tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 24

Family Affairs Ch. 24

byD.C. Roi©

First thing the next morning, before he went down to breakfast, Matt called the attorney who was handling his folks' estate and made an appointment to meet with him that afternoon. The lawyer was hesitant until Matt told him why he wanted the appointment.

The attorney listened to Matt's explanation and, after he heard what Ezra and Serena were up to, he said he thought the idea of Matt moving in with Mary and Rick was a good one. "I'm sure there won't be any problems with what you're suggesting," he told the young man. "You're eighteen, an adult. I can't imagine any way they could prevail, even if they did attempt to contest your plan in court." He chuckled. "I can't think of an attorney in a hundred-mile radius who'd even consider filing a case like that."

Uncle Ezra and Aunt Serena were in the kitchen eating breakfast when Matt, who was feeling quite optimistic after talking to the lawyer, came downstairs. Uncle Ezra looked terrible. Matt wondered how many beers he'd drunk the night before.

"Grab yourself something to eat, kid," Uncle Ezra said. His mouth was full of food and when he spoke, bits of food sprayed the table.

"Yeah," Aunt Serena added, "I made plenty. Growing boy like you needs a good breakfast."

Matt went to the stove. The eggs in the frying pan had a greenish tint. He took some, sat down, and tried them. They tasted rotten. Ketchup, lots of it, didn't help. Disgusted, he stood up, took the dish to the sink, and scraped the eggs into the garbage disposal. "I'm not hungry," he explained.

"Gotta eat, boy," Uncle Ezra said, spraying food in Matt's direction.

"We have another appointment with the lawyer at two this afternoon," Matt said.

His aunt looked surprised. "What's that all about?" she asked.

"Yeah," Uncle Ezra peered at him suspiciously through blood-shot eyes, "How come we didn't know about this appointment?"

"I ran into the lawyer downtown last night," Matt lied, "he said there were some papers that needed to be signed. They have to do with guardianship and my moving to Seattle."

"Well, then, we better make sure we're there," Uncle Ezra said. "Gotta get all that legal crap straightened out, don't we?"

"We sure do," Matt agreed.

Matt stayed in the darkroom and out of his aunt and uncle's way for the rest of the morning. He considered developing the last pictures he took of Mary, but he decided to let those wait. He didn't want to risk Serena or Ezra getting into the darkroom and finding the negatives. Since he had no more work to do in his photo lab, he went down and washed and waxed the car and truck.

He made himself a sandwich for lunch, declining Aunt Serena's offer of whatever it was she'd cooked, and went up to his room to get ready for his appointment with the attorney. At one o'clock, showered, dressed in a three-piece charcoal gray suit, he went downstairs.

"My," Aunt Serena commented, "don't you look handsome? So grown up."

Matt nodded. "I have to do some things. I'll meet you at the lawyer's office at two," he said.

He went out, got in the truck, and headed for Mary's house. She was waiting for him, got in the truck, and they drove to the lawyer's office.

The lawyer wasn't surprised by what Matt had told him about his relatives' greed. "I've seen it happen before," the imposing man said. "It's a sad commentary on people, especially family, but the amounts far less than the money in your estate often tends to bring out the greed in some people. I'm sorry this had to happen, Matt."

"Just so we can fix it so I don't have to go to Seattle with them," Matt said.

"That definitely won't be a problem," the lawyer said. "As I told you on the phone, even if this case were to come before a court, any responsible judge would most likely rule in your favor. The fact that Mrs. Forrester has consented to let you live with her and her son certainly helps your case, too. If I remember correctly, your father and I once had a discussion about who to appoint as your guardian if something happened to him. Mr. and Mrs. Forrester were among the names he brought up."

Matt smiled. He felt a lot better about the way things were going to work out.

Uncle Ezra and Aunt Serena arrived at two. Uncle Ezra saw Mary sitting there, and looked at Matt. "Who's she, and what's she doin' here?" he asked.

"You'll see," Matt told him.

"We're here today to clear up a few things..." the lawyer began, "As executors of Matt's parents' estates, we did have some concerns about his living alone."

Uncle Ezra smiled, looked at his wife, and nudged her with his elbow.

"However, Mrs. Virginia Forrester, a good friend of his parents, has generously offered to allow Matt to live with her and her son. That satisfies our concerns about his well-being." He looked at Serena and Ezra and smiled. "I'm sure you, as Matt's only living relatives, want only the best for Matt and understand that this action is in his best interest."

Uncle Ezra and Aunt Serena looked at each other, startled.

"Mrs. Forrester's son, Rick, is Matt's best friend, she has a stable home, and has more than adequate room for Matt," the lawyer continued. "I can't think of a more appropriate disposition in this case."

Ezra jumped to his feet, red-faced. "Just a goddamn minute!" he blustered. "Matt is our kin. He...he ain't gonna live with no stranger!"

"Uncle Ezra, it's what I want," Matt said softly. "I don't want to move to Seattle."

"Look..." Ezra muttered. He began to pace back and forth in front of the lawyer's big desk. He glowered at Mary. "We ain't gonna stand for this! You're tryin' to pull somethin' here. You're after all that money. We ain't goin' for it! We're gonna get us a lawyer and fight this!"

"You can do that if you wish," the lawyer said. "It is your right. But you need to be aware that you'll have little or no luck getting such a case to court, since Matt is eighteen and of sound mind. Guardianship is a moot issue. Legally, he is an adult under the law and is his own guardian."

"We'll see about that!" Ezra stormed. Serena, looking confused, stood up.

"Just a minute!" The lawyer's commanding voice stopped both of them where they stood. "Since the two of you no longer have any business here in Jamestown, I'm sure you would like to return to Seattle as soon as possible. In fact, I've taken the liberty of booking both of you on a flight to Seattle that leaves late this afternoon." He smiled. "I am aware that you have limited financial resources, so the cost of your air fare will be charged to the estate. It's the least we can do to thank you for your interest in Matt's welfare."

He pressed a button on his desk and two well-dressed young men came in to the office. "Mr. and Mrs. Williams, my associates will drive you to Matt's home to pick up your things and will see to it you get to the airport." He waved his hand in a dismissing gesture. "No thanks are necessary, of course, I'm glad to do this for you. Now you'll have to excuse me. I have things to do."

Looking deflated, Serena and Ezra preceded the two young men out of the office.

"Matt," the attorney said, "there are a few things we need to clear up today. I believe we should compensate Mrs. Forrester for the expense of having you live with her, don't you, Matt?"

Matt grinned and nodded.

"That...that isn't necessary," Mary protested.

"Nonsense, Mrs. Forrester, you will receive a stipend," the attorney said. "And Matt, I believe we should arrange an allowance for you as well. Remember, we're here should you need us, and I want to assure you we'll be more than happy to continue as your attorneys."

"I'd like that," Matt said.

The lawyer stood up and shook hands with both Mary and Matt. "Feel free to contact me if you have any problems, Matt," he said. "Your father wasn't just a client, he was a good friend. I hope we can be friends, too. You seem very much like him."

They stopped at the school after the meeting to tell Rick what had happened.

"Far out!" Rick said. "This is great! From now on, it will be like having a brother. Fan-tastic!"

"You shouldn't miss basketball practice," Mary told her son. "Matt and I will pick up his things and get him moved into our house. We'll see you when you get home."

"OK, Mom." Ricky kissed his mother, then hugged Matt. "See you later, bro."

Matt and Mary got in the pickup and headed for his home. As they drove, Mary put her hand on Matt's thigh and stroked it softly. Matt felt his body responding. "It's...ah...good this truck's automatic," he said hoarsely.

"Oh?" Mary asked.

"Slide your hand up a little higher and you'll see why," Matt told her.

Mary did, then blushed.

Matt turned into the driveway of his home and drove on into the garage. The Mercedes was in its spot. He closed the automatic garage door, leaned over to kiss Mary, but she put her hand on his chest and stopped him.

"Don't you think we ought to be sure your aunt and uncle are really gone?" she said.

"Ah, yeah, I guess so," Matt said. He got out of the truck, walked around and held the door for Mary.

"Where did you learn to be such a gentleman?" she asked. She wished Ricky would learn to be more courteous. Unfortunately, he was too much like his father.

Matt blushed and walked to the back door. He opened and held it for Mary. Once they were inside, he looked all through the house, then he rejoined Mary in the kitchen.

"They're gone," he told her, "the only trace left of them is over there." He pointed to the counter.

Mary looked. The sink was filled with dirty dishes and the waste basket overflowed with empty beer cans. Matt's mother had been an immaculate housekeeper. The pile of filthy dishes wouldn't have lasted five minutes if...

Mary forgot the dirty dishes when Matt's arms encircled her. She could feel his warmth coming through the clinging, satiny material of the dress she wore. It had been so long. With a sigh, she pressed against him. When their lips met, she felt as if she was melting. It had been so long since she'd felt his kisses, too long. His tongue lashed hers, caressing her lips and probing her mouth.

"Let's go up to my room," Matt said breathlessly after the kiss ended.

Mary nodded and, hand-in-hand, they walked up the stairs.

In his bedroom, Matt again pulled Mary into his arms and covered her lips with his. While their tongues dueled, he began to pull up her dress.

Mary, not wanting the expensive garment damaged, helped him remove it. Once the dress was off, his hands began moving over her nearly-bare body, bringing soft moans of joy and gasps of delight from her. His hand slid up her back, undid the clasps of her bra, and her beauteous breasts sprang free, the nipples already erect and straining.

Mary undid the clasp of Matt's pants, which dropped around his ankles. Her soft hand moved inside his underpants and found his already-erect cock. God, she needed this! She sank slowly to her knees in front of him and began to kiss and lick the turgid, throbbing organ.

Matt stood wobble-legged, while explosions of rapture shook him. It was a remarkable picture, the beautiful nearly-naked woman kneeling, sucking the erect penis of the red-faced, trembling young man who was naked from the waist down. He groaned and his hips began to move, sliding his erection in and out of Mary's welcoming mouth. His hands clutched her hair. "Ahh!" he groaned. It felt so good!

Mary felt his hands in her hair and the urgent movement of his cock in and out of her mouth and was exhilarated. "God, it's been so long, and this is so wonderful!" she thought, and it excited her all the more.

Matt knew he wouldn't be able to hold back very long and didn't want to come in Mary's mouth. He dropped to his knees, extracting his erection from her mouth as he did, and kissed her.

"I want you," he told her. "I have to have you!" He helped Mary onto the bed. She lay back and her legs fell apart, exposing her panty-hose covered crotch, sopping with juices that had been welling from her ever since Matt first touched her in the kitchen.

Mary felt his hands go to her waist and tug down the hose, then starbursts of rapture exploded in her as his mouth covered her vagina. His lips and tongue explored her expertly, driving her to the brink of explosion. "Ahh!" she cried, her hips bucking wildly.

Matt didn't want to make Mary come with his mouth. Realizing how close she was, he climbed on the bed and drove his erection into her.

"Oh!" Mary groaned as the massive tube she'd missed so much filled her. "Yes! Yes! Oh, yes! It...it feels so good! Oh, lover! Oh, lover!"

Matt tried to move slowly, to hold back, but his control was nearly gone. After a few strokes into Mary's quivering sleeve, he felt his orgasm boil up inside him. "Uh! Uhh!" he groaned, his hip movements becoming more urgent, "Mary! Mary! I'm gonna come! Oh, God! I'm coming!"

His hot eruption sent Mary spinning into a maelstrom of delirious sensations. "Yes! Yes! Ah! Oh, Matt! Do it! I'm...I'm coming, too! Oh, yes! Oh, yes!" she wailed as a wonderful orgasm swept over and through her.

When at last their bodies calmed, Mary looked at Matt and began to giggle.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"Look at you," Mary chuckled.

Matt looked down. He was still wearing his shirt, tie, vest, and jacket, but was nude from the waist down except for his shoes and socks. The clothing he still wore was badly wrinkled. "Oh..." he felt his face redden, "I guess I was a little eager, huh?"

"I was, too, love," Mary said and kissed him, "but we really should get going. If Ricky gets home before we do, he'll wonder where we are."

"I guess so," Matt agreed. He climbed out of bed and finished shedding his suit. Then he cleaned himself up in the bathroom and dressed. Mary cleaned herself up and got dressed while Matt packed the things he'd need. They went downstairs to the kitchen.

"I ought to clean up those dishes," Matt said, "Mom will..." He turned and looked at Mary, his eyes red and wet.

Mary took him in her arms and held him close. "It's OK, darling," she said, "you'll miss them for a long time. We can come over and clean the place up tomorrow." Matt smiled weakly and they left.

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