tagIncest/TabooFamily Fun Ch. 3

Family Fun Ch. 3

byWyden Long©

I kept thinking that my newly found perpetual erection would wilt, but it was now the third day since my daughter first sucked my cock and my wife became my private whore. After so many years of wanting and wishing for a real sex partner, I had two very beautiful, very horny women to satisfy. I wondered how long I could keep up?

Tonight would be the first time we had our neighbors, Bob and Sue, for dinner since The Liberation. It would also be the first time we would be together with Bob since he had made the video tape of Brenda and I fucking in our backyard. It would also be the first time to be together with Bob since Brenda had admitted to having a fantasy about getting ass-fucked by him while fucking me, and the first time since I started fucking my daughter, Kelly.

It should be a memorable evening. Sue was one hot chick. Bob was a pilot and Sue had been a stewardess. According to Bob, she was the only stewardess he had ever known personally who didn't screw around. That was one thing that attracted him to her, but he had failed to realize that she just might not like sex. He and I had shared the same boat for a long time. With luck, now that Brenda had seen the light, maybe we could get Sue to go along with us.

When I got home, my two chicks were going at it again. I don't think I will ever get tired of seeing my wife and daughter eating each other out. I limbered my prick and headed for the nearest hole.

"Daddy's home!" I announced as I drove all the way home in my daughter's wet cunt.

"Hi Daddy. Don't forget to save some for tonight. Remember that Bob and Sue are coming over for dinner."

"Yes, dear. Save all you've got. Don't forget my fantasy."

As if I would ever forget!

"What fantasy, Mom?"

"I want your father to lie down on his back, with his big fat dick lodged all the way to the bottom of my hot pussy and have Bob fuck me in the ass."

"Mom! Really?"

"Yes, really."

"Won't that hurt?"


"Are you really going to do it?"

"Well, that's up to Bob."

"Wish I could see that, but I have to go to the movies with Jimmy."

"Don't worry, dear. If it happens tonight, it may happen again. Have fun at the movie."

"Not as much fun as you guys will have. Jimmy will think he has a tiger by the tail when I fuck him tonight. Maybe I can suck him off in the theater while I think about what my parents are doing. Wow! Doesn't sound like the typical teenager, does it?"

I smiled at her and took a few strokes in my daughter's pussy and a few more in my wife's steamy cunt, then put my equipment away until evening. I called Bob and asked him to bring the tape when they came over.

"What's up, Wyden?"

"Just hide and watch, old buddy. Keep your powder dry and don't screw your wife before you come over. Ok?"

"That's no problem. I've just about used up my quota for the month, anyhow."

"Did you get a chance to see it?"

"No. Sue has been around all the time. I only get a chance to see stuff when she goes shopping."

When they arrived, we had the table set up on the patio, with candles all around, creating a pleasant ambiance. Bob had the tape in a pocket and passed it to me unobtrusively.

"Come on, man. Tell me. What's going on?"

"Don't worry. Just sit back and relax. However things work out, you're going to be getting more pussy than you can handle, very soon."

"NO SHIT!???"

"No shit."

Sue's eyes had flown to her husband at his outburst, with a frown of disapproval. She did not like vulgarity in any form. If we were going to win her over, it would have to be done very carefully.

Dinner was a delight. As always, Brenda's cooking was fantastic and she had outdone herself this time with Polynesian dishes that supported our outdoor luau theme . The flickering lights, soft Hawaiian music and freely flowing tropical drinks set a very relaxed mood.

I noticed Sue sneaking lots of glances toward Brenda's choice of blouse and the fact that a button or two seemed to be open. In the dim light, it even looked like she might not be wearing a bra!

Bob's eyes flicked from Brenda's tits to my eyes, with huge question marks on his face.

I smiled and offered him another drink.

When we were finished eating and were relaxing with one of Brenda's delicious desserts and cognac, Sue complimented Brenda on the dinner and turned to me. "So, Wyden. What was all that about getting us out of the house last night?"

"Oh, you know. Brenda and I needed a little bit of privacy."

"Privacy? For what?"

"For washing the car."

"Washing the car? No way. Nobody needs privacy to wash a car."

"It was the only way I could get Brenda to help me."

Brenda was smiling into her cognac at the memory of our car wash.

"Oh, come on. You're putting me on. You were up to something really devious and you're just telling me you were washing the car. Come on, you can tell me." Now she was teasing.

I had made sure Sue's drinks contained enough rum to float the Queen Mother. Maybe now was the time.

"I have proof."

"You have proof that you were washing the car? How could you have proof?"

"Doesn't it look clean?"

"Come on now, Wyden. We need more proof than that." As I continued the tease, she scooted her chair closer to me and put her hand on my arm in an effort to show me what good friends we were.

Well, I always like to respond positively any time someone else makes an effort to be friendly, so I put my hand on her thigh, just above the knee. Sue has great thighs--well tanned and slender.

She flinched a bit, but didn't immediately move away or ask me to move my hand, so I left it lightly resting where it was and diverted her attention.

"Bob made a video."

"Bob made what!???", Brenda sat up in her chair.

Sue's attention was completely on Brenda now, so I slid my hand a bit higher up her thigh.

"Are you telling me that everything we did in the back yard was taped?" Brenda was trying to deal with the knowledge. Her first response had come from the old Brenda. I was desperately hoping that the new Brenda would win out.

Sue was getting very interested at this point, and beginning to suspect that a lot more had gone on in that back yard than a car wash. Her ass was wiggling all over the chair. It even felt like she slid her thigh down to force my hand higher, but who knows?

Since Bob had not had a chance to see the tape, he was getting very interested, but still had the question marks zinging around his head.

After a period of turmoil that was visible on her face, Brenda came to a decision. "How interesting. How very interesting. Everything we did in the back yard is on tape?"

"Yes, dear. Every detail."

Her hand stole over to Bob's thigh as I watched a smile spread across her face, followed by a look of shock on Bob's.

"Ooooh! Tell me, tell me. You have to tell me what you did." Sue gave no indication that she realized that my hand was brushing against the leg of her shorts and couldn't go any higher without going under or that my wife was groping her husband.

"Well, Wyden asked me to help him wash the car", Brenda began.

"Yes, yes?", Sue urged, squirming further toward the edge of her seat, which had the effect of pushing her twat against my knuckles.

"Well, I agreed to help him, but he insisted that I wear a t-shirt and shorts."

"Go on. Don't drag it out so much. What happened next? This sounds good." Her words were very slightly slurred, so I wanted to remember to back off on the rum for the next drink. I wanted her inhibitions down, but she needed to be awake--or did she? My question would be answered soon.

"Go on and tell the whole thing."

"Wyden told me he had always wanted to see me in a wet t-shirt like the contests they have at the Mouse Trap Lounge, but I was too embarrassed."

Sue was really beginning to squirm, now. I slid a finger under the hem of her loose shorts leg and watched for negative reactions. None! Good! I began stroking the incredibly smooth skin of her upper thigh, right where it joins the body, millimeters from her pussy. This has always been the most erotic spot on a woman for me. When she made no effort to stop me, I grew bolder--openly squeezing her thigh and stroking the flesh next to her cunt.

Brenda continued, "Wyden saw that I was too embarrassed to do it, so he tore my bra off and hosed me down, right in the backyard."

"Really? Wyden did that?" Sue was breathing heavily.

I noticed that Bob's eyes were bugging out, so Brenda had probably found his sweet spot.

"So you were out in the back yard with no bra under a wet t-shirt? Hey! You said you had the tape. Let's see it!"

"Are you sure?", I asked. "We don't want to offend you and we know that you and Bob are very respectable people."

"Yesss! I'm sure. I really want to see that tape." She actually took my hand and forced it against her pussy. I guess she had been aware of it all along.

Well, you don't have to force my hand against your pussy to get my attention and absolute servitude, but it helps. In the off-chance that this might happen, I had set up a TV-VCR on a cart that could be wheeled out onto the patio. I popped the tape in and sat back to watch it.

As soon as I was seated, Sue reached for my hand and put it back directly on her pussy. Oh shit! Oh shit! My hopes flew skyward.

The scene opened with Brenda and I beginning to hose the car down. Sue's eyes locked onto Brenda's tits, swaying under her t-shirt, and I began to realize that Sue might be more turned on by girls than by guys.

When the tape showed me hosing down Brenda, revealing and erecting her nipples, Sue began rubbing my fist up and down her clit.

When I whipped Brenda's t-shirt off and slung it over the car, Sue grabbed my cock. I looked across the table and didn't see Brenda at all. In the dim light, I thought I saw the top of her head bobbing above Bob's lap. His head was thrown back and his eyes were closed, so I guess my guess was pretty good.

By the time the tape got to the point where I raised Brenda's t-shirt and began feeling her tits, Sue couldn't stand it any more and raised her own blouse. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Without taking her eyes from the screen, she began kneading and tweaking her nipples in synch with the action on the screen.

Never one to let a lady do all the work, I unzipped her shorts and slid my hand down inside them until I encountered the wiry tangle of pubic hair, and continued until my fingers brushed across her clit and the object of my desire.

The movie action was escalating, now. Brenda was totally naked in our back yard, standing under the stream from the hose as if she were a Polynesian princess under a waterfall. Her nipples were proudly erect on her magnificent jugs that were thrust forward for all the world to admire.

I felt Sue's hand unzipping my shorts, too, so I made sure she had plenty room to reach what she wanted. Pretty soon, she had a fistful of the old Wide and Long. I intensified my stroking of her incredibly hot cunt.

When the last scenes showed my prick between Brenda's eyes, with a stream of cum to her open mouth, Sue passed the last barrier and dropped to her knees to get some of the same for herself.

The scene across the table was almost enough to get me off without Sue's hot mouth sucking away on my pride and joy. Brenda had straddled Bob's lap and was fucking the shit out of him. I had been so preoccupied with Sue that I hadn't noticed when they started, but they were obviously enjoying themselves. Brenda had stripped off completely and her gorgeous tits were bouncing skyward as she rose and fell on Bob's sword.

Without appearing to notice the action on the other side of the table, Sue rose from her knees and stripped off the last of her clothes to ride me in the same fashion that my wife was riding her husband. Her cunt was on fire! We must have reached a secret place in Sue's psyche that freed her from whatever had held her back all this time. I also suspected that Bob wasn't quite as wide and long as yours truly. From what he told me, there hadn't been that many opportunities to stretch her cunt with what equipment he had, She was tight! For a 40-something lady, she was a knockout!

I was glad that my girls had cautioned me to save my cum for the dinner party. It looked like I was going to need all I could come up with.

Sue began to tremble. Her body went slack, then it stiffened and began to vibrate. A deep hum began to issue from her throat as she rode up and down. Her head flew wildly from side to side.

Brenda watched her friend come out of her shell in much the same way she had done. She pulled Sue's husband's cock from her own hungry pussy and led him over to where I was fucking his wife. Very lovingly, Brenda fed Bob's cock into his wife's mouth and she began to suck and bite Sue's nipples.

Bob's cock definitely was not in the same size league as mine, but was very respectable. It quickly grew to maximum size as Sue continued her extended orgasm.

Sue's body continued to buck and swerve with a level of sensation she might have never before experienced. There was no telling how long she would go on. I shot jolt after jolt of hot streams of cum into her grasping pussy without slowing her down at all. Her cunt was so hot and so tight, my prick never wilted.

I saw Bob tense and realized that he was also cumming. His wife merely swallowed everything greedily and continued her sex dance.

Brenda stood behind her and rubbed her tits against her friend's back. She reached around Sue to further stimulate her clit, as if it needed stimulation. Sue was filled with cock and surrounded by loving flesh. She must have felt as if she had returned to the womb.

Eventually, she must have tired. The body can only keep up such a level of energy expenditure so long, then it must rest. The frequency of her spasms slowly declined until they seemed to be stopped, but once every minute or so, a shudder racked her whole body. Our support group stayed in place with her the entire time she was coming down.

When a light snore escaped her lips, I rose with her still impaled on my prick and took her into the family room. We put her on the couch and Brenda covered her with a blanket after imprinting kisses on her lips and her pussy. I guess there had been too much rum in her drinks, after all.

"My turn, my turn! Are you guys up to it?" Brenda was dancing with joy and expectation.

"Up to what?", Bob asked.

"Brenda has had this fantasy about you, Bob."

"A fantasy? About me?" His prick began to rise again. Maybe he would be able. I knew I would. After the last couple of days, I had become accustomed to almost continuous fucking.

"What kind of fantasy?"

"I had this fantasy about you fucking me in the ass, Bob." Brenda grasped his prick and looked him straight in the eyes.


"Yes, Bob. I wanted to know what it felt like to have you stick your prick up my ass and fuck me hard."

"No shit?"

"Well, I can't promise you won't get shit on it, but, yes, this has been my fantasy."

"Wow!" He looked stunned. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't admit it to myself until Wyden turned me into a slut."

"You're no slut, Brenda. Believe me. After twenty years of flying, I have known some sluts. Even with my dick in your ass, you won't be a slut."

"Really? Oh, Bob, you say the nicest things."

"You are ok with this, Wyden?"

"You just watched and helped me fuck your wife. Why should I deny my wife the pleasure of fulfilling a fantasy?"

"How do you want to do it?"

"Wyden will lie back and I will sit on his prick, then you can do me. Try to go slow. This is my first time. I know it isn't your first. Sue told me."

"She did? I'm amazed. She would never let me do it again, though."

"Maybe you didn't go slow enough. Rub a little of my pussy juice on my asshole to grease it before you start."

I felt Bob's hand probing my wife's pussy, looking for juice. The touch of a man's hand on my dick was strangely exciting.

"Wow, Bob. You must have really excited Wyden. As soon as your fingers touched my twat, his prick got longer and wider. Try tickling his balls and see what that does to him."

This was a sensation that I had always dreamed of--having my balls tickled while fucking. My fantasy had always had a girl's hand attached to the fingers, but it occurred to me that fingers is fingers. I reacted as expected.

"Wow, again! I was right! Every time you tickle him, his prick jumps in my pussy. After you get your prick in my ass, tickle him some more."

It turned me on immensely and surprised me no end to hear my prim wife speaking so frankly about sexual matters. I didn't even realize that she knew such words and phrases. She must have kept an awful lot bottled up inside herself.

Bob completed his grease job and eased his somewhat smaller prick into my wife's asshole.

"Wait there, just a second, Bob. Please." Brenda's voice was a bit strained.

After a short delay while I pounded her from below, Brenda began pushing back onto Bob's prick.

"Is it as good as you imagined it, honey?"

"It's wonderful, dear! Look! You can see us fucking in the mirror over there."

"Oh? That mirror over there that you must have placed there this afternoon? I don't remember seeing it there before."

"Busted. Do you mind?"

"Hell no, I don't mind. In fact, if you will raise up enough to let me slide out, I'll set up the video camera and we can add your fantasy to our collection of home porn."

"Hurry back, lover. Fuck harder, Bob. We're alone. I'm all yours."

Bob was fucking her ass furiously as I dashed from the room to get the equipment.

On my return, he was still pumping away. I filmed them from every conceivable angle, including all the ones I remembered from porn movies and all the ones I always wanted to see and they would never show. I took long shots, close-ups, extreme close-ups where a single hair of my wife's gaping, dripping pussy nearly filled the screen. I put it in macro mode and actually inserted the lens into her pussy, getting pussy juice all over it. That would be a good one to explain to the camera repairman. "Uh, yeah, you see, the zoom doesn't work any more because I stuck the lens up my wife's cunt."

When I couldn't wait any longer to get back into the action, I filmed Sue, still asleep on the couch. Her legs were spread wide open and my cum still leaked from her gaping cunt onto the couch cushions. "Well, yeah, uh, you see, this stain is from my cum leaking out of my neighbor's wife. Can you get it out?"

After setting the camera up on a tripod where it could get as much of the action as possible, I returned to the game.

We were furiously fucking Brenda, front and rear when Kelly came home.

"Why, Uncle Bob. Are you fucking my mother in the ass?"

Bob gave a yelp and jumped to his feet, looking wildly around for something to hide his erect dick and searching his mind for a reasonable explanation. He looked like he was terrified.

"She told me how much she always wanted you to fuck her ass. I'm glad she got her fantasy fulfilled."

"You, you are?" Bob was still in prevent mode. His mind had not yet accepted the fact that it was all right to be naked in our family room, with a hard on, in front of our baby daughter. He had watched her grow from a baby and probably still thought of her as a child, even though she was in college.

"Here, I'll help you put it back in. Mom looks empty without it." Kelly took Bob by the dick and led him back to her mother's upthrust ass.

I stopped pounding Brenda long enough to allow my daughter to re-insert our neighbor's dick into her mother's ass.

"There now. Isn't that better?" Kelly patted Bob on the ass and tickled his balls a bit. It must have had the same effect on him that it did on me. I swear I could feel his prick swell even more through the thin membrane that separated our cocks.

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