tagBDSMFalling for Her Ch. 01

Falling for Her Ch. 01


We met more by accident than anything. I was just visiting home for the holidays and was out with friends looking for some fun. She was an attractive blonde and something about her appealed to me even though I usually prefer brunettes. It seemed innocent enough, just a little harmless fooling around, the lust fueled by the amount of alcohol we had both consumed.

I had never thought it to be more than a fling, yet she continued to stay in touch. I am not really sure why I kept responding to her, I was dating someone in the city and did not really want a lot of complication. None of that seemed to matter to me though, I was more excited the more she stayed in contact with me. We traveled to see each other a couple of times and she withheld sex which was difficult for me but for some reason I stuck with it.

The worst part was how she teased me. She never let up always trying new ways to show me what she could offer yet never giving it to me. My frustration mounted and mounted, no amount of masturbation seemed to help.

One night she called me, her breathing a little heavy, her voice seemed to drag a bit with the sound of someone who had had too much to drink.

"Hey baby, what are you doing?" she asked.

"Just reading a book getting ready for bed," yet my curiosity was now piqued.

"I'm just sitting here rubbing my pussy," she said lustily," it's all wet."

Her breath was heavy into the phone and my mind was working overtime with the first real look I was getting at her like this. My dick started getting hard fueled by a lust that was dying from the thirst she had created through all the incessant teasing.

"Mmm....I'm so wet baby," I heard her sucking something on something and was almost hard as rock by that point," I love the way it tastes, don't you?"

My mind kept telling me to give her some of her own medicine and send her off to bed with no participation from me but then," Are you touching yourself baby?"

"No I'm not, why should I?" Why not try to hold out I thought to myself.

"Because I want you to. Aren't you getting hard? I bet you are baby. I bet you are dying to jerk yourself off right now, ohh yeah, uhh yes," her soft moans were tearing my resolve down like a top notch demolition crew going to work on a treehouse.

"Come on, stroke your cock for me baby," my hand was down in my sweatpants already and now my it started moving up and down on my cock my breathing getting quicker. "That's it baby, it feels good doesn't it, it would feel so wet and warm in my pussy right now. I bet you wouldn't last a minute, but that's okay I'd have you right back up and put you back to work."

Her breathing was becoming more and more ragged along with mine, her moans were getting louder and coming with more frequency and I could feel the pressure building and getting ready for release.

"Ohhh fuck, yes that's it, oh yes, yes," screamed out into the phone and my orgasm burst forth shortly after, a louder than normal moan coming from me as the climax hit me with more intensity than I could remember experiencing.

"That's it baby, cum for me, that feels so good, doesn't it?"

"Yes," I breathed out into the phone as I felt the sensations slowly fading.

"I'll call you tomorrow. Sweet dreams."

Just like that she hung up. No long goodbye, just a simple goodnight and click. This relationship was definitely starting to look up for me. I was returning home soon and thought this would be the time to take this thing to the next level. Little did I know she was thinking about another level too, but her idea of the next level was far different than mine.

The trip home held a great deal of anticipation for me. I had since ended my relationship with the woman I was seeing up north and decided to concentrate on my new found friend back home. Everything seemed to be going well. We did not have any more phone sex and that bothered me a bit, but she seemed a bit embarrassed when I would bring it up. I told her to get over it but she just held herself back for some reason.

I finally arrived back home and was greeted by her at the airport and although something in me had become a bit reluctant about the whole thing I was very happy to see her. There was something about her, something I would see in her when she was walking around doing things and paying me no mind. I would watch her and the word "woman" seemed to repeat in my head. As if saying that she was perfect to me, the perfect woman for me. I was getting a bit scared at that point I think. I could sense part of my self just saying I would do anything just to make her happy and that is where the reluctance seemed to be coming from.

Much to my chagrin the week was not full of sex as I had hoped, she had said she was on her period and that kept me at bay. Every night in the same bed with her was starting to wear on me though. I just wanted to go jerk off and sleep on the couch. The whole thing felt like cruel torture.

The night before I was to return up north she and I were out having drink at a club with some friends and I really was enjoying her company. The alcohol seemed to be making her a bit playful. She would take my hand and rub it on her breast over her shirt and sometimes reach out with her legs and grab me around the waist pulling me into her. My mind kept thinking well it's about time. My starved libido was starting to sigh a sound of relief.

"You know baby, before I let someone have sex with me I have them masturbate in front of me. I want to know if they're comfortable with their sexuality."

That statement caught me off guard, but I quickly recovered, "I won't do it, it's a dominance thing and I am not going to." I had a little fetish for power transfer, okay a big one but I was not letting her in on that fact this soon, maybe not ever.

"Well suit yourself then," she casually dismissed the whole thing. It did get my mind working though. I had read stories online about things like that and I could not recall one story of a dominant woman having a submissive man jerk off in front of her and still be willing to have sex with him.

What we talked about on the way back to her place that night I was barely concentrating on, my mind was running over what she had told me. My feelings of late were not going to let me give her up easily, and this whole thing about masturbating in front of her had me worried. I knew how stories worked, but this was real life. Was she scared of her emotions too and looking to put herself in a safe place by establishing sexual dominance over me? She had teased me about tying me up and said she always liked to be in control. I was up against my emotions and my own starved sex drive begging me to live out some of my darker fantasies with this woman.

We arrived back at her place and the routine was the same, I got to fool around with her a little bit but she just ended up pushing me away like she had that whole week. "I can't take this anymore", I breathed out in exasperation," you constantly tease me and then you never deliver. This isn't playful, this is torture and as much as I care for you I just don't know if I can take this." I laid back in the bed with my arms over my eyes. I felt worn out, mentally drained from keeping my libido in check. She moved up to my side and started talking to me softly," baby I told you I want it to be special, I'm not sure if I can do this right now."

"You don't even seem to want to touch me. If you don't want me just ask me to leave, but don't keep pulling close and pushing me back it's wearing me out."

"Baby I'm sorry, I guess I'm just a little scared, but I know what would make me feel better about all this," I felt her hand close over my own and slowly move it back down over my head towards my crotch. "Why don't you touch yourself for me, it would make me happy baby."

When she told me that I knew I would do it, I might fight a bit more but if it was going to make her happy I knew I would not win the fight. Her hand placed mine on my semi-hard cock and she started to jerk me off with my hand. Once my cock was fully hard she removed her hand and mine did not stop. She kept talking into my ear as my hand kept sliding up and down," that's it baby, see, you're feeling better all ready and so I am. I know it feels good, I want you to feel good." Her hot breath in my ear was turning me on so much I did not even heed the voice in my head trying to make me realize I was giving her all my power.

I moaned with pleasure as I came all over my chest and stomach. She was cooing more words in my ear through it all but I don't recall what she said. The next thing I felt after my orgasm subsided was her wiping all the come off me with a warm, damp towel.

"Thank you baby, I think we both needed that, don't you?" I was at a loss for words as I realized what I had done. Then I felt a euphoria wash over my body as I really did realize what I had done. Was I really so submissive when it came to sex? In time she would show me just how submissive I could really be....(to be continued)

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