tagIncest/TabooFamily Matters Ch. 02

Family Matters Ch. 02


This tale began in Family Matters Ch 1. You may want to read that first to get some of the back ground into this tale of a loving family in need of a special cock. When we paused Gary was just ready to attempt speaking with his cousin who had caught him with his cock buried fully within her mother's pussy as both of them cried out in orgasmic release. His cousin had fled the room in tears. Gary carried Aunt Ronnie to the shower with her still impaled on his cock and she came right outside of Jessica's door. We resume right after the shower.

When we got to Jessica's door Ronnie said, "I should talk to her about this," and her hand reached for the door knob. I stopped her and she gave me a questioning look.

"Let me talk to her. She was obviously madder at you than she was at me!"

"Well, I guess that makes sense," she replied. Then she kissed me quickly before she walked to her room to dress.

I simultaneously knocked on her door as I turned the knob and entered Jessica's room. "Leave me alone mom" she said with her face still buried in her pillow.

"I'm not your mom," I said as I stepped halfway to her bed.

"Oh my god, what are YOU doing in here!"

"We need to talk," I said.


"Oh no, we will talk and you will participate!"

"Bullshit! I'm leaving!"

"If you even try I will sit on you and hold you down while we talk!"

Jess was turning over on the bed as I said that and took a step forwards. She took a look at me and pushed herself into a sitting position by the headboard. "Ohhhhh no you're not! Not dressed like that!"

I looked down and saw just my towel, realizing I had not gotten dressed. "Shit, I'm sorry, I forgot!"

"Yeah, I'll bet you did," she snarled. "Now just give me your speech and get the hell out of my room."

"I don't have a speech. I said I want to talk with you and that means both of us are speaking. All I ask is that you think before you speak." I started out telling her just how her mom and I had accidentally started being intimate, and asked if she didn't want her mom to be happy. After about fifteen minutes she softened her look and her tone lost its antagonistic sound.

"Gary, please sit down. I am tired of you standing over me in such an authoritative posture!" I pulled out the desk chair and began to sit near the head of the bed. Her eyes flicked down to my towel and she quickly said, "No, not there! Um, er, sit at the foot of my bed."

After another ten minutes she asked, "But, don't you think it is odd for you to be, um, doing it with my mom? She is really old compared to you!"

"She is most definitely not old! And yes, it did seem odd, actually strange the first couple times. She is my Aunt you know. That was the oddest part. But this all started because I just wanted your mom to feel better about herself. Jim really did a number on her and she was in a deep downward spiral. I never wanted this to happen, but now I hope it never ends. Hell, you must have noticed how great she has been feeling this past week!"

"Yes, she is really like a new woman." Jess bit her lower lip for a moment then asked shyly, "Are you saying the change in her is from you fucking her? Jeez, I can't even believe I said those words. Well, is that what you are saying?"

We talked some more and unfortunately, all the talk about the things her mom and I had been doing had an affect on my cock as it began tenting my towel. I tried to ignore it, hoping it would go down, but as usual, once my cock goes up it is there to stay for quite some time. "Oh my god, Gary, you're getting hard! You have got to be kidding me!" She stared at my rising tent when to our mutual embarrassment, my towel parted like the Red Sea and my shaft stood proudly rising to its full length!

I moved to cover up when she said, "No, Gary, let me see what makes my mom so happy. I've never had sex before, I've wanted to but I've never seen one that I wanted to have inside of me. Some of the time I relented and gave the guy a blow job, but usually I just laughed at them and that ended the date. I wasn't real popular with the guys." She laughed at that, her first smile since she caught us in the living room. "You really get that thing inside my mom, huh?"

"For sure, she loves it whether she is fucking me or sucking me."

"Bullshit, it's way too big to suck!" Then Jess added, "Unless she is just doing your tip."

"No, my dear cousin, she pretty much likes to take me all the way down." I grinned before saying, "If anything, your mom gets real excited when my balls bounce off her chin!"

Jess gasped at that and said, "No way, no fucking way!"

Feeling much bolder after our talk I said, "Then why don't you try it and see if you can do it?"

"Jeez, isn't my mom enough for you! You just want to get your cousin to blow your cock!" Jess glared at me and my cock for several seconds before she said, "Well fuck you!!"

"Gosh, Jess, that sounds good too! But I heard it's too big to get inside of you!"

"Cocky bastard, aren't you!"

"Hey, a beautiful girl says she wants to fuck me and when I say I'm for it, now I'm the cocky one!"

"I never said I wanted...did you just say I was beautiful?"

"Most definitely, you are a solid 10, maybe higher!"

Jess blushed at that before, "You've never said anything like that to me before."

"I didn't think you would want your cousin to tell you that."

"Yeah, I probably didn't before, but now I like the sound of it. I need a hug, cousin."

With that said she crawled down her bed and wrapped her arms around me and hugged tight, pressing her tits into my chest and arm. She stared into my eyes quietly for awhile before her hand slipped off my shoulder and landed directly on my cock. "Oh my god, you are so huge! THIS is a cock that I never would have laughed at!" she said as her hand lightly squeezed me.

"Oooh, Jess, that feels real good," I told her in a groan.

She kissed my cheek before sliding down my body saying, "Then this should feel REAL good!" Her lips gently wrapped around my cock head and she lightly sucked on it as her tongue flicked at my tip. I groaned loudly and she pulled off of me with a grin. "Yup, this is definitely a cock I could never laugh at!" She gave me a wink and then slid my cock head back into her warm mouth as her tongue went wild around it.

"Wow, Jess, you do that pretty good!"

"Just 'pretty good'? I thought it was real good!"

"I'm not complaining, Jess, but you have missed most of my cock, like about 8 inches of it."

"But it gets so big around after just an inch or so. I'm not sure I can get it in!"

"There is only one way to find out." She looked at me for several moments as her tongue continued flicking and slurping at my tip. Jess went cross eyed as she looked at my cock in her mouth then took a big breath and pressed her lovely lips further onto my shaft.

"Oh god yes, Jess. That feels lots better," I said as she bobbed her head on the first four inches of my man meat.

After about three minutes of this Jess pulled off of me and licked her lips before rolling her jaw to stretch it. "That thing is huge! I've never sucked one like it before. I can't believe how good it feels inside my mouth. I thought it would hurt or be uncomfortable, but it isn't at all!" She smiled and took me back into her mouth. This time she just never stopped! My hips lurched in surprise when she settled right down pressing her nose deep into my pubic hair. Jess was sucking powerfully on me as her tongue danced on my underside.

I leaned back supporting myself on my outstretched arms to get a better view of her actions. This in turn allowed her to get just a bit more of my shaft into her delightfully talented throat. My cousin immediately shoved even deeper onto me and began bobbing her head deeply on and off of me. She pulled off and quickly said, "Oh my god, you're cock feels so good in my throat!" Then down she went again, sucking and slurping on my shaft frantically.

I moved my hands and began fondling her 34C tits, making her groan around my shaft. Her nipples hardened and were like huge erasers in my grasp as I pinched and pulled on them. Jess had been sucking on me for nearly twenty minutes as she frantically sought out my seed. I gave her nipples a hard twist and she ripped her head from my cock crying out in pleasure, "Oh god, Gary, I'm going to cum if you keep doing that! Oh my god, yes! Cum for me Gary, I want you to cum in my mouth! I want to taste you and feel your cock shoot off in my mouth!"

She slammed back onto me, her head bobbing rapidly as she sucked harder than before. I felt her body begin to shake as I pulled her nipples out as far as possible, giving each of them a savage twist as she groaned around my cock. She looked up and into my eyes before hers glazed over and her body shook uncontrollably as she came from her efforts on my cock. Seeing this, my cock swelled, her eyes focused in surprise again and then my cock shot my first salvo deep into her throat. Her throat massaged the first three ropes of cum from me before Jess pulled back and took my next three blasts into her mouth. Each blast of cum forced her cheeks to swell like a chipmunk's before she hastily swallowed my special sauce just before I flooded her mouth again.

Jessica never took her eyes off of me as she swallowed rope after rope of my spunk. After my sixth blast, I thought I was empty but she just stepped up her efforts as she nearly doubled her intense suction while her tongue lashed furiously on me. Her head bobbed long and deep onto my cock several times before she moaned as my cock lurched and spurted one last time.

"Holy shit, Jess that was a fantastic blow job! My god, you are really good at giving head!" I said as my hips jerked into her mouth some more.

Finally I stopped jerking my hips and my cock stopped throbbing in her mouth. Jess looked up into my eyes and slowly, very slowly she pulled her mouth from my shaft. Her tongue slithered on my underside like a snake on speed until sadly I slipped from her talented mouth. "Wow, what was fucking unbelievable, Gary! Oh my god I love the taste of your cum!" She kissed my tip and jerked my cock, somehow finding another dribble of cum that she greedily licked up. "Your cock felt better in my mouth than any other has, in spite of being soooo much bigger!"

I pinched her nipples again making her groan as I leaned in and kissed her passionately. We searched each others mouths as our tongues dueled in lust. Suddenly Jess pulled back and said, "Oh shit! I need to see my mom right away! I was so wrong to have said what I said!"

She was out the door in a flash with me on her tail, my cock flopping wildly in the air. Ronnie had been worriedly pacing back and forth in her room when a disheveled Jessica burst through her door. "Oh mom, I am so sorry for how I acted!" Jess cried out as she ran to her startled mother and hugged her tightly. I stopped short in her room when I saw them hugging and making up. "I LOVE YOU MOM and if Gary can make you feel better about yourself, then you have every right to fuck and suck him to both of your heart's content!"

"Oh honey, I'm so happy you aren't still mad at me!" Ronnie gushed. "What made you change your attitude?"

"Well, Gary and I talked for quite a while and he made some real good points. But then I saw his cock!" Jessica's face was painted with excitement as she continued, "At first I thought it was way too big for any female to handle, but then he challenged me to suck him off! So I gave it a try and found out that for some reason I could handle him with ease! And it felt so great having him deep in my throat, his cock throbbing like mad before finally cumming in my throat and mouth. I can't believe how good his stuff tastes. None of the guys I have blown before tasted even close to that good!"

"You've been with other guys before?" Ronnie asked with concern in her voice.

"Gosh yes mom, I am eighteen you know! But I have only sucked them off as none of them looked like anything I wanted in my pussy." She smiled at her mother before saying, "Well, none of them until now, that is!"

"Whenever you are ready I am certain Gary would be more than happy to take your virginity and fill you like few women ever are."

"Oh mom, please let me watch you two! I want to watch you cum all over his fantastic cock!"

"Are you sure, it could be awhile before we are finished. Your cousin can outlast a robot!"

"However long it takes, mom! I just want to watch Gary make my mom the happiest woman on earth! I want to see you love someone again and be loved back just a hard!"

And that is just what happened. Ronnie climbed on top of me and slowly sunk onto my iron hard shaft with a groan. Soon she was slamming her hips onto me hard as she rapidly approached her first climax of this session. Jessica didn't remain motionless, instead she walked from one side of the bed to the other in her quest to have the best view possible of the action. At Ronnie's first thunderous orgasm Jess leaned in close exclaiming "Oh mom!" Ronnie and I kissed after she came down, then Jess kissed her mother before turning to me. Jess took my face in her hands and gave me a soul full kiss before whispering in my ear, "You'd better make my mother feel better than she ever has in her life! Do you hear me?" I nodded that I did and she gave me another kiss, her tongue nearly reaching my appendix before she let me loose on her mom again.

Ronnie became a woman possessed as she fucked her cunt on to me harder than ever from one position to another. Each of Ronnie's climaxes elicited exclamations from Jessica like "Oh that was so hot!", "Harder mom! I can see your juices running around his cock!" "That's it Gary, fuck mom harder! Harder damn it!" Any way you get the idea, each cum brought forth another new cry of joy from Jess.

We had been fucking nonstop for over two hours...sometimes hard and fast, other times slow and tenderly...and I had filled Ronnie with four loads of cum while she had throbbed through at least eleven climaxes of her own. I may have lost count though and repeated or skipped a number or two. Ronnie was on her back and I was pile driving my rock hard shaft into her with abandon as her hands clutched at my biceps. With each deep thrust into her tunnel another shuddering gasp escaped her lips. She had a look of complete and total love for the man above her as she gasped with each of my thrusts. I could tell she was struggling to reach her pinnacle in her quest for another orgasm.

Ronnie suddenly screamed "OH GOD GARY I'M CUMMINGGGG!" Her hips thrust up against my pounding cock in time with her shouts. "Oh fuck!" "God yes, Gary!" "Fucking hell!" "MY GOD!" "Yes, god damn yes!" "FUCCCCKKKKKK!" and on and on and on. Her pussy tightened onto my cock making it feel like it was in the grasp of a boa constrictor! This feeling was incredible and my cock awoke and poured another fire hose load of cum into Ronnie's well fucked pussy, making her scream out in exquisite joy.

We were both coming down from our mutual climax and I had given her another four thrusts into her when suddenly she gave me a powerful push with her hands as she shoved me off of her shouting "TOO SENSITIVE! Oh god, WAY to sensitive!" Ronnie curled into a ball, her hands clutching to her pussy which was visibly throbbing profusely!

As her mother moaned in orgasmic overload, Jess leaned in to me and kissed my lips passionately as her tongue found mine and dueled with it for some time. Breaking her kiss, she said happily, "Oh my god, Gary, that was the fucking best thing I have ever seen. You have made my mother soooooo happy with your cock! I love you more than ever for that!" After another hot kiss she dropped her head to my cock and sucked me clean of all of her mother's cum. "Oh mother, your pussy juice tastes so damn good, I love it!" Jess leaned in and lightly kissed her mother who moaned in protest her complaint of "Too sensitive!" barely audible.

I flopped onto the bed beside Ronnie and watched her as she slowly came back to earth and refocused her eyes. "Oh my god Gary, I thought you had fucked me to death! Shit you are too amazing for words. You can fuck me anytime you want, just no more tonight and maybe not tomorrow! Holy shit!"

I had cradled her head on my shoulder when Jess quickly said "I have to taste you!" and her tongue quickly slurped the entire length of Ronnie's pussy.

"CUMMING! OH FUCK, CUMMING TOO MUCH!" her mother screamed as she tried to escape her daughter's mouth and tongue. Jess moved right with her trying to clean her of all of my cum and Ronnie screamed even more "STOP! FUCK I'M CUMMING SO HARD! SHITFUCK SHIT! OHGOD STOP PLEASE STOP! OH,OH,OH,OH,OH,OH,OH,OH,OH,OH,FUUUUUUUUUUCK!" Jessica finally took pity on her mother and pushed up from her mother's bright red pussy! Again Ronnie curled up with her hands in her crotch, her body shuddering every few seconds.

I leaned in and brushed my lips against Ronnie's cheek making her groan again. "Get some rest, lovely lady'" I whispered. Then I slid off the bed and grabbed Jessica and pulled her along with me into the hallway. "Leave her alone for awhile. In fact let her decide when she is ready to see any of us. That was really nasty when you licked her pussy at the end!"

"I knew I shouldn't but I just couldn't help it! Her pussy looked so tasty, I just had to get some!" I was pulling my shorts back on when she said, "That was the most unbelievable display of...um...let's say cocksmanship that I have ever heard of, not to mention seen! You really knew how to get my mom off. Thank you for making her so happy and satisfied!" Then she leaned into me and kissed me with even more passion than her mother had displayed. "Now you go rest up."

I chuckled and gave her tit a squeeze before heading down the stairs. Jess had just let me maul her tit, not making any effort to stop me. I grabbed a Coke from the refrigerator and sunk into a chair in the family room. When I awoke two hours had passed, my mom was home and Jess had just finished making a perfectly timed supper. "Something smells good" came from the stairs and Ronnie groggily staggered into the room.

Mom looked at her sister in shock asking "My god, are you all right, sis?"

Ronnie looked at her and gave a soft chuckle as her eyes went to me and Jess before saying, "Yes, I'll be fine. I'm just having a strong reaction to something I had earlier today!"

Mom looked at her again before finally saying, "Well, are you sure you can eat, then? How about some hot soup?"

Ronnie chuckled at that and said, "Oh I can eat, I can eat a lot! And NO soup! I am famished!" We ate then and mom sat amazed as Ronnie devoured tons of food. "I feel so much better now! That was a wonderful meal, Jess."


That night I was in bed when my bedroom door opened and a shadowy figure slid onto my bed. I said, "Ronnie, you have got to be kidding!" I said. "I thought you would be finished for a day or so."

She giggled before Jessica's voice said, "Oh my mom is definitely done for the night! But she told me that she always blows you to at least two orgasms before going to sleep and I'm here to take her place!"

"I don't want to disappoint you but my cock is suffering a little wear and tear itself!" I said. "How about just one climax tonight and you can owe me the other one?"

"You are a sly fox, aren't you?" Jess said before she slid her lips over my shaft and slowly began the most soft and gentle blow job I had ever experienced. Jess was in no hurry at all as she slowly increased my arousal state without pushing me over the edge. Each time I thought I was ready to shoot, Jess would back off her attack and the feeling would pass. I knew what time I had gone to bed and since I had just gotten into bed, I had a good idea of when my cousin had started making love to my cock. When I glanced at my clock I nearly shit. She had been gently sucking my entire length for well over an hour and showed no signs of stopping soon.

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