tagIncest/TabooFamily Development Ch. 09: Bonding

Family Development Ch. 09: Bonding


All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old.


Claude James watched in the mirror as the barber put away the clippers. He squirted a couple of pumps of lather onto his left hand, spun the chair 180 degrees with his right, and then applied the foam, using both hands, to the back of Claude's neck. "You have some stubble going, there, Claude," the barber observed, smoothing the thick white cream along the nape edge of the freshly trimmed scalp. "If you're not growing a beard, I could give you a shave while I have the razor out," he offered genially.

It was weird. The lather had a strangely sweet fragrance. The barber's hands moved from the back of Claude's neck to his jawline and softly, sensuously, stroked his cheeks. He twisted his body under the barber's sheet and turned his face. Suddenly the barber vanished.

"You have some stubble going, there, Uncle Claude," Nel buzzed softly in his ear while her gentle fingers played lightly across his bristled face. He inhaled deeply the wonderful unique fragrance he identified with his 18-year old niece and granddaughter, Nel Martin, as she stooped over him in the armchair at the Draper Motel in Manitou Springs, Colorado. "I could give you a shave while Mom's gone out for donuts." He heard Nel continue, laughing her special lilting laugh.

Claude' dream fully dissipated, as did his reconstructions of 'Fuck Week' in 1977. He smiled warmly at the nude nubile teenager leaning over him. He reached up and pulled her to his lap. Her bottom pressed through the soft acrylic motel blanket, draped loosely over his otherwise naked, 6'3" 57-year old body. She squirmed slightly as she settled her ass on his thighs and wrapped her left arm behind his head. He met her lips and they kissed, unhurried, in the dawn light filtering through thin gaps in the drawn curtains. Claude flattened his broad left palm across Nel's warm flat stomach. "How you doing in there, kiddo?" He asked, breaking their kiss and gliding his strong hand easily from hip to hip, before crossing her rib cage and cupping Nel's right breast. Her 35-26-34 figure would see some major changes in the next nine months, but, this morning, she was the same as when Claude deflowered her, three weeks ago next Wednesday. "No, not 'the same'," Claude thought to himself, as he hefted her tit and idly slid his thumbpad over her stiffening nipple. "She has a definitely different aspect now," he decided, although he could not adequately describe it.

"MMmmmmm, unk... Grandpa..." Nel murmured, feeling her pussy tingle and his dick fatten beneath the blanket. "I'm tip-top. No changes yet... but Mom had a craving for Dunkin' Donuts!" She giggled and put her right hand up to Claude's face. "C'mon," she encouraged, "Sit in the Jacuzzi and let me shave that scratchy old face!" She stood whisking away the light blanket like a torero, and grinned, pointing at Claude's raging bull. "Ha! Look at THAT!" She crowed. "Too bad for Mom..." she chirped over her shoulder as she entered the bathroom and opened the faucets on the tub.

Claude looked at his watch. 6:15. He recalled waking from a bad dream about his father, and, washing that away, his fond memories of Carla. He did not know when he fell asleep in the chair, or, when his sister and daughter, Sally, had covered him with the blanket. "Must have been as she was leaving," he mused, getting up and following Nel.

Nel sat on the edge of the big Jacuzzi, with Claude's double-edge safety razor and a can of shaving cream beside her. Her legs were spread wide, but her 5' 6" frame kept her knees well away from either wall of the 4' square tub. "Sit here," she commanded, splashing the water which swirled between her calves. "Lean back and relax. Use my tummy for a pillow while I scrape away all those whiskers." Nel involuntarily wiggled her bottom on the tub edge as a spout of water jumped from the surface and struck her unguarded pussy.

Claude stepped over the wall and stood, with his morning flag waving, between Nel's legs. She licked her pursed lips and said, showing incredible restraint, "Turn around and sit, unk, before I change my mind!" Claude, agreeably, about faced and lowered himself into the bubbling hot water. Nel put her hands on his broad hard shoulders, pulling him back, until his neck was tucked tight to her cunny and his head rested against her abdomen. "There... that's just right," she sighed, scooting her ass an inch forward and splaying her damp aching pussy against Claude. She leaned over and whispered, barely audible over the Jacuzzi jets, "Hold still, now..."

Nel lathered and shaved her uncle as quickly, efficiently and carefully as if he were her own legs. She had planned, when she thought of the idea, to be a sexy, slow, sensuous geisha. That idea fled the moment she saw Claude's splendid fat cock rising from his steely pepper-and-salt pubes. When he got in the water it was all she could do not to suck him off right there. Now, however, as she rinsed the razor with a final swish, she had an alternate plan. Claude was completely at ease. His eyes were closed, his pores were open, his mind was empty as he lost himself in the caresses of Nel's hands and the friction of the sharp blade removing his beard. He rolled his head against Nel's midriff as she gave his smooth cheeks a final rub. "That feels great," he complimented, rallying back to consciousness.

"Hmmmm," Nel agreed, "I'll say..." she slid her bottom to the right and twisted herself into the tub, carefully protecting her grandfather's head from bouncing off her body onto the hard acrylic tub wall. Pulling his shoulders up as she rotated, she finished sitting, in the center of the tub, with her butt between Claude's knees and her arms wrapped around his muscled torso. "but not as great as YOU feel, Grandpa," she said with a lusty grin. She pushed on Claude's back and shoulders for leverage as she scrunched herself forward and hiked her ass. He enveloped her lithe body in his arms and hauled her in, compressing her youthfully full, C-cup breasts against his pecs. Nel sat again, with perfect accuracy, and felt Claude's reviving erection split her labial folds, nestling against the fine translucent hairs of her young, sparse thatch.

"Huhhn," Claude grunted. His dick twitched and buried its underside in Nel's open thin peach slit. "Back at you... uhhn..." he groaned, fusing his mouth to hers.

"Nnnaahhh," Nel whimpered through her uncle's teeth. She pulled her right hand away from his lats and pushed his prick firmly against her clit as she raised her bottom. He slid down the slick slice. His glans set off a firestorm in her cunt as it drug over her swollen bean. At the height of her lift, Claude's staff was poised before her gate. When she lowered herself a third time onto his quads, Nel's hungry twat swallowed his sausage. "UHHHNNN! Yess!" She cried. "Thank you, Grandpa! UHHHNN! Oh, FUCK ME!" She begged as she bounced on his lap, pounding herself onto his peg.

Claude's hands cruised down Nel's ribs and gripped her hips. He assisted her lifts and pulled her down harder still with each drop. "Huh! Huh! Huh!" He grunted, flexing his glutes and thrusting upward to meet her as she crashed her ass on his thighs. The tub water splashed above their heads with every landing.

Nel re-welded her mouth to her grandfather's. Claude's tongue tip explored her open lips and was promptly seized. Nel sucked the lingua lustily as she moaned into the back of his throat and climaxed on his throbbing cock. "AAARGGGHH!" Claude snarled into his niece's maw. He clenched his gut, butt and hams as he pushed up from the tub floor and pulled her down onto his exploding balls. The Jacuzzi eddied its foaming streams around their conjoined hips as they writhed together until their crises passed.

"Oh my God! UNK!" Nel gasped, pulling her mouth away from his. "I don't know how you do what you do... but DON'T STOP EVER doing it!" She hugged his neck and buried her face in his wet shoulder.

Claude grinned in hopeless stupefaction. "I'll try not," he wheezed, laughing, "If I ever figure out what the fuck it is that makes it work!" He added, silently, to himself. He held Nel gently, close to his hard chest, and rubbed his hands up and down her back from shoulders to ass crack as she rocked in the swirling waves.

The post-coital cooldown was interrupted by Sally Martin, Nel's 39-year old mother, and the resultant daughter from Claude's teenage 'Fuck Week' sexcapades with his mother, Carla James. Sally opened the door to the motel room, entering with a box of Dunkin' Donut powdered sugar holes. She set the sack on the table, noticed the empty rumpled king-size bed and heard Nel, exclaim "...DON'T STOP EVER..." Sally smiled, deciding to hang up her L.L. Bean windbreaker and slip off her Rockports, before she called out her arrival. Listening carefully, without prying, Sally waited until she heard no more words, or cries, from the steaming bathroom. Then, speaking slightly louder than conversationally, she said "Hey there! I'm back..." As she approached the door she heard significant splashing, and, by the time she was standing on the threshold, Claude and Nel were lounging separately in the back corners of the tub.

"Hey, Sis," Claude greeted her, still grinning from the frolic.

"Hi, Mom, the water's still warm if you want to soak with us," Nel offered, while, beneath the surface she played footsie, rubbing her right big toe along the sole of Claude's left foot. She laughed when his leg jerked from her tickle.

Sally shook her head, smiling, "Thanks, Hon,'" she declined, noting the copious amount of water that was splashed on the floor in front of the tub. "I'm up and dressed... too much trouble." She raised her arms over her head and pulled off her thick white wool turtleneck sweater. "You guys have really heated up the place, though. I will get rid of this sweater until we're ready to check out."

Claude watched intently as the bulky snowfield lifted and exposed Sally's mature mountains beneath her maroon silk thermal undershirt. Her breasts, supported by a 36D underwire bra, bobbed upward freely as the heavy garment pulled on them. As the hem passed the crest, her bosom dropped. Claude swallowed hard and Nel giggled as she noticed his reaction both above and below the waterline.

"I woke up at 5 with an incredible, NEED to have a Dunkin Donut bearclaw." She explained to Claude, as she put tossed the sweater through the door onto the bed and leaned her bottom against the counter. "I drove all over Colorado Springs, finally found one... BUT NO BEARCLAWS! I had to settle for two cream-filled chocolate."

"Why didn't you just plug in the GPS and ask for 'points of interest'?" Interrupted Claude, as he appreciatively studied his daughter's toned stomach, disappearing into her black stretch stirrup pants. They were flattering at her hips and tight, yet not immodestly revealing, across her abdomen and thighs. Nonetheless, Claude knew just where to look along the crotch seam to see the slight impression of her plump pussy.

"Yeah, Claude," Sally nodded, "That's just what I did, AFTER I drove around aimlessly for too long!" She laughed at herself. "Anyway, I brought powdered Munchkins back with me, if you are hungry for anything."

Nel clapped her hands. "Yay! I wasn't hungry when you left, but I sure am NOW!"

Sally handed her daughter a towel as she stepped dripping from the tub. "They're in on the table honey." She said, watching the teenager wrap the towel around herself and pad out into the main room. Turning to Claude ,she chuckled knowingly. "You are INCORRIGIBLE! What kind of sex maniac monster have I let into my house?"

Claude laughed out loud with her. "I don't know, Baby..." he said, turning off the jets and rising from the Jacuzzi. He looked down at his thick, but flaccid, penis. "I think I'm pretty normal and harmless."

Sally threw him a fresh towel at him as she said, "HARMless, huh? Is THAT why both Nel and I are knocked up with your seed?" She grinned, stepped to the edge of the tub and kissed her wet lover, not minding the water marks from his chest across her silken tits. Claude held her close, lingering on her lips before stepping over the wall and out of the tub.

"Come on Baby," he protested, "I think we know who was had by whom and why." He rubbed her stomach beneath her wet undershirt. "I'm a happy camper... how about you?" he asked with soft sincerity.

"MMMMmmmm, absolutely happy, Daddy!" Sally hummed. "Couldn't you tell I was kidding?" She asked.

Claude kissed her again. "I hoped so, but I'm still glad to hear you say it." He passed by Sally and walked to the table. Popping a donut hole in his mouth he said, while he chewed, "You girls ready to go home?" With nods all around, the trio packed up, loaded the Toronado and left the Draper Motel for Denver.

Nel, wanting to nap for the 90 minute drive, climbed into the back of the coupe and curled up across the seat. Sally was pre-occupied with her nesting plans: Thinking of appointments with Dr. Wilson; wardrobes; notifying her boss of upcoming maternity leave needs; and, just how will they accomodate two newborns at the Martin house? Claude let his mind wander back to Glendale, California and Father's Day 1977.


Claude remembered his dad, Ben, had been on the phone in the kitchen, ordering a delivered pizza, when he walked into the living room as Kristy turned away from the stereo turntable. Jimmy Buffet's 'Margaritaville' was just starting.

His father's 22-year old Executive Marketing Assistant Intern spun around in a circle, her white pleated polyester mini-skirt flared, showing off her panties, which matched her red, white and green peppermint-striped puckered rayon halter top. Her bare-midriff and braless titties moved provacatively as she danced alone. "Hey, Claude! Come dance with me!" She laughed and beckoned him. He stepped into her open arms. Kristy folded herself against him, tugging his T-shirt out of his jeans, pushing her small active hands under the cotton and up his back. She kept turning, forcing Claude to spiral slowly with her, as she raked her nails on his spine and shoulder blades, sending electric sparks shivering the length of his body.

Ben drifted into the room shortly after Claude embraced Kristy. He watched them dance for a moment and then coughed. "Yeah, don't worry about me, kids," he said sarcastically, "I'm just the chauffeur and caterer."

Kristy stopped dancing and pulled herself free from Claude. Turning to her nominal boss, but actual summertime Sugar Daddy, she stamped her left Keds tennis shoe on the floor and frowned. "Oh, Benneeee," she whined in an exaggerated little-girl voice, which Claude was beginning to recognize as one of her several manipulative tools, "Don't be like that... Come here and kiss me! I had to do SOMETHING while you were in the kitchen... Come ON, give Kristy some sugar!"

Ben was mollified, not that he had been particularly upset by the scene. Rather he wanted to be the one to call the shots. "It's Father's Day, for Christ sake, and the twat is MY intern, after all," he thought, as he walked to where Kristy stood. Before he got there, she jumped up on the center cushion of the couch and pulled Claude by his collar to her right side. As Ben came up on her left, she reached out and grabbed his right bicep and pulled, until father and son stood side-by-side, facing her, nearly at eye-level.

Kristy delivered a big smooch to Ben, let go of his arm and hung her left arm around his neck. "Mmmmm! That's what I'm talking about!" She said enthusiastically, scratching Claude's hair with her right hand, at the same time. She jumped off the couch again, between the men, and grabbed them both at their groins. She squeezed each set of testicles enough to show she cared. Kristy felt their cocks jump against her wrists. Reversing her hands, Kristy pushed her palms up, shoving their packages, as her fingers simultaneously worked, unbuttoning Claude's Levis and unsnapping Ben's Gary Player slacks. Neither man wore a belt. Kristy had their pants unzipped, with her hands inside their Jockeys' waistbands and under ther scrotums before the stun from her initial assault wore off.

She cooed as she gently, sweetly, pulsed her palms on their heavy balls and stroked small circles at the roots of their fast growing erections with her thumbs. "You're in good hands," she crooned, "Now, just hold still, try to not come... too fast." She added a little pressure and stretched her thumbs along the pulsing thick veins under the turgid pricks. "Opportunity knocks! Show off your... CONTROL" she encouraged with a low chuckle.

Kristy's calm demeanor was a stark contrast to the frenzied play of her fingers and thumbs as Ben and Claude wiggled responsively and groaned beneath her groping teases. She felt their moist pre-cum at the tips of their dicks. Licking her lips, she sighed "Mmmmm, very promising... for ME... but who will... COME... FIRST?" She pulled her hands out of their pants, sniffed her fingers and touched them to the men's mouths, poking her nails between their lips. "Why don't you sit on the couch and let's find OUT? Won't THAT be fun?" Kristy turned and pulled the center cushion to the floor and slid the end cushions together.

Ben and Claude looked at each other, grinned and shrugged, silently accepting Kristy's conditions of contest. As they sat, Ben to Kristy's right and Claude to her left, she dropped to her knees on the cushion in front of them. "Now, let's be fair about this and bring it all out in the open." She said judiciously. "I'll bet you neither one have seen the other with a hard-on... so, let's take a moment... and survey the players!" She giggled and pulled Claude's denims to his ankles while Ben pushed his slacks down similarly. "Look at those tentpoles!" Kristy exclaimed, with delight, staring at the men's briefs, distorted by their chubs. Claude's nuts had worked their way through his left leg hole and were half strangled by the seam. Ben's tumescent cock was doubled over and bulged threateningly against the double-fly. Kristy pulled Ben's briefs down. His dick jumped like a jack-in-the-box, bouncing happily in its freedom. "'POP! Goes the Weasel!'" Kristy squealed , as she turned her attention to Claude and slid his stretched underwear over his equally excited staff. She leaned over and lightly kissed the big eggs which were no longer trapped on his thigh. "Yes, now we are getting somewhere, don't you agree, gentlemen?" She looked right and left, then slid her hands, once more, onto the upright penises of her gladiators.

Ben groaned. Claude moaned. Kristy sighed and touched her tongue tip alternately to their swollen velvet heads, tasting the residue rising from the weeping eyes. "Mmmmmm, this is going to be REALLY... CLOSE!" She listened carefully to the grunting gasps of each contestant as, with rapid little licks and careful pulsing strokes she brought them to the brink, backing off when she judged they might be overstimulated.

After twenty minutes of unrequited, exquisite agony, Kristy released them. "Gosh! It's getting kind of warm in here, don't you think?" She asked rhetorically as she raised her hands behind her neck. Stretching her 32B titties tight against her puckered rayon top, inducing her nipples to stiffen, as they rubbed against the fabric, she untied her halter's crisscrossed strings and unhooked its back strap. Casting the top to her right she shimmied her perky boobs. "Ohmygod!" She exclaimed, "That's SO much better." She dropped her hands to her waist. Flipping the skirt's tabs she unzipped it and wiggled her ass until the polyester pleats surrounded her knees like daisy petals. Now, clad only in the thinnest rayon peppermint panties, she was prepared to return in earnest to her lollipops.

"DING-DONG! DING-DONG!" The cottage doorbell suddenly rang. The trio had forgotten the pizza.

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