tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 09

Family Affairs Ch. 09

byD.C. Roi©

When he got home, Matt parked the pickup in the garage and went into the house. His parents were sitting in the living room, watching a videotaped movie. He stuck his head into the living room and said, "I'm back." He kept his body hidden so his parents couldn't see that he was still sporting a raging hard-on. His mother and father, engrossed in the movie they were watching, nodded acknowledgment of their son's greeting without turning around and he continued on up to his room.

Matt stripped off his clothes and slid into bed, his body raging with passions awakened during his visit with Mrs. Forrester. God, she was beautiful! He couldn't stop remembering the way her body moved under her robe, especially her breasts. He laid in his bed, trying to imagine what she looked like nude, and his already-stiff rod swelled even more. He gripped it in his hand and began stroking it.

Images of Mary Forrester's face and body flashed through the young man's mind as he lay in his bed, hand moving up and down his engorged shaft. For some reason, an image of Dianna Hillman flashed in his mind, too. Back and forth the images flickered, he visualized first one lovely female, then the other. The horny young man found what his mind was doing confusing, yet incredibly arousing.

Did he want to make love with Dianna, too? Matt didn't know. Actually, all he wanted was to make love with a woman, any woman who would have him, it didn't matter what woman, just so she was willing.

Familiar sensations began to boil in his loins and Matt knew release was near. Then it happened. Powerful spasms shook him and spurt after spurt of sticky white cream pumped from him. "Mrs. Forrester! Mary!" he groaned softly. "Oh, God, Mary! Oh, God!"

Once his ejaculation was finished, Matt cleaned himself off, got back in bed, and fell asleep.

Dianna, meanwhile, was sitting in Ricky's car as he drove her home. Still tingling from his wonderful love-making, she'd half-convinced herself she was in love with him. It had to be. Why else would their love-making have been so wonderful?

Ricky looked at the girl in the seat next to him, saw the dreamy look on her face, and smiled. Making love with Dianna had been great, she was passionate as hell! Usually, he didn't take a girl out two times in a row. Once he'd been out with a girl, he would take someone else out, then come back to the earlier conquest at a later date. He figured doing things that way would keep the girls he dated from becoming possessive. He didn't want to get tied down to one girl and assumed the girls he went out with knew that. After all, he had college and possibly a pro basketball career, ahead of him. A college sports hero, which Ricky planned to be, would have plenty of opportunity to sample all the feminine charms college had to offer.

If he turned pro...the notion of what life would be like if he became a highly paid pro basketball player almost overwhelmed Ricky. He read magazines about sports and watched all the sports shows on TV and knew what kind of lifestyles professional basketball players had. There was no way he was going to risk a future as bright as his could be on a long-term relationship. Not when there was a whole world of willing girls out there he hadn't met yet.

He pulled up in front of Dianna's house, turned to her and looked at her still-dreamy face. "Have a good time?" he asked.

"The best," she replied. "Thank you."

Ricky leaned over and kissed her. The kiss was more friendly than passionate, but Dianna didn't notice. When it ended, she gave Ricky an adoring look that made him uncomfortable. Finally, she slipped out of the car and started up the sidewalk to her house. As she did, she heard Ricky's car start up and move off down the street.

"My God!" she thought, "I have a date with Matt tomorrow night!" What she felt, or thought she felt, about Ricky, made her wonder if going out with Matt was such a good idea. But Matt was a really nice kid, and he'd probably be hurt if she broke the date. A little later, lying in bed, she continued to puzzle over what to do. At last, she fell asleep.

After he dropped Dianna off, he Ricky went home and went to bed. He was seriously considering taking Dianna out again and didn't understand why. Then he remembered that the player he faced in the next game was a particularly tough one. Thinking of ways to deal with his opponent, he fell asleep.

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