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Family Lessons


Jane was laying on her bed with absolutely nothing on her mind- she'd just got home from a bitch of a day at work and just wanted to empty her mind, relax and unwind. She was off in some sort of dreamland and was oblivious to anything that may have been happening around her. As she lay there on the bed, her mother, Tanya, walked past the room and noticed her daughter daydreaming on the bed. Out of curiosity, she decided to just stand in the doorway and watch her. Tanya took in this 20-year-olds innocent beauty and she reflected on how beautiful her daughter had always been. From the 'goo-goo' baby to a cheeky freckle-faced three year old right up to the present. After standing there for about a minute, Tanya noticed that Jane had absentmindedly started to run her hands all over her body.

She was still in some sort of dreamlike trance as she ran her hands over her hips and down her thighs. Jane was running her hands all over her body and had started to pant and writhe around on the bed. Tanya wanted to go and see if she was, in fact, asleep and having some sort of nightmare, but she was curiously glued to the spot and could not bring herself to break Jane's reverie. Then she realised that Jane must have been having some sort of an erotic dream as she started lifting her arse off the bed and thrusting her groin in the air. Tanya was somehow mesmerized by her daughter's actions and started walking into the room. She never made a sound as Jane released the snap at the waist of her jeans and her hand went down inside the front of her jeans. Now, that made her catch her breath as she suddenly realised that Jane was about to start fondling her 'girl bits' inside her panties.

The sound of her mother's gasp awoke Jane from her reverie and she sat bolt upright on her bed and glared at her mother before realizing where she was and who was standing at the foot of her bed.

"Shit, Mum. You frightened the hell out of me. I must have dozed off."

"Sorry, dear. I was just walking past your door when I heard you moan and wondered if something may be wrong. Had a bad day at work, today?"

Jane replied, "Yes, that bastard Massey was on my case all day and kept whining about how the young people today won't accept any responsibility for their actions. If it hadn't been for Tracy, I would have told him where to shove his job."

"Tell me all about it, dear", Tanya responded.

"You don't want to hear my problems, mum. Besides, Tracey went with me at lunchtime and after grabbing a sandwich at the canteen, we just strolled around the park. She is such a darling sometimes. As we were walking, I was made to feel so at ease that I just poured out all my hates and gripes about Mr. Massey. Next thing I knew, she had her arm around my shoulder and told me that I shouldn't let it get me down. And you know what? I felt that I could have trusted Tracey with my most inner, deepest, personal secrets and felt comfortable with her knowing it all."

Tanya was now curious about what was wrong at work. Was Jane being unfairly treated? Had she brought it upon herself? What was this Mr. Massey on about? Was it just work, or something, or someone else? Being the caring mother that she was, she decided to find out what was really wrong and could she help in any way.

"Jane, is it something or someone at work that is bringing on this grief? Is it Mr. Massey, someone else or even something else?" Tanya asked.

"You don't want to hear about my problems, mum," Jane responded.

"But, honey, that's just it. You shouldn't have any problems and if you do, you should be able to share them with me. What's the old adage? 'A problem shared is a problem halved' or something like that?"

"Yes, mum. But this is just a bit too personal to talk about with my mother. Don't worry about me, I'll sort it out, you'll see."

"Personal? If it's personal, then we should be able to share it. I've always hoped that as you got older we were more like sisters than mother and daughter. Look, I don't care how hard it is to talk about, or if it may be embarrassing, I just want you to be able to pour out your heart and soul anytime with me."

"But, it is so embarrassing, mum. I wouldn't know where to begin."

"And I'm your mum and closest friend. Now, out with it!"

"OK, here goes. Well, you see, it's like this. I... I can't talk about it. It's so embarrassing, mum."

"Rubbish. Mr. Massey has made some sort of lewd suggestion to you? Someone else in the office was caught going through your desk and found something that shouldn't have been there."

"No, it's nothing like that", replied Jane. "It started when I was out walking with Tracey."

"Go on..."

"Damn it. Here goes. While I was out walking with Tracey at lunchtime and having a good old bitch about Massey, the conversation eventually got away from being about him. You know how one thing leads to another then to another and so on until you are talking about something totally unrelated to the original conversation?"

"Only too well. Dad and I often do that and wonder after how we got onto a particular subject. Sorry, I won't interrupt."

"Well, the conversation got around to the inevitable young people's subject of S-E-X. Do you think I'm pretty, mum?"

"Of course, dear. And I'm not just saying that because I'm your mum. I think you are more than just pretty. Your long straight auburn hair catches the sun and seems to glow like a halo some days. That little line of freckles across your nose gives you a cheeky, impish look sometimes. And the way you screw up your nose when you are thinking happy thoughts always lightens a mother's heart. Sorry, interrupting again."

"No, that's OK. Keep going. What do you really think of my appearance? I know you are biased, but try to be honest and not say what you might think I want to hear."

"Right. You also have a lovely sensuous mouth with nice full lips. Moving down. Your slender neck is graceful and swan-like. You chest... Ah, now there's a sight for sore eyes. You have lovely breasts- not large monsters and not bee stings- just right."

"Stop it. You are embarrassing me"

"No, it's true. You wanted a totally unbiased opinion, so I am giving it with no holds barred. Moving down. Your nice flat stomach shows that you are quite fit and do all the right sort of exercises to keep it that way. You have lovely hips and your bum is just bee-yoo-tee-ful. Now that should get you blushing."

"Thanks for nothing. Here I was trying to have a serious conversation with you and you are now starting to make fun of me."

"That's not true, honey. You see, I have lightened up and changed the subject of whatever it was that was getting you down. Now, on with the tour. Those thighs... Mmmm, you do have nice legs, nicely muscle-toned and just the right shade without being overtanned. How am I doing?"

"Fine, mum, but back to the subject. You think I'm OK? Why don't I have a boyfriend, then?

"Why bother with them? There's lots of time and lots of guys to choose from. One day you'll think, 'Why are all these guys chasing me? Not so long ago there were none'. I guess it's just a case of 'feast or famine'."

"Well, that's just the problem. The conversation with Tracey, today, got around to boys. I told her what I just said to you and she said much the same as you. She gave a very positive appraisal of my appearance and I was a bit embarrassed. She had this strange look when she was saying all those nice things about my appearance. I can't explain it. The look she gave me made me feel creepy but at the same time, I felt sort of 'gooey' inside."

"What do you mean 'gooey inside'?"

"I don't know. I had this strange feeling in my tummy, and at the same time I felt a weird twitch between my legs".

"Aaahh, now it all starts to fall into place. She turned you on and you didn't know how to handle it."

"MUM!. It's not like that. I like Tracey. But I'd never think of her in that way."

"Can I be really candid with you and at the same time expect blatant honesty from you in return?"

"Shit, mum. That sounds ominous. What is it you want to talk about?"

"You said it before. S-E-X. Now can I be candid with you and expect blatant honesty in return?"

"Yes. I guess so. What do you want to know?"

"Are you a virgin?"

"Mum! Uh, oh. I guess that look means that you are serious."

"Yes. Remember that you are not a little girl any more. We should be able to discuss things as two mature women rather than a 'mother/ daughter chat'. I'll be candid with you. I lost my virginity to a dream of a guy at the ripe old age of 15. I found out later that just about every girl in my class at school had felt the same way about him only once- as he took their virginity. It seemed like this guy wanted to set the world record for conquests without any consideration for the consequences or the girls' feelings on the matter. Don't get me wrong, I don't think any of the girls were reluctant victims. Anyhow, you haven't answered my question. Are you?"

"Stupid question, mum. Do I really look like a frustrated old spinster? Only kidding. It was pure bliss at the time and it continued for about two weeks with him back when I was 16. He lives in another state now."

"Now we are getting somewhere. That didn't hurt, did it? Next question. Do you masturbate?"

"Shit, mum. You don't beat around the bush do you?"

"No, dear. But if that was meant to be a pun, I do. Let me clarify. When it comes to talking straight, I don't beat around the bush. But I do like to beat around the bush fairly regularly, if you get my drift. Wink, wink and all that."

"You are hopeless, mum."

"So, what's it to be? Do you or don't you?"

"This is so embarrassing. Yes."

"How often?"

"Phew. Sometimes once a week. Sometimes a couple of times a day. How often do you do it?"

"That depends. The old hormones kick in every now and then with a real burst. If dad has lost the urge, I just have to take things into my own hands, so to speak."

"I knew there was no way I'd catch you off guard or on the defensive. You just replied like it is the most natural thing to talk about."

"Well it is perfectly natural. Unfortunately, society seems to dictate to everyone that it is somehow not natural, shouldn't be talked about or even hinted at. We all do it- some more than others."

"Well, mum, can I ask how you do it? What's your favourite way of getting off?"

"Before I answer that- and I'm not avoiding the question- this conversation started off with something about you and Tracey and the subject of sex. Care to elaborate now that the barriers have been lowered somewhat?"

"Well, Tracey and I got onto this very subject and she suggested that we swap notes, so to speak."

"What do you mean?"

"She asked if I do it. I said yes. She asked how. I went coy and asked what she meant. She wanted to know if I just used my finger, or if I used toys. I told her I'd never tried it with anything but the old faithful right hand fingers, but I had tried the showerhead once. It never really did much for me so the fingers continue to be the best. Then she asked if I'd like to compare notes. I asked what she meant and she said it would be like 'You show me your technique and I'll show you mine'. You could have knocked me down with a feather. I told her that I wasn't really into any girl-girl thing. She said OK and I thought she'd be upset, but she just said 'Oh, OK.' And that was that"

"So, what's the problem?"

"Well, as I was laying here thinking about it all, I started wondering what it would be like to watch someone else do it. Or have them watch me. And I got to thinking that maybe it wouldn't be so bad if it was with someone that I really know well and can trust them with all my worldly secrets. I must confess that I did get a little bit carried away and started fantasizing about masturbating while someone else watched, but I don't know who it was I was dreaming about. Do you think I am a bit weird for thinking along those lines?"

"Of course not, dear. In fact, I wish I had the guts to do something like that when I was your age. Can I be totally honest with you on a very intimate subject?"

"Well, we've bared our souls a bit here today, why not? What intimate subject and what question?"

"Masturbation... And can I show you how I do it?"

At this point there was a silence in the room that you could hear roaring from floor to ceiling, wall to wall and bookcase to bedside lamp. Jane looked at her mum and just stared dumbfounded at her wondering if she'd heard correctly or was her 'fantasy insides' playing a trick on her hearing.

"Are you really serious, mum?"

"Of course, dear. I think it would be lovely if we were to make a time when we know we'll have the house to ourselves- no chance of any interruptions- and we can just lower all our inhibitions, and clothing, and show each other our techniques as though we do it all the time. What do you reckon?"

"Mum, you're a marvel. I am rostered off tomorrow afternoon and Dad and Dennis won't be home till later as it is the last Friday of the month."

"Good idea. I forgot about the fact that they'll be home late, half drunk and expect a banquet for dinner. I have bad news for them... I have something a lot more important in mind than their stomachs planned for tomorrow afternoon."

"Then it is all formalized. Tomorrow afternoon at 2pm, I'll be here waiting for you to start our lessons."

"Now, I'd better go and get dinner started or those guys will be home and be thinking we are experiencing a famine at 69 Francis Street."

Jane was very quiet at dinner that evening. No one dared comment, as the men, dad and son- 18-year-old Dennis- knew that at least once a month, Jane got into 'one of those moods' where it is safer to keep out of the way and say nothing. Dennis had obviously forgotten that she'd been 'flying the red flag' just last week. After dinner and the dishes were taken care of, everyone went to watch the idiot box for a while before retiring at about 11pm.


That night, Jane lay awake for a long time pondering the afternoon chat she'd had with her mother. She also thought a lot about all sorts of things, but mainly it was to do with the members of her family.

'I have a father who is 44, a mother who is 40, a brother who is 18 and I am 20. None of the four of us is what you'd call movie star quality, but then no one is totally arse-ugly either. My father keeps fit with his work and Dennis doesn't need to do any extra working out as working with dad seems to do a decent job keeping him in good shape. I have caught the occasional glimpse of both dad and Dennis as they were getting out of the shower or left a door open while changing. They both sport a decent package but wouldn't frighten the hell out of any fair maiden with the size of the package. I think Dennis must trim his pubes- either that or he is a very late developer. Nah, with that much meat, it wouldn't be natural to be denied pubic hair. He must trim it. Dad's from the old school- everything is as it grew. Geez, he does have a big nut sack though. Both dad and Dennis have about the same size package- they appear to hang about 4 inches, so I guess they'd get up to 6 inches when aroused. Mum's not in bad shape either. I've seen her getting out of the shower quite often- we girls don't have secrets in that department. Now, I know that mum trims her pubes, as I caught her doing it once. And she keeps it looking quite nice, too. What I can't understand is how she manages to keep her breasts from succumbing to the whims of gravity. She's definitely not huge but they still stand up quite well. And those lovely nipples of hers- I don't know if it is because we sucked them so hard for so long that they are permanently erect or maybe dad keeps them well tended.'

After a few moments spent pondering the day's events, her discussion with her mother and her family in general, Jane wandered off into a blissful, relaxing and deep slumber. She awoke at about 7am the next morning and, not having to rush off to work, decided to lay in bed for a while before even thinking about getting up for some breakfast. Jane dozed again and when she awoke, it was after 9, so she decided to get up and have a shower. After her shower, she was deciding what to do for the day and what to wear when there was a soft knock at her door.

"Who's there?" she asked.

"Mum. Can I come in?"

"Sure, I was just getting dressed". After Jane had got out of the shower she had only put on her panties and bra, but didn't seem too concerned at the fact that her mother was now in her room gazing at her body.

"God, Jane, you look good enough to eat. I just came by to see if our little chat and arrangement was still on today."

"Sure thing, mum. I hadn't planned on doing anything today except just laze around the house and tidy my room. Maybe I'll do a bit of washing if I get the urge."

"You know, Jane dear, you standing there in just your underwear has got me thinking we could bring our little tete-a-tete forward a few hours. Do you mind if I use your shower and you could sit and chat with me while I have a quick shower."

"Not a problem, mum. You get in and I'll go and get you a towel."

Tanya didn't need any second prompting. She stepped out of her robe and into the shower as Jane went to the other bathroom to collect her mother's towel. When she got back with the towel, her mother was standing leaning back against the wall of the shower and was letting the water run all over her as she was rubbing her hands all over her body, giving a lot of attention to her breasts and the neatly trimmed brush between her legs.

Jane just sat on the chair near the door and watched, as her mother became more and more aroused. Tanya snapped out of her dreaming and caught sight of Jane on the chair- still in her underwear.

"Caught me, eh? I was just thinking of you and what a lovely body you have and got a bit carried away. Sorry if I offended you."

"No worries, mum. I was just thinking how nice you look as you rub your body all over. Why don't you get out and dry yourself and we can talk."

Tanya got out of the shower and dried herself but the last thing she wanted to do right now was talk. She had been looking forward to this since their intimate chat the previous afternoon.

"Jane, you sit on that chair and I'll sit on your bed. I have been thinking about how to approach our little 'show and tell' and have decided to just go ahead and do it. I want you to watch everything I do, tell me what you are feeling and ask any questions as I show you how I pleasure myself. OK, honey?"

And with that Tanya sat on the bed facing her young daughter. She ran her hands down her body, spending a lot of time feeling her breasts. She cupped under the breast and gradually worked her hand towards the nipple in a very slow milking motion. This meant that just before her hand left the breast, she was able to give her nipple a bit of a squeeze and pull to heighten her pleasure.

"Does that make your pussy tingle when you pull your nipple like that, mum?"

"It's strange, isn't it, how there is no real sexual connection between my nipple and my pussy, but it sends a tingle between my legs when I pull my nipples. Do you like to play with your breasts and pull your nipple as a lead up to masturbation?"

"Almost without fail. If I am not in a great hurry, I like to massage my breasts and pull the nipples a lot before I put my hand anywhere near my pussy. That way it can get me really turned on to the point where sometimes I hardly need to touch my pussy, before I come with a rush."

During this verbal exchange, Tanya had continued to play with her breasts and now one hand had started to rub down her side and started to approach her pussy. As her hand got to her pussy, Tanya spread her legs slightly more to allow Jane to see the inner parts of her mother's pussy that would normally be hidden by her pubic hair. Tanya slowly, ever so slowly, ran her finger up the exposed slit, which was fast becoming moist from the attention it was getting. Her other hand had remained on her breast and continued to massage and squeeze the nipple.

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