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Familiar Stranger


As I stood in the train station, waiting for my departure, I caught the eyes of an older gentleman...he was smiling at my daughter and I. She was only 6, but still she was very pretty. She had gotten her dark eyes and long black hair from her father...her skin tone, on the other hand, was pale, like mine. I guess that was the white coming out in her. I didn't mind...I thought she was beautiful. Something about the way this man looked at us felt strange...familiar...as though we had met before...

The stranger stood about 6' tall and was muscular, though he was middle aged, he was still quite handsome. He was smiling as though he knew me and was waiting for me to recognize him...then suddenly, I was thrown into memories of a day almost seven years earlier......

...I had just moved into the college dorms, barely eighteen, and ready for fun. Since the school wasn't even in the same state I was from, I decided to go play one day...I had put on a sexy navy skirt, that just reached above my knees, a light blue gauzy blouse, with only a white tank top beneath it...my navy garter belt and stockings, and seriously high heels -- of course...there were no panties. I wasn't thin, but any means, but this outfit hugged my many curves and made me feel like a princess...I had playfully pulled a little of my hair up, and left a lot of it down...then dabbed on some makeup. Most people go to the mall to shop...I was going to flirt.

After about an hour or so of roaming the mall, not quit finding what I was looking for, I went to the food court to grab a drink. It was while standing in line, fiddling with the toe of my shoe, that I noticed his gaze. The way he took in every inch of my body, before again looking me directly in the eye and teasingly licking his upper lip.

He was standing about 30 yards away, but the lustful look in his eyes was unmistakable. He was older than I...I guessed him to be mid 30s or so...tall, about 6', muscular, very handsome...and dark...I had never thought about being with a black man before, but something about this mans gaze made pussy begin to moisten.

Next thing I know, I felt a strong warm hand on the curve of my back, and a low voice saying, "Come with me...lets get to know one another." Not know what to do, I followed his lead...which led us to one of the "nonpublic" hallways. You know...the ones that usually only the employees use...

"Where are we going?" I asked...more out of curiosity than fear.

"Just somewhere private," he replied and grinned. Then he stopped, looked around, and opened a door...inside looked kinda like a storage room...a vast storage room...with lots of boxes. One of which, he pushed me up against, and slid a hand up my skirt, where my already soaking pussy was waiting. After sliding his finger along my wet slit, he brought it to his lips..."Mmmmmmm."

Then he put both hands on my hips and lowered his face to mine, pulling me into a deep and enthralling kiss, his tongue claiming every crevice of my mouth. Then he began to kiss down my neck as he unbuttoned my blouse, pulled up the tanktop, and began sucking on my bare breasts...when I was almost in ecstasy, he suddenly stopped, then pressed his groin into me...I could feel him...very hard and very large, through his strained pants. Slowly, he unzipped them, and pulled out a very big cock...while I had seen larger, I had never experienced one...He was about 8.5 inches long and about 6 inches around...

As quickly as I could, I dropped to my knees and began sucking as much of him as I could...his cock tasted so sweet in my young mouth...I listened as he moaned in pleasure each time I bobbed my wet little mouth down his aching cock. Finally, he pulled me back to my feet, then bent me over one of the boxes, sliding his cock quickly into me. I was so wet that it didn't hurt at all, but I felt more full than I had ever felt in my entire life. I felt each inch of him thrust after thrust...slightly grazing that precious spot, only to leave it again...first he would go slow and long, then short and fast...almost making me cum, then bringing me back down with him...

Then suddenly, he pulled out of me. I turned to look at him, and he said, "Roll over...I want you to watch me." I did as he said, rolling over on the box. He then pushed my legs up, and plunged deeply into my quivering pussy..."Oh God, yes," I screamed with pleasure, "fuck me...please fuck me harder...harder!" Then, in an instant, we both plunged over the edge, he fucking harder, pushing shot after shot of cum into my pussy...and pushing me deeper and deeper into the most incredible orgasm I had ever had. Then, after he was done he looked at me and smiled, and slowly slid out of me. "That was some fine white pussy, dear. Thank you for sharing it with me." Then he helped me up, straighten myself, and led me back to the food court. Once there, he kissed me gently, then I turned and looked towards the line where I had been standing...when I turned back around to him...he was gone. I never even knew his name.

Then it dawned on me, he hadn't used a condom and I wasn't on birth control. Sure enough, that next month, I realized I would have more than just the memories to remind me of that dark stranger that gave me what I so badly needed.

My daughter tugging on my hand pulled me out of my memory, back into the present. I looked again at the gentleman, and he smiled...then walked over, placed his hand on the curve of my back as he had done that fateful day seven years ago...and quietly whispered in my ear, "Remember me?"

And as I turned and gazed into those beautiful dark brown eyes, I remembered...and felt the same pitter patter through my stomach I had the first time he had done that. He sat with us on the train, chatting with our daughter...he knew who she was...to her though, he was just some nice man we met on the train.

That night, after our little one was fast asleep, he climbed into my bunk with me, and pulled the curtain to. He slid his hand under the cover, under my shirt, and along my moist slit...then, quickly removing his pants, he slid into me once more. "oh God, I have been waiting 7 years to do this again!" he exclaimed into my neck, where he had buried his face as he thrust in and out of my waiting pussy. I was his and he knew it...that night fucked me and made love to me for hours upon hours, finally ending by holding me and gazing into my eyes. As I looked into his, I knew it had happened again...I was pregnant again...he knew too...

"I want to be there for you through this one...I want to hold you like this every night, and make love to you like this every day..." Then he was silent.

When we unloaded from the train, he did, indeed, go home with us...and three more children and many years later, just the touch of his hand on the curve of my back and send the shudders of a naive schoolgirl throbbing throughout my body...

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