tagIncest/TabooFamily Life Ch. 06

Family Life Ch. 06


Sometime during the night, the rain started. We awakened to a gray, wet day. It was even chilly in the house so t-shirts and sweat pants or robes were in order. We all liked to be nude at home, but there are times when clothing is needed for protection or because of a social event or situation.

When I came into the kitchen, Mom was just starting a pot of coffee. Sue was rummaging around in the freezer. “Good morning. Sue, what are you looking for?”

“Morning, Bud. I’m trying to find some juice other than orange or grapefruit.” Sue was wearing one of Mom’s robes and a pair of her slippers.

“Oh. It looks like you are on a treasure hunt by the way you are digging in there.”

Sue straightened up with can of grape juice in one hand. She turned and tried to push the cold can against my chest. She laughed, “See, Mr. Smart Ass, I knew there was some different juice around.”

“Anything I can do to help, Mom?” She was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and sweat pants. I stepped behind here, put my arms around her and kissed her on the cheek.

She turned inside my arms to face me. “Not at the moment. The coffee is on. Dad is outside trying to find the morning paper.” She tipped her face up and kissed me on the mouth. “How’s my favorite son?”

“I’m fine. Where is Uncle Bob?”

Sue spoke up. “He’s probably still showering or shaving. Can you reach that juice container on the top shelf?”

“Sure.” As I stretched to reach the container, Sue stuck the cold juice can under my t-shirt and against my back. I turned to grab her but she dropped the can and ran around the center island in the kitchen. We were both laughing as I tried to reach her across the island.

“Now, now. No rough housing in my kitchen.”

“It looked more like the start of a grab ass session than rough housing.”

“Morning, Dad.”

“Morning, Bud. Morning, Sue. Dad tossed the bagged newspaper into the sink. He put his arms around Mom and gave her a bear hug and a French kiss.

She pushed on his chest, “What’s that all about?”

“That’s just because I haven’t kissed you in ten minutes. Man, is it nasty out there. The rain is cold and the wind seems to be picking up. Where’s Bob?”

“I’m right here.” Uncle Bob came into the kitchen and picked the bagged paper out of the sink. “Good thing they bag these things, otherwise, with the rain, this paper would be so much pulp.”

“If I’m going to fix breakfast, I’ll need some room to work.”

“O.K., Mom”

“Yes, Dear.”

We all started out of the kitchen. “I’ll set the table, Mom.”

“Thank you, Bud.”

“I’ll fix and pour the juice and make toast.” Sue came over to me. “I’m sorry about the cold can on the back.” She put her arms around me and ran a hand under my t-shirt and up my back. She stood on her toes and whispered, “I’ll make it up to you later.”

It didn’t take Mom long to fix scrambled eggs, sausage and potatoes. Sue poured the juice and fixed toast and I poured the coffee and started a second pot as we sat down to eat.

Mom asked her brother, “Did you sleep well, Bobby?”

“Sure did. And the shower made me feel like a new man.”

Dad looked at Uncle Bob and grinned, “What’s the matter? Aren’t Bud and I good enough for you anymore?”

Bob laughed, “That isn’t what I meant. You guys are great.”

Sue said, “I think they are very, very good, but I’m not sure about great.”

Mom smiled, “I think we need to change the subject.”

Everyone laughed. Dad was looking out of the dining room window. “I’m sure glad we got all of the firewood moved off the hill yesterday. It would be a real chore today. Is it all under cover, Bud?”

“All except the last load or two. There wasn’t room in the shed and I didn’t think to cover it with a tarp.”

“That’s o.k. I don’t remember hearing a forecast for rain, but this is about right for the monsoon season to start.”

“I don’t remember anyone having time to turn on a radio or TV to hear a forecast.”

“Yes, Bobby, you guys were really busy with other things,” Sue piped in.

“Well, I’m glad we got it done. I doubt if I’d be of much help today.” Uncle Bob flexed his arm and shoulder. “I feel like I pulled a muscle.”

Sue giggled, “And I know which muscles got pulled the most.”

Mom scolded, “Sue, you are incorrigible!”

We all laughed and continued to eat. When we finished, Dad and Bob cleared the table and I put on a jacket and cap and ran out to the woodshed. I hauled a half dozen big armloads of wood to the wood box by the patio door.

“Boy, is it raw out there.”

Dad looked at Mom, “I think I’ll go into town and check the house and mail. And I might stop by the office. Is there anything I should pick up?” “No, I can’t think of anything. Just be careful driving.”

Bob was on the telephone.

“Who you calling?” Sue asked.

“I’m checking our voice mail at home. Listen to this.” He handed her the telephone.

Sue listened. “Maybe you better call your office. This sounds like you might be able to make a pretty good commission.” Sue looked at the rest of us. “Bob’s company just won a bid to supply a lot of equipment and supplies to a large manufacturer.”

“I’d better run into the office too. I can check our house and mail while I’m there. They may want me to cut the vacation short by a couple of days. You could still stay here, Sue, but I doubt if I’ll need to go back to work early, since I’m going back next Monday anyway.”

Dad and Bob left for town. I fired up my computer and checked in with my online job. There were a few things to respond to and a couple of phone calls to make, but there weren’t any programs that needed debugging or anything urgent. I worked up to lunch time.

After lunch, I decided to take a nap. Mom thought she might also. Sue said she was going to read. I went to my room, stripped and slipped under the covers. I had been napping for about forty-five minutes or so when I heard the door open. Sue was standing by the bed. I watched as she stepped out of the slippers and slipped the robe off.

She pulled the covers back and got into bed beside me. “Everyone is sleeping and I got lonely.” She leaned over me and kissed me. “Actually, I’m here to make up for the cold can on the back.” She stretched out so she was sort of laying on top of me. She stuck her tongue between my lips and we worked that into a French kiss.

I stroked her back and ran my fingertips up and down the cleft between her ass cheeks. She pushed herself up on her arms and rocked so her breasts rubbed against my chest. “I love to feel your chest hair tickling my nipples and tits.”

Sue started to rub my chest and stomach. She worked her hand down to my crotch. Then I felt her breath on my cock. She licked the top side of the cock shaft, then slipped her hand under my balls and cradled them.

She turned to look at me. “I used to give Bobby a blowjob just about every time we had sex, but we’ve gotten away from that. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed sucking a cock until we came here for the week. My cunt really gets wet when I’m going down on a hard cock. I wonder if Bobby has remembered how much he enjoyed eating me.”

“Well, I can’t speak for Uncle Bob, but if you will swing your cunt over my face I can show you how much I enjoy tickling your clit with my tongue.” Sue swung her leg over me. I propped my self up on my elbows and tongued her cunt. She looked down her belly, between her breasts, and watched as I worked my tongue up and down her slit.

I spread her outer lips with my tongue, then after licking and sucking her tender inner lips, I extended my tongue and ran it around the entrance to her love tunnel. Sue wiggled her hips. “I’ll give you an hour to stop that.” I continued what I was doing and I reached down and softly squeezed a breast. Sue lowered her head and began sucking my cock. I found her clit with my lips. Sue pressed her cunt against my face as I sucked her clit.

I don’t know how long we were in the 69 position, but I was still sucking Sue’s clit and had worked a finger into her ass when I felt a hand touch mine. Sue was licking my cock shaft and swabbing the cockhead with her tongue. I looked up from between Sue’s legs to see Mom. Somewhere, she had lost her long sleeved t-shirt and sweatpants.

“I wondered why it was so quiet in here. I’ve been watching you for ten minutes and I just had to join you. “May I?”

I slipped my finger out of Sue’s ass and lay back on the bed. Sue let my cock drop out of her mouth. She turned and when she saw Mom, she got a big grin. “I wondered how long it would be before you joined us.” She rolled off me and patted the bed.

Mom sat on the edge of the bed. I watched as Sue crawled up behind her, put her arms around her and hefted Mom’s breasts. “I love your tits. I wish mine were as full and heavy.” Mom turned and kissed Sue’s neck. Sue lay Mom back on the bed and Mom turned and swung her legs up onto the bed.

After they got positioned near the center of the bed, Sue began to suck and kiss Mom’s breasts and nipples. I quietly watched as Sue slid a hand down Mom’s belly to her crotch. Sue cupped and fingered Mom’s smooth bare pussy. Then she followed her hand with her head.

Sue got on her knees between Mom’s legs. She pushed Mom’s legs wide apart then she leaned down and began to tongue Mom. I watched as Mom touched Sue’s face with one hand and pinched and squeezed her own nipples with the other. “Oh, that feels so good.”

I had my cock in my hand and was slowly stroking it as I watched the two women. Sue was still on her knees with her face buried in Mom’s pussy and her ass in the air. I crawled across the bed and kneeled behind Sue. She didn’t stop eating Mom as she moved her knees and feet apart so I could kneel between them.

I put one hand on her hip and guided my cock to the her cunt. Sue reached back with one hand and touched my cock as I slipped it into her warm wet pussy. Sue continued to eat Mom as I fucked her with long slow strokes. I moved my hips in a circling motion as I pumped my cock in and out of Sue’s cunt. Sue would occasionally rotate her hips too.

She stop licking Mom’s pussy lips and clit and lay her head on Mom’s belly. “You cock feels like it is probing every part of my pussy. I can’t concentrate. I just want to be here and feel you fuck me.”

I put my arms around Sue and pulled her up so she was leaning against my chest, then I leaned back so I was on my knees and my ass was sitting on my haunches. Sue’s legs were over my thighs and her legs were spread wide.

Mom rolled onto her stomach in front of us. She licked my balls, then up my cock shaft. Then she licked up Sue’s slit to her clit. “Sue, you should see how beautiful your pussy is with your engorged, pink lips spread by Bud’s thick cock.” Mom licked us from balls to clit. Sue just sighed.

I cupped each of her firm breasts in my hands. As Mom concentrated on Sue’s clit, I rolled and pinched her hard nipples. She would move her hips a little as I held her. Her breathing changed to quick shallow breaths as Mom sucked hard on her clit. She used one hand to press Mom’s face hard against her cunt and she squeezed one of my hands holding her breast with her other hand. Her back stiffened and Sue tipped her head back and began a soft wail as she began to cum.

Mom softly kissed and licked Sue’s pussy and my cock and I held Sue until she relaxed. I let her down to her knees. My hard cock pulled out of her cunt as she lay down on her side. Mom grasped my cock. She got on her knees in front on me. She positioned herself then slid her lips down my cock shaft until my cock was buried deep inside her mouth.

She clamped her lips tight and pulled her head back. I could feel her tongue pressing hard against the underbelly of my shaft. She backed until my rigid cock came out of her mouth with a pop and slapped upright against my stomach.

Mom got on her knees and crawled up against me. She hugged me and flattened her breasts against my chest, wrapped one hand around my cock and the other around my neck. She pressed her lips against mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth.

We shared a grinding tongue churning French kiss. Mom was twisting and jacking my cock. I slid my hands down to her ass cheeks and pulled her tight against me. We broke the kiss. She turned around and got on her knees in front of me.

As she presented her ass to me, she put one hand on her pussy and pushed two fingers into herself. I didn’t need a second hint. I crawled up behind her and pressed my hard cock into her hand. Mom gripped it and held it against her slit as she pushed her hips back. I groaned as my cock slipped into my Mother’s hot, wet cunt. I groaned a second time as Mom gently squeezed my balls as my pelvis pressed against her soft ass as my cock was buried completely and deeply within her.

Mom began to rotate her hips. I quietly kneeled behind her and enjoyed feeling her pussy move around my cock. I held her hips to steady myself and began to fuck her back. I pumped with long slow strokes and began to rotate my hips in the opposite direction. It did feel good!

Aunt Sue rolled over to watch. I lifted Mom up until she was leaning against my chest, then I leaned back on my heels like I had earlier with Sue. I held one of Mom’s breasts in one hand and rubbed her clit with the fingers of the other. Mom used one of her hands to guide me around her clit.

Sue lay in front of us. She licked my balls and tried to suck one into her mouth, but I couldn’t spread my knees wide enough to give her good access to my sac. So she licked up my cock shaft and replace my fingers with her lips on Mom’s hard little clit.

I looked over Mom’s shoulder as she lifted her other breast and tipped her head to lick her nipple. Sue was gently tugging and squeezing my ball sac as she sucked away on Mom’s clit.

Mom’s thigh muscles began to twitch. Sue sucked and pressed harder with her lips and tongue. Mom’s breathing changed to rapid sort breaths and she was making huffing sounds. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. She gripped my arms and dug her nails into my skin as her orgasm rolled through her.

Sue had turned onto her back. She arched her back and buried two or three fingers in her pussy as she brought herself off with her soft wail.

I held Mom until her breathing returned to normal and her muscles relaxed. Then I lowered her head onto a pillow. I helped Sue turn around and lie down. Then I got between my Mother and my Aunt and pulled up the covers. I put my arms around their shoulders and they both turned up on their sides and leaned against me. We fell asleep together.

A ringing telephone awakened us. I don’t know how long we napped, but the rain was still pouring down and the room was almost dark. Sue rolled over and got out of bed to answer the phone.

When she returned, she got sat on the edge of the bed. “That was Bob. They are going to stay at your place in town. The rain has caused some rock falls in the canyon and the road from town is closed. They said both houses are o.k. but the streets and low areas are pretty well flooded. I told them we were o.k. too and the rain was still pouring down here.”

Sue got up on her knees beside me. I pushed myself up and kissed a nipple. Mom reached up and touched Sue’s other breast. “You have beautiful breasts, Sue.”

Sue straightened up and cupped her breasts. “My tits are o.k., but I wish they were more full like yours.” I pulled Sue down and sucked a nipple and areola into my mouth.

She flipped the covers back. “You poor man. You still have a hard-on and you haven’t popped your rocks.”

Mom reached down and grasped my cock. “We’ll take care of that later.”

I smiled around my mouthful of tit.

Mom dropped my cock and slid off the bed. She watched as Sue picked up and rubbed and twisted my cock and as I continued to suck, kiss and lick Sue’s tits. “You two better take a break and relax a little. It could be a long night.” I stopped my tit sucking and Sue and I watched as Mom turned and walked out of the room.

Sue looked at me, “She sure has a nice ass.” Sue squeezed my cock. “And she’s right. This should be saved for later.” She slid off the bed and bent to pick up her robe.

I rolled around on the bed, “Speaking of nice asses.” I grasped her hips and pulled her back towards me. I kissed each of her ass cheeks and ran my tongue up her butt cleft to the small of her back. “Yours is one fiiinnne ass!”

Sue touched my head. “Hold that thought.” She wiggled her ass and did a couple of hip thrusts as she walked out of the room.

After I got up, I built a fire in the fireplace and refilled the wood box. I decided that I’d better refill the outside wood box too. I got soaked to the skin even though I I was wearing a jacket and cap. I went to my room and changed out of my wet t-shirt and sweatpants and into a robe.

When I got back to the living room, Mom was looking out the patio door and Sue was sitting on the couch near the fireplace. Both were dressed in robes and slippers. I turned on the TV to the local news. The announcer told us that most of the streets were flooded and that there were power outages in parts of the town.

“I’m glad the two of them decided to stay in town.”

“Yes. They’re safe and sound and we’re safe and dry and warm. Really, really warm.” Sue fanned her robe open and closed.

we ate a light dinner. There was an air of anticipation or expectancy and also a hint of hesitancy as to how, or if, we should, or could, pick up from where the telephone had interrupted us earlier.

Mom was sitting on the couch and I was stoking the fire, when Sue said, “I wonder what it is like to soak in the hot tub in the rain?”

“It’ll be a warm and a cold wet since the tub is in the open.”

“Let’s do it!”

“You’ll freeze your butt getting in and out, Sue.”

Sue dropped her robe and stepped out of her slippers and opened the patio door. “Let’s go!”

She dashed across the patio. I dropped my robe, kicked off my sandals and chased after her. I heard Mom laughing, “I’ll have dry towels waiting for you two loonies.”

The rain was cold! I caught up with Sue as she was trying to move the cover off the tub. We got the cover off and jumped in. She threw her arms around my shoulders and wrapped her legs around my waist. I put my hands under her ass and we stood there in the steam and rain as we engaged in a mouth probing kiss.

I sank back into the warm water and Sue rolled so she was sort of floating on her back. “I wish the rain was warm.”


“So I could lay on the grass and fuck in it.” She put her arms around me and we kissed again.

It was sort of strange to be sitting in warm water with cold water pelting your face and head. Sue was fondling my cock and balls and I was cupping and rubbing her smooth bare cunt. “Since it is too cold to fuck in the rain, lets do the next best thing.”

“Which is?”

“Fucking in front of a roaring fireplace!” Sue stopped rubbing my cock and climbed out of the tub and ran to the house. I got out of the tub and nearly froze while putting the tub cover back over it.

When I got back inside, Mom was drying Sue’s back. I picked up a towel. Sue stepped over and started to dry my chest. She stopped long enough to pull me over to stand in front of the fireplace. Mom began to dry my back.

“Did you see the steam coming off Sue as she ran to the house?”

“I may be only steaming on the outside but I’m boiling on the inside.” Sue dropped the towel and sank to her knees in front of me. She kissed my cock. “You poor, cold wet thing. I have a warm place just for you.” Sue sucked my cold soft cock into her mouth. She sucked like she was sucking soda through a straw as she rubbed her nose against my pubis.

It didn’t take long for Sue to suck up a hard-on. I looked down and watched as she would swallow my cock, then pull it out of her mouth and run her tongue up and down both sides of the cock shaft and around the cockhead before swallowing it again.

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