Family Development Ch. 01: News!


Sally grabbed the Walgreen's sack from the bed, where Nel had tossed it, and crossed the room, closely followed by her daughter. "Goddamn, I am a lucky, lucky man!" He thought to himself for the zillionth time. Unconsciously licking his lips, he stared at Sally's broad butt cheeks, colliding beneath her black stretch pants, and Nel's tight concave glutes, undulating behind her khaki shorts, as his 'rabbits' moved toward the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, Claude heard a chorus of screeches and triumphant cries.




The shrieks were muffled, but not silenced, by the bathroom door as Sally and Nel read the science on their home pregnancy testing sticks. Both women showed positive hCG results, indicating egg implantation. Moments after their elated screams, Sally and Nel burst from the bathroom, linked arm-in-arm and stripped to their most basic underwear. Nel was topless, her long nipples standing at attention from her puffy areolae, with her pussy's peach-slit proudly pushed out against the shocking pink bikini bottoms Claude had seen under her satin robe that morning in the Martin kitchen. Sally's larger, fuller, bosom was supported by a white plunging underwire bra with lace trim and a pastel yellow satin bow a the base of its 'V'. Her mature hips filled classic-cut white cotton briefs, thin enough to clearly reveal the margins and shadow of the brunette bush surrounding her own prominent camel-toe.

Gleeful and radiant, they danced over the carpet to where Claude stood, at the foot of the king-size bed, singing off-key, but, with compensating gusto:

"We're having your BABIES!

What a wonderful way of

Saying how much we LOVE you!

We're having your BABIES!"

The modified lyrics to Paul Anka's 1974 hit song had never been sung with such forceful sincere poignancy.

When the women reached Claude, they swarmed him, kissing every available space furiously. Powerless against their overwhelming attack, Claude fell backward onto the bed, beset by his maneaters. They jumped on the bed, stripping him cleaner, and quicker, than any school of piranha could have done to an Amazon tapir. Not that he minded. He grinned to hear their yips of delight when his dick stood stiff from his steel wool pubes and waved 'hello'.

Sally was astride Claude's gut. He heard Nel, behind her, say "You were with me all night last night..."

"...So, I," Sally said, bending low and kissing him hard between every other breathlessly emphasized word, "GET to... FUCK you... FIRST!" Claude was speechless because she immediately resealed her lips to his and asserted her honors, sucked his tongue tip to the roof of her mouth.

"Do you think you can do us... you know, like, back-to-back, unk?" Nel asked, curious, and unsure, about this untried aspect of his sexual stamina. She remembered how he had fingered her to orgasm while he fucked Megan, but that was different and, also, not what she wanted today. As she spoke, Nel stroked her left fist up and down Claude's thick dick. She slid her right hand under her pink panties' elastic waist and twiddled her swollen clit, adding, "We're so horny... just from knowing your seeds found our eggs... I COULD just WATCH you and Mom... but I WANT you... IN ME, TOO!"

Claude prised his face away from Sally's while his hands twisted the hooks of her bra band loose. He peeled her brassiere away, tumbling her boulders. Sally's and Claude's nipples instantly zinged each other on contact before Claude crushed his daughter's heavy tits to his heaving slate-hard chest. "I can... but try, Sweet... Cheeks," he gasped hoarsely. His teased deprived nuts had been aching all day from intermittent titillating light contacts and triggered memories of the romps that created Sally's and Nel's current gravid condition. Now, feeling his balls tighten in his constricting sack, he feared he would shoot his works prematurely. Claude pushed Sally's briefs over her ass, stretching them past her spread knees. She reached back and down, pulling them free of her feet, as Nel pointed Claude's pulsing penis at her mother's open cunt. Sally sat back and swallowed the entire fat staff in a swift dropping plunge. Claude managed only two strong deep thrusts before his balls fired. "AARRGGHH!" he yelled, clutching his daughter's ample ass to his pelvis.

Sally squealed, "Yess! Daddy! Right there, AYEEEEE! YESS!" as she came, provoked by his outburst and the thrill of his piston, perfectly filling her, from os to cervix.

"Me, too, Mom!" Nel, cried, clawing in her panties. "Uhhhnnnnn! Uhhhnnnnn!" She moaned, strumming and plucking her clitoris non-stop with her right middle fingers, while Sally rocked back and forth on Claude's cock.

"Finish him, honey!" Sally shouted abruptly, lifting her right leg and rolling to her left off Claude's iron pecker. Nel bounced herself over Claude's thighs, rose up, pulled her sopping bikini crotch panel aside and plopped, burying his greased bone in her teeming teen twat.

"UHHNNN!" She grunted as her bottom squashed his shooting scrotal bulb and the top of his cock rammed her back wall. Lifting her ass and falling repeatedly, she grunted and cried. "UHHNNN! UHHNNN! UHHNNN!" Her hands splayed across his chest, kneading his pectorals and pulling his curly thatches of hair.

Claude timed his thrusts, matching Nel's drops, and twisted her hips with his hands, screwing her deeper with each push. "Oh Kiddo! Kiddo! Stay... WITH ME... here's YOURS!" He panted as his reservoir mustered another salvo and unloaded into her contracting vagina.

Swiveling her pelvis on Claude's pole, Nel ground her butt into his quads and clenched her kegel muscles, extracting his creamy essence as she squealed, "AYEEE! GIVE it to me... G-G-GIVE it to me, GRANDPA!"

Meanwhile, Sally had spun herself and lay flopped on her back. Her spread legs were in the air, bent back onto her toned tummy. Her right hand, deep in her climaxing cunt, pumped in synch with the announced rhythms of Claude and Nel. She reached out her left hand, found and grabbed Nel's left tit. Mauling it with clutching fingers, she bit her lips and mewled as she came and came.

The immediate ecstasy was, as always, too brief. Nel collapsed and rolled to Claude's left, Sally curled herself into his right side and draped her arm across her daughter and her father. They lay, wrapped and rapt as their bodies calmed and their minds emptied in post-coital bliss. Claude heaved a great sigh and closed his eyes. Sally kissed his right nipple sweetly and stroked Nel's bottom, sticky from her sweat and Claude's cum. Nel moaned at her mother's delicate grooming, craned her neck and kissed Claude's cheek. "Thank you, Grandpa," she whispered, "You are AWESOME" before she closed her eyes and napped against his shoulder.


Claude's eyelids fluttered and opened. He still cuddled Nel under his left arm, but Sally, turned onto her stomach, now nuzzled his neck with her nose and kept his right side warm with her breasts and belly. His stomach growled. Raising his left arm he consulted his watch and saw it was nearly 8 p.m. His movement, or his gut, disturbed his 'rabbits' and they rolled to either edge of the bed away from his naked supine body.

Sally stretched and ran her right hand over her bosom, across her abdomen and into the curly brown thicket at the top of her pussy. "Mmmm," she purred, sliding her long finger along the length of her open and still tender slit. "Your spunk is all gobbed up in my bush, Daddy," she observed with a soft laugh. She withdrew her hand and stuck her finger in her mouth. "It makes me... hungry."

Nel, propped on her shoulders but, otherwise, flat on her back, watched her mother languidly finger herself and noisily suck the gelled jism from her nail. "My hair is too fine to catch anything, I guess," she observed, looking past her peaks and across her stomach to her nearly bald cunt.

Sally rolled left and crabbed her way over Claude's legs until she was between Nel's knees, staring into her still glistening pussy. "Maybe so, honey," Sally said, thoughtfully, "but I'm betting you're so tight that not much would escape anyway." She chuckled and poked her right index finger between Nel's folds. "You're still slick!" She ran her tip up to Nel's clit.

"OHH!" Nel yipped, opened her hips and pushed her bottom up against the digit's pressure. "That's... NICE...uhnn, ohhh..." she groaned as her cunny began melting on her mother's hand.

"Ha!" Sally snorted with delight. "Just as I expected... your moist little pussy has trapped some of Daddy's juice and kept it soft." She spread Nel's lips with her hands. "Look, see that thick gray grease... there in the tunnel opening?" She pointed excitedly to the emerging cream-pie.

Claude sat up, leaned over his niece's right hip and stared with his daughter at the gooey dribble hanging to Nel's os. "You're right, Sis," he said, showing surprise, "I would have thought it would be dried up or absorbed by now." He reached over and scraped the extruded cum onto his fingertip. Raising his hand to Nel's mouth, he pushed the goo over her plump bottom lip and rubbed it onto her tongue.

Nel grabbed his wrist with both hands, closed her mouth tight around his finger, and ran it across her cheeks and teeth, moaning all the more as Sally crawled up close and kissed her swollen boatman.

Claude half-turned, balancing himself on his left hip and forearm. He worked his other three fingers into Nel's maw and gently pushed back and forth as she sucked and slurped his hand. Meanwhile Sally pushed her right hand under Nel's bottom and lifted her up as she drove her tongue into the teen's slot and foraged for more of Claude's leftovers among the new flood of her daughter's lubricants.

"Come on, Sweet Cheeks," Claude crooned softly to Nel. "Your mama's hungry... Come, come, come on for her." As he sang his soft encouragement, his hard cock and soft mushroom slapped gently against Nel's bare thigh. Sally cruised her free left hand up Nel's leg and grasped the revived rod in her loose curled palm. "Uhnnn..." Claude groaned when her fingers closed and rolled along his joint. "Yeah, Baby... just... MAYbe... uhnnn" he growled.

Nel let go of her uncle's wrist and transferred her hands to her mother's flowing brown hair, pulling Sally's face hard against her pouting pubis. As Nel's crisis arrived, she drooled saliva from the corners of her mouth around Claude's slippery sliding fingers. She twerked her ass and thrashed her rolling shoulders. "Oh Mother! O My God! Mother!" she screamed while wave upon agonizing wave crashed through her body. Her words, so clear and loud in her head, were but garbled blathering to Claude and Sally, caught up in their own throes.

Claude's cock was up and throbbing, even if his nuts were still in retirement. Sally jacked him ferociously as she feasted on her daughter's free flowing elixir. "AARRGGH!" He cried, clenching his butt cheeks and gut as his body screamed for release. To their credit, his balls forced a solitary eruption of fresh semen from his fount. Sally smiled into Nel's quivering quim as she felt her brother's hot seed splash on her thumb and curled fingers. Like spontaneous combustion, Sally's own orgasm announced itself, sympathetically and hands-free, while she pulsed her palm around Claude's dick and lapped Nel's nectar as fast as her pussy pumped it out.

At last the bed stopped shaking and the threesome huddled together. Claude's stomach rumbled again. Nel rubbed his belly and said, "Me, too, unk. I'm starved! Can we get some Subways and bring them back to the room?"

"That's a great idea, honey," Sally seconded. "But, I don't really want to get dressed and go out again." She grinned and asked, "Couldn't you just bring me back a 6" Tuna, white cheese, with tomatoes and olives?"

Claude scooted to the end of the bed and stood up. A strand of cum hung from his flaccid cock. Nel promptly rolled off the bed and parked her mouth on sticky bell, swabbing her tongue around its rim and over its slit. "Pwwt!" She popped the salty knob from her lips and gazed lovingly up at her grandfather. "There! Now you're clean!" She proclaimed and hopped back on the bed to lay alongside her laughing mother.

"OK," Claude said, "I get it. You stay here and I'll bring home the bacon." He chuckled and pointed to Sally. "Tuna for you. What do YOU want, kiddo?" he asked Nel.

"Meatballs!" Nel giggled, "Really wet."

"Alright then," Claude acknowledged, "Be back in a jiffy." He pulled on his pants, stepped barefoot into his boots and walked out of #1 buttoning his shirt and dragging his laces.

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