tagIncest/TabooFamily Matters Ch. 08

Family Matters Ch. 08


Please read Chapters 1-7 to get the much needed background into this story of one young man and his magical cock that is just what the women of his family desperately require. Thus far Gary and his soothing shaft have bedded his Aunt, cousin, mother, sister, distant cousin Kim as well as Kim's mother. Kim's older sister has been experiencing the incredible draw of his stallion cock and is truly flustered from its affects on her. Gary and Kim had filled the house with the many sounds of incredible fulfilling sex after going to bed the previous night. When they were silent Kim's mom and dad filled the house just as loudly with ecstatic sounds of their own. Mindy's room only had the sad sounds of quick and unfulfilling sex.


I awoke to Kim giving me a fantastic blowjob. No matter what I tried to do, she wouldn't stop until I flooded her mouth with my huge morning load.

Once she was certain she had gotten every bit of my stuff she hopped up and said, "Come on, let's get up! I want to say goodbye to dad and Randy." I pulled on my boxers and caught up with her going down the stairs where I finally gave her a good morning kiss. Both of her parents were dressed and having breakfast, Randy was loading up his car getting ready to drive most of the day to his frantic customer. Mindy was sitting at the table looking like she was hung over.

"Oh, Kim, you're up!" her mother said excitedly. "How about you get dressed and you and I will take your dad to the airport. Mindy is not up to it and I don't want to go alone. Gary can stay here so that Mindy isn't by herself when Randy leaves at the same time we do." Kim looked excited as she ran back to her room and quickly got dressed and 'did' her face.

After they left, (Vicky and Kim both wished me good luck) I asked Mindy, "What's up with you this morning?"

"Oh shoot, I'm so tired this morning. I hardly got any sleep last night."

"That's too bad, I slept like a rock!"

"I suppose you did once you finally decided to go to sleep!" I gave her an innocent, 'who me' look and she continued, "I don't know how you manage it, but, pardon my language, it sounded like Kim was getting gang-banged by two football teams!"

I laughed before saying, "I'll take that as an extreme compliment! And I heard nothing in your language that needs pardoning. In fact, I don't recall ever hearing you say even one swear word."

Mindy looked down at her feet before saying, "I never swear, never have. Nothing has ever seemed like it warranted me having a potty mouth."

"Well, it's up to you." I told her before questioning, "I don't see how we could keep you from sleeping since both Kim and I got a good sleep. So why didn't you get any sleep?"

"Boy you sure ask a lot of questions. Well, if you must know, I wasn't exactly satisfied last night. Then I hear two apparent gang bangs going on and on and on, well" she paused and took a deep breath, then "I ended up so, so horny that I couldn't get to sleep. I mean, every time I closed my eyes I could visualize you guys doing it and then I started to cry, and...and..."

I put my arm around her to comfort her and she nearly jumped out of her skin. "Don't worry, Mindy, I'm certain that things will get better for you and Randy. He seems like a much nicer guy than your dad had led me to believe. Why don't you go try to sleep while I go work out for awhile?"

She thought about it then agreed to try to sleep, hoping to feel better later. She went upstairs while I headed to the basement rec-room. I lifted weights for a while before dropping to the floor and doing my 150 pushups. After getting a drink of water I lay down on the sit-up incline board and hooked my feet under the bar then started doing my sit-ups.

As I counted out '45' I thought I heard something but didn't stop, just as I thought '48' there was a loud metallic 'pop' and the incline board instantly flattened out, trapping my legs under the bar. I let out a blood curdling scream as it felt like I had just broken each leg. Unfortunately I was unable to move due to the way the board collapsed.

I heard Mindy's feet flying on the floor as she ran quickly down to where I lay trapped on the floor. "Oh my gosh, what happened? Are you all right? Can you move? What can I do?" If I hadn't hurt so much I would have laughed at the way her questions flew out of her mouth. We managed to get my legs out from under the apparatus and then she ran to get some ice to put on them.

She flew back downstairs and was at my side instantly, then carefully placed the ice bags on each of my ankles as she again asked if I was all right. I asked her if she could gently massage each of my legs and she did so without hesitation. After several minutes I told her that she could stop.

"Are you sure, Gary? Is there anything else I could do for you?" she asked while her hands stayed on my calves. I looked at her and then at her hands as I thought about this turn of events.

"Yes, there is something else you can do."

"Name it, and I'll do it!" she said hopefully.

"Well, I never finished my sit-ups." I told her, watching her intently. "Would you be a dear and just hold my legs down so I can do them here on the floor?"

Mindy looked at her hands on my legs, then her eyes slowly rose up my body to my eyes and she asked, "Can't you do them without having your legs held down?"

"Not very easily, that's why the incline board works so nicely. But if you don't want..."

"Tell me what to do, Gary. Please." So I showed her where to hold my legs just below my knees. She did as I asked and I slowly began doing my sit-ups. Since I couldn't be sure of where I had stopped, I began with '1' once again. When I got to twenty Mindy asked, "Um, Gary, just how many do you do?"

"One-hundred and fifty," I told her flatly.

"What! But your legs! They must be killing you!"

I smiled at her then said, "To be honest, your hands on my legs are making me feel quite nice. They don't really hurt at all!" Then I resumed slowly doing my sit-ups while she stared in disbelief. I closed my eyes almost all the way, and acted as though I couldn't tell what was going on. My movements, coupled with her hands pushing against my legs, slowly managed to slip my boxers slowly down my ass. By the time I said '70' the waist band was all the way under my butt cheeks. The front of my boxers had been pulled down to about the base of my cock by my movements, yet the only way I could tell was Mindy's breathing had quickened.

As I softly said '90' Mindy gasped out, "Um, Gary, um you're...um, oh my!" My boxers had worked down to the point where half of my shaft was exposed to her.

"I'm fine, Mindy," I said with my squinted eyes watching her squirm. "You're doing a real good job, I'll...92...be done soon. Don't leave me; you are really helping me out here. Just let me know how I can repay you for your kindness." By adjusting my movements I slowed the pace with which my shorts were sliding down. Mindy was really breathing hard by the time I said '120' and my cock slipped free of my boxers.

"OOooooooohhhhhh goodness me!" she gasped as she almost lost her grip on my legs.

I struggled to hide my amusement at her reaction to my now fully displayed manhood. Keeping my closed-eyes look I told her, "Please don't let go, Mindy, I'm almost finished!"

After re-gripping (I had paused to allow her access to my legs) she stammered, "It looks to me like you might just be getting started! Okay, you can start up now, and take your time if you want to."

I resumed my sit-ups and her breathing was harder than mine was. Just as I counted out '145' Mindy said, "Hold on, Gary, I need to adjust my grip." I grunted my agreement and felt the air moving over me and then felt her grab my cock in her hand as she dropped quickly onto me in a reverse cowgirl position. I faked surprise and shock while she cried out, "Oh Gary, forgive me but I'm so horny, and I've heard you making Kim cry out in such release that I can't help it! Oh my gosh, you are so big and you feel so good inside of me!"

Then her body began moving on my shaft rapidly as she sought her much needed release. I sat up and reached around her to fondle her large breasts and her head fell back as she sought my lips in lust. After no more than three minutes she cried out softly in climax and her body shook above me.

"Turn around, Mindy." I told her. "I want to see you." She started to lift off of me and I grabbed her hips and pulled her back down saying, "No, don't get off! Just turn around and face me as you ride me."

Slowly she did as I requested, then she rested her hands on my chest as she resumed lifting up and then dropping back onto my shaft. I pulled on her nipples, stretching them out and she shivered in response. Soon she was slamming her pussy down onto me as I fucked my hips up into her, crushing her clit between us with each movement. I leaned up and kissed her, my tongue dueling with hers in each of our mouths, then sucked her left nipple into my mouth and flicking it savagely with my tongue. "Oooooooooh that feels so good, Gary, don't stop!"

About five minutes had passed since her first climax when again she cried out "Ohhhhhhhhhh my, yes Gary, do it! Give me your stuff. I'm almost there! YES, YES, I need it so bad! OH...OH...OH MY GOODNESS YESSSSSSSSSSSS!" and her body shook again over me as she came again and fell onto my chest holding me tight.

Finally she lifted up her head and smiled at me saying, "Oh Gary, that was so good! Thank you for helping me like this! But I didn't feel you spurt, did you?"

"If you mean 'did I cum' the answer is 'No'," her face fell when I said that.

"Oh my I'm such a failure! You made me feel so good and I couldn't even help you feel good as well!" she cried as she began to sob.

I lifted up her chin and wiped her tears saying, "Don't worry about me, and you are far from a 'failure'! I think you are an incredibly sexy woman that just needs to have her sexuality released. And I think we should continue this in a more comfortable place, like your bedroom!"

"Continue? But..."

"Most assuredly we need to continue. In fact I don't think I have really gotten started yet." She looked at me incredulously then once again began to lift off of me. Again I pulled her firmly onto my lap before saying, "My legs feel fine so don't make a move. Let me handle this!"

With a shocked look she watched in awe as I slowly stood up with her still perched on my cock. As I stood up my boxers fell to the floor and I stepped out of them, then I easily walked to the stairs and slowly ascended them, putting more bounce in my step than required. On the fourth step she closed her eyes and hugged tight to me, groaning with each step. Just before I reached the top step she cried out, "Oh my goodness, I'm almost there, oh my, I can't believe this is happening...yes that's it right there YEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIEYIYEIEIEIEIEIEIEOYUAUEIAIEOAEOIEUEIEAEEESSSSSS!" she cried out as she came again. "Oh Gary, I've never felt that before! How did you...oh my gosh!"

I took my time walking through the house. Then just before starting up the stairs to her bedroom I began lifting her pussy on my iron hard cock and low, guttural 'OH' sounds escaped her lips. I timed my steps up to coincide with my hands dropping her back down onto me and in no time she was panting desperately as her vaginal muscles clamped tight around me. Mindy buried her head in my chest as she began savagely pumping her pussy onto me hard. Her nails were digging into my back on the top three steps as she came again groaning loudly, "Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! OH MYYYYYY!" before she collapsed around me as I calmly walked down the hall and into her bedroom.

I gently sat her on the edge of the bed, then pushed her onto her back with her legs hanging over the edge. She looked at me through glazed eyes and I said, "It's my turn now! And I won't stop until your language gets a bit wilder than 'gosh', 'goodness', and 'oh my'!"

"But...I...I never swear! Never!"

"You will or we will be here for a long, long time!" Then I slowly began giving her long strokes, pulling back until just my tip remained inside her, before slowly pushing fully back into her. Mindy locked her eyes on our joined sex and chewed her lower lip lightly as I went on and on. After several moments I pushed all the way inside her and then just moved my hips in a circle, crushing her clit between us while my cock head rubbed the deep back wall of her pussy.

"Oh you feel so good inside me, Gary, so good. Oh please don't stop!" I gave her about 15 more seconds like that before I pulled way out and then started giving her short strokes with the first two inches of my purple phallus. Her breathing got very ragged and I could tell she was getting close again. My left thumb found her clit and I rubbed it gently as I continued moving slightly in her and she started twitching before me. Just as she began crying out, "Oh Gary, that's so good, I'm nearly there! Oh yes, it's so...OH NO! PUT IT BACK IN!"

"Too tame, Mindy. I want to know that you are really enjoying it. To me, 'so good' is what you say about apple pie, not fucking!" She reached for me desperately but I deftly avoided her. Now in desperation she clamped her hand on her pussy and began finger fucking herself. I slapped her hands away viciously making her cry out again.

She looked at my cock waving before her and softly she said, "Fuck me Gary."

I cupped my hand behind my ear and asked, "Did you say something?"

Her face cracked as she cried out "Fuck me Gary! Oh please, GOD DAMN IT FUCK ME!" Instantly I skewered her with my cock and began pounding her mercilessly with full hard strokes.

Mindy had learned her lesson quickly as she cried out, "Oh god yes! Fuck me with your hard cock! Fuck me and make me cum! Oh shit, please make me cum for you!" Her legs finally pulled up and wrapped around my hips, pulling me deeply into her with each of my thrusts until, "Oh my god, I'm cumming again! Do it, Gary, FUCK ME AND MAKE ME CUM!" Her body began jerking and then she let out a blood curdling scream as she shot upright and tightly wrapped her arms around me as her pussy fucked back at me.

After her powerful climax was over she slowly slid back onto the bed, gasping for air as her pussy muscles twitched around me. "Now that was better, Mindy. But I think you can do even better the next time! So you had better make me proud," I told her as I unwrapped her feet then pushed her legs back. At the same time I managed to pull her body closer to the edge so her ass hung over with my cock firmly inside her, while her legs were pressed fully back onto the bed either side of her head.

With my first thrust in her like this she groaned out, "Oh my god, Gary, you're fucking breaking me in half! Oh your cock is so damned huge...oh yes, I need it...oh god, fuck me, oh fuck me...oh Gary, please FUCK ME HARD!" I did, and when she grabbed behind her legs to hold them in position, I grabbed her hips and began pulling her onto me in time with my thrusts.

Moments later she started a mantra of "Oh...Oh...Oh...Oh...Oh...Oh..." in time with my thrusts. After about two minutes of nonstop 'oh's she pulled her head way back and shook unbelievably hard as she cried out, "OH MY FUCKING GOD I'M CUMMMMMMING! OH FUCK! OH GOD! OH FUCK, FUCK ME GARY! I'M CUMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGG SO GOD DAMNED HARD! OH FUCK! OH FUCK! Oh fuck ME!" Mindy's entire body shook violently as she came harder than before!

She slowly pulled her head back down and looked at me as she weakly said, "Holy shit, Gary, I have never been fucked like this before! Oh my god, you are so good! Wait, I still haven't felt you cum! How can you hold out this long?"

"Well, for one thing, I have extremely good control due to all my sit-ups and pushups. For another, Kim gave me one hell of a blow job this morning and drained my balls to the max!"

Mindy some how managed to give a mighty shove trying to disengage from me as she rolled to her side crying out "Oh my god, Kim! What have I done? I've just fucked my sister's fiancé! I'm such a slut! Oh my god, she'll never forgive me!"

"Well, my pretty one, you may just be surprised by your sister's response." I said as I quickly spun her onto all fours as I started pumping into her doggie style. She gasped in surprise at how quickly I turned her on my shaft while I continued, "As for me, I'm not stopping until your pussy contains at least one load of my hot cum!"


"And I would prefer to deposit no less than three loads someplace in your luscious body!"

"But...oh god you feel so good! Oh...Gary...no...stop! I can't do this to Kim!"

"You all ready have! By my count you have had at least five thunderous orgasms thanks to my cock! Now," I slammed my shaft into her pussy from behind making her grunt loudly, "it is my turn to cum!" My hips were pounding into her unabashedly while my hands gripped her waist and pulled her back onto me in time with my hips. In seconds she forgot about Kim and was moaning and groaning as she begged me to fuck her harder still.

After about seven minutes my balls were churning big time in preparation for the fireworks to come so I slid my right hand around her hip and began flicking her clit with my index finger. Immediately Mindy reached a new plateau of pleasure crying out, "Oh my god, you're going to make me cum again! Do it, Gary, do it! Fuck me and give me your cum! Damn it, harder, fuck me harder! I want your cum! Give it to me, give it to me! GOD DAMN IT GIVE ME YOUR CUM! GOD YESSSSSS, I'M CUMMING ON YOUR COCK! OH FUCK!"

My cock pressed into her again as her pussy tightened around me and I exploded on my third thrust into her super tight pussy. "Oh Mindy, I'm cumming inside your pussy!" I called out.

Mindy's head dropped as she powered her pussy back onto me over and over, gritting her teeth as she shrieked, "Oh my god, I can feel you cumming in me! Give it to me, Gary, fill me with your cum! Fuck me like you've never fucked anyone before! Oh god I'm still cumming, still cumming!"

My balls were drained again as she began coming down from her climax when I gave her one last super hard thrust that shoved her forward onto her face, her tight pussy pulling off of me with a loud pop. We both groaned at the loss of the other's closeness.

I put one knee onto the bed to climb up next to her when Kim and Vicky stepped into the room. "Well, I'm glad you two made good use of your alone time!" Kim said happily.

Mindy jerked away from me and tried to cover herself as she sobbed, "Oh my god, sis, I'm so sorry! Gary hurt himself and I was just trying to help him and...and things just got way out of control! Oh sis, PLEASE forgive me, PLEASE!"

Kim sat down then sprawled out beside Mindy as she stroked my cock with one hand while her other reached out and felt her sister's pussy. "There is nothing to forgive, my dear sister. Ooooh, your pussy is literally soaked with Gary's cum! Look, mom..."

"MOM!" Mindy shrieked as she looked towards the door where Vicky stood.

Kim continued, "See how wet she is! Gary, how many times have you filled her with cum?"


"You see, mom, I told you we needed to stay away longer! Now you and I need to go to the mall for a few hours." She leaned in to me and kissed me fervently before moving to her sister and kissing her with equal ardor. "Now Mindy, enjoy yourself to the fullest and we will talk later this afternoon when mom and I get back."

Mindy looked at her in disbelief then asked, "My god, sis, aren't you mad at me? I just FUCKED your fiancé for Christ's sake!"

"I know you did. He's really good, isn't he? That my dear sister is precisely why I had to bring him along with me." Mindy gave her a very puzzled look so Kim continued, "Both my mother and my sister needed to be fucked really good. Isn't that right, mom?

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