tagIncest/TabooFamily Camper Ch. 04

Family Camper Ch. 04


Though it appeared small and unimpressive at first sight, the cabin was larger and much more luxuriously furnished than anyone had expected. There was a very large central area where most of the activities would take place, with space for preparing eating and storing food. There were also several tiny cubicles built off the main room. The latter contained bunks and a chest, but nothing else and were small.

"You've been awfully quiet lately," Lucy said to Ann the next morning when they went out for a stroll. "Is there something bothering you? Perhaps something about . . . the other night? You must feel free to talk, Ann. There really isn't anything I'd want to hide from you."

Persuaded by her step-mother's encouraging ways, Ann took a deep breath and then plunged into the topic which had figured so largely in her thoughts ever since she had seen her parents fucking.

"Well, after Dad had finished and rolled off, she began, speaking slowly and trying to find the words, "I . . . well, I couldn't help but see what you did then."

"What, I don't remember what happened," Lucy said, frowning as she tried to recall the sequence of events of that night. "I was . . . oh, yes! I remember now, I gave myself a hand job! Is that what you mean?

Ann nodded and then said that she had grown up believing that it was wrong for a girl to touch herself in that way.

"Well, that's a popular attitude and I guess there's a lot to be said for it," Lucy admitted. "I never paid any attention to it. And it wouldn't have mattered anyway. Once I found out how good it felt, doing it to myself, I couldn't have stopped whatever anybody said."

"But I was thinking about it in another way," Ann told her. "I mean, why should you have to do it that way after . . . you know, after Dad fucked you the way he did."

"MMmmmm, see what you mean now," Lucy replied, nodding. "All I can say, dear, is that I wanted to cum again and he was knocked out. You mustn't think that he didn't do a good job of fucking me, heavens, no! My God, he can fuck me until I see stars and colors and everything! It's just that sometimes he gets tired and can't go on any longer. When that happens, then I don't see why I ought not to do it to myself, as long as it satisfies me."

"But what would he have thought if he'd waked up and found you doing it." Ann persisted. "You were right there beside him. Wasn't that a terrible risk?

"Ah, now I'm beginning to understand! Ann, you're working under a terrible misconception," Lucy told her. "Your father doesn't think it's bad for a woman to please herself like that. Far from it, in fact! My, I've often given demonstrations for him and I can assure you that he's never had anything but the highest praise when I did it. He's like any other man, you know. They really and truly dig seeing a woman do it to herself."

"Maybe so," Ann had to agree, thinking of the times Dave had kept insisting that she demonstrate her sexual prowess for him. "Yeah, maybe that's so, I guess. But do you think he'd be all that tolerant if he found me doing it to myself? His own daughter?"

"Oh, that wouldn't be any problem at all," Lucy chuckled, "We've talked about that before, you know. About both of you, as a matter of fact. It'd be awfully hard for Dave to hide the fact that he's jacking off in bed more than once each night. Honestly, I think he has more than one wet dream nightly by the tracks on his sheets every time I do laundry."

Ann marveled at the calm, matter of fact way in which Lucy mentioned Dave's sexual propensities. There was not a hint of recrimination or condemnation in her voice. She seemed to accept it as perfectly natural that her brother would indulge himself to the utmost.

"Of course, we can't see the evidence as far as you're concerned," Lucy went on, smiling in a friendly, conspiratorial way. "I mean, a girl doesn't leave those yellow blotches on her sheets when she gets off, you know. But . . . well, I've got to admit that I've sniffed at your panties a few times when I was doing the laundry and I can tell that you've been turned on"

"Oh, that drippy stuff!" Ann blurted out, mortified and embarrassed by the disclosure. "Sometimes my panties are just soaked as if I had peed myself."

"That my dear, " Lucy said is one of the greatest blessing a woman has. Why, if it weren't for that oil that we give off when we become excited, how would we ever get a prick into our cunts? That's what it's for, you know, to make us slippery and easier to penetrate. It's just a sign that our bodies are read for lovemaking, that's all. . ."

"But it's so wet! So . . . so slippery!" Ann protested "And it smells!"

"Indeed it is all those things," Lucy agreed. "But do you really find it offensive? Does the smell make you ill, for example?"

"Ill? No, not a bit," Ann replied. "It's just that . . . well sometimes it seem so messy!"

"Messy? Perhaps," Lucy said, smiling thoughtfully. "But, my dear, the whole process is somewhat messy if you wish to look at it in a certain way. And men, you know they cum a certain amount of fluid too. Much more than we do, I might add. Not that I object to that, not in the least!"

"Hey, I've always wondered about that? Ann said. "Can you really feel it when the guy . . . you know, shoots off inside you? Does it feel good."

"Mmmm, it's one of the nicest feelings in the world," Lucy told her step daughter. She closed her eyes and smiled at the thought, which evidently was a very pleasing one to her. "Yees, you can feel every throb of a man's cock, they always give two or three little preliminary throbs before they actually begin spurting that hot cream you know-and then you feel the splash as the cum shoots out against the inside and . . . it's simply an incredibly beautiful sensation, that's all! And the way they carry on when they're doing it, that tells you that they're enjoying it so much and of course that makes it all the more pleasing to you, since you've made it possible for them to have so much joy."

Ann said nothing for a moment. Lucy had delivered her sentiments in a soft, wistful tone of voice, one which conveyed the conviction that she was speaking from the bottom of her heart, and the powerful message seeped into Ann's mind, overwhelming her with vague desires of which she was barely conscious.

"That's a marvelous way of putting it," the girls finally said. "I've wondered what that would feel like."

"I'm sure you'll find out in due time," her stepmother told her. "I'm a little surprised that you already know about men doing that. Shooting off, I mean. Or maybe the younger generation is just more knowledgeable that I thought? No, I'll bet that you've been watching Dave? That's it, isn't it? He's been jacking off for you, showing you how he can cum!"

Ann was too embarrassed to deny the charge. Her deep flush was enough to confirm it, however, but to her vast surprise Lucy did not seem to be especially upset at having her guess corroborated. If anything, she seemed to approve.

"No, I don't think its bad," she said seeing confusion on Ann's highly expressive face. "So long as you don't let him put that prick in you, that is! Of course you should never do that, at least not without taking some protective steps beforehand. But I suppose you know all about contraception and the Pill and all that, huh?

Ann admitted that she did indeed know about the pill and that she had been taking it for about a year. Upon being questioned more closely by Lucy, she admitted that she had been watching Dave's masturbatory antics for some time and that she had occasionally gone so far as to display herself to him, though she had never openly fingered her pussy while he was watching.

Lucy listened carefully and soon realized that Ann had depths and facets to her personality which had not previously been noticeable.

Ann suddenly felt a conviction that Lucy envied her, that the woman would also like to watch Dave handle his cock and coax another eruption of hot, steaming cum from the big tool.

"You're right," Lucy readily admitted when Ann framed the question. "Men might be really interested in watching us do it to ourselves, but I've always been at least as interested in watching them, too! Yes, I'd really like to do that. Do you think you could arrange something? You know, so I could hide and watch while he's doing it? I think that would be simply fantastic!"

Ann's head was whirling. Lucy's readiness to listen to all her questions and to answer them truthfully, to accept all her revelations without betraying the slightest bit of condemnations, simply overwhelmed the young girl. She would never have believed that an older person could be so understanding, so tolerant, so close to her in spirit. Thus, when Lucy said that she would like to watch Dave masturbate, Ann felt it incumbent upon her to go along with the woman's desire, though earlier she would have found it unthinkable.

Lucy clapped her hands with delight when Ann said she would cooperate fully with her stepmother's desire. They checked the area surrounding the cabin and soon found a suitable spot for the demonstration, a small, grassy oval spot almost completely cut off from view. A brushy rise several yards away would afford Lucy and excellent vantage point, allowing her to look into the oval and see everything, yet concealing her all the while.

"This could be the most exciting thing ever!" Ann said when they had completed their arrangements. "Watching him do it and knowing that you'll be watching too, that's going to get me on fire in a hurry."

"Why don't you try fingering yourself while he's giving his show?" Lucy suggested. "I certainly will be doing just that, I can promise you! And I'm positive you'll find Dave will be much more enthusiastic about the whole thing!

Ann would not agree to that step, though it had a great deal of attraction for her. The girl could not fully accept the nature of self administered sexual pleasure, though Lucy's free-and-easy attitude was beginning to rub off on her and to affect her own thinking in drastic ways. As soon as the woman and the girl returned to the cabin, they separated, Ann going off to find Dave and entice him into staging an unwitting display of his sexual prowess.

She found him quickly enough and it required only a moment's work to get the boy in the mood for her well-laid plans. Ann's own appearance had a lot to do with his willingness. The girl was wearing her habitual summer costume, a pair of cutoff bluejeans, but these were cutoffs with a difference. The legs had been cut so short that the cheeks of her ass showed their bottom curve where they met the tops of her thighs. She did not bother wearing panties, since the cutoff would have showed the hem. The jeans fitted her extra tightly, molding every curve of her lusciously formed hips, and also following the suggestive bulge of her pubis and even dipping down into the cleft between her outer lips. Ann wore a T-shirt over the cutoffs. Her nipples made enticing dents in the thin knit cotton. Ann posed an exciting figure, one that would have aroused the lust of many a man. Young Dave, full of sexual energy and perpetually horny, was probably the least able of males to resist the attraction posed by his sister.

"Yeah, this is a great place," he said when Ann led him into the clearing she and Lucy had found. "This is a great idea, you know? I was thinking about going off into the hills to do some exploring, but I'd a lot rather shoot my load off a time or two!"

"I was hoping you'd feel that way," Ann said, scarcely able to keep her hand from disappearing into the front of her cutoffs. "I've been thinking about it a lot lately and . . . well, I guess it doesn't seem so wrong any more."

"Wrong or right, who give a damn?" Dave snorted, unfastening the front of his own pants and sliding them down his long, well muscled thighs. "Man, it gets to a point where I've just got to let it go or it seems like I'll explode inside! But I'm real glad that you're coming around, Sis. This is going to be all right!"

"Who knows, Maybe that Ellen will turn out to be another Sharon?" Ann said. "Maybe she'll be so interested what you've got there that she'll . . . who knows what might happen?"

"I wouldn't bet on it," Dave grunted, shrugging carelessly. "I figure I'll have to wait till we get back home. Then I can get it from Sharon for sure."

His prick, never far from being fully erect, had swung up stiffly as soon as it was freed from the restriction of his shorts. Ann felt a strong desire to learn more about the big too., something she had not felt before.

"Just how long is that thing? She asked, remembering that Lucy had asked her the same question. "Is it a lot bigger than what most guys have?"

"It's eight inches and some from the base to the tip," Dave said, giving her a proud grin. "It's bigger than a lot of guys have got, I know that. There's one guy in my class who's got more. Fred, you know him, he's got nine inches already! And it's thick too." "He's a little twerp?: She said, thinking how short and all he was.

"Look, he might be small framed and not on the football team but he has got a horse cock on him." Dave replied. "Sis, that is a helluva cock swinging between those legs."

Ann shuddered at the thought of seeing a prick an inch longer than her brother's, and thicker as well. As nearly as she could tell, without actually touching the tool to make the comparison, Dave's prick was about as wide as three of her fingers, making it a very hefty cock indeed. If Freddie's cock was even wider, than it would truly be a formidable fucking implement. Fortunately she disliked the youth intensely; unspeakably arrogant and had alienated most of the girls she had gone to school with.

Ann risked a quick look toward the rise where Lucy was to be stationed. The girl could see nothing, but then she did not expect to do so. She had maneuvered Dave around so that he was facing in that direction. If Lucy were truly there, then she would have a ringside seat for the demonstration, or as close to it as could be arranged.

"It must be the altitude or something," she said to Dave, still keeping her deep blue eyes focussed on his prick, "but I feel sort of horny myself today." It was no lie. Ever since her discussion with Lucy, Ann's pussy had been throbbing and aching in a painful manner, proclaiming it need for attention of the most intimate sort. The cutoffs dug sharply into her cunt, making her all the more aware of her body's insistent demands. Ann found it difficult to walk in a normal manner because of the pressure against the hypersensitive parts of her anatomy.

Taking a deep breath, she unbuttoned the top of her cutoffs and unzipped the fly. Dave had been caressing his big, swollen cock, but now stopped to watch her. The sight of Ann undressing in front of him, and doing so without a great deal of pleading and coaxing on his part, was so unusual that he could not but wonder about it. Dave dared not ask her what was going on, lest he interrupt her or force her to change her mind.

Ann tugged the cutoffs down to her knees-they were so tight that they would not slide down her shapely thighs-and then kicked them off. Her tee shirt came only a few inches below her navel and thus her pussy was fully exposed. The dark bush of her "landing strip" looked as if it had been drawn or tattooed instead of trimmed that way. She turned toward him knowing that he could see her scarlet-lipped slit running down the apex to her thighs, this would excite him even more.

"God, I am so turned on I am going to have to do it too!" she muttered, turning somewhat red in the face, but unable to keep from proceeding with the act. "Oh" Dave, I've just been so damned horny all morning!"

"Yeah, work it out for me! He muttered, his face becoming extremely intent as he watched her. She had leaned against a boulder in front of him and the position allowed him to look directly between her widespread thighs and see her pussy with total clarity. "Man, that's something to see!"

"Look at me!" she whispered, becoming swept up in the passion she had helped engender between them. "Watch me fuck myself! Oooooh, do it to yourself at the same time and we'll cum together!"

Ann's fingers parted the soft, lust infused outer lips of her slit, exposing the dainty flaring inner lips. They resembled petals of some rare, delicate flower. Rosy pink and exquisitely inflamed with sensual feeling, the inner lips throbbed steadily and the touch of the girl's finger sent shudders of delicious agony coursing through her loins. The entire area was already covered with the clear oil which her lusty arousal had generated; the dainty feminine flesh glistened wetly in the bold sunlight.

"Is it as pretty as Sharon's?" she asked. "What does it look like?"

"Man, it's just so fucking outtasight I don't even know what to say!" he exclaimed. "Yeah, it's a real honey, all right. It looks like you're really turned on! Sharon? I don't know. She never showed it to me. It was always dark when we were messing around like that."

Ann's fingers now probed between those inner lips, exploring the rim of her cunt and dipping gently into the taut little opening. Her clitoris was already so highly charged with feeling and sexual energy that she dared not touch it directly. The thought was agony itself and she knew that she would dissolve into a sheet of white-hot orgasmic flame if she stroked that rigid little protuberance.

"Stick your finger in!" Dave told her. "I could really get off, watching you shove your finger up your own cunt!"

Although she seldom penetrated herself with her fingers, having found that she could achieve all the excitement and pleasure she wanted simply by caressing the outer portions of her slit, she now found it enjoyable in the extreme to give in to his suggestion. She slipped the tip of her right middle finger into the nubile opening, shivering with pleasure as she felt her flesh being parted, and gradually worked her finger deeper into that hot, steamy little tunnel. The look of total concentration on Dave's face, the feeling that she was giving him pleasure, inspired her further and she thrust two more fingers into her cunt as far as they would go. Suddenly she felt inspired to shove even harder. He watched her even more intently as he saw her fingers disappear into her sex crack.

The extra dilation caused by the three finger approach resulted in considerably greater stimulation, naturally, and within a very short time Ann knew that no force on earth could stem the flood of excitement welling up in her loins. She gave a hungry little grunt, hunched forward against her hand and then began fucking it hard. Dave equally affected, now began pistoning his fist up and down the shaft of his prick with lightning fast strokes.

"Oooooohh, I feel it!" Ann whimpered, writhing against the boulder and fucking herself against her hand with total abandon. "Unngghh! Ahhh! Oooohhh! Yesss!"

"Get it on!" he grunted, working his hand even faster. "Yeah, I'm getting off too! Omigod, Sis, it's tearing my fucking nuts off!'

The frenzy swept over both of them with unparalleled suddenness and they were lost in a whirl of orgiastic madness. Ann felt her womb being wrenched loose from its moorings, or so it seemed. Never had the spasms torn through her loins with such awful force. Dave cried out painfully when his balls released their flood of steaming cum. He had taken up a position somewhat closer to his sister-he was about five feet away. That, together with the extraordinary vehemence of his orgasm, resulted in several drops of his thick creamy cum shooting out onto her belly, thighs and tits. Ann flinched as the spurts dashed against her flesh but did not cease her hip thrusts or the furious digging motions of her fingers, which had speared deep into the heart of her young, tender cunt. Her palm butted against her clitoris and caused that bundle of sexual feeling to sing and vibrate with special fury. Again and again she groaned deep in her throat as the spasms grew to a crescendo, then slowly tapered away, leaving her weak and breathless.

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