tagMind ControlFalling Prey To An Online Hypnotist

Falling Prey To An Online Hypnotist


This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an Internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me --- the writer.

Summary: Kathy and Ted become subjects of an online hypnotist – with some submissive feelings toward serving him and his sexual urges.

My girlfriend Kathy and I were together the for past year. I took her for granted. Then I started noticing a change in her attitude, her demeanor and her dress. She and I were both smart, successful as we worked toward our PhD. But now, she was giggling a lot, wearing much more revealing clothes, and saying that she didn't 'need to think'. My curiosity began to grow. I always had trusted her, but now, I wondered if she was being faithful to me. We we're not married; we found that to be an outdated form of control of one party over the other. But when you've had a girlfriend for a while – you want to think she is only for you! Was I ever in for a surprise of how her life changed and how it then affected mine so heavily.

My blue-eyed blonde haired princess was starting to act a little dim, and suddenly paying a lot more attention to her looks. While I liked the shorter more revealing clothes, and her finger twirling in her hair when she was 'trying to think' it wasn't what I had fell in love with in the beginning of our relationship. In bed, she was certainly more receptive to oral sex. I had not been one to press her for it, but suddenly she was more anxious to start the ball rolling. For the longest time, I couldn't quite put my finger on what was causing this change. Then one night I woke up in bed alone, and went looking for her. Kathy was sitting at the computer, with ear-phones on and watching some sort of program on the screen. With spirals, flashes, bits of pictures that went by way too fast for me to acknowledge I wondered if this was part of the change I was seeing. So I quietly watched behind her. I could then see the words appear then disappear on the screen 'obey', 'submit', 'suck', were some that I noticed and could read from my vantage point. Even her name flashed on the screen with commands to accept the programming. I was amazed. Could this sinister program be affecting my girl?

I went back to bed but couldn't go to sleep, and after an hour Kathy returned to bed and I rolled over as if I just woke up. "What's up honey?" I asked.

"Nothing, just got up to go to the bathroom," Kathy replied.

That is when I knew I had to check this computer out. For ten minutes, I had stood there watching her view the screen – and had laid in bed for another hour, and she nonchalantly responds as if she had not been away for any length of time. I didn't want to accuse her of any wrong doing, lest she defend herself with a lie. No, I was going about this scientifically, I would find out what and who is behind this. So the next day when she was away teaching her grad students, I explored her computer. I checked her emails, but found nothing out of the ordinary, just the boring kind of daily chat she had with her friends, usually complaining about one thing or another. I then looked at her websites visited, and came across some hypnotism pages. Curiosity they say, killed the cat – and now, I was checking them out. At first, they seemed innocent enough. Then I viewed some that were on the verge of porn. Women tied up in bondage, women sucking on huge cocks, or very wet pussies were part of the themes.

I watched it, and laughed to my self as the words streamed across the page telling me to 'relax' and 'not to think' and obviously one word repeated a lot was 'obey'. It was silly. But I watched and learned. I needed to see what she found so interesting before I approach her on this subject. One page needed a password, and not knowing that password – I managed to start at the beginning of the links to discover a new world opening for me. In order to proceed, I had to admit to obeying, or that I was not a man when the response came time for me to enter the next section. I was skeptical to say the least and not totally into the idea of submission to some unknown person writing such garbage.

That evening, Kathy acted like she had for the past several weeks: sort of helpless, needy and eager to please. We went to bed, only this time I tried to keep myself from falling completely asleep so I could spy on her again if she got up for the computer. Sure enough, after 35 minutes of her thinking I was asleep, she slinked out of bed and went directly to the computer, putting her ear-phones on so she could listen to the sounds without waking me. This time, I watched from behind her as she started to watch the swirls on the screen. This was more detailed than what I had first seen today, and I wondered just how many different scenarios there were out there for her to watch. After about 10 minutes someone sent her a Internet message and began to converse with her. I slipped off to my closet to get the pair of binoculars so I could read what is being said and who is saying it to her without her realizing that I was watching over her shoulder.

A Mr. Samuel was chatting with her, or more precisely talking down to her. He was calling her a slut, and a toy to be played with. He was telling her to obey and she was responding that she would. He told her to stroke her pussy and her hand went to her lap. She typed how she would obey and how she really wanted the juice from his balls. She has never used that expression with me, but for him she was promising to be a good little slut and that she LOVED sucking cock. She had been practicing more and more with pieces of food and on her boyfriend. But she wanted a real man's cock to suck – she wanted his. She wanted a cock that she had to practically gag on to take all the way – and apparently mine she could suck all the way in – without that feeling.

I cringed at reading this part of their conversation. I had a respectable sized cock I thought. When it was firm it was a full 6" and pretty thick too. I liked that she was being more oral in bed recently, but now understood why. No one can really say what's in a person's mind when they perform an intimate act with their mate – but you sure hope they are thinking of you when they do it – and not some guy from the computer.

I watched for a while as the same things were discussed; her submission to his control and how she wanted to suck his cock, and be a slut for him. I had seen enough, now I needed to find out who this Mr. Samuel was and stop him from trying to steal my girlfriend. So whenever she was going to be away for more than an hour, I would race to her computer and watch the video to learn the program which was installing a submissive attitude in my favorite girl. As I looked for information on this Mr. Samuel, I located some emails and copy's of blogs my Kathy had been a part of: namely, condemning this Mr. Samuel of his treatment of young women. She swelled with hate toward him. She wanted his site taken down, and apparently had gotten a lot of feedback for her actions. Some feedback showed people who were like her – disbelieving that a man would be able to get away with treating a woman the way Mr. Samuel claimed they deserved. By the same token, there were comments and complaints from people 'defending' him – worshiping him, saying how that under their own free will do they support him. They wrote that their lives were better, their attention to detail was better, and their orgasms were fantastic. They mentioned that Mr. Samuel would sometimes forbid them from orgasm till they proved themselves worthy. Once they had obeyed him and done what he wanted – they had the best orgasms of their life. Each time, it seems that submission was the way to pleasure.

Kathy wrote about how they were being mistreated – while he 'and his followers' (as she described them) wrote that being tied in erotic ways and fucked was quite exhilarating and that their orgasms were dramatically enhanced. There were lots of attempts to argue with Mr. Samuel, but from my perspective, he seemed to get the best of her. She discussed how he treats women indignantly, and he asks about the last time she had a mind ripping orgasm. He had a skill in turning the conversation around – to where she felt like she was 'missing out' on life because she was prim and proper. He enticed her to feel more – including giving in on bondage, cock sucking, and lesbian acts. This man was baiting her. 'Don't knock if you've never tried it' he wrote her. Lots of the video on his site demeaned women – or used one woman as a dominant and the receiving girl as her slut. In fact, my precious Kathy even talked to me after making love one night about having another woman enjoy our bed with us. That part of the new Kathy sounded pretty interesting, but I still had to do something soon or risk losing her forever.

Then I got my break – I had been signing on under her name so that I could get into the sites she was visiting when the Mr. Samuel dude signed on and asked why she was online when she was suppose to be in class right at this moment. Apparently he knew her business schedule. Then he mentioned that today was when they were meeting on our college campus. I feigned forgetfulness and asked where she was suppose to meet again. He answered, and that was all I needed; now I could confront him for real.

Twenty minutes later I was at Mr. Samuel's office on campus and not realizing why I was there, he invited me in. I confronted him about Kathy and had him on the ropes, as he stammered out how he was sorry he was about to take advantage of my pretty girlfriend. "You should be ashamed of yourself for putting out such lame website and obvious disrespect for women." I told him how I wanted to reach across the desk and beat him up. "If you mess with her again, I swear I will beat you up till you cry like a little baby"

Mr. Samuel tried to compose himself "This was going to be our first meeting, I have not met her before – I swear," and then asked, "just how is it that you discovered her intentions?"

"I have been checking out your site, and watching the programming for a month. I just didn't know where to find and stop you! I know about your mind games, and have been just dreaming of the day we meet" I replied.

Surprised, Mr. Samuel asked, "You've been 'dreaming' to meet me?"

"Yes! Its all I can think about!" I snarled. "You've infected her brain, and I have watched and studied your plan to control her with your trigger phrases. I know all of them by heart."

Mr. Samuel looked at me quizzically, "you've watched the video, and the pretty spirals?"

"Yes, every chance I got!" I snapped back.

Mr. Samuel got a sparkle in his eye – he's never tried his hypnotism on a male before, but hearing Ted confess that he's been watching the programming for a month, dreaming of meeting the hypnotic Master, and noting that he knew all the trigger phrases by heart gave the evil professor an idea. Mr. Samuel touched his computer and it let out a "Bing" sound that frequently is used in the hypnotic online program. He watched Ted's eyes look confused and blank. He hit the key again, and the "Bing" sound was a signal to obey. Ted's shook his head – and tried to gain control of his mind. Another "Bing" was heard – and Mr. Samuel saw the growing bulge of an erection in Ted's pants. "This sound is exciting – it makes your flesh weak!" Mr. Samuel told Ted.

Swaying, dizzy and suddenly feeling weak and open to suggestion I meekly answered, "yes, flesh is weak".

Mr. Samuel pressed the computer again – this time telling me how much I want to please him, and obey him.

"Obey" was all I said.

BING .... Mr Samuel hit it again, this time stating, "You're excited but want what I have. You're knees are weak and you can no longer stand. Be a good slut and kneel before me."

I wanted to fight back, to fight him but found myself slowly sinking to my knees in his office. Mr. Samuel casually walked over toward me – but still at a safe distance from my reach.

Mr. Samuel needed more information "When you dream of me – what comes to your mind?"

Just as the online programming had taught me – I replied obediently "Sucking on your cock, and worshiping your balls!"

Mr. Samuel was pleased – thrilled in fact and stepped directly in front of me, unzipped his pants and hauled out a long thick flaccid cock. "Tell me – have you ever taken a cock in your mouth before?"

"No," I answered.

"You feel like a slut, and cock sucking is what sluts do best." Mr. Samuel gleefully stated. "But its what you want – isn't it. You know you need this cock in your mouth!" Mr. Samuel coaxed me.

The back of my mind was fuzzy – but it is what I had dreamed of. Sucking a man's cock. Not just any cock – but Master's cock. A Master who can make me feel like a slut and teach me to please him. I admitted, "Yes – I need to please you and show how willing I am to obey by sucking your cock." I was no longer an enraged boyfriend – I was an obedient puppet on a string.

"Open your mouth and adore a Man's cock!" Mr. Samuel ordered.

I obeyed, and gagged on the thick man's tool. He didn't leave it there long, just enough to see that I wanted it more.

"Good Slut – now you can join me and Kathy at the resort I was planning on taking her for the weekend and we'll show her what a good boy you are, and how an obedient slut can serve a man sized cock." He told me more, but I just didn't comprehend it all. I could only focus on the wet dangling cock just inches from my face. I faintly remember his words "And we'll just see who will be crying like a little baby when I show you how much some tight bondage and a crisp whipping of your ass will reduce you to a whimpering girl as Kathy will be giggling with delight at your predicament."

Chapter 2

Later that evening, Kathy, Ted and Mr. Samuel had gone to a state park not too far from campus but adjacent to a nice lake surrounded by a forest. The cabin they shared was a two-bedroom unit with kitchen and living room. One bedroom had been turned into a bondage area as Mr. Samuel had added cuffs to the bed frame and chair for later use. There also was harness hanging over an ottoman: so an unlucky pet could be bound for sexual use by the Master. A computer was also nearby to assist Mr. Samuel to control his new pets.

Mr. Samuel asked them both "When you hear the word 'female', and the word 'slut' – what picture comes to mind?"

I answered, "A woman that has sex with anyone, easy lay, needs it all the time."

Kathy added "Easy!"

"And what picture comes to mind when you think of a 'slut'? What does she look like?" Mr. Samuel asked.

"Revealing clothes, maybe cheap clothes, dirty blonde hair, lots of make-up," I answered.

"Mouth totally surrounding a hard cock," Kathy added with delight.

"Hmmm, cheap clothes, maybe some fish-net stockings perhaps?" Mr. Samuel enquired.

"Yes," we both answered in unison.

"Lots of make-up and maybe some lipstick to surround that big cock in her mouth?" Mr. Samuel gleefully prodded us.

Again, we both agreed.

Mr. Samuel pushed the button of his computer a couple of times to re-enforce his control over us. I could feel myself wanting to please him – wanting to obey him, and to serve his needs no matter what the cost. "Ted, you like seeing a slut – and you want to be one." Then he added "Kathy, go to that top drawer and pick out some that black and white maid dress and Ted – strip down totally naked then put it on."

Kathy handed me what appeared to be a Halloween costume. In a haze, I remember stripping down to nothing in front of them. I vaguely remember Mr. S saying that I don't need to wear any panties to cover up my crotch since leaving them off will show who is the Man, and who is the pussy slut in the room. Funny, but I didn't feel uncomfortable standing there in the maid outfit that was not meant for someone my size. The elastic on the arms was stretched, the small wire under the breast snugly hugged my chest and the length only came 8 inches past my waist revealing my cock, balls and ass to them at the slightest lift of my arms or bend of my waist.

Mr. S told me, "You're in a maid outfit. You're a cheap slut who came here to clean. You'll clean this cabin up just right – while Kathy and I take a walk near the lake – and when we return, if you've done a good job – you'll get to clean us both. You'll be rewarded with a big cock to suck and a wet pussy to lick clean." Then he pushed the computer button again and added "You want to obey. Obeying is pleasure. The pleasure of obedience leads to an orgasm. You are a slut – and sluts one true role in life – pleasing others with their body."

Kathy and I both repeated 'obeying is pleasure' mantra they had heard over and over on the computer while watching it and the hypnotic programs Mr. S created. Mr. S reached under the short maid dress and cupped my cock and balls in his right palm, bouncing the weight of them both in his hand "This is no longer yours ... its mine ... I own it ... I control it ... pleasing me is the only way it will get to cum! Now be a good maid and clean while we're gone." It felt very nice to have him 'cup my balls' that way. I remember thinking that his hand was not soft and tingly like Kathy's is when she touches me there – Mr. Samuel's hand was more gripping and controlling of my cock and balls. It excited me. His touch, and his promise of pleasure was stimulating.

Kathy and Mr. S left me – almost in a short negligee – the maid outfit was silky and tickled my cock when I moved about. But I didn't touch it – even though I desperately wanted to jerk off to the thought of his big cock. Was that right – fantasizing over a man's cock? Oh well, I am sure Mr. S 'knows what's best' I thought and put the fear out of my head.


Meanwhile, Mr. S and Kathy had walked a short way around the lake till they came across a small patch of trees that had soft grass between them. Stepping into this area was pretty private for them both – seeing that no one on the lake path would spot them here. Mr. S gave Kathy a command – "OBEY!"

With that one quick command, he knew she was his to use, to play with, and he could get pleasure from her mouth or deep within her pussy. "Kneel and unzip my pants!" he told her.

Kathy knelt, and with her face at his crotch, she tugged his zipper down. Then she reached into his pants to fish out his huge tool and equally impressive set of balls. His flaccid cock hung down like a snake 7" long and 4" in diameter. His sack held two balls the size of large plumbs. She had seen his cock and balls before online but never for real – and certainly not from this angle. She was always impressed by the size and fullness of his balls. He had convinced her that his tool and cum filled balls were in fact 'nutritional' and that sucking him was a sign of obedience, and the pleasure that she got from drawing his seed from those balls was sign of that obedience.

"You need this – you want what I have – you need the Balls of Life that are in my nuts. Suck – yes, that it. Suck it. Lick it. Adore my cock – and make it cum. My balls of life are for you. This seed will change your life. Once you suck my seed – your trial submission will be complete. You will be submissive to me always from this day forward. You will remember sucking my cock. It will fill your thoughts, and your mind will never be the same. You'll want to suck it all the time. You'll want it in your wet pussy soon. You're pussy will grow damp and moist at the mere thought of this cock. Not just any cock will do. It's got to have my smell – my thickness – and my length to satisfy your urges." Mr. Samuel told her.

Kathy sucked, licked, and otherwise displayed her sloppy sign of obedience for the Master, until his hard 9" of meat unloaded the huge shot of sperm and filled her mouth. Naturally, she swallowed most of his gift, but some of the powerful spurts squirted out of the corners of her mouth and dripped down to her T-shirt covered breast. She didn't clean herself up. She wasn't worried about appearances – only the pleasure that she could bring to this man. Kneeling in the grass, she looked up past his dripping tool to his angelic face and saw that he deserved adoration. He not only deserved to be adored by her – he expected it. Showing herself to be a silly sexy slut was the way to this man's heart. And Kathy wanted to please him – in any way she could. It was now totally obvious to her; that he didn't get off on her being smarter than him. Yes, he liked to converse – but his conversations always gave her the feeling that he was 'better' than her.

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