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Fallout 4: Mr. Handy


Please note: This short is for those still early in Fallout 4, before going too far into the main storyline. This is the sole survivor only now making it to Diamond City, with no quests beyond.


"I guess you know how it began. Well, I am still looking for Shaun. My husband, well, he is dead. So, who do I take comfort from? The world before is gone. The world now is full of super mutants, killing humans. Humans, killing other humans. I know I just made it to Diamond City, but so far I have found mutated cockroaches, and killer mosquitoes. Ghouls, sometimes acting like zombies, sometimes seeming more human than other humans, like raiders, and forgers. Synths, sometimes looking like humans, sometimes looking like robots, but so far, all trying to kill me and the few people I trust, like the minute men." I paused to take a break from my interview with Piper to let the horror wash over me. To calm down. "You ask me why I do that with Codsworth. I think, just clinging to the past, and the one familiar time when the world still made sense. When I was still in a world that was safe, secure. Where everything was still good."

Piper nodded, although it seemed more of a reflex, rather than real understanding.

"Let me start at the beginning."


After fighting through the giant, dog like roaches, finding the pipboy from the long dead vault tec employee, I stumbled into light for the first time in, I didn't know how long.

Lost, aghast at what people had made of the world, and what my new world looked like, I stumbled down the hill towards home. Rusted out walls from the neighbors house greeted me. Cars, bodies nothing but piles of rust, all semblance that made them a car, other than their shape, gone, littered the empty streets. My house pulled me towards it, hoping against hope to find something, anything, to bring comfort.

As I approached my house, I saw something. Floating on burning flames, appendages more like an octopus than a man, briskly moving over the the wall of our house. I approached.

"Codsworth," I said, more question than comment, as I approached the robot, hovering in the air before me.

He greeted me, but even he seemed a bit broken by time.

"Codsworth, you are still alive?"

One of his robots eyes bobbed up and down. "Miss, I have never been alive. I have been trying to keep the house clean since you and sir left."

"The world. What happened to the world?" I asked him. I knew what had happened before, saw the bomb go off, the land bloom in fire, rush towards us as we descended.

"The world, mum? Well, besides our geraniums still being the envy of Sanctuary Hills, I'm afraid things have been dreadfully dull around here."

"Codsworth, what do you mean? Look around. It is all gone," I replied.

"My, but you look distraught. Perhaps sir can offer one of those hugs you humans are so fond of? Speaking of which, where is your better half?

My eyes teared up slightly. "He is...in a better place."

"Mum... these things you're saying. These... terrible things... I... I believe you need a distraction. Yes! A distraction, to calm this dire mood," he replied, metallic voice pulsating slightly, almost like he was getting choked up.

"Codsworth, you're acting... a little bit weird. What's wrong?" I replied.

"Oh mum, it's been just horrible! Two centuries with no one to talk to, no one to serve." I could tell he was breaking down, his programming unable to deal with it.

"Codsworth, lets just...please, lets go inside." I was feeling a bit nauseous. More than a bit.

As I sat down, I couldn't help gasp in disbelief. "There's nothing left here. It's all gone. All dead. Rusted cars and broken houses."

Codsworth floated over. "That's not all that's left, mum. There's still you. And me."

"Thank you, Codsworth," I said.

*Sniff* "You're welcome, mum," he replied.

"Now. Enough feeling sorry for myself," I said, standing up. He showed me around the town, or what was left of it. The dog sized cockroaches where here, which he called radroaches. They threw themselves at us viciously, biting, tearing. Each bite caused nausea to overwhelm me. My vision faded, blackness creeping in slowly, as I saw Codsworth fly in, killing them as they tried to swarm me. I felt myself slide unconscious.

Eventually, I dreamed. I was talking with Nate, Shaun in his arms. He whispered soothingly to me. Our lips met briefly, and soon, we were on the bed. Clothes flew off faster than a blink, and we lay on the bed together. I could feel his weight press down on me. "Mum, spread your legs more." The world pulsed, the strangeness of his words causing reality to blink. Then, all was right, and I spread my legs more, just like Nate wanted me to.

He embraced me as he pushed himself against me, slowly working his way inside me. I hadn't made love to him in so long. A lifetime ago, it seemed. He was clumsy, but I guess we were out of practice. "Actually, 210 years," he said, voice strange. Wrong. The world pulsed around me again, flickering.

His hips moved, and I moved with him. Hungry, desperate to feel him. Like he wasn't with me. Like I would never make love to him again. I pushed back against him, forcing him deeper. I grimaced, and the world flickered, when he went to deep. I made love to him in a desperate, mad way, unable to contain myself. I opened my eyes, saw the bleeding hole in his forehead. Why was he bleeding? Why did he have a hole there?

"Make love to me forever," I told him. "I love you. Stay here with me. I don't want to lose you again." The world flickered again around us. I felt his hard penis vibrate inside me. Vibrate. Tingling. Sending wild stimulation coursing through me. Why wouldn't he stay here? Why did I have the feeling he was gone? I couldn't move my arms, my body, but shoved myself against his pelvis, harder, more desperate. I wanted to feel him deep inside. I wanted to feel him fill me up.

The world flickered. Again. Again. I looked up, screaming as his face melted, as the hole in his head was replaced with silver, a silver face, eyes floating on stalks, like some alien, insect bug. I blinked, awake now, to see Codsworth above me.

"We will make you feel better mum," he told me. I looked down, watching one of his tentacle like robotic arms between my legs, feel the vibration there. I wanted to scream, I wanted to yell. The climax hit me, and my throat locked up. All I could do was shake.


"You ask me why I fuck my robot. After, and after I calmed down, he explained he was trying to make me feel better, like 'sir' did. He was broken by the time and wear too. Eventually though, I understood what he was offering me. He was a path to my past. The one constant in this world gone mad. I don't fuck a robot because I have feelings for a robot. I fuck him because he is a comfortable presence, and because after all the death, all the destruction, all the hatred, just letting go with someone that knows me, someone that understands me, someone who has been in my life for longer than anything in today's world, and finding release in pure, uninhibited sexual release, has helped me cope. My husband is still dead. My son is still missing. Every day, I wade through the bodies of mutants, of ghouls, of mutated scorpions and flys and dogs and mosquitoes. I fight entire bands of raiders, knowing that some day, those numbers can catch up with me, leaving me just another corpse. So, when I go home, I strip off my vault suit. I invite Codsworth into my bedroom. I let him fuck me until my mind shuts up and leaves me in a quivering, sexual bliss. And I forget the ugliness of the world."

Piper stared, at first unable to find the words. "So, this robot, Codsworth." She said. I shook my head, waiting for the judgmental reaction. "Can I borrow him?" I burst out laughing at the sudden grin on her face.

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