tagIncest/TabooFamily Curse Ch. 03

Family Curse Ch. 03



I jumped but only slightly. Not here. I was safe here. The only two women with me here were my sister (who I actually wouldn't mind having sex with) and my mom who made me feel like my dick would fall off is I ever saw her naked. I leaned back against the wall and hoped neither of them had noticed. My mother then handed me the bow tie but didn't wait for me to figure out how to put it on myself. She just started forcing me to stand up straight and she started doing it for me like I was handicapped or something.

Ever since the previous weekend, I'd been looking forward to spending more time with Terri but we'd had to be careful with my mother constantly wanting to be in my presence. My father might be trying to play everything off like there was no problem but my mom wasn't going to pretend like she wasn't actually chaperoning me everywhere. As much as she let me know with every look and every word that she did not want me around, she insisted on driving me to work, and driving me home. She insisted on sitting with me in the pool house after work and going with me no matter what I wanted to do.

Every moment that my mother was there just being angry, the only thing I could think about was how much I wanted to be with Terri.

However, my mother being a silent yet constant custodian was nothing compared to the damn door latches. Every time a door closed I got nervous. Every time I heard a lock get bolted or a key turning my nerves just freaked. I would be filled with dread and erotic excitement at the same time. It was a very strange emotional space.

I think I first really noticed it on Monday when I was at the lawyer's office. I really had thought for a good five minutes that the two women who were explaining to me the legalities of the inheritance were going to rape me. But it didn't happen. It didn't happen when I passed the secretary who had pissed on me. It didn't happen when I was alone with the criminal defense attorney who I'd had sex with or the bank lawyer whom she was introducing me to. I was just being jumpy.

I got spooked again another time on Monday and then three or four times on Tuesday. Once it even happened when I was in the living room of the house and my little sister came in to sit with me and my mother.

Yeah, I know. I have sex with my older sister, why not my mom or my little sister? But no. It doesn't work that way. No. Just ... NO! Ok. My mom is an evil witch and she halfway looks the part too. And my little sister is ... not old enough. Yeah, she's turning 17 soon but in my head she still just isn't old enough. Yes, I know that other girls who are not my sister are probably already doing whatever. Maybe even my sister Denise is as well for all I know. But the fact is, I don't know and I don't care to know. It isn't like that between me and her. Even if she were old enough I just have this block about it. It could never happen.

At least I hoped it would never happen. I pray. Please. Not them and no guys ever. Please. I wasn't really sure if the existence of magic meant that God had to be real or not or if God would even listen to the prayers of someone who was cursed but please, not my mom and not Denise.

So anyway, I had finally found a couple of minutes alone with my older sister Terri. Or, as alone as we were going to get. She was picking me up from work and I was going to change at her apartment because we didn't have time to go all the way back to the house. Our mother was going to be coming to Terri's apartment with a tux for me to wear. I could only pray that she had gotten a flat tire or got stuck in a traffic jam. Anything. Just keep her away. That's what I was thinking when I got into Terri's car outside the coffee shop. Before Terri even pulled away from the curb we had to go ahead and get a quick kiss in that hinted at more to come.

My sister and I knew we only had a few minutes alone while she was driving and there was a huge temptation to pull over and just do what we had to do. No time for foreplay. No time for making out. No time for talking. No time to even get out of our clothes. I wouldn't mind. At this point, I might not even care if we had an audience.

But instead of pulling over someplace and getting spotted by our mother in her own car, cause she was just crazy enough to try and sneak up on us; we were banking on getting to Terri's apartment before our mother had time to show up. Terri figured there was just enough time and it wouldn't look awkward. We had thought we'd made good time when my sister picked me up from work. Surely we might have just enough time to do this and finish at least once. Please. One time.

Nope. There was our mother waiting in the parking area of the apartment building.

Jackass parents. Why do they have to have the worst timing? I just knew my mother must have ran at least three or four red lights in order to get here that fast. I just knew it. And for what? Me and Terri were going to eventually find a time and place to fuck anyway.

But not now. We both greeted her and went to the door. It wasn't a very pleasant feeling getting an erection to go down in my pants in a way that would not make it show.

"Is everything ok?" our mother asked when we opened the door. It was obvious that she was sniffing the air to see if she could smell sex.

"Fine." Terri said.

My mother held out the tux for me to take. "Get in there and get this on. And hurry up. We have to go."


The wedding was being held at a very gaudy looking place with the most over the top decorations I'd ever seen. I didn't know the people getting married and Terri didn't either. Our father had a friend who had a client who had a brother and I think he was getting married but I wasn't sure so don't quote me on that.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Lolly lolly la. What to do, what to do, what to do? Don't look at my sister, don't hint that we're fucking, eyes forward. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Yawn. Look at watch. When was this supposed to start?

My father walked over to the pew I was sitting in and tapped me on the shoulder.

"Son, can you come help with something?"

"Sure. What?" Anything just to get this moving.

"The alter boy can't make it and this is the minister's first wedding so we need you to help."

"Me? I don't know how to be an alter boy?"

"It's no sweat. Just wear the thing and hold the book mostly."

"Get Denise to do it."

"She's already helping with something else and there aren't any other girls."

"Well, I'm not a girl so I don't know what you want me to do."

"There can be a male alter boy if there are no girls. Now come on."

"Fine. But if I mess up I don't want these people pissed at me."

"I'm sure they'll really appreciate it. Just go up and smile and you'll be fine."

Great. Just great. I went though all the trouble of putting on a tux and having my mother nit pick my bow tie and my cuff links and everything just to take it off and put on an alb. By the way, who names something an alb? What the fuck did that even mean?

Well, it wasn't true that I had to take off everything. Just the tie really. The trouble was finding an alb that would fit my height. So there I was, wearing a kind of white dress like a priest or something. I could see why only girls would want this job. Then my father brought me to this other room where the priest was waiting and left me there.

I was standing there in the frame of the door with the door wide open watching the priest and the bride go over last minute details of whatever. Then it would be my turn to be told what the priest wanted me to do while I was assisting.

Now, I guess I'll go ahead and get it out of the way. The priest was a woman. She had on the religious collar and the colored poncho thing and everything but she was definitely a woman and a young woman at that. She couldn't have been more than maybe 25. As I looked at her I started to wonder if this version of Christianity allowed the priests to marry since it almost seemed a shame to force a beautiful woman like this to never be with anyone. Not that I was thinking of myself. I had my sister after all so no need. But you know how it is when you see someone who is very attractive and you find out they can never marry and you just feel it's a waste. The priest lady had wavy, almost curly, black hair and green eyes. She reminded me a lot of an actress from a noir film I'd seen a long time ago.

The bride was more of the typical blonde. She was from Ukraine and there was a rumor going around that she'd met her soon to be American husband through a mail order bride type service. Not that I'm judging. If most American women acted like the stuck up, entitled college girls or professional women that I had to put up with on a daily basis, I didn't blame men for looking outside the country for someone willing to be a proper wife. Here I was, potentially with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank and every woman I met treated me like garbage because I worked serving coffee. That isn't to say they can't choose to have a career instead of a husband. They can do with their lives whatever they want. Just please remember two things. One: if a man wants a wife instead of a live-in roommate don't be surprised if he passes on you. Two: Just because you work in an office with a huge salary does not mean you can touch my ASS.

Some of the regulars had even started to call me coffee boy. Was I a superhero now? I have a fucking name, ladies. It's on the name tag that I wear in full fucking view of your eyes. Learn to fucking read. Damn. And stop looking at my crotch. That's weird. Just stop it. I guess I shouldn't complain since they at least treated me better than the black road workers fixing the corner down the street. It still felt wrong though.

Anyway ... the priest and the bride were done discussing whatever it was that was holding everything up. The priest lady called me over to the big cross thing to talk to me next. As the bride passed me on her way out she smiled at me. She had blue eyes and shit she had a nice body. Well, maybe the priest lady did too but I just couldn't see with her wearing the kinds of robes she had on. Oh, sorry; vestments, cause as my mother would remind me later, this was not D&D.

"Hello." the priest lady said at my approach.

This was weird. I didn't exactly know what to do. Did I shake her hand? Call her father? Stare at her lips? So red. Why?

"Hello." I answered. "I'm just here to help."

"And I really appreciate it. Thank you. Only, there's one problem."

Problem. YAY. I can leave and go back to being a spectator.

"You'll need to take those studs off." she continued.

"My studs?"

"I can see them through the front there. Would it be alright to ask you to take them off and just use the buttons on the shirt?"

"Sure. Ok." It was fine by me. I didn't care. It was actually what I'd wanted to do in the first place only my mother was dogging me about paying for the studs so I had to wear them.

I undid the velcro thing around my neck and started to pull the alb over my head. When that motion was finished I heard it.


No. No way. Not here. Are you kidding me? Really? Come on man.

In the span of a second and a half my mind was cycling through the possibilities. I was going to have to have sex with someone. So fine, why should that bother me? But it did. I just did. It would not be my choice nor the choice of the women I would be with. But wait, I was probably just being paranoid. It probably wasn't going to happen. But if it did, I would again in a weird way be responsible. It was starting to sink in just how exactly something so wonderful could in fact be a curse.

I stood there with the alb in my hand and looked at the priest lady. Then I felt a pair of hands come and start to feel me from behind. I looked over my shoulder and the bride was there coming close to me. Well shit. At least she was attractive and I hoped not likely to piss on me.

Yes, I was still upset about that. Why wouldn't I be? And then when I went to the lawyer's office with my mother, the secretary that had done that to me was acting like there was no problem She just smiled and tried to pretend like everything was ok. But then I'd catch her looking at me with shame on her face.

Anyway. Back to the here and now. The damn wedding was supposed to have already started. Everyone was out there waiting for us. But what were we doing? I was standing there like a dummy while the priestess and the bride who was due to have already taken wedding vows half an hour ago both got on their knees in front of me, got my cock out, and started to take turns sucking my dick.

It was like the same script got downloaded into each woman when this happened. And I knew there was no way to escape. There was no way to run. I would just have to resign myself to not only letting this happen but getting myself to cum in each one before it would be over. Another man would revel in this and try to drag it out while they savored each moment of it. Not me. I needed this over with so I could get back to my life. That's what was important. Not that it didn't feel good but I'm not an animal. Pleasure isn't the only consideration.

I got my phone out and started taking pictures. See, I had this half thought in my head that I was simply hallucinating these events. I know that sounds stupid but I had already decided that if it ever happened again, I would get some evidence like a photo or something. The women didn't seem to mind. They were posing for me with my dick in their mouths.

"Say, um ... aren't priests supposed to be celibate?" I asked. I knew the question wouldn't get me out of this situation but I was getting sick and tired of not being able to talk about this with someone.

The priestess started to laugh as she turned over sucking duties to the bride. "Are you asking to marry me?"

"No. Why would you jump to that conclusion?"

"Me thinks you need to look up celibate in the dictionary."

"No, no. You can't take the high road on me." I said. "You're supposed to be celibate. I know you're supposed to be ..."

"Celibate doesn't mean I can't have sex."

"Since when?"

"Since the word specifically means not getting married. So I ask you again, are you going to ask me to marry you? If not, then I don't know why you're bringing celibacy into this."

Ok. I admit. I didn't have a come back for that. Note to self, look up celibacy in the dictionary.

"Well ... Um ..." I was trying to salvage the situation as the bride was trying to push me down to the floor so she could ride me. "You do know that you're about to get married, right?"

"I know." she said in her Slavic accent. "You are the last before my husband. My last chance."

That was another thing about the curse that just boggled my mind. How was it that the women would always just find a way to justify their actions? Did none of them really think there was anything weird about what they were doing? I mean, I guess I was sort of the same way the very first time it happened but I still knew something odd was going on. I had just thought things were more genuine.

Oh, wow. Look at that. The bride's makeup was getting all messed up from sharing a slobbering kiss with the priest lady. Pic taken. Doubtless she's going to want to get that fixed when this was over; which meant that it was going to take even longer before the actual wedding started. Thinking of that, weren't they scared someone was going to come back here and catch us?

I got on my back so they could take turns riding me. I figured that was the easiest way. The priestess held my cock up and aimed it for the bride's pussy so the wedding dress wouldn't have to come off for her to do this. I got a pic of my dick going into her. Well, well. Maybe she should take that white dress off after all cause she certainly wasn't a virgin bride. Not that I was judging, just calling it like I see it. Thinking about her situation, she probably put out for her rich American boyfriend pretty often in order to convince him to propose.

"I love this cock. It's so nice." the bride said. "I know you want some. Here. Come on."

"That's ok." the priestess said. "You can take your time."

"No. You come. I insist."

The priestess blushed and then consented. "Ok, but just for a bit. This is your big day, not mine."

"Does anyone care what I think?" I asked. They ignored me as I snapped away with my camera app so I guess that was my answer.

The priestess lifted her robes up and actually got all the way out of her panties, her sexy Victoria's Secret panties. I didn't get a long time to peek at her cunt, but she clearly did not shave down there. Again, not that I was judging, she just didn't give me enough time to get a picture is all.

The women changed places and the priestess started to bring herself into contact with me. But then she stopped. She looked scared.

"I don't know." she said.

"If you want to stop, it's ok with me." I said. "No pressure. In fact, don't we have a ceremony to get on with?"

The bride was not hearing it. "Do it. I know you want to. You told me how much you envied me. Now is your chance. I'm here. I support you completely. You trust me, ok."

The priestess bit her bottom lip and then started to lower herself onto me. Slowly down she went and the slick head of my dick came into contact with her. A little at a time and then I knew why she was scared.

"You're a virgin." I said.

The priestess turned red in the face and then looked away from me.

"Don't listen to him." the bride said.

Huh? I wasn't attacking her. I didn't mean it as an insult. We were having sex, the least we could do was be honest with each other while we were actually doing it.

The robes were just in the way. They weren't made like a wedding dress. They weren't designed to let you get fucked while you wore all that. Things had to go and the priestess started pulling at hidden clasps and zippers and things until she was able to start pulling all of that stuff up and over her head. She was down to her bra which matched her panties and I thought that might be it. However, even that was bothering her as she had sex for the first time in her life so the bride helped her get it off. Once she was all naked, she was actually stunning. Snap, snap, snap. I was going to keep those pictures for sure.

The bride put her ass above my face so I could lick her cunt. This put me in total darkness as the skirt of the wedding dress spread out all around my head. I had to feel for where her panties were so I could move them out of the way. Then, to my painful surprise, she shifted herself and all of her weight came down on my head for a brief moment. She wasn't that heavy but then again, my face wasn't designed for sitting on.

My sudden jerk to the side got their attention. To solve the problem, the bride started to get out of her wedding dress.

No. That meant we were going to be back here even longer. And ... HEY! Watch those high heals, LADY! She nearly stepped on my face.

Just then, while the bride was trying to loosen her dress enough to get out of it, I saw the priestess. Her hair was all aglow from the light coming through the stained glass window behind her. She was beautiful as she tried to enjoy herself. Her expression changed from struggling pain to delirious smile and back again. She leaned down to me and started to kiss me and I couldn't help but just put my arms around her and feel the sexiness of her body. It was a nice little moment.

But then the bride came and put her ass right next to my head and let her thigh go down on top of my face. She must just not like me or something. The priestess stopped kissing me and started to lick the bride's pussy. She just dove right in too. No hesitation at all. I got a close up pic of that.

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