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Family Affairs

byInfinate Desire©

At sixteen, Andrew's mother gave birth to him, his father had taken off six months earlier, upon hearing he would be a father, so he was raised by a single mother, his grandparents not willing to help, as being disappointed in his mother, even though she had Andrew it didn't stop her from running around, and when she was eighteen his sister Silvia was born, another dead beat father who disappeared, at this time, their mother got down and took care of them, until they had grown old enough to tend to themselves, and then it was back out to her old ways, with the countless boyfriends and never being home. So being the big brother, Andrew took care of Silvia himself, the two grew up extremely close, sharing a bond most people could never have.

Andrew was now twenty, and a man himself, preparing to head off to college in a few days, most of his things where packed up and ready to go, which broke Silvia's heart, she was in her last year of high school and wouldn't see her brother except for holidays. One night before he left, it was just the two of them; she told him that she had a present that she wanted to give him before he left. He thanked her and smiled and asked what it was, she told him to come to her room at midnight and then he would see. Come midnight Andrew walked into her room wearing just sweatpants, not seeing her he stepped inside of the room to look for her, when her door shut behind it, when he turned around, he saw a beautiful woman, dressed in black and red lingerie, it was extremely revealing, most of it see thru, with spider web designs, a garter belt with thigh high fishnet stockings, and crouch less panties. She walked seductively towards him, as her hair hung loosely around her body, she had a devious grin on her face. She walked up to him, and wrapped her arm around his waist, pulling herself close, filling his massive erection against her abdomen, her breasts pressed into his stomach, as she looked up to his eyes.

"Your leaving soon, and we have always been close, so I wanted to give you my virginity tonight, as your present." He couldn't say a word as she ran her hand down into his pants and stroked his cock slowly, she then slide off his sweats and stared at his massive cock, standing their promptly at nine inches long and a girth of three and a half inches. She wondered how it would fit inside of her, but was intent on finding out first hand.

She slowly moved them over to the bed and kissed him passionately and was happy to find he returned her kisses with passion in his own, he wanted her as much as she wanted him, as he laid back down on the bed, she bent down and began to softly kiss the head of his penis, and lick along the sides of it, she did this for some time, making sure to wet it down before taking it into her mouth and suck on it, she couldn't get all of it in, but sucked on it as best as she could, hearing him moan above her gave her a confidence she never had before as she bathed the head of the cock with her tongue, as his breaths speed up, she sucked harder until he suddenly started Cumming into her mouth, not wanting to look the fool she swallowed everything, before looking up at him and letting the glistening cock fall from her lips.

Andrew, slowly guided her up and rolled her over onto her back, as he slide the top straps of the outfit off and slide it down to her waist, bearing her ripe breasts, her nipples standing at attention from arousal, he began to stroke her breast and kneed it, as his lips went to the other one, gently sucking and nibbling at it, she was soon moaning in desire as her hand slowly rubbed her wet cunt, and playing with her clit, her entire body on fire.

Andrew then let her nipple spring from his mouth as he kissed his way down to between her legs and replaced her fingers with his tongue, licking the juices off her cunt, before sticking his tongue into her, causing her to jump a bit at the sudden burst of pleasure, she fell back on the bed cooing in delight, as he slowly spread her lips with his fingers and began licking deep inside of her, his entire mouth buried deep inside of her cunt, he ate her out with an aggression he never knew, she was grinding herself into his mouth, her hands on the back of his head. She was moaning loudly, enough for the neighbors to hear, as she rode his mouth, she soon was screaming in utter ecstasy as she orgasmed, her juices flooding his mouth, he drank of her sweet honey, licking up the juices that she let loose. He looked up at her, her juices running down his lips and chins, she suddenly grabbed him and kissed him passionately, tasting her own juices as her tongue sought out his own.

"FUCK ME NOW!" Her command was one of desire, lust and complete need her body was an inferno of passion that begged release. Andrew climbed onto her and slowly began working his cock into her, breaking her hymen, and then moving onward, she stretched to her limits, as she felt him fit her perfectly, her muscles held onto him like a vise, the wet walls hugging the cock nicely, she had a small orgasm as she felt him come to a stop, completely inside of her, she wrapped her legs around his waist, and moaned deeply as she began slowly moving in and out of her, his cock sliding six inches out and then back in, she was crying out with each thrust, her voice waking the neighbors around them, she rocked back, pushed into each thrust, matching his own.

The two fucked slowly for over a half an hour, their bodies completing each others, but as the need grew the two speed up and soon where fucking like animals, she was moaning and crying out as he was grunting, pumping his cock into her as fast as he could, the two changed positions several times, to where she was halfway on the bed on her back, she stood beside it, her legs around his waist as he pounded into her cunt with great vigor and strength, not to mention speed, she climaxed several times, never seeming to be able to come down from her orgasm as she kept it coming, then he finally held her tight as he came deep inside of her, and collapsed next to her, exhausted from the hours of sex the two had shared. She held him tight as the two slept.

Andrew went off to college after his affair with his sister but made sure to return home with every chance he got, spending every night home in bed with his Silvia, having earth shattering sex each time they where together. It was a week before graduation when he got a letter from his mom, it said that Silvia had gotten knocked up by a boyfriend and was about six months along in the pregnancy and soon would be getting married to the guy, and that he was wanted home for when the wedding was to happen.

A week after graduation, he returned home and spoke with is sister on things and found out that she hadn't ever slept with the boyfriend, but told him so after a late night party for an excuse, the fact was that she had gotten pregnant at one of Andrew's visits home, over spring vacation. And that it was his child she was going to have, but it was too far along in plans to stop the wedding.

On the day of the wedding Silvia had locked herself in her changing room and wouldn't come out. So Andrew was sent in to coax her out, she let him in and cried on his shoulder, she didn't want to marry her "boyfriend" she didn't love him at all, and wanted to just be with Andrew, he explained to her, that she didn't need to worry, just because she would get married it wouldn't change their relationship, and he would always be there for their child, she kissed him deeply and lovingly and looked to his eyes, with the look that she always gave him before they made love, for some reason the circumstances where extremely a turn on. Finding something for her to bite down on, he locked the door and told her to be as quiet as possible.

He then lifted up her dress and climbed under it, there he removed her panties and put them in his pocket, and began to lick her pussy slowly, working her up, as she grew increasingly wet, he played with her clit, with his tongue, sending her into a wave of pleasure, she pushed into him, wanting more, he then rose up and had her bend over the counter in the room and lifted her dress up over her back and slide his cock deep inside of her well worked and pregnant cunt, she bite down hard on the towel in the mouth to stifle the moans of pleasure as he fucked he long and hard, his cock sliding in and out, glistening with her juices. He soon was cumming into her, causing her drop the towel from mouth and cry out in pleasure, the whole party outside wondered what may be happing within the room but really had no idea. After the two had calmed down they kissed passionately and he lead her back out, the wedding went on as planned, and finding the video recording that was in the room, he kept it as a memento, as he did with her panties.

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