tagIncest/TabooFamily Bonding

Family Bonding


Angel came in from work, she was tired and hot. Her trailer was less than adequate as far as air-conditioning went. She guessed it was well over 100 degrees inside the house. She sweated heavily. She wore her jeans, and a pullover top with socks and Nike running shoes.

She was followed inside by her oldest daughter Jessica. She was eighteen, a bit overweight. She had a lot of baby fat still on her at this age mainly because Jessica wasn't a very active girl, she liked to watch television and eat more than ride bikes or be outside like most girls her age. Angel was a very small framed woman. She stood only five foot two and weighed only one hundred and ten pounds. Her shoulder length blonde hair was darkened with sweat within ten minutes of being home.

She was perspiring profusely. She and her daughter began the daily task of opening all the windows. They lived together on a large fifty acre ranch. She had two other children who happened to be spending the summer's with their respective dads. Haley, was only 5 years old, was with her father Bobby, while her son Brent was with a family friend for the summer.

Her driveway alone was almost half a mile long. Angel and Jessica had decided that this would be the summer that they would bond. Angel was always wild in her younger years and was always drunk or partying and never really got to know Jessica and bond with her as a parent. Angel felt the sting of sweat as it poured into her eye. She cursed aloud. She looked over at Jessica. She was opening the windows as she'd done hundreds of times. Jessica was only eighteen by two days now, but she was a big girl. Jessica weighed in at about 140 pounds and was about an inch or two shorter than her mother. She unlike her mother had mid back length red hair. Angel stopped in her tracks and said "Jess."

Jessica stopped what she was doing and turned to face her mother and said "Yhea mom."

Angel said "I need to talk to you about something ok." Jessica wiped the sweat from her brow onto her arm and Jessica sat down. Angel sat down in the chair across the room from her and lit a cigarette. Angel said "Jess, I can't stand this heat much more. We've spent thirty minutes of your summer vacation sweating our butts off, and we're already miserable. We've got 3 months together girl and this is just day one. So think you can handle the rest of your vacation sweating like this?"

Jess shook her head no.

Angel said "Well in that case, I have an idea."

Jess said "What?"

Angel said "Well since it's just me and you, how about we forget about what we dress like and just be comfortable?"

Jessica sat up straight and said "Like how?" Angel said "Nude!" Jessica visibly blushed and smiled a coy smile. Angel returned the smile and said "Are you up for it kiddo?"

Jessica still smiling said "Yea, I guess so." Angel said "Perfect let's get started!" Angel crushed out her smoke and stood and kicked off her Nike shoes and lifted one leg at a time and removed her socks. She then crossed her arms and pulled her top up and over her head.

She had on a white lacy front hook bra. She then undid the button on her jeans and unzipped them and peeled them off of her hips and legs. She stood before Jessica who was watching her mother very intently and said "Here we go." Angel rolled her panties down to her ankles and stepped free of them and at the same time undid the front hook bra and allowed her breasts to breathe freely in the hot afternoon air. She bent over and picked up her clothing and tossed them onto the couch and said "My God this feels great!"

Angel pranced around the house opening all the windows. She returned to the living room and Jess was still seated where she had been. Angel smiled a big smile and said "Come on Jess, join me."

Jess simply sat there and did not speak. Angel's smile faded away as she said 'Honey what's wrong?"

Jess said "You'll think it's stupid!"

Angel said "No I won't honey, now what is it?"

Jess sat back and said "Well I don't want to get undressed because when you got undressed, I got all wet down there mom! I soaked my panties all the way through!" Jess cried.

Angel smiled and said "Honey it's ok. Don't worry, it's perfectly normal.

Jess replied, "I think I wet on myself too!"

Angels said "look now I want you to tell me everything! Don't leave anything out, just tell me how you feel."

Jess straightened up and said "Well mom it's like this. When you got naked, I got wet and it ran down and soaked my panties and my thighs. I don't know what it is."

Angel said "Let me see honey, I can tell you what it is."

Jess said "Really?" Angel said "Sure. Now come on. pull down your pants and let mommy see." Jess stood and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and lowered them to her ankles. Angel helped her out of them.

Jess rolled down her panties and stepped out of them as well. Angel picked up her daughters panties and sniffed them deeply. The scent of her daughter's pussy was intense to say the least. Jess said "Well what is it?"

Angel said "Honey, it's cum." Jess said "What's cum?"

Angel said "Whenever a woman's really aroused sexually, she'll have an orgasm or cum if you will. Her pussy will let loose lots of moisture. Look Jess at the end of this summer, we're getting a new double wide home set here and for all I care if you'll just go nude with me, you can cum all over the place. Hell we're gonna get a new home in 3 months so since it's just me and you, don't worry about it."

Jess smiled and said "Ok, I'm sorry I got upset mom, I just didn't know what was going on."

Angel said "it's ok honey. You didn't do anything wrong, now let's get that old top off you and you and mom can enjoy a sunny summer's day without as much sweat!" Jess laughed aloud and removed her top and stood nude before her mother who was still seated. Angel said "looking good baby!" Jess blushed as she twirled for her mother. Angel felt her pussy stir for the first time in a long time. She knew she was heating up. Her nipples became erect as she watched her daughter. Jessica's puffy nipples were pink and very erect. Her pussy hairless and smooth. Her ass firm big and round. Angel felt the need to cum and soon.

The day progressed and soon the two found themselves eating, watching television, cleaning and taking out the trash in the nude, soon Jess and Angel became accustomed to being nude. Hours past and Jessica said "You know mom, I want to stay this way whenever I'm home, is that ok?" Angel said "Fine with me honey, but we have to talk to your brother and sister about this, we have to make sure that they're ok with it. If they're not, we have to keep our clothes on ok?"

Jess said "Cool." That always meant that Jess was alright with the reasoning that her mother had given her. Angel sat down on the couch and spread her legs out and got comfortable and began watching television. Jess sat down in front of angel on the floor. Jess turned her attention to her mother's pussy which was openly exposed for her to see. Jess felt the tension building inside her. Angel noticed Jessica staring deeply into her pussy.

Angel said "Honey, something I can help you with?"

Jessica said "No."

Angel replied "Honey, tell me please. We can't go all summer like this, now tell me what it is. I promise I won't laugh, you won't get into trouble or anything, just tell me."

Jess exhaled a big breath and said "I was just looking mom, I kind of wondered what it felt like."

Angel said "Honey if you want to feel my pussy go ahead. I don't mind really!"

Jess smiled and jumped to her knees and gently outstretched her hand and allowed her finger to touch her mother's pussy lips, she ran her finger up one side and down the other. She parted her mother's pussy lips and began exploring every part of her mother's womanhood. Angel turned to face Jess who was still on her knees on the floor and lay back on the couch and opened her legs as wide as they'd go and took her legs back and tucked them neatly behind her head, thus exposing her pussy and asshole for Jessica. The young girl touched her mothers pussy for long minutes until Angel began to moisten. The moisture glistened off her pussy.

Angel said "Taste it!" Jessica didn't say anything, she pressed her face close to her mother's hot pussy and let her tongue glide up her mom's hot slit. Angel shuddered with the touch she'd just received.

Angel quickly sat up and said "Honey, we shouldn't be doing this. It's wrong."

Jessica said "Why?"

Angels said "Honey it's called incest, it's when two people who are too closely related have sex, say a mother and son or a mother and daughter, or father and daughter. Do you understand? I could lose two of my three kids and go to jail for a very long time if anyone found out about this. Do you understand?"

Jessica grimaced a bit and nodded her head and said "Mom, I can't help it!"

Angel said "I know honey, I want it too, but it's not right." Jessica stormed from the room and slammed the door to her bedroom. Angel sat there frustrated and very worked up. Angel pondered what to do, but after about an hour, she gave up. She was simply perplexed.

Angel stood and thought about dinner. She strolled to the kitchen and prepared some cold cut sandwiches and chips and a couple of canned cokes. She called "Jessica!" Jess' door opened quickly and out strolled her daughter, nude in all her glory. Angel smiled at her and said "Honey, it's dinner time." Jess didn't say a word. She came to the table and sat down and began eating. Angel sat down across the table from her and too began eating her dinner. After a few minutes Angel said, "You know we can't go on like this all summer Jess." Jessica said "I know." without looking at her mother. Angel said "Why do you feel so strongly about this Jessica?" The girl didn't answer. "Jess," Angel continued "Why is this that important for you. I mean your at the age where boys should be the only thing on your mind." Jess looked up at her mother and spoke. "Mom, don't take this the wrong way, but I'm hot for you, I always have been as long as I've known what hot was and until you told me that I was cumming on myself earlier, it never dawned on me. Now that I know what I do know, it all falls into place. I don't like boys mom. I like girls. I don't ever get wet with a boy or thinking about them, however I get soaked when I think of you! I guess I just wanted to show you how much I love you. I know it's wrong, but I can't help it." Jess lowered her head and continued eating. Suddenly Angel no longer felt like eating. She grabbed her coke and left the table and went to her spot on the couch and lit an after dinner smoke and inhaled deeply.

Angel sat silently smoking her cigarette and watching Jessica who's back was to her. She wanted her own daughter sexually and this disturbed her greatly. She sat there and fantasized about sucking her son's three inch cock. He was only seven years old! Was she sick? In her mind she thought she was and Angel began to cry silently.

Jess finished up her dinner and stood and took her plate to the sink and began to tidy up a bit when she saw the tears on her mother's cheek. She came over to Angel and sat down and said "mama, what is it? Did I do something wrong?" Angel smiled at her through the tears and said "No baby you didn't do it, I just think that Mama is mentally ill right now that's all." Jess gave her a puzzled look and replied "What are you talking about mom?" Angel said "Jess, I want what you want, but I also want your brother and other sister. So I think I'm sick in the head and I'm not being a very good mother right now." Jess smiled and rested her head on her mother's shoulder and said "Mom, I love you and I think your a great mom. I can understand why you want them, after all, they're always with you and they always return the love you give without question, unlike most of the men you've had in your life." Angel smiled and said "That's right baby." Jess said "Come on mom, let's try again!" Angel said "No baby, we can't. The only way we could is if I knew for sure that nobody would ever find out, not your teachers, friends, other family members. It just wouldn't be right to ask you to keep your mouth shut over something like this." Jess said "Mom, we've been apart for a long time now and I've grown up a bit more than you think." Angels said "How?" Jess smiled and said "Mom, listen what I've got to tell you may shock and surprise you but you've got to promise me that you won't think badly of me or anyone I tell you about. Ok?" Angel had a perplexed look on her face and said "Ok." Jess sat back and grabbed her mom's smokes and lit one up and took a deep draw off it. Much to her mother's surprise, she didn't choke at all, it was if she'd done it many times before. Angel wanted to rip the cigarette from her daughters lips, but maintained her status and sat there silently.

Jess said "Mom, I've been with grandma for two summers now and during that time, she's taught me a lot about womanhood. It all started one night, when I got up out of bed about midnight and grandma and Steve were nude in the living room and she was sucking on his dick really hard and I kinda walked right in on them. Angel said "What'd they do?" Jess continued "Well, at first Steve yelled at me to leave and then grandma told me to stay, so I stayed and she let me watch her work on Steve and then he came in her mouth, So afterwards we sat and talked while Steve went to bed, one thing led to another and Grandma and I decided that each day after steve left for work at two pm, that we'd get naked and stay that way until bed time. So I got comfortable seeing grandma that way and now with you, it's just so normal to be nude. Mom, I don't want to ever get dressed again!" Angel said "Honey I agree, I've spent the better part of four hours nude now and I love it and I don't really ever want to wear clothes again if I don't have to, it' just that if we don't get dressed, we both may do something we may regret." Jess said "Mom, I've gotta fess up, earlier when you got nude, I knew what I'd done by cumming on myself, it's just that you didn't know that I knew and I was afraid you'd think badly of me if you knew that I was so hot for you." Angel said "Well baby, now you know. I'm hot for you to, I wish I hadn't stopped you earlier, but I'm just afraid jess, that if we do something, someone's going to find out and we'll all be in trouble. Especially me!" Jess lit yet another smoke and said "Mom listen, There's one part of my summers with grandma Vicky that I left out. See after that night, grandma and I spent lots of time together during the next two weeks when Steve went to Las Vegas with the Grand Nationals. So one night, one thing led to another and she let me touch her all over, we took a hot bath together and then we did it all mom. It was awesome and until now you've never known anything about it, nor has anybody else and that happened over a year ago. So mom trust me, I'd rather get it from the family than go elsewhere behind your back to get it." Angel sat there in disbelief of what she was hearing and then she piped up, "Well who taught you to smoke?"

"Granny!" Was Jess' reply." Angel giggled and said "Me too!" holding up a lit cigarette.

Jess readjusted her sitting position to sit indian style on the love seat while Angel sat with her legs stretched out and she now seemed relaxed. Angel stood and walked to the refrigerator and grabbed herself a beer and returned to her seat. Jess had moved to the floor and was lying on her stomach watching television with her feet towards her mother. Angel sat down right behind her and stared at her daughters plump round ass. Her soft pussy slit was easily visible. Her long red hair hung down her back almost to her waist line. Angel was getting very wet and very nervous all of a sudden. She slowly lowered a hand and touched her drenched slit. She stared intently at her daughter's ass and pussy. It was bright pink and swollen a bit from her horniness. Angel reach beside the chair that she was leaned up against and grabbed a bottle of hand lotion and said "Jess, would you mind lotioning my back for me?" Jess sprung to her knees and said "Sure!" Angel took Jess' place and position on the floor. She lay on her stomach as Jess straddled her lower back. Angel felt Jess' hot pussy come into contact with her lower back. She closed her eyes and savored it. Jess rubbed the lotion into her hands a bit to bring it up to temperature. Jess began applying thick coates of lotion into Angel's back. It felt wonderful. Angel kept her eyes closed. Twenty minutes later, Jess was done. Jess moved from straddling her mother's back and said "All done!" Angel opening her eyes said "Thanks sweetie! Do you need lotioning too?" Jess said "Sure!" Jess took her spot on the floor on her stomach and Angel straddled Jess' lower back. She used tiny amounts of lotion on her daughter's back while she felt the moisture from her pussy dripping onto Jessica's back. This excited Angel even more. Angel felt the pressure from the beer pressing on her kidney's. She slowly let a trickle of urine onto the girls back. Jess didn't seem to notice at all. Angel let a bit more and then a little bit more. Until she had released it all. She'd really done it, she thought. She'd finally lost her mind. She'd just pissed all over her young daughters back and her daughter didn't seem to mind or notice a bit. Angel looked down at the puddle of piss on her daughter's curvy back and placed her hands in it and rubbed it around. She stared intently as her hands massaged the urine into Jess' back. She fought with all her might not to hunch Jess' back. She pulled at one nipple quickly. She shuddered at her own touch. She knew she was way beyond stopping now.

Angel got off of Jess' back and sat down beside her and opened her legs up as far as they would go and said "All done baby. Better?" Jess nodded her head yes without opening her eyes. Angel said "What?" Jess said "That felt so good! Look at the carpet between my legs mom!" Angel craned her neck around and the carpet beneath Jess was soaked! Not of urine, but of cum. Jess had laid there beneath her mother and orgasmed several times unknowingly to her mom. Angel resumed her seat and found Jess staring again intently at her mom's pussy. Angel took two fingers and spread her pussy lips for Jessica. Jess said "God mom that looks so hot and wet!" Angel said "Alright baby, you win. Eat mama's pussy for her." Jess smiled a huge smile and said "You mean it!" Angel nodded her head yes, Jess crawled over and quickly buried her face into her mother's hot waiting pussy. Angel threw her head back on the couch and let the girl have a go at her. After several minutes, Angel felt the intensity building in her pussy. She stood straight up and told jess to get on her back on the floor. Jess did as told. Angel straddled her face and squatted down until she felt her cunt touch Jess' mouth. She stopped her decent and waited. Jess buried her face deeply into her mother's cunt. Angel felt her cunt spasm as she orgasmed. Cum flowed freely from Angel's pussy as Jess' tongue hungrily lapped it up. Angel stood and stretched her legs and looked down at her daughter's hot sticky face. Angel said "Ok honey what do you want mama to do for you?"

Jess said "Use your imagination mom, do anything to me that you'd like." Angel took the invitation and said "Ok then I want you to come over here and squat as I did in front of me, kinda squat over my kneed as I sit with my lets out in front of me. Jess did as she was instructed. Angel nervously reach her hand down and touched Jess' wet pussy. Jess moaned. Angel said "Squat farther down honey." Jess went down more and her pussy lips parted. Angel slowly inserted a finger deeply into Jess' pussy. Jess moaned and bucked as angel began sawing her finger in and out of her daughter's cunt. Angel leaned forward a bit and began sucking on Jess' left nipple. Jess began to cum in buckets full. Angel pressed on faster and faster, deeper and deeper until her knuckle was banging the top of Jess' pussy.

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