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Recliner for Sale


My name is Jennifer, and I am twenty three years old. I've been married for almost a year now to my husband Kevin. Our marriage has gotten a little shaky as of late. We argue and fight about everything. I want to start a family and have children, but my husband keeps saying we are not ready financially. He's been acting very strange lately and has been too tired for sex almost every night this month. I don't know what's going on with him. I keep myself in great shape by going to the gym everyday.

I thought it was me and that I wasn't doing enough to satisfy his needs. Maybe I just needed to try a little harder to please him. Kevin was due home from work soon. So I got showered up and was about to get dressed. I stood in front of the mirror to admire my nakedness. I'm five foot four inches tall and weigh about one thirty. I have a nice big round ass with full c-cup tits. I have short brunette colored hair. People say I got a really cute face with a small button nose and green eyes. I was always popular throughout school and always had guys asking me out. I was real shy and only been with two guys before I met Kevin.

The phone rang and it was Kevin calling.

"Kevin where are you, I'm waiting for you," I answered.

"I'm sorry but there has been a work emergency and I'm going to be here until midnight or possibly longer."

"What, tell me you're lying to me? I need you here now. You always have to work late. Can't someone else work in your place tonight? Someone else can cover for you."

"I'm so sorry babe; I'm the only one here that can get this system back up."

"But you don't realize how horny I...

That's when Kevin cut me off mid sentence.

"Gotta go, here comes the boss. I'll call you when I get a chance."

"Kevin...Kevin," I cant believe he hung up on me.

That asshole, ever since his new boss Vicky took over, Kevin's been working these so called 'work emergencies'. It's got me real suspicious. He always coming home smelling like women's perfume. He's told me there was nothing to worry about. But I've seen Vicky, with her big fake tits and her hundred ten pound body with bleach blond hair. I think there is plenty to worry about. He's said he didn't find her that attractive, I knew that was a lie. The more I thought about it the madder I got. I tried to call his cell back but he wouldn't pick up. I just know he's up to something with her.

So I threw on a short silk robe and went into the kitchen and poured myself a large glass of red wine. I kept trying to tell myself not to be jealous and that there was nothing to be upset about. But the more I thought about it, the more I drank, until the bottle was almost gone.

I went back up to my room and lyed down on the bed. I was buzzing so hard off the wine. I spread my legs open wide and began to rub my pussy. I was so fucking horny, I got out my vibrator and went crazy fucking myself.

Fuck my cheating husband, I don't need him, I'll take care of myself. My moaning was getting louder and louder as I worked it harder and harder in my pussy. I flipped over on all fours and with my face in the pillow and my ass high in the air. One hand was rubbing my tits through my and the other was working my vibrator between my legs. I was never into it like this before. I was moaning so loudly.

The doorbell rang. I threw on my short silk robe and went over to answer the door.

"Who's there?"

There was no response, so I cracked open the door slightly. To my surprise was a large black man standing there. He had to be at least six feet tall and about two fifty plus pounds. He looked strong with big muscles but also had a large belly on him. I would guess he was about forty years old or so.

"Hi, my name is Steve."

"Hi, I'm Jenny."

"I'm here to look at that recliner you have for sale on the internet. I talked to Kevin earlier today and he said to come by at six."

"That's my husband, he isn't home right now, if you don't mind, could you come back tomorrow."

"I would like to take a look at it now since I'm here. If it looks good, I can pay you and come pick it up tomorrow when your husbands home."

I didn't feel comfortable letting a stranger into my house, especially when I only had a robe covering myself with nothing on underneath. I figured this should only take a couple of minutes. We really did want to sell this ugly recliner to make room for the new furniture we ordered.

"Sure, follow me this way."

I lead Steve in to the living room and showed him the recliner. He inspected it closely for any rips or tears. I was standing close by as he looked the recliner over. He kept glancing down at my cleavage as he slowly took his time looking the recliner over. I was thinking that it probably wasn't a good idea letting this stranger into my house only wearing a little robe.

He then sat in the recliner and leaned it all the way back. I couldn't help but notice a huge bulge in tight fitting gym shorts he was wearing. Holy shit is that his dick, I thought, that thing can't be real.

"Ya'll sure you want to get rid of this recliner. This is so comfortable."

"Yeah we don't have any room for it anymore."

He didn't seem to be in any hurry as he made himself comfortable in the chair. I went over and sat on the couch across from him as I was waiting for him to finish testing out the chair so he could leave. He kept sitting in the chair looking over at me. He was starting to make me feel a little nervous. He was eying my legs that were barely covered by the short little robe. He started making small talk by asking questions about how I like the neighborhood and things like that. He seemed to have a charming personality. We ended up talking for about twenty minutes or so. The more we talked the more comfortable I was getting with him.

"So when is the husband coming home?"

Why would he ask me that? I thought.

"Who knows, it seems like he don't have any time for me anymore. He's always working late with his new female boss."

"If I was your man I would be with you every second I could. As hot as your little ass is, you are so fine. What is wrong with him?"

"Wow, thanks for the compliment. I thought maybe I wasn't doing enough to please him."

"If I were him, I'd be pleasing you right now."

"Oh, would you."

I felt a hot flash come over my body after he said that. I eyed his huge bulge in his shorts again. I kept imagining how it looked out of them shorts and how big it really was. I could feel my pussy starting to get hotter the more I thought about it. He knew I was eying it as he opened up his legs a little. It looked like it was starting to grow bigger. I shouldn't have drunk all that wine. I don't know why I was thinking these crazy thoughts in my head. It was just that I was so damn horny. He kept the conversation going trying his hardest to stay sitting there with me across from him. I just couldn't stop looking at his manhood. I could see the outline of a very big dick running down the leg of his tight silky gym shorts. I tried my hardest to stop starring at it, but it seemed to hypnotize me. I could feel my pussy getting wet. I just wanted to see what his dick looked like.

"You look like your a little stressed out. I think you might need a little back rub. That will make everything feel better," Steve said to me as he invited me over to sit in front of him on the recliner.

"Oh no, I can't. I'm married, but thanks for the offer."

Things were getting a little awkward. I thought it was about time for my unexpected visitor to leave.

"Well Steve do you like the like the recliner."

He sat up and pushed in the recliner, then sat on the edge and spread his legs wide and patted a little spot in front of him. "Come here girl, I won't bite. Let me show how good I can make you feel with these hands."

I looked at his crotch and the bulge looked like it was going to burst through his shorts. I couldn't believe how fucking turned on I was. My pussy was hot and I knew I was getting moist. I don't know why I was starting to get turned on by this fat disgusting black man. He was double my age, he had a big fat belly and he was black as coal. I never even thought about being with a black guy before. It just seemed so wrong. But I kept looking at his dick and wondering what it looked like out those shorts.

"Fine, I guess little back rub would feel kind of good right now. But don't you dare try anything, I'm a happily married woman."

I went over and sat on the edge in front of him on with my back to him. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I wouldn't of even let him in my house if wasn't for me being drunk from the wine. He began his massage on my shoulders. He really seemed to know what he was doing. It felt so good. His hands were so big. He rubbed all over my back and shoulders. I felt very naughty letting some strange man touching me like this. My nipples were rock solid from rubbing on the robe. I couldn't believe how wet my pussy was getting.

"You really do know how to give a good massage."

I could feel him scooting closer in to me. I could feel his breathing on my neck. I knew this was going a little too far, and I should make him stop. But his touch felt so good and it made me so relaxed. He was slowly pulling my robe up from underneath my ass as he was rubbing my lower back. I let a little moan as his hands were right above my ass. I even lifted up a little so he could pull my robe easier. My wet pussy was on the leather of the recliner. I was so turned on knowing that I was now showing the lower part of my bare ass to a complete stranger as his fingers brushed my butt cheeks. My nipples aching to be touched. His hands lightly caressed my ass. He slowly went underneath my robe. It felt so wrong letting this strange man touch my bare ass. But I just couldn't control my lust. A moan escaped my mouth as he really massaging my ass hard. His big hands explored up my back as he was pushing my robe upwards. His hands were slowly reaching around the sides of my breast. I wanted him to touch my rock solid nips so bad.

"Your body is amazing," Steve said.

Steve then leaned forward and kissed my neck.

"What the fuck are you doing, you can't do that. I think you should be going now, this is going a little too far."

He ignored my pleas and continued kissing on my neck.

"I'm a married woman, I can't be doing this, you gotta stop."

I knew I should of stood up and made him leave, But it just felt so good being a slut. I figured just a little more and I'll make him stop.

"You smell so sweet like a rose. Your skin is so smooth and soft. I could eat you up girl."

Steve moved in to me real tight and I felt his hard dick touch my ass. I couldn't believe how hot and tingly all over I was. This was crazy, I'm a married woman. What the hell was I doing letting this man touch me like this? I got stop this now. I couldn't believe how wet my dripping pussy was from all this. Why was getting so turned on by him? He slowly started wrapping his arms around my body as he was kissing all over my neck. His hands grasped my breast and it felt so fucking good. I moaned in pleasure as he played with my hard sensitive nipples. My resistance was fading fast.

I turned my head back and looked up at him to tell him to stop. But before I could say a word he moved his face down and kissed my lips. I was so shocked that he kissed me. It was so electrifying. My pussy was on fire. I opened my mouth a little more and I felt his tongue on my lips. It was just one harmless kiss, I thought. I met his tongue with mine. Our kiss started getting heavier and heavier until our tongues were going wild. I opened up my robe wide exposing my naked young body to this old black man. I leaned back into Steve and turned my head back up to kiss his him as his hands kept massaging my tits. He slowly rubbed my belly down to my pussy. I felt so naughty but I just couldn't control myself anymore. I was acting like such a slut to this strange black man that I had just met. I let out a yelp as he rubbed my wet pussy lips. My body was bucking in front of him as he began fingering me with his large fingers deep into my cunt. His other hand was still rubbing my sensitive nipples. I leaned all the way back into him as hard as I could, grinding my ass on his hard cock. It was like I was transformed into sex crazed whore.

"Damn girl you are so fine. You are driving me crazy. Let me see that body you got there," he said in real demanding tone. "Stand up."

I stood up and let my robe drop to the floor.

"Bend over and show that thing off for me."

I bent over with my ass right in his face. My pussy was so dripping wet. I felt so naughty showing off my body to strange man. I was raised in strict family were I never was allowed to do anything growing up. My parents were kind of racist, only if they could see there little girl now. I looked back at Steve.

"Do you like this married little white girl. I'm such a bad girl?"

Steve was rubbing his hard cock that was just bursting to be set free. Steve could see how wet my pussy was. He then removed his shirt and slowly pulled off his shorts as his cock sprang free. My jaw dropped and I was speechless as looked in awe at the monstrosity of a penis. My heart was beating out of my chest, I was so nervous.

"Holy shit, Steve. What are you doing," was all I could say.

It had to be at least eight or nine inches long and fatter than my wrist. I was totally mesmerized by his big dick. It had a huge mushroom head and big veins running down it. My heart was racing so fast. I was so nervous. Steve was stroking his long dick as I was staring back still bent over.

"Wow, is that real!"

"You ain't ever seen a real dick before, have you? Go ahead and touch it."

"Steve, no I cant, I don't think I should do this, I'm married. I don't....."

Steve stood up behind me while I was still bent over. When I tried to stand up, he abruptly pushed me back down. He then pressed his dick onto my ass. "Steve....No....Don't." He rubbed his massive cock head on my super wet slit. He then grabbed my hair and pulled me up in front of him as he was standing behind me. His arms wrapped around me tight. His hot hard dick pressed into my back.

"You know you want this dick you fucking little white slut bitch."

I couldn't understand why his nasty words were driving me so crazy. His hands began roughly squeezing my boobs. They were such a contrast to my creamy white skin. His hands slowly moved down my stomach. My breathing was getting heavier as his fingers found there way to my very wet pussy. I let out a moan as he slowly started to finger me again. I was losing all control, I couldn't take it anymore. He began fingering me deeper and harder from behind. He was driving me insane. My pussy juice was leaking down my leg.

"See how wet this pussy is, I bet you never get this wet for your husband."

He then pulled his fingers out and spun me around to face him. He pulled me in tight with hard cock now pressed into my stomach. He bent his face down to mine. Our arms were wrapped tightly around each other. I closed my eyes as we began kissing passionately like two lovers madly in heat. I felt so tiny in his massive arms. His hands were all over my ass. I reached down and grabbed his dick and began stroking it. It was so long and hard. Steve then inserted a finger into my asshole. It felt so naughty to be touched there, but I loved it.

"Tell me how much you want to suck this dick."

"Please let me suck your big black dick."

"That's right bitch beg for this dick you fucking slut."

I squatted down with his dick inches from my face. "I didn't know a man could have a dick so big. This is way bigger than my husband's puny little dick."

Steve laughed, Then his face got serious, Suck it bitch."

My mouth was watering; I wanted it so badly. I couldn't believe how hot and horny I was. My body was on fire. I had no control of myself anymore. I had been transformed into a black cock slut. I looked up at Steve as I let his dick enter into my mouth. He let out a loud moan as he looked down at me.

"Ah yeah baby, that feels so good," He said.

My mouth was stretched wide open. His dick tasted so yummy. My tongue was working the head of his cock. I felt like such a whore, working another mans cock. But it was driving me insane. I was stroking the length of his dick with my hand as I was slurping on the end of his penis

"Mmmmph.....mmmmm....I love sucking on your big dick.....it taste so good."

I then licked my way down his shaft and began sucking on his balls. They were massive and full of cum. After a few minutes I went back to sucking on his dick again. I looked up at him as I was sucking away. I was working my pussy with my other hand.

After about ten minutes of sucking on his dick, Steve sat back down on the recliner.

He grabbed my ass pulling me in to him. As I stood in front of him, I put one foot up on the recliner as he began licking my wet pussy. I was going insane. I never was hornier in my whole life.

"Lick my fucking pussy, Lick it good. Yes...Yes...." He then leaned back in the recliner with his big monster pole standing tall. I got on the recliner and sucked more on his dick. He then began pulling me forward. He was sucking my tits in his mouth. He grabbed my ass and pulled me down sliding his big dick on my slit. I began rocking my pussy back and forth on his long black dick.

"I'm gonna fuck you like you never had before. I'm gonna make you my little white slut. You'll be begging for this dick up inside you. You aint never gonna be the same."

I was kissing him hard sucking his tongue in my mouth as I was moaning loudly.

"Yes..Yes... I want you so bad...Fuck me...Fuck me!"

I lifted up and slowly lowered myself down onto his dick. It felt so huge entering my hole. I could feel my pussy stretching wide. It felt like it was ripping apart. I slowly lowered more and more down on him. The feeling was so intense to be fucking a huge black cock. I could feel his dick going so deep inside me. It felt so full, his dick was touching my womb.


I rode him hard on that recliner as we madly kissed. His hands were spreading my ass cheeks apart as he fingered my asshole.

"I love being your fucking little slut. How's this pussy feel? You like fucking married white girls? My pussy was made for your big dick."

If only my husband could see me now, riding a big black dick and being such a whore for this strange man I just met. I didn't care, the feeling was just so incredible. I didn't care that I was fucking him unprotected knowing that he could knock me up with his black baby. My orgasm was so intense as slammed down as hard as I could.


After a that mind blowing orgasm, I was out of breath. I slowed down and hugged him tight with my lips on his. I looked deep in his eyes. I was falling in love with him. I never wanted his dick out of my pussy.

"I'm not on any birth control....you could get me pregnant."

I don't know why I told him that. I began to think about his dick exploding his cum deep inside my womb. I thought about my belly growing big with his black baby inside me. I started kissing him hard thinking about getting knocked up by some strange black man.

"Yes ...YES...I'm Yours...I belong to you....I'm your whore...don't stop."

"Take me to your bed you share with your husband," Steve said.

I got up off him. My pussy felt so empty without him. I led him into my room and crawled over to the middle of the bed and spread my legs wide.

"Put that dick back in me, I need it now."

We fucked hard and fast for at least fifteen minutes straight. I came so hard on his dick. His pace was now starting to slow down. I knew he wanted to blow his load. We began kissing hard as his massive body had me pinned down on the bed. . "I can't hold out much longer," Steve said.

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