tagIncest/TabooFamily Camper Ch. 03

Family Camper Ch. 03


Part 3: Family Camper

Nothing had been further from Ann's mind when she had followed Dave to the grove of cottonwoods, yet she also knew that she would watch him with the same eager, intent curiosity which she always displayed. There was an irresistible power to his cock. Ann had discovered this earlier when her brother had first demonstrated his masturbatory skills for her. She found it fascinating in the extreme to watch as he worked the loose foreskin back and forth over the tool's broad, flaring head until finally he launched his hips forward and shuddered from head to foot when the creamy geyser of cum erupted from the throbbing, pulsating length of meat.

"Just watch and enjoy it," he told her, taking up a position directly in front of her and about six feet away. "This is the way Dad's prick looks when he's shoving up Lucy's cunt."

He wrapped his fist around the thick shaft and plunged forward, fucking into his hand. Ann felt a powerful surge of excitement flash through her loins upon seeing that graphic demonstration of the act of love.

"Maybe you've been picking up on the way they go at it," Dave said, stroking his cock and continuing to roll the foreskin back and forth. Uncircumcised, the loose flap of skin provided the ultra-sensitive head of his prick with all the stimulation he could desire, at least at that stage of his arousal. "They might be old but they still like to get it on!"

"How do you know so much about it?" Ann managed to get a skeptical scoffing tone into her voice, though she felt a flash of guilt at having spied upon her parents the night before, even though she could not help having done so. "I suppose you've been slipping into their bedroom at nights?'

"No, I just hear them sometimes," Dave replied, "My bedroom is a lot closer to heirs than yours is, you know, and sometimes late at night I can hear them grunting and groaning when they're getting ready to come. That Lucy, she really lets it all hang out, you know!"

"Maybe she simply enjoys fucking and in any case it's none of your business or mine either, for that matter!"

Dave showed no sign of being abashed by her accusation. A brash, self-confident lad who was sure of himself and proud of the fact that he had already had his prick shoved deep into the cunt of a girl, he ignored her warnings and proceeded straight ahead.

Ann sank down into the water, squatting down until the cool liquid rose up almost to her breasts. The strain of the squatting position pulled her thigh muscles tighter and exerted considerably more pressure upon her loins. The flesh around her pussy responded accordingly and she became much more aware of her swollen, gently throbbing clitoris. The added strain forced the lips of her pussy apart slightly and she felt a giddy sensation as the cool water invaded the hot, moist crevice and flowed against the rim of her cunt. The abrupt contrast in temperatures nearly forced a low gasp of pleasure to both sets of lips. She remained quiet, however, and brought a finger into gentle, tentative contact with her highly sensitive cleft.

"Hey, you know that they eat each other? Her brother asked, continuing to work his fist up and down his cock shaft in that slow, maddening way that Ann found so devastatingly arousing. Despite her protests, she too was thinking of the way her father's cock might appear as it worked its way in and out of Lucy'' hot, juicy cunt. That thought alone was enough to make her pussy'' flaring lips tingle and throb with sensual arousal. But when it was coupled with the obscene, throaty words of hearty approval Ann had heard Lucy utter the night before, the display Dave provided her was enough to make her entire midsection ache with hungry, fervent desires. Her finger began working more strenuously and now glided over her rigid clit. She flinched and gasped softly at the contact. The little lump of gristle was already amazingly sensitive and responded with approval to even the slightest touch.

"Yeah, I got out of bed one night and slipped down the hall when I heard some noises," Dave continued, enjoying the effect he was having on his sister. "They'd left the bedroom door open a little and I got to peek inside. She was over him, kneeling over his face and rubbing her snatch all over him! And was she ever digging it! Man, she couldn't say nothing but how much she loved having his tongue rammed halfway up that hot little cunt of hers! You ever think about having a guy eat your cut out?"

"Y-yy-you're putting me on!" Ann muttered hardly able to speak. Her brother's words affected her powerfully. She had heard a few girls talk about giving head but she had never been certain whether they were serious or not. Even so, she felt that it would be deliriously exciting to have someone nuzzling around between her thighs, kissing her pussy and caressing it with a tongue. "I don't think people actually do that"

"Oh? Why not? Lots of people like to get eaten," Dave told her, grinning broadly when he saw how flustered his sister had become upon hearing his statement. "I kinda dig it myself! Yeah, I think I'd really like to go down on a girl! I was talking to Sharon about it the last time I saw her and she's willing to try it."

"Ugghhh! It seems so awful!"

Ann's response was more dutiful than honest, if the truth had been known. She instinctively felt that she ought to say something like that but deep inside she felt another reaction, one of intense interest, not only in having a man kiss her pussy but also in touching her lips to a hot, hard cock. That reaction surprised her but it was unmistakable. She told herself that such thoughts were the purest kind of fantasy, however, and that nothing of the sort had happened to her. Yet!

"Yeah? I think I'd dig it," Dave said. "Man, to get my cock rammed in between Lucy's lips and have her tongue lapping at it and then shoot my load down her throat, that'd be out of sight!"

The thought evidently had a great deal of erotic power for Dave, since he began working his fist up and down his stiff prick with considerably more speed. He spit on the tool's head, moistening and lubricating it, and then closed his palm over the broad, purple knob in order to stimulate it more directly. Ann knew what was happening, having often watched him jerk off before, and felt her pussy give a warning throb of sensual power.

She had always felt slightly guilty about participating in those games with her brother but, as long as she did not allow him to become too familiar with her or to touch her own body, she was able to reconcile herself to the acts. Besides, the attraction was simply too strong at times to be denied. Ann would have been powerless in many cases to do other than as she had done. This was her observation of her parents at play in their bed, had left her body in a state of advanced sexual arousal, despite the way she had teased and caressed her pussy into another powerful exhibition of its orgasmic potential. She was thus all the more helpless to break away from the scene in which she found herself, or to pull her fingers away from her pussy.

One finger continued playing over her clitoris, as hard and as sensitive as ever. Mostly she could not touch the super sensitive organ directly and had to content herself with stroking the flesh alongside it, another finger slid down to the lips of her pussy, parted them and began gliding around the tautly stretched rim of her cunt. That orifice, so plentifully supplied with nerve endings, had become exquisitely tender and her finger sent savage pangs of pure animal pleasure shooting throughout her young body.

"Gawd, I'm getting off!" Dave grunted, working his hand harder around his cock and beginning to shudder as he felt the climactic surge mounting inside his balls. "Ummmmm, I can feel it starting!" His balls, large and swollen with lusty fevers, hung down low. Each of the egg like lumps appeared to be at least twice its normal size. He cuppend the dark lust infused bag in his free hand and continued fucking into his other fist. Ann's eyes, wide and intent, focussed upon the head of his cock, almost boring into the slit crowning the very tip of that lethal looking implement. Soon the cum geyser would erupt from that slit, she knew, and then she would join her brother in a throbbing, pulsating frenzy of pure sensual delight.

"Ahhhhh! Oohhhhhh!"

He groaned deep in his throat and thrust his hips far forward,, lifting himslf up on the balls of his feet in his eagerness to extract every morsel of orgiastic pleasure from his body. Suddenly Ann pictured herself kneeling in front of him, hands clasped tightly between her thighs and fingers digging deeply into her slick, highly excited pussy. She saw herself clasping the head of Dave's big lust stiffened cock with her lips, taking that huge swollen head into her mouth and wrapping her tongue around its silken smooth surface. She could virtually feel the big, hot tool against her tongue and roof of her mouth. The imagined sensation was real enough to bring a low, throaty moan of pleasure to her lips.

When the first spurt of hot cum, reeking of passion, burst forth from the head of Dave's cock, Ann involuntarily flinched, just as though that streaming jet of hot love cream had spattered into her own throat. She swallowed convulsively and then whimpered, a low but piercing cry of sexual agony. Just as Dave's prick began spurting and shooting its cream out in rich, luxuriant burst, Ann felt her womb give a spasmodic lurch and then twang with a violence that took her breath away. The climax blossomed within her cunt, spreading rapidly throughout her loins and then over her entire body. Lunging furiously against her hands, she fingered herself with raw power and sought to do everything she could to heighten the flood of feeling which was erupting within her body.

"Unngghh! Aiiieeeee! She panted, twitching and jerking weakly as the powerful spasms multiplied and became more intense. ""ooooh! Mmmmm, I'm cumming!"

Indeed she was and she enjoyed the fierce, wracking series of vaginal contractions to the utmost. Dave's cock continued to spurt out jets of steaming sperm for and incredibly long time. Several of the strongest spurts came near to hitting Ann, Though she was a good six feet away from him.

Looking down, she saw the creamy goo congealing into milky blobs and floating away on the pool's surface.

"God, you were really getting after it that time!" She whispered when se could again trust her lips and throat with words. "I never saw you shoot off that much before!"

"Man, I haven't been that turned on in a while!" He said, his voice a little quivery and still weak from the after effect of the powerful orgasm. "And it's been a couple or three days since I got off, so my balls had a chance to build up a big head of steam".

"Hey, I thought you'd have been jerking off every night" she said, smiling tenderly. "Sleeping up in cab, all by yourself, you could have yourself a handful any time you wanted it!"

"It just didn't work out that way." Dave told his sister." "But I was sure ready to let go with a wad today!"

They continued to rest in the pool for several more minutes, allowing their bodies to recover from the heady experience they had shared. Ann's young pussy still tingled and she knew that she could easily have spent another hour caressing it without fully expending all the sensual hungers that worked inside. She had not intention of giving in further, though, and when Dave walked out of the pool she joined him without any protest.

His cock had not lost any of its size or rigidity despite the profuse quantity of sperm he had ejaculated into the pool. Ann watched with amusement as he tucked the big, swollen rod into the front of his cutoff jeans, pushing it over to one side in order to make the telltale bulge less noticeable. She had only recently become aware of the technical difficulties in concealing an erection and, in wandering through the shopping malls near her home, she had become very proficient at spotting men whose cocks had sprung into life at an inopportune moment. Some of them were quite well equipped in the package department judging from the massive bulges she had seen and she invariably wondered what they would look like naked.

Ken and Lucy were waiting when they returned to the camper. Ken told them that he had inquired at the general store as to the location of Chuck and Linda's cabin and was given a message from them to go on ahead to the cabin just up the road that they would be delayed a couple of days.

They piled into the camper and were off. They soon left paved roads a spent most of the remainder of the afternoon in bouncing over roads which became progressively more primitive. The rough ride and hot weather left them all limp and weary. Thus they were highly relieved when they pulled onto a small plateau edged against a steep cliff and saw the cabin ahead.

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