tagIncest/TabooFamily Life Ch. 08

Family Life Ch. 08


I awakened with something tickling my face. It was Aunt Sue's hair. She was laying diagonally across me with her head on one of my shoulders. She was a dead weight, but when I shifted around to get her hair out of my face, she awakened.

She turned her face to me, "What time is it?"

"I don't know. I can't see the clock."

Sue pushed herself up on her elbows and knees. "It's four thirty."

I groaned., "And it's time to get your knee off my nuts."

"Oh! I'm sorry. I'll just kiss them and make them feel better." She moved around and the next thing I knew my Aunt Sue was rubbing my dick across her face as she kissed and sucked my balls.

After pushing myself up into a sitting position, I watched as she started sucking me. I touched her head, "Let's do each other."

Sue grinned then she turned crossways in the center of the bed. She lay on her back with her legs spread. I kneeled over her so my cock was above her face. I got a pillow and pushed it under her hips. ""You want a pillow, Sue?"

"Yes, please."

I pushed a pillow towards her. "There. That's better." She licked the underbelly of my cock then she pulled it down to her lips. I buried my face in her sticky crotch.

We'd been eating pussy and sucking cock for some time, when the bedroom door opened. "Don't you two ever sleep?"

I stopped going down on my aunt and looked over my shoulder. Her husband, Bobby, stood just inside the doorway. "What's up, Bobby? I'm just having a piece of cold cream pie." His wife just slurped louder and sloppier on the cock in her mouth.

"This is up." Bobby had his hand wrapped around his cock. "I was just going to get it taken care of.

"I'd like to help you, but I'm busy."

Sue stopped sucking long enough to say, "You'll either have to wait your turn for a vacant mouth or find some other way."

My uncle laughed softly, "I see an ass that isn't busy."

I stopped eating Sue long enough to look up him, "Help yourself."

"I'll be right back."

Uncle Bobby returned in a short time. I continued to eat pussy and Sue continued to suck cock while he lubed my ass with the silky smooth lotion that we use to grease the skids, so to speak, for butt fucking. He climbed up on the bed and positioned himself behind me. He hadn't taken any time to stretch my butt hole with his fingers, before he started to push his cockhead through my sphincter ring.

It hurt a little, so rather than bite Aunt Sue, I stopped eating her and bit my lip. I pushed back against him and we both gave a sigh of relief, and of pleasure, when his cockhead popped through. I returned to Aunt Sue's less sticky pussy as Uncle Bobby began to fuck my ass with long strokes.

We'd been enjoying each other's company for quite some time when Dad walked in. "What's going on in here?"

Bobby didn't miss a stroke, "Well, I'm having a piece of Bud's ass for an early breakfast treat, Bud is eating cold cream pie and Sue, I think, has fallen asleep with her mouthful of Bud's cock. That's what's going on in here."

Dad laughed, "I thought so. I thought that's what it looked like. May I join you?"

"Sure if you can find an empty place."

Sue tapped my arm, I've got to get out from under here. Between that over head dick sliding in and out of your ass and the legs all around my head, I'm getting claustrophobia." Bobby stopped screwing my ass and I straightened up somewhat so Sue could wriggle out from beneath me."

Sue looked at Dad, "There's a spot open."

I looked at Dad, "Let me start taking of that for you."

He got on the bed and he started to crawl under me. Sue had other ideas. She positioned Dad so his hips were below my face and his head was near the edge of the bed. Sue straddled his head and planted her pussy on his face. I licked Dad's cock then picked it up and wrapped my lips around his plump cockhead. His pre-cum filled my mouth with a sharp taste.

Bobby resumed fucking me as he pumped my ass full of cock and I pumped my mouth full of cock. All I could hear was the soft slap of skin on skin, soft sighs and slurps, and the sucking sounds of mouths and asses filled with cock. Sue was facing me. She was pulling and twisting her nipples as Dad ate her out.

The room filled with light from the hall as the door opened. "So this is where everyone is!" Mom came into the room. "I guess breakfast will be a little late." She got on the bed. "Is there room for one more? Never mind, I see a spot."

She lay on her back and wriggled under me. I groaned around the cock in my mouth when her lips closed around my cockhead. I thought to myself, 'This is some family! I'm sucking my dad's dick. He's eating his sister's pussy. His wife is sucking her son's cock. Her brother is fucking his nephew in the ass.

Mom worked her hand and arm between my legs. She must have pushed a finger or two up Bob's ass because his fuck strokes in my ass quickly became faster and deeper. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that she was finger fucking herself with her free hand.

The strokes from Bobby became erratic and rather jerky. Suddenly he buried his cock balls deep. I could feel him jerk inside my ass I he pumped cum into me. He prodded my prostate gland and I shot a load of cum into mom's mouth. I worked a finger into dad's ass and rubbed his gland. He quickly filled my mouth with warm sweet cum.

When Bobby stopped cumming he fell across mom and buried his face in her pussy. I rested my head on dad's stomach and Sue fell across the top of the pile. We all must of fallen asleep because the room was filled with light when we all began to stir again.

Sue sat up, "Well, that certainly was pleasant."

We all pushed ourselves into sitting positions. Mom looked around, "I think we all need to shower."

We followed her through the house to the out door shower. We quickly showered and dried ourselves because it was a little chilly if you weren't directly in the warm water.

Sue laughed as she dried herself, "Look at inside of my thighs. You two gave me a really good case of whisker burn with your beards." The skin on the inside of her thighs was pink and sensitive looking.

"Let me put some lotion on that." Mom got on her knees in front of Sue. I don't know where she got the lotion, but she was gently rubbing some on the inside of Aunt Sue's thighs.

Sue sighed, "Your hands or so soft." She sighed again when mom kissed her between her legs.

Dad laughed, "Well, guys, if we're going to get anything like food to eat, it looks like it is up to us to do the cooking. We went back inside and started putting together a brunch. Bobby began frying some bacon. Dad found the pancake batter and began to mix it. I started the coffee and fixed juice and set the table.

When Aunt Sue and mom came in, there was a pretty good stack of pancakes and bacon waiting in the warming oven. I noticed Sue's face, throat and chest had a rosy flush, Both women's nipples were hard looking and their areola were all goose pimply. Mom went to wash her face as Bobby was finishing two pans of fried eggs.

"Take a seat, Sue." Dad put a platter of pancakes and a plate of bacon on the table. As I poured the coffee, Bobby walked around the table and served the fried eggs. Mom came back and seated herself as I finished pouring the coffee.

We ate in silence for a few minutes until mom looked around the table and asked, "Does anyone have any specific plans for today?"

"Well, today is the last full day of our vacation here," Bobby set his coffee cup on the table, "I think I'll just take it easy and top up my tan."

"That's a good idea, but I'm getting a little stubbly so I think I'll shower first." Sue ran her foot up my leg. "And you're a little stubbly too, Bud."

"It's probably still too muddy to work on the trail or the grove, so I guess it would be a good idea just to take it easy today." Dad looked over at mom, "and I'll tell you what, dear, you and Sue work on your tans or whatever you want. I'll fry up a mess of chicken and we can have cold chicken for dinner."

Bobby laughed, "I'll help when I'm not tanning. I'm pretty good at opening cans."

Mom smiled, "Well, you did fix a nice breakfast. What do you think, Sue?"

"I think it's a no brainer. It's a deal."

There was laugher all around the table as we finished breakfast. Dad, Bobby and I cleared the table and as we were beginning to wash the dishes, Sue came and got me, "Let's go get de-stubbled."

I started to beg off, but Bobby laughed, "Go ahead, Bud, we'll do the dishes. Sue always likes to have help shaving the backs of her legs."

I followed Sue to the shower off the exercise room. After making sure there were plenty of razors and shaving cream in the shower stall, we turned on the water and began to lather each other's body. Sue spent a lot of time lathering and washing my cock and balls. I, in turn, stood behind her and put my arms around her so I could lather and wash her breasts. I pushed my soapy, slippery cock between her ass cheeks.

Sue began to rotate her hips. My cock ground around between her ass cheeks and her thighs. She moved so my cockhead prodded her pussy and ass holes. I used my soapy hands to juggle and fondle her tits. She bent forward and braced a hand against the shower wall. With her other hand she guided my cock into her pussy. I stuck a soapy finger into her little puckered asshole. Sue looked over her shoulder at me. She blew me a kiss then began to rotate her hips again.

She straightened up after a few minutes of soapy fucking. I turned her around and hugged her against myself. Sue put her arms around my neck. I put my hands on her butt and lifted as she wrapped her legs around my waist. She moved around until her pussy slipped down over my cock. We kissed.

After a short standing fuck, Sue grinned at me, "You're a dirty young man. And you're just the recipe for my dirty old woman. Now, we'd better get shaved and rinsed or we won't even make it to dinner, let alone lunch"

We both laughed as we disengaged and I helped her stand. I shaved Aunt Sue's legs as she shaved her armpits. We both shaved parts of her pussy. She shaved my back as I shaved my chest and stomach. After doing my armpits, Sue started on my legs. Then she started on my cock and balls. The way she tugged and pulled on my cock as she shaved gave me a hard-on.

She ran her fingers over the skin of my cock and ball sac. "Now you're nice and smooth." She laughed, "Both you and Bobby get hard-ons when I shave you. It makes a nice handle to hold while I'm working on you."

After drying ourselves and cleaning up the shower, we carried the towels to the laundry room where we started a load. We went outside to the patio. Bobby was lying on his stomach on a lounge. Mom was just finishing applying sunscreen to his back. Her tanned skin was shiny with a coat of sunscreen.

Sue sighed, "I hate to put on sun block right after showering, but I suppose I should. Will you do my back, please."

I found a bottle of sun screen lotion and began to apply some to her back. "I'll wash your back again when you shower later."

Sue laughed, "And I bet you'll wash my front without me asking."

"That's a given," I laughed in return.

"I figured as much. Now turn around so I can do your back."

When we finished with the sunscreen, Sue got a large towel and spread it over a lounge. She lay on her stomach and closed her eyes. I looked around. Mom was reclining on another lounge and she was reading. Bobby also appeared to be sleeping. I went in the house. Dad was standing at the sink.

"Want some help?"

"No, thanks, Bud. Just a few more pieces of chicken to rinse and dry and then I'll be ready to start frying it."

"You sure you don't want some help?"

Dad dried his hands, "No, the coating is already and the oil is heating. All I have to do is coat the pieces and put them in the pan. so I'd say everything is under control."

I walked over to the refrigerator, "Would you like a brew?"

"Sure. Thanks, Bud."

After refilling the refrigerator, I popped the caps off two bottles and handed one to dad. I watched while he placed pieces of chicken in he hot oil. "You look like you've done that before."

Dad laughed, "Oh, one or twice over the years. Usually when we were having lots of company. Your mother would be trying to do everything, so I'd push her out of the kitchen and take over the cooking and dish and pot walloping chores." He took a pull on his beer, "How about Bobby, you and me getting together later for some man on man pleasure after while."

"O.K. Anything special in mind?"

"No," he grinned, "Just whatever might come up. It would be nice if we could help make Bobby's last day of vacation memorable."

I grinned back, "I'm sure he'd appreciate it and I know Sue would enjoy it." I got a large cooler chest. "I think I'll take some drinks out to the patio." I filled the cooler with beer, juice, sodas, and water. After restocking the refrigerator, I carried the cooler outside. "Anyone want anything to drink?"

Mom looked up from her book, "Oh, that'd be nice. Did you bring some water?"

"Sure did." I opened a bottle and handed it to her.

She held my hand after taking the bottle. "Thank you." Then she said softly, "Just think. We'll be alone here next week."

"Sue? Would you like something to drink?" She didn't stir. She was still on her stomach and sound asleep. Before she fell asleep, she had moved a little so her feet were over the sides of the lounge and her legs were slightly spread.

Uncle Bobby was now reading a magazine. "Bob, would you like something to drink?" He looked up from his reading, "Sure do, Bud. I suppose I should have some water, but a beer sounds better." He had been laying on his stomach, but when I approached him with an open brew he rolled up onto his side. His cock flopped over onto his thigh. I thought about eating a sausage treat with my next beer.

I handed him the bottle, dragged the cooler over into the shade, got myself another beer before finding a towel and covering a lounge. I spread the towel out and reclined back. I sipped the beer and enjoyed lying nude in the sun.

I hadn't brought anything to read so I closed my eyes as I sipped my beer. I must have dozed off because the next thing I remember was hearing mom giggling softly, "Bobby, leave her alone."

Opening my eyes, I looked around. Mom was sitting up. Bobby was standing and straddling the foot of Sue's lounge. He was bent over Sue, who was still asleep on her stomach. He straightened up. His empty beer bottle was in his hand.

"Bobby, leave Sue alone. She's sleeping."

"She doesn't know I'm here. I almost got it last time." He bent over again and spread Sue's ass cheeks. He put the bottle in her ass crack and twisted his wrist. He grinned, "There it goes."

I got off my lounge and walked over to see what he was doing. "Now don't you be bothering her too, Bud." Bobby was working the long neck of the beer bottle into his wife's ass. Sue wriggled her butt. I couldn't tell if it was a reflex to the anal intrusion or if she was awake and enjoying it. I moved around to look at her face. Her eyes were closed, but she had a little smile on her lips. Bobby finished inserting the bottle and went back to his lounge.

Mom got off her lounge and walked over to Sue's. Sue opened her eyes and raised her head, "Huh. Wha? Uh, what's going on?" Before mom could say any thing, Sue rolled onto her back and the bottle up her ass. "Wha! What the hell!" Sue reached behind herself and grasped the bottle. "Bobby! Did you do that?' Bobby tipped his fresh beer in a salute. Sue shook the bottle at him, "You prick! I'll get you later.!" Bobby tipped his bottle again then picked up his magazine.

"Give me that before you throw it at him." Mom took the bottle and set in on the ground. "That was mean, Bobby."

Uncle Bob responded, "It was a joke, for pity's sake."

Mom smiled, "It may have been a joke, but it was mean and I may just help Sue get you later."

Bobby laughed, "Just like old times."

Sue hugged mom then the two women kissed. Sue moved to one side of her lounge and mom lay down beside her. They faced each other and continued to kiss as their hands caressed each other's arms, cheeks, backs, hips, and legs. I watched as Aunt Sue rolled onto her back. Mom sat up then stood up beside the lounge. She was on her knees when she got back onto the lounge She straddled Sue's head with her knees. Sue put her arms through mom's legs. Her hands were caressing mom's lower back and butt as she tipped her head back and began to lick mom's pussy.

Mom was upright on her knees. Her eyes were closed. She was holding her breasts in the palms of her hands - one breast in each palm. She licked her lips as Aunt Sue licked her pussy. Uncle Bob and I watched as mom bent forward and nestled her face into her sister-in-law's crotch.

Bob put down his magazine as he began to stroke his dick. I decided to go inside and get the video camera. As I walked, with the camera, back through the kitchen towards the patio, Dad asked, "What's going on?"

"Oh, Bob tried to cornhole Sue with a beer bottle. Mom got on his case a little."

"That sounds like your mom," dad laughed, "and it sounds like Bobby's up to his old tricks. What's with the camera?"

"Well, mom and Aunt Sue are getting on and bobby is watching them and beating off, so I figured I'd taped it just for the heck of it."

"Sounds like I'm missing the action. I'll be out in a minute."

I walked over and moved my lounge so I could see both Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue and mom. While I was getting settled, Bob got up and walked over to the other lounge. He leaned over and began kissing and licking mom's butt. He was still stroking his now hard dick. He straightened up and moved closer to the lounge. I filmed the scene as he slipped his dick into mom's pussy.

Mom moved her knees father apart, but she didn't stop eating Sue's pussy. Sue continued to eat her sister-in-law's pussy as Sue's husband began to fuck his sister. Dad came out from the kitchen and watched as I filmed mom being fucked by her brother and eaten by her sister-in-law.

"So, Bobby decided to join them." Dad picked up my empty beer bottle and walked over to a point behind Bob. He squatted down behind Bob. I filmed as he wet the neck of the bottle with spit then spread Bob's ass cheeks. Bob looked back at dad but he didn't stop fucking mom as dad worked the beer bottle into his ass. As a matter of fact, Bob seemed to enjoy the anal intrusion. He seemed to speed up and lengthen his strokes.

Dad was working the neck of the bottle in and out and around in Bob's ass when Bob let out a low groan. I knew he was filling mom's pussy with his warm cum. I looked at dad. He pulled the bottle out of Bob's ass and then he stood up. His hard cock was extended straight out in front. He held his cock with one hand as he put his other arm around Bob.

He pulled him back so Bob's dick slipped out of mom's pussy. Dad held his cock as he guided it into Bob's now stretched asshole. Bob grinned as he felt dad's hard cock enter him. I filmed them then put the camera down. Bob's wet, shiny dick was too much for me to resist. I ran over, got on my knees in front of him and took his wet, slick cock into my mouth.

Mom's pussy juices were mixed with his cum, but I could taste both of them. Bob put his hand on my head as I sucked his dick deep. I was able to suck a little cum from him. His dick became harder in my warm mouth. I stopped sucking him, stood up and then guided his dick back into mom's pussy.

I picked up the camera and began filming my parents and aunt and uncle. It was interesting and exciting to watch their four well tanned bodies move together as they engaged in various forms of sex - group, anal/gay, cunnilingus/lesbian, and vaginal/incest. I wished I had three hands so I could stroke my cock as I filmed them.

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