tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 35

Family Affairs Ch. 35

byD.C. Roi©

Dianna couldn't stop trembling as her lover's hand moved over her. She'd never felt this good! He knew just how to touch her, how to really turn her on! No one had ever made love to her like this! It was unreal!

"Dianna!" Why was he calling her name? "Dianna!" She opened her mouth to warn her lover to be quiet. If her mother caught them like this...

"We've got to..." Dianna opened her eyes and sat up, and was immediately disappointed. She was alone. She must have been dreaming.

"Dianna, are you up?" her mother called. Her voice sounded insistent and a little irritated.

"Yes, Mom, I'm awake," the slim teenager replied. Darn it, Matt had been just about to... Matt! Why was she dreaming about Matt? She shook her head and got out of bed, then headed for the bathroom.

When she'd showered and dressed, she headed downstairs for the kitchen, and the breakfast she knew her mother would have ready. The fact that she'd been dreaming about Matt continued to bother her. She couldn't understand why she'd been thinking about him and not Ricky.

At the same time, Mary Forrester was enjoying a real-life experience very much like the one Dianna had been dreaming about. And hers wasn't a dream; it was real, wonderfully real. Matt's erect penis rammed into her over and over while she lay on her side, her back to him, slightly bent over. Their bodies slapped together and Mary moaned as the young man plumbed her depths, driving her wild with passion.

"Matt! Oh, Matt! Yes! Yes!" she cried, "God! Oh, God! Aaggh! Aaggh! I'm...oh, God...I'm coming! I'm coming! Eeaah!"

"Mary! Oh, God, Mary!" Matt cried, as his seed jetted into her, bathing her insides with heat and wetness.

Spent, Matt pressed tighter against Mary and put his arms around her. His softening penis was still trapped between her buttocks. He burrowed through her hair and kissed her neck, then cupped one of her breasts. She wriggled against him, and put her hand over his.

"I don't know how I'll survive waking up without you next to me once Ricky gets home," she murmured, then turned in his encircling arms and kissed him.

Matt returned the kiss. "We'll manage," he replied, "one way or the other."

"I'm hungry," Mary said. "All this heavy exertion is really stimulates my appetite." She got up, slipped on her robe, and headed for the bathroom. "What would you like for breakfast?" she asked over her shoulder.

"More of what I just had," Matt replied, smiling.

"Later," Mary said. "The way we're going, I'm afraid you'll wear me out."

"Not likely," Matt said. He sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. "It seems to me, the more we make love, the better it gets."

Mary felt the same way, but didn't say anything. She continued on into the bathroom, showered, did her hair, and got ready for the day ahead. She was just finishing blow-drying her hair when Matt walked in. He kissed her, then stood there, watching her, while she completed her hair.

"I love the way your body moves when you do that," he observed, "especially certain parts."

Mary felt herself blushing. She kissed Matt, put on her robe, and went out to the bedroom, dressed, then went down to make breakfast for them.

Matt stepped into the shower.

Later, they sat at the kitchen table, eating.

"What would you like to do today?" Matt asked.

"Ricky will be getting home sometime today," Mary said, "You know Matt, once he does, we really do have to behave ourselves around the house. We can't let him find out what's going on between us, at least not for now."

"Yeah, I guess so," Matt said grudgingly. "It...it's just that the last couple of days have really been incredible." He reached out and took her hand in his. "I can't wait until he goes off to college."

Mary grinned sheepishly. "It's a terrible thing for a mother to say, but I can't, either," she replied.

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