Family Matters Ch. 08



"Yes, Mindy, make certain that you make the most of this time," she told her oldest daughter. "Oh, and don't fuck him so much that you forget to suck that monster of his, it is delicious!"

"Ew yuck! Good grief, mom, it's hard enough for me to consider that you and Gary have done it. And now you want me to blow him too! You know how much I hate doing that! It is just too gross for me to handle."

I had slowly moved back into position with Mindy and gently eased my cock back into her while she was getting kisses from both Kim and Vicky. Slowly I pulled my cock nearly all the way back out before forcefully pumping it back into her, making Mindy close her eyelids and moan in pleasure. "That's it, Gary, fuck my sister like she's never been fucked before. Make her cum till her eyes pop out," Kim told me as she walked to the door. "Dear sister, make sure you enjoy my gift to you to the fullest! This is my way to show you how much I love you! Bye now, have fun both of you!"

"Oh fuckkkkkkkk" Mindy said as they closed the door. After several moments of her moaning to my movements she opened her eyes and looked into mine saying, "This is...ooooooooooooo...really hard to my sister could 'give' you to me and...oh goddddd...tell you to fuck me like that. I can't understa..."

I interrupted her and said, "Mindy, stop talking and just enjoy this day. We will all talk about this later on." I leaned in and kissed her passionately and she wrapped her arms around me and softly moaned into my kiss.

Mindy then ripped her lips from mine as she cried out in pleasure saying, "Oh my god, my future brother-in-law is a stud; a fucking stud with a fantastic cock! Fuck me Gary, fuck me and make me cum again!"

I did just that for the next two hours! I lost track of how many times Mindy came on my shaft, but I know she had over twelve thunderous orgasms, plus untold numbers of smaller climaxes. Each time her legs were either wrapped tight around me or I had them pressed up high over her head. I managed to fill her with three more huge loads of my white lava. We had worked our way through countless different positions and had finally got back to the missionary position. My hips were relentlessly slamming into her and Mindy was pounding her pussy up and onto my cock when her movements dislodged my shaft from her well fucked pussy.

"NO! Don't leave me!" she cried in desperation. "Put it back in!" she shouted as her legs wrapped around my ass and pulled me forcefully back between her wide open legs. The combination of my own movements along with her legs pulling on me forced my cock deep into her upturned and virgin ass-hole. "NOT THERE! I've never done that, STOP! Oh god...that feels so GOOD! Oh Gary, your cock feels so good in my ass. Fuck my ass, fuck my ASS and make me cum!"

Her body thrashed beneath me as I stepped up my movements into her formerly untouched back door. My cock was unrelenting as I was soon slamming into her over and over. I could feel my balls preparing to pump her full of cum again, while Mindy's legs slowly slipped from my ass and flopped onto the bed. I had made her cum so often that I could tell she was nearing another one. Wanting to make sure this one was an orgasm she would never forget, I stepped up my efforts even more as her legs stretched out to each side.

"Oh god, Gary, I'm...almost...there! I'm going to cum with your cock up my ass...your wonderful glorious cock! Oh god, oh YES, here it comes!" she cried out as her sphincter muscle clamped down onto me hard. My balls erupted and my first blast of cum rocketed deep into her poop chute causing her to scream "GOD YES, CUM IN MY ASS! Oh god I'm cumming so hard...FUCK ME! OH GOD FUCK ME MORE..." and her legs stiffened and slowly began bouncing on the bed. Then the bouncing turned into "thump, thump, thumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthump" as Mindy had a colossal climax!

"OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" she cried out as she was swept away by her orgasm. I had never seen a woman shake as violently as she did! My balls gave her every bit of cum they could muster and still her climax wouldn't stop. My hips continued pounding my shaft deep up her ass as her climax went on and on. She grabbed my head and pulled my lips to hers as her tongue searched for mine, reaching deep into my mouth.

Her moans were muffled at first due to our kiss but soon she broke the kiss and I heard her moan, "Oh god, shit, oh god, fuck, oh god, oh god," before rising to a fever pitch "OH GOD YES! OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD YES I'M CUMMING SO HARD OH MY FUCKING GOD!"

Suddenly her hands dropped to her side and her body went limp. My hips slowed and then stopped with my cock fully inside of her and I said, "Mindy, are you alright?" A tear rolled down her cheek before her eyes opened and she gave me a weak smile.

"I...I'm fucking fantastic!"

"I was worried, you looked like you passed out there." I told her.

She wrapped her arms around me and hugged tight to me before saying, "I did pass out! Nobody has ever fucked me like that! I have never 'thumped' except when I did it to myself, and believe me I have searched high and low for a guy that could do that to me. Oh my god, I love what you can do to me." We kissed for several seconds before she said "Thank you and Kim for this! I will never forget being able to fuck you today!" I gave her a knowing smile and she said, "What?"

"You don't really think this is a one time deal, do you?" I asked.

"You can't mean that! How can you think that Kim would allow us to fuck like this again?"

"Because I know Kim! She truly loves her sister and wants you to be happy. Kim also knows that your being intimate with me will be the best thing for you!"

"What about you?"

"Oh, my dear beautiful lady, I will love every second of it! Once you got into it you turned into one fantastic fuck!"

"I'm not even close to as good as you are, but thanks for the compliments! I've never allowed any guy to fuck my ass, but your cock feels so good inside my ass, you must promise that you'll fuck it again."

"Absolutely! But right now I think we need a shower." That said I rolled us over and eased off the bed, Mindy still impaled on my cock. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the water while Mindy clung tightly to me. When the water temperature warmed up I stepped into the shower carrying her with me.

"Gosh Gary, all those workouts of yours really pay off! You don't look muscle bound but your strength is incredible. I must admit I could get used to being carried around like this; it is sooooo intimate and sexy!" Gently I lifted her off of my shaft as she groaned in sadness at her empty feeling. Then I slowly turned her in the water stream before switching places with her.

I lathered up my hands and washed her entire body, paying particular attention to her full breasts, pussy and ass. As each area was cleaned I kissed it lightly before moving on. Then I washed her hair gently before turning her again into the shower stream and rinsing her entire body. Again I began kissing all over her body and turned her away from the spray. I brought my lips to her pussy and gently began sliding my tongue the full length of her slit, forcing it in as far as possible.

"Oh Gary, nobody's done that to me...ooooo...since I was 16 years old! Oh god, your tongue feels so good...oh fuck so good! He didn't know what he was doing and ended up biting my clit hard, then I kicked him in the balls and we never saw...oooohhh shittt...each other again. Oh my god that feels good!" Mindy was humping her pussy against my face rapidly as I alternated between plowing her slit with my tongue and attacking her rock hard clit with it.

Mindy leaned back into a corner so I braced her left foot with my knee then took her right foot and lifted it up and draped her leg over my shoulder. She gasped at my increased access to her pussy. Just as she said, "God this feels so good! I wish Randy would do this to me!" I again moved my lips to her clit and sucked it into my mouth while flicking the tip with my tongue. At the same time I slipped my hand towards her sex and eased my thumb into her pussy while my index finger slid past her sphincter opening.

"OH MY GOD! GOD YES, FUCK MY PUSSY AND ASS, OH GOD!" She tried to regain her breath after the loud scream and only emitted gasps and moans. Finally her hips began shaking violently and I held onto her to keep her from falling over. "FUCK!!! I'm cumming on your tongue! Oh fucking hell I'm cumming so hard. FUCK, don't stop! Suck my clit, SUCK MY CLIT HARDER! FUCK ME HARD WITH YOUR FINGERS! Oh god I'm still cumming...oh my god, oh my god, OH FUCK ME GOD I'M CUMMMMMING!"

Mindy sagged as her leg gave out, my body preventing her from falling as her body shook and convulsed before me. Several moments later she softly said, "Oh sweet Jesus, nobody's ever done that to me! Oh my god, it was the most beautiful climax ever, thank you Gary for everything you've done for me, I can never repay you...or Kim!" I began to remove my thumb and finger from her openings but she shook wildly saying, "NO, NOT YET! Oh god, I'm so sensitive...soooo super sensitive!" Her hands were on my back supporting her as she continued gasping and shaking. After about a minute she said, "Okay, I think you can move." I did so slowly and she groaned "Ohhhhhh godddd I..." and her voice trailed off.

After she pushed herself upright and her right foot was back on the shower floor, I rose up and took her in my arms and hugged and kissed her with everything I had. "Mindy, I am so glad that you liked what I did to you." I told her.

She quickly said, "LIKED it! My god, Gary, I fucking LOVED it! I've never felt anything like it! Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"You don't need to thank me."

"But you need to know how much I appreciated it! Damn it, I wish Randy would go down on me even half this good!"

Then she grabbed the soap and began washing me from head to toe. She saved my cock for last and gently, lovingly took it in her hands and inspected it carefully as she spoke, "Gary, your cock is truly amazing. I have been with a few guys that had bigger cocks, but none of them could do to me what you have today! There was one guy whose cock was longer than my fore arm, and he acted like that was all he needed. So once he got it up, he would just lay back and expect the girl to do all the work. Every time! But you," and she gave me a hard squeeze, "have made me feel so fulfilled and complete. That is something I have never felt before!"

Her hands had slowly been washing my shaft and balls as she spoke. Seemingly satisfied that I was clean Mindy turned me in the spray and rinsed my entire body of soap. Again she turned me so the spray hit my back and then began giving my body kisses, starting at my lips and then working her way down. Then she dipped below my navel and dropped to her knees before me. "Mindy, what are you doing?" I asked her.

"Shhhhh," was her reply. Slowly her lips neared the base of my cock and I saw a shudder go through her body.

"Mindy, you don't have to do this," I told her. "I know you don't like it, and today is to make YOU feel good."

Slowly she dragged the tip of her tongue along the underside of my cock from base to tip before she said, "I told you to hush. Just let me do this to you...for you. I want to make you happy just as you have made me so very happy!" As she finished speaking she slipped my tip between her lips and hesitantly pumped her mouth on me, her tongue tentatively sliding along my underside.

"Oh Mindy!" I gasped and she looked into my eyes with a cock filled smile. Slowly her head pressed forward until my cock head bumped against the back of her mouth. Mindy bobbed her head there for several moments before pulling back off of me, all the while her tongue snaking along my huge vein.

"Do you like that?" she asked. "I want to know I'm doing it correctly."

Then she took me back into her mouth as I said, "Oh god, Mindy, you're doing great! It feels so good!"

Taking the exposed part of my cock in her hands she began jerking me off as her mouth made love to my shaft. For not liking to give blow jobs, she was doing an incredible job on me, making me groan and squirm before her. She had been going at it for well over ten minutes and I was nearing my climax when she pulled off of me, asking, "Are you sure I'm doing it correctly?" I assured her that she was so she said, "Please don't cum in my mouth! Warn me before you cum, so I can pull off of you!"

"But that's the best part!"

"Please Gary, don't cum in my mouth. Promise me that you'll warn me."

"Okay, Mindy, I'll tell you in time. But it really is the best part and you should try it!"

"I did swallow the first time I gave a guy head; it was disgusting and tasted really bad! In fact I only gave one other guy head till now, and I stopped long before he could cum. I've never gone down on Randy."

"Maybe that's why he doesn't go down on you," I offered as advice.

Talk ended as she resumed sucking on my first four to five inches while jerking and stroking the rest of my shaft. I knew she got several doses of my pre-cum as I neared my climax and she paused each time as if evaluating it. Soon Mindy was frantically working her mouth and tongue on me as she groaned into my crotch. Her tongue was doing wonders around my tip and underside as she continually took me to the back of her mouth.

"Oh Mindy, you feel so good! I'm almost there, oh god that fells fantastic!" Several moments later I cried out, "Mindy, STOP! I'm going to cum!" My hands tried to push her away but she wrapped her arms around my ass and held herself tight to me as her mouth stepped up its efforts. "Oh god, Mindy! Stop! God Mindy, you're making me cum! Oh Jesus, stop Mindy, STOP!" Mindy looked up at me and locked eyes with me as she again took me to the back of her mouth as I cried out again, "Oh fuck, oh god, I'm...I'm CUMMING!" as my shaft exploded into her mouth. I watched in near horror as her cheeks swelled like a chipmunk's before hollowing out as she swallowed, then swelled, then hollowed as she struggled to keep up.

As my last small load of cum flew into her mouth Mindy just used her tongue to swirl it around and around my shaft before she swallowed it down. She jerked and sucked my shaft trying to coax more from me before slowly pulling off of me, sucking hard as she did.

"Oh my god, Mindy, I'm so sorry! I tried to warn you but I must have been too late. I'm so sorry!" I told her as a shiver of satisfaction went through my body.

"It's okay, Gary, I liked your pre-cum, so I decided to surprise you. Guess that worked, huh?" I nodded in agreement. She kissed the tip of my cock then said, "God, Gary, I loved how it felt when you blasted your stuff into my mouth! It was an awful lot but I managed to handle most of it, and you taste so good, just like mom said. Now THAT is something I never thought I would say! I still can't get over the thought of mom fucking you...and sucking your cock like I did."

"Well, not quite like you did."

"What do you mean?"

"She swallowed my entire shaft and took much of my cum straight into her stomach, then would pull back and get the last couple of ropes in her mouth."

"No way, my mom deep throated you!!"

"Yup, Kim too."

"Oh my god." she gasped trying to grasp the magnitude of my statement. "My little sister can take your entire cock down her throat?" Again I nodded. "This may be gross to say, but that is something I just have got to see!" She took me back into her mouth and all the way to the back of her throat before pulling off of me saying, "That is just too incredible to believe!"

I suggested we get out and dry off, which she readily agreed to. After drying each other off, Mindy looked into my eyes and asked, "Are you up for more?" as she stroked my half hard cock.

"Absolutely!" I replied emphatically. With a squeal of delight she leapt into my arms and clung tight to my shoulders as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I softly laughed as I turned and again carried her down the hall, my cock easily rising to the challenge and slipping right into her pussy. By the time I was ready to place her on the bed she was rapidly fucking herself on me. So I sat on the bed then slid further onto it before lying on my back and enjoying the sensuous woman on top of me. Mindy had another thunderous climax shortly after we were on the bed, after which our pace slowed greatly as we no longer fucked, instead we passionately made love to one another.

In spite of our much slower pace Mindy still had another six violent orgasms, three of which were of the thumper variety. I filled her pussy twice with more of my hot lava. I heard her stomach growling and suggested we get something for a late lunch. Mindy looked disappointed when I wouldn't carry her back down stairs so I said, "If we do that, I know we will forget how hungry we both are! I told you this was not a one time thing!" She agreed with me but said she really loved it when I walked with her riding my cock.

We quickly whipped up a nice lunch and ate it in the family room. Mindy finished hers and looked at me then said, "Now it's time for desert!" Then she slid around and took my limp cock into her mouth and used her new oral talents to bring it back to life.

Mindy was doing a fantastic job of sucking my shaft when Kim and Vicky walked into the room and Vicky said, "Ew, blow jobs is just so gross!" Mindy looked up in surprise without pulling off of me. Kim just giggled before her mother continued, "Mindy, I am so glad you took my advice about sucking that glorious cock." Mindy simply nodded without taking her mouth off of me, her tongue doing its magic on my sensitive shaft.

Vicky knelt beside her daughter and watched her for several seconds before Mindy pulled off of me and pointed my cock at her mother's mouth. Without hesitation, Vicky took me into her mouth and then slowly pressed down all the way to my root, her nose buried in my pubic hair. "Oh my god" Mindy softly gasped and when her mother didn't pull back but instead just stayed there with my cock deep in her throat she continued, "Holy fuck, mom, that is just...holy fuck!"

"Mom," Kim said, "my prudish sister just said 'fuck', and she said it twice in one breath!" As Vicky pulled her lips from my glistening cock, Mindy quickly took me back into her mouth, bobbing on my first five inches.

Then Mindy pulled off of me again and said, "Little sister, would you like some of your fiancé's wonderful cock!" Without a word Kim slipped in beside Mindy and took me into her mouth and slurped her tongue around and around my purple helmet. She then twisted around and looked into Mindy's eyes as she slowly pressed further and further onto me. "MY god, Kim! How in hell can you do that, holy shit!" Mindy cried out as Kim not only pushed in till her nose was in my pubs but then leaned down pulling my cock down between my legs and then pushed in another two inches worth of cock. "Oh god, Kim, don't hurt yourself!" Mindy gasped at her sister.

Finally Kim pulled off of me and told Mindy, "Your turn, sis, and don't you worry, my guy's wonderful cock will never hurt me, no matter what. We are so lucky, sis!"

Mindy sucked my shaft for several moments before turning me back to Kim as she replied, "Yes, you two are very lucky to have found each other!"

Kim let me slip from her mouth and Mindy quickly sucked me to the back of her mouth while Kim said, "That is not what I meant. But, yes, I think Gary is quite lucky, because I meant 'we' as in you, mom, and me!" Mindy nearly choked and Kim continued, "I intend to share my man with the two women I love the most, for as long as you both want to! And my guess is that you will most definitely want to again and again! I know that mom does," Kim said with a smile.

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