. He damaged her wing. The marriage had to be forced, because she could see that Felicity feared him..

Running downstairs, Rhy called out to Gus. Immediately Gus was alert. He rushed upstairs to Fifi. The first thing he saw was that she was hurt. She was lying on her bed bleeding and he knew someone was going to pay. Rhy followed him and explained that Roddrick hurt her.

Felicity looked at her friend. "Gus," She burst into tears. He had never seen her cry since the day her child was buried. Only one man ever hurt her so, and that bastard's days were numbered.

"This guy, this Roddrick did this to you. Where were you?" He asked.

Rhy spoke, "She was trying to talk to me and I ran off. I didn't know he was following us. I didn't know he even knew Felicity. But he grabbed her and I stabbed him and she fell, I caught her and flew back here."

"You foolish girl! Why don't you listen? Your parents have tried to warn you and yet you place people in harm's way. This is not about you having fun; there are creatures out here that want to destroy you." Gus faced a repentant Rhyannon.

"Stop it. She's young. She made a mistake." Fifi took a deep breath. I'm fine, and my wound has healed.

She faced Rhy. "Rhyannon, I'm calling Dad. You need to go home. Roedan is dangerous and if he has his eyes on you, as long as you are above ground you are vulnerable."

"Wait, Roedan? That sick bastard has resurfaced. So there are two of them?" Gus surmised.

Felicity explained, "No, one. Roedan is the one she calls Roddrick."

"When you call your father, ask him to come here. I want to speak with him." Gus stated.

"Gus, what are you thinking?" Felicity asked. She sat up and took his hand. He sat beside her and the look they shared, seared Rhyannon's soul. There was pure unadulterated love between them.

Gus sighed, "Don't ask me to stay away from him, Felicity. Don't ask me not to go after him. You won't be free until that bastard is dead. We can't be together, can't start a family until I can claim you fully. I've waited. I've been patient, but he broke your wing. He was trying to kill you and my love that is inexcusable. So when you call your father, ask him to come. I need to speak to him."

"Gus, you deserve better. I'm nothing, and I can't let you throw your life away on me." Felicity whispered. "The baby burned me when he was born. I don't know if I can give you the family you want. You should move on and find someone that can."

Rhy was silent, and she knew this was what she wanted. She wanted a lover, a husband that was willing to sacrifice everything for her. She wanted to be with a man that she would give her all for as well. That man was not Professor Sadore. Anthony was just a distraction. Something registered, "Baby? What baby? Felicity, you have a child?" She asked,

"He died an hour after his birth. I delivered him and helped her as she grieved. I was with her and dug the grave for him by the great oak at the edge of the forest," Gus explained.

Rhy gasped, "Felicity, I had no idea. I'm so sorry."

"Don't," she whispered. "That was ages ago." Felicity looked at her sister, "Roedan doesn't know. I never wanted him to know."

Rhy nodded. Her sister's secret would go with her to her grave. "Felicity, Gus is right; we need to call daddy." She whispered.

Father, I need you. Please come. Felicity sent. Within a few seconds, King Alfendae and Warren appeared. He saw his daughter and fury filled his soul. Warren grabbed Rhyannon and made sure she was not injured; he held her close. She returned his embrace and she knew him. Something inside of her connected with the young warrior and she knew instantly what her parents told her all along was true. Warren was her true soul mate.

King Alfendae assessed the situation and saw that Felicity had been injured. He went to her side, immediately. "What happened? Who did this to you?" He demanded.

"Really, Fairy. You are concerned. Where have you been these last few decades?" Gus questioned.

Felicity looked at him, "Please, Gus don't."

King Alfendae did not flinch. He stood as tall as he could and faced the angry vampire. "Listen Vampire, I have always known where my daughter was. She has never been harmed since leaving him until today. I will protect both of them vampire. You need to back the hell up."

Gus was standing nose to nose with the king. Warren was ready to attack. If the vampire struck his leader, he was taking him down. Rhy held his arm and stopped him. Felicity took Gus's hand, and King Alfendae stepped back. The men calmed down, but Alfendae was pleased. He was surprised his oldest daughter found her mate in a vampire, but at least she would be protected from this point on.

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