tagIncest/TabooFamily Dinner

Family Dinner


This is intentionally over the top. I hope it's both fun and a turn-on.

Any sexual activity is between characters over 18.

Thanks as always to LarryInSeattle. Any errors that remain are my own.

Helpful comments are always welcome.



"Moootheerrrr, please. That's where we eat."

Robert hated his sister's whine but he shut it out. His mother chuckled.

"So? Robbie is eating and I'm being eaten, what's the problem?"

"Har Har, very funny. You know what I mean." Caroline slammed her books down on top of the counter. Her breasts heaved with what she pretended was indignation but was actually lust. The flush in the hollow of her throat and the way her nipples were crinkling up gave her away.

Her mother patted the tabletop. "Come on sweetheart. There's room for both of us. Robbie isn't a teenager any longer but I'm sure he can handle two entrees, can't you sweetie?"

A muffled sounded wafted from between her thighs. Her son's eyes were closed and his tongue was deep inside her twat. He hadn't shaved that morning and the stubble on his chin ground into her engorged pussy lips in the most delightful way.

"Mother, not everyone is as insatiable as you. I'm not in the mood. Today was a complete and total bummer."

Robert put his hands on the outside of his mom's legs and pressed her legs into his ears, hoping to dull the sound of his sister's whining. She was a year older than him but she acted about twelve most of the time. She had beautiful tits and a tight pussy but fuck how much was a brother suppose to put up with? Her ass was her best feature. That's why he gave her a break. He loved Caroline's ass. His dad reserved his mom's ass as his own private treat. Robert tried not to get all Oedipal on his dad, after all rank did have its privileges but he'd dearly like to know what it felt like to unload, balls deep, inside his mother's ass. Until then he'd put up with Caroline's shit, metaphorically speaking. They were both sticklers for clean fucks.

"Oh, sweetheart I'm sorry you had a bad day but I'm sure it isn't anything your brother's tongue beating up the little man in your canoe couldn't take your mind off of. Come lie down beside me." She patted the tabletop again.

Robert was irritated that his mother was ignoring him at the moment. His fucking sister occupied ninety percent of his parent's time. He sucked on his mom's clit and tugged, harder than usual. That got her attention and she gasped. Her hand found its way to the top of his head.

"Easy tiger, easy. That feels amazing but not so hard." She wiggled her butt and it squeaked on the tabletop. "Oops, that wasn't me, or not the way it sounded." Her son began to lick her slit, ending at her clit where his tongue flicked around it like a bee looking for nectar. "Uh-huh sweetie, that's right, you know what mommy likes don't you?"

Caroline switched tactics.

"Oh fine," she huffed and used one of the chairs to climb atop the dining room table. Her pussy was getting wet and if the only way to keep her mother's attention was to suck and play with her tits, so be it.

She knelt, making sure her ass was pointing toward her brother. He loved her ass. She knew it and wasn't above using the fact. Her fingers reached between her legs and spread her cunt. If Robbie looked up, she'd see her pucker winking at him and the rich pink wet lips of her snatch. It'd drive him nuts.

She took her mother's right nipple between her lips and pulled. She saw movement at the window and paused.

"Hey, Missus Banard. You want to come in, have a seat?"

Her mother turned her head. "Oh hi, Mabel. Why don't you come inside? Make yourself comfortable?"

"Oh no, dear, aren't you sweet but I'm fine. I've got my cane." She held it up. The handle, dark ebony, was carved into the shaft of a cock, a large cock with a wide flange at the base. It glistened. The cane disappeared and their grandmotherly neighbor began to bounce up and down on the head of the cane. "Besides," she chuckled, "I like playing a dirty old peeping Tom." She shooed a hand at them. "Carry on, dears. I don't want to interrupt your family time."

As Caroline bowed her head to continue sucking on her mother's nipples, Mrs. Banard's hands began to pinch and roll her own. Caroline smiled to herself, hoping that at eighty-six she would be able to rock a dildo-headed cane half as well.

She closed her lips around her mother's nipple and began to flick it with the tip of her tongue. Her mother arched her back and pressed her breast against her eldest child's mouth. She began to twiddle Caroline's curls. "Oh yeah, my sweet baby girl knows what momma likes, too." She patted her daughter's cheek. "You have any idea how many times your father ate my pussy while you suckled? Every time I came I was afraid you'd choke to death, the milk just gushed from me." She moved her hand to rub the top of Robert's head. "And then when Robbie came along, well goodness. You were weaned already but as soon as you saw Robbie on my breast and your father gorging on my cunt you had to jump right back in. Truth be told it was easier that way. Robbie could only nurse one breast at a time; the other one would be leaking like a runny faucet but not after you grabbed and started to suck. It felt so nice. Do you remember, sweetie?"

Caroline rolled onto her side and smiled at her mother. She glanced at her brother who was most definitely eyeing her cunt and ass. "Of course I remember. Your milk was sweet and filling. I would get angry because even if you ate chocolate your boobs wouldn't give me chocolate milk." Caroline rose up on one elbow, excited. "Mother," she exclaimed, "that's it. Why don't I get pregnant? I'd love to return the favor. Oh my God, can you even imagine my titties all full of milk and you sucking on them. Oh, and we could have daddy eat my pussy, just like he did with you. Wouldn't that be fun?"

Robert heard his mother chuckle.

"Sweetheart, having a baby is not something you do on the spur of the moment just because you want someone to lap up your titty milk. There's a lot more to being a mother than that. But," she smiled at her daughter, "when you do get pregnant, I would love to feast on your titty. Mommy promises, okay?"

Caroline nodded, trying not to look disappointed. She wasn't sure her mother had dissuaded her, not entirely. Marissa, her best friend, had told her she had never cum so hard in her life as she did in the last few weeks of her pregnancy while getting ass fucked by her brother's college hockey team.

Caroline had been horrified at first. The COGMASC, the Council On Good Manners and Societal Cohesion, had deemed Disruption of the Normal Sexual Development of a Minor one of the High Crimes. Corruption of a minor, monogamy, celibacy or any other social deviance was a good way to get a one-way ticket to the closest brain wipe center. Prisons were a thing of the past. After a brain wipe what was left was nothing but a living breathing blood, tissue or organ donor. The government provided the best drugs, no need to mug anyone. Domestic violence, sexual violence, in fact violence of any kind was not tolerated. Slowly but surely, violence and jealousy had been bred out of the society. Anything that might upset society's cohesiveness was not tolerated.

Marissa had stared at Caroline and then asked her if she thought she was fucking stupid enough to violate a High Law. Getting fucked was no longer something that required ruthless plotting. She could stop the first ten people she meet, check their ScanTat to confirm they were AAFS, age appropriate for sex, and bang away. All the hockey players were over 18. She had filed all the paper work with the college The Admissions office had even filmed it. At over 35K officially logged masturbation events it was the most popular recruitment vid that month.

Caroline mentally filed the pregnancy idea away, wondering if she shouldn't pull an ass train for the hockey team before she got pregnant, so she'd have a baseline for comparison. She made a second mental note to ask Marissa where to find the forms.

Rob found the idea of a pregnant sister intriguing. He imagined Caroline beneath him, his arms hooked behind her knees, his weight pressing her legs down to her sides, his cock deep in her ass while he sucked the warm rich milk out of her tits. Fuck, just thinking about it had him close to cumming all over the kitchen floor. He pushed the chair back and stood up. His cock needed some attention.

"You want to finish mom, sis? You ladies can get into a 69 and I'll fuck you in the ass while you eat mom's pussy. What do you think?"

"Fuck yeah," a voice groaned outside the open window. Robert threw his neighbor a smile, wondering if she'd like him to come over and let her suck his dick clean after he was done with his sister and mother. The old lady knew tricks with her mouth he couldn't begin to explain to his sister. He didn't get into fucking her, though his dad said she had as many tricks on her back as on her knees.

"Whatever you kids want is fine by me," their mother chirped in reply.

"And what about what I want? Do I have any say in this matter?"

"Daddy," Caroline squealed and leapt off the table to throw her arms around her father. "We thought you had to work late tonight."

"I do," her father replied as her face sagged at the thought. "Goddamn old Higgins wants practically an entire re-write of the contract and not one of the damn revisions will change anything to any substantive degree. It's total bullshit." He shrugged. "I remembered how my old man said never to forget to make time for your family, to never forget the family that eats together stays together." He unconsciously pulled at his cock, a fond smile on his face as he remembered his old man. He threw a glare at his family, a glare none of them believed was real. "So, what do I find, after racing home, the train was an unholy nightmare by the way. I forgot the Church's 'Love your sister and brother' weekend was today. I've never seen so many priests, nuns, and laity fucking in any one place. You know I'm far from a prude but the train is for commuters, they really ought to have made do with the orgy cars. I had to stand the whole way home, forty-five minutes hanging on to the strap for dear life as my feet slipped around in puddles of jizz. I think I'll write the LIRR about this." He shook his head. "Anyway, I race home to spend time with my family only to discover you can't be bothered to wait for me."

Robert rolled his eyes at this father's dramatics. For a mostly straight guy he was such a drama queen. Fuck. His mom and sister fell over themselves with explanations and apologies that all involved knew were bullshit. His dad had told them he'd not be home for dinner but would try to make it home in time for at least a quick suck or fuck before he had to hit the sleeping sack. Of course the ladies insisted they were happy to do whatever it was George, as head of the house, wanted to do. No one bothered to ask Robert, a fact he noted as typical. They were totally killing the buzz. He was about to ask Mrs. Banard if she want to suck him off while she rode her cane but his dad's voice interrupted him. He listened with growing incredulity.

"I was thinking we should try something a little different tonight. It never hurts to try a new seasoning or spice once in awhile, not if you ask me anyway. I was thinking it was time for Rob to experience his mother's very talent nether region. Maybe a DP, Martha? Except this time with my cock in your cunt and Rob's in your ass?"

Robert was already nodding enthusiastic agreement when Caroline chirped up with her hated whine.

"But daddy what about me?"

"Your mother can eat your pussy Caroline."

"No she won't. She'll be all bouncy and squealy having fun with two cocks while I'm expected to make do with my fingers. It's not fair, daddy. It just isn't and you know it."

Robert wanted to climb off the table, bend his sister over it and fuck her until not only couldn't she stand, but couldn't talk either.

"Fine, fine. I'll eat your pussy. So, let's see. I'll be on my back, mom riding my cock, you sitting on my face and Rob fucking his mom in the ass. That alright?"

They all nodded but Caroline. "What the fuck now," Robert wondered.

"I love the way you eat my pussy daddy but I want a cock tonight." Through the open window Robert watched Mrs. Banard roll her eyes in a mixture of amusement and irritation as his sister continued. "I was hoping you'd fuck me in the ass. I'm ready. I know Robbie isn't as big as you but I'm ready."

Robert jerked his head toward his sister. His mom covered her mouth with one hand. That was so not true. That was total bullshit. How the fuck did his dad stand there nodding his head? Robert was a good inch longer than his dad and at least that much bigger around. His sister had nothing to worry about. It was his mom who needed to wonder if she was ready for Robert's cock.

"Oh, for Pete's sake Caroline, must you always have your way?" His father huffed and then proceeded, as Robert knew he would, to giving in. "Fine. Rob gets his mother's ass and I get yours. I still have work to do can we get on with it?"


His father dropped his head into one hand at the sound of his wife's voice.

"Yes, Martha?"

"I was hoping to watch you fuck Caroline in the ass. You know I missed her first blowjob. I was away for work. I still don't understand why the two of you couldn't have waited a day or two but I've put that behind me now."

"Not hardly," Robert thought, "you bring it up at least twice a week." He was twenty but even a twenty-year-old's cock can grow disinterested. Robert stroked his cock, wiped a dollop of precum onto his hand and licked it clean. "You guys do whatever you like. I'm outta here. You want some company Miz B?"

"Well sure, dear. Anytime."

"No sir," his dad snapped. He turned toward the window. "Sorry, Mabel but I want Rob to spend some time with his family. That was the point."

"No need to apologize, George. I quite understand." Their neighbor smiled through the window. "Besides, I came a few iterations ago. I think I'll head back home. I'm famished. Tata." She started to go but stopped. "If you don't mind the intrusion, might I offer a suggestion?" She didn't wait for an answer. Older women are big on rhetorical questions. "I suggest Martha, you lie on your back and have darling Caroline kneel above you. She can help hold your legs up. The pert little ass of yours, how I envy you your youth, will be in just the right position for your son's impressive cock. And you, Martha, you will have a perfect view of your husband's cock fucking your daughter in the ass. His balls with slap against her twat and pull fine strands of her wetness, like spun glass, from her pussy. You'll see how a cock in the ass bulges into a woman's cunt, see his shiny wet cock slide out. And don't forget even if he cums deep in your daughter's ass, it will flow down her slit and into your hungry mouth. If, perchance such is not your bag, your kink I think the youngsters say, send Caroline over to my house. I'd like nothing better than to clean a young lady up after a good fatherly fucking." She shrugged. "Anyway, just a suggestion. Take it or leave it. Night all, unless one of you has a mind to keep an old lady warm tonight."

"That old gal still has everything on the ball," George muttered. "Alright everyone, you heard her. Let's go."

His wife lay down on her back. She didn't need any help getting her legs up. "Wait until Robbie is in my ass. I think that will be easiest."

Robert eyed his mom's soaking slit. His spit and her juices had covered her ass. Her dark pucker glistened. He put two fingers into his mom's cunt to wet them and then pressed one into her ass. It went easily. He put in a second and then a third. He shuffled forward. He had one knee on the tabletop, the other foot rested on the seat of one of the dining chairs. He bent his knee and rubbed the head of his cock up and down his mom's slit, lubricating his cock. He pressed the head of his cock against her rosebud. There was a moment of resistance and then her sphincter relaxed. He continued to apply pressure until his hips bumped against the back of his mother's legs and his ball sack rested on the cold tabletop. His mom's ass was tighter than his sister's.

He began to fuck her. His sister knelt, with her knees along her mother's sides. Her face was near Robert's. He rolled his eyes at her, letting her know he knew she was a pain in the ass, then he put a hand behind her head and shoved his tongue into her mouth. He knew he would fuck her, hard, in the ass before they slept. She knew it, too, and her tongue played with his.

She pulled her hips forward and her mother's mouth cover her asshole. Her mother moistened her for her husband's cock. Caroline arched her back and brought her ass up. George was taller than his son. He was able to keep one foot on the floor and one on the seat of a chair and was still tall enough to reach his daughter's cunt and ass. He bent at the waist and buried his face in her ass. His tongue dug at her cunt as his nose pressed into her rosebud. He moved to her ass and pushed his tongue inside her. He wasn't worried about hurting her. He knew her brother had trained his big sister's ass well. He pushed the head of his cock into her cunt, acquiring a last little bit of natural lube, pulled out, spread her ass with both hands, rested the head of his cock against her hole, and pushed. As he expected, he entered easily. He'd make up in vigor for what he lacked in girth.

"Oh fuck yeah, daddy, fuck your little girl's ass." She tightened her muscles. "Am I tight enough daddy? I'm naughty for not saving my ass cherry for you. You should spank me daddy. Spank me hard."

He agreed and lay a ringing flat-handed slap across her jiggling ass cheek.

"That's right, daddy, spank me. I deserve it."

Slap after slap rang out. Robert found himself fucking his mother's ass in time to the slaps. His sister's ass cheek was fiery red, still she asked for more. She seemed to be getting off on it. He had a vision of lying across his mom's lap while she applied a doubled-over belt to his ass. He began to fuck her harder.

"Um, that's right Robbie, fuck mommy's tight ass for her," she growled. "Fuck hard, like your father." She pushed the fingers of one hand into her pussy. Robert could feel her fingers pressing against his cock from inside her pussy. The fingers of her other hand twirled circles around her clit. She began to raise her hips to meet her son's thrusts.

"You like that mom? You like your son fucking your ass? 'Cause I do. I like fucking your ass, mom. I love it. I'm going to shoot a load of sperm in your ass, mom, deep in your ass. Picturing all those lost little sperm looking for an egg they'll never find. They need an egg don't they mom? Don't they? You might like my cum in your ass but it has another purpose doesn't it? You know what I'm going to do with my sperm mom?"

Martha continued to rub her clit. She didn't answer. Her lower lip was caught between her teeth. Her eyes were closed. Above her forehead, her husband's cock was moving in and out of their daughter's ass but she was no longer watching. She was focused on her own ass. The feel of her son's cock forcing its way inside her guts. He was so much bigger than his father.

"I'll tell you what I'm going to do with my sperm," Robert grunted. "I'm. Going. To. Give. It. To. Caroline. I'm. Going. To. Drink. From. Her. Tits." Each word was bitten off and punctuated by the sound of his body slamming into his mother's quivering ass.

His mom's eyes flew open. She stared. Caroline was holding her lips open with one hand so her mother could see her father's cock sliding into her ass, see the bulge of it through her cunt.

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