tagIncest/TabooFamily On Heat Ch. 01

Family On Heat Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Cousin Amy

I was awake early that Saturday morning, rubbing the sleep from my eyes as I threw the covers back. I was, as always, careful not to make too much noise or move around too much so as not to disrupt the person laying in bed next to me. I looked down and, sure enough, saw my sister hugging her pillow close to her full chest, her long chocolate brown hair tangled comically over her face. Before you start thinking you've missed the action, let me assure you that nothing of the sort has occurred. My sister Rachel and I have shared a bed ever since we were in the womb together. Being fraternal twins means that we have an incredibly close brother and sister bond, and, even when we moved out here to California to a house with more rooms, it just seemed natural we'd share a room as before. And since bunkbeds are a pain in the ass to climb and not bang your head on the ceiling, we just opted for a double.

Getting out of bed, I didn't bother to put any clothes on other than the white boxer shorts I wore to bed. I simply padded barefoot down the hall to the bathroom, stopping only to stick my head around my other sister, Nikki's door and see that she had gotten in from her late night party. Sure enough, there was the little minx, complete with boyishly-short black hair and a cute little upturned nose. She had a way of getting what she wanted from her older brother and sister by smiling and looking all young and vulnerable. Damn her.

I took a quick look at the wall clock in the bathroom as I stepped in, hand automatically reaching for the shower thermostat. It was 7:20, which meant that I was an hour and forty minutes away from a breakfast meeting with my girlfriend Jennifer. She hates being called Jenny, for some reason. Go figure. I peeled off my tightie-whities and hopped into the shower, letting the warm water run down in rivulets through the creases in between the muscles on my chest and abs, and down the 'V lines' of my groin. Hey, I worked out and had a body to show for it. If there's one thing I'm any good at, and there probably is only one, it's keeping in shape. As a martial artist and all-around adventurer, with the rock-climbing and the skydiving and the like, fitness is very important to me.

Shower done, I ran a towel over my short, bristly brown hair and wrapped said towel around my waist and sauntered back to the bedroom. I could hear Mom pottering around downstairs in the kitchen, probably fixing herself some breakfast before she went to work at the local hospital. Anyway, I turned the door handle and stepped into my room. Just as I padded onto the soft, plush beige carpet I could see Rachel quickly turn over and act dead to the world. I smiled to myself. Fine, let her think she got away with it. I know what she was doing anyway.

Raitch had been touching herself a lot lately. I was beginning to think that single life was getting too lonely for her, if you know what I mean. Even last night, as I laid awake in bed, I felt first the telltale rocking of the mattress beneath us, then the soft squishing sounds as fingers met her lubricated moisture, and last but not least I could hear, and see through barely-open eyes, her open-mouthed, head-tilted-back moans as her electric touch sent shivers of delight racing through her body. It was a good job the bed was big enough for me to sleep a way from her, otherwise my rock-hard erection would have been a dead giveaway that I was awake. Hey, I can't help being turned on by a beautiful girl masturbating two feet away from me. Even if it is my sister.

Figuring I'd play it cool, I dropped the towel and reached into my drawer to pull out a fresh pair of briefs. As I pulled the thin fabric over my limp, floppy dangling penis, I heard Rachel behind me saying, "Good morning bro." I turned and saw her sitting up in bed, the white sheet falling down into her lap to reveal her perfect rounded breasts. Call me a pervert, but I loved the way they looked, with her long brown hair falling over her nipples... Anyway, I walked over to her and leaned down and gave her a quick good morning kiss, as was the custom.

"Morning," I replied. "Sleep okay?"

"Yeah," she smiled coyly. "Fine. Listen, can you throw me my panties?" She pointed to the silky purple knickers lying on the floor three feet from the bed.

"You took them off in the night?" I asked with a smile. I knew damn well she had of course, but it was fun to see her squirm.

"Yeah..." she said, looking away from me. "It was too hot last night to wear them."

I bent down and scooped them up, handing them to her, and then watched her bring her legs up under the covers and pull them on. She then hopped out of bed and left for the bathroom, giving me a quick pat on the arm as she went. Believe it or not, this is a normal enough morning for us.

Games aside, I quickly got dressed and slapped on some of the aftershave I knew Jennifer loved to smell on me. Before Rachel even finished her shower, I was descending the stairs, to be greeted by the sound of my mother singing along to the radio. Quite well, it has to be said. She has a very sophisticated English accent, which explains the London inflection in my own speech. The girls here in California seem to love it, so I won't complain too much. Mom was wearing a dark red silk robe that left her long, tanned legs exposed. Like Rachel but only a bit older, Mom was every bit as beautiful. She has long flowing brown hair and deep, dark eyes that you could get lost in. She turned as I entered the room, coffee mug in hand. "Morning, Sean. Sleep well?"

I kissed her on the cheek. "Yeah, fine thanks."

She stepped over to the toaster, pointing at the bread bin. "You want some breakfast?"

I shook my head. "No thanks, I'm gonna meet Jennifer at the Tradewinds Hotel. She wanted to eat there for some reason."

Mom smiled. "You two are getting serious, huh?" Damn, I hated how observant she could be. And I also hated the fact that it bothered me that she knew we were indeed past the making-out-in-her-dad's-car stage.

"Yeah, I guess," I smiled back. She patted me on the shoulder, and said to me.

"Well, good luck son, she's a real sweetheart. Listen, I have to get dressed now, but why don't you stop by the hospital later and tell me how it went?" She left the room, and was halfway up the stairs as I called back,

"Yeah, okay. See you later."

A quick glance at my watch told me it was almost 8:15. Time to get moving, as I liked to walk on these bright Sacramento mornings instead of drive. In a faded blue pair of jeans and a black Guns N' Roses t-shirt, I looked pretty much like any other rock-loving teenager. I decided to take a walk down by the boardwalk, and take in the invigorating sea air on my way to the Tradewinds. Forty minutes later I was there, strolling into the lobby and feeling the air conditioning hit the perspiration on my forehead. Hot morning. I crossed into the dining hall, and saw her sitting alone at a table for two.

She spotted me immediately and got up, an expectant smile on her face. She was a year younger than me, at 20. I split the distance to her and met her with a big hug and a quick kiss to her full lips. She tasted sweet, like pineapple juice. That figured, since that was what she'd been drinking. I smiled, looking down into those big, wide green eyes I loved so much. She had light browny-blonde hair to down past her shoulders, and a body to die for, with an incredible bust and fine, sculpted butt on an athlete's toned body. Today she was wearing a green vest and a pair of khaki short-shorts, and boy did she look good. I hadn't seen her in all of three days, but even then I knew that was far too long.

"Hey," she said simply, looking up at me, for I was slightly taller than her. She was a tallish woman, scraping 5' 9" to my 6' 2". We sat down to eat, and all the usual chatter. What she'd been doing, what I'd been doing. I noticed as we talked over our plates of scrambled eggs and omelettes, she had a sexy, naughty little glint in her eye that I found a bit of a turn-on. I finally decided to call her on it.

"What's with the smile?" I said with a chuckle.

She leaned in close to me, and I craned my neck towards her to hear. "I've got a free house this week," she said to me softly. "Monday 'til Thursday. I was kinda thinking you could come over... and have a little fun..."

"What kinda fun?" I teased with a cheeky smile. "Monopoly? Charades?"

Jen bit her lower lip, a sure sign of a turn-on for her. "Don't play dumb," she purred. She sat back in her chair and pushed her magnificent chest out slightly. The effect so simple a move had on me was overwhelming... suddenly in my mind I was all over those luscious breasts, like I was last weekend...

"I am dumb," I said, deciding to tease her a little more. She loved the games. "Most of the time I'm actually playing smart."

"Well maybe if I spell it out for you you'll get it?" She smiled, and said, in a low, seductive voice, "I want you to come to my place so I can suck your cock and sit on your face before I fuck your brains out."

Her dirty talk beginning to majorly turn me on, I said to her softly, "Why wait?" With that, I got up from the table, and I could hear her chair being pushed back as she followed...

Not two minutes later Jen was pushing me through the door to the end cubicle of the men's toilets, simultaneously kissing me frantically and tugging my zip open. Like a dog in heat, she thrust her tongue into my mouth as she pushed me onto the toilet seat. My hands were on her chest, caressing her heaving breasts beneath her vest. Quick as a flash her mouth left mine and smothered my hard cock as it burst free from my pants. Vigorously sucking my deep purple head, I noticed her left hand sneak under the waistband of her own khaki shorts and finger herself furiously. She moaned as she kept her lips firmly wrapped around my steel member, and the vibration felt incredible. I let my head go back and my eyes close, enjoying the feeling of her mouth sliding up and down my shaft. I ran my hands through her thick brown hair, and she responded by swallowing my cock, letting it slide down into her tight throat. Fuck, it felt incredible...

Suddenly I felt her lips slide up and off my dick, leaving it bobbing in the air, slick and wet with her saliva. She climbed to her feet, at the same time yanking down her khakis and her white thong, now see-through with her wet juices. "Fuck it, I need you right now baby," she moaned as she moved one leg either side of me and grasped my thick cock with one hand. I raised my hands to her hips and helped guide her gorgeous, toned body down onto my dick.

"Mmmmmmm..." she let out a long, loud sigh as she felt me press into her sparsely-haired pussy. In one slow motion she lowered herself until her legs were on mine, and she was fully impaled on me. "Fuck me baby, I'm so fuckin' horny today..." She was vocal as I pumped my length up into her, and, eyes squeezed tightly shut, she started to bounce up and down on me. Her wetness meant it was easy to slide in and out of her... it felt amazing. My hands found her boobs and squeezed them as I did my best to hold off from coming, and she thanked me by grabbing my head and covering my lips with hers. Her tempo increased, and she was fucking me so hard, yearning for a hot orgasm.

The bathroom door swung open. I quickly grabbed Jen and held her still on my pulsing cock, buried deep inside her juicy insides. The minx playfully ground her hips into me and kissed my cheek with her full, soft lips as I listened.

"Cleaners," came a bored-sounding Mexican voice. Me and Jen looked at each other and sighed quietly. No way could we finish up with a guy outside the cubicle.

Still straddling my lap, Jen kissed me again deeply and mouthed "Call me" before she climbed to her feet, letting my dick pop out of her, and reached down and pulled her shorts and panties up her smooth legs. She blew me one last little kiss, then ducked down and crawled under the divider wall into the next cubicle, where I heard her exit, no doubt passing a very-surprised looking cleaner. I gave myself a minute for my erection to go down, then zipped myself back up and left the cubicle to splash some water on my sweat-soaked brow. I thought about finishing myself off, but decided against it. Sex with Jen during the week at her place would be more than enough for me, no sense in cheating on her with my right hand.

I left not long after, first settling the bill. Jen had left already, probably off home to finish herself off. It was all good, I didn't mind too much. Even though sex was pretty much filling my brain, frustrated as I was that I didn't get to shoot in her pussy. I tried to forget it as I exited the hotel and made for the bus stop. I had promised to go see Mom after breakfast at her place of work at the hospital. I took the time to enjoy the sunshine and such while I waited for my bus. It really was a nice day.

By the time I got to the hospital it was nearing midday. Mom worked in the pediatric department, so I headed up the stairs behind reception. She was nowhere to be found in the ward, so I headed for the staff room. As I opened the door, I heard soft, gentle moans of pleasure. Inching the door open slowly, I saw a woman with light, sandy-brown hair with her back to me. Sitting up on the counter in front of her was my mom, and her legs were wrapped around her as they kissed. I immediately recognized it was Gabrielle, mom's lover, who was running her hands over my mother's full chest as she herself was fingered by Mom's outstretched hand. I turned and tried to close the door quietly, but Mom's eyes quickly grew wide when they opened and saw me at the door.

"Oh my God, Sean," she exclaimed as she hurriedly buttoned up her blouse and withdrew her hand from under Gabrielle's skirt. I could have sworn I saw a flash of pubic hair as her black knee-length skirt billowed.

"Bonjour, Sean," Gabrielle smiled at me. Of the two, I knew that Gabrielle, or Gabi as my mom sometimes called her, was the least shy. She sometimes sunbathed topless in our backyard, or exited the bathroom with only a towel around her waist if she stayed over.

"Um, how was your breakfast?" Mom asked as she straightened herself out, still looking very red. "It was good, we talked about some... stuff," I blabbered. What an uncomfortable situation to be in. Walking in on your mom while she's fingering her girlfriend and having her breasts massaged is embarrassing for all involved, take it from me.

Mom was saying something. "Oh yeah, Sean, in case I forget later, me and Gabi have something we need to talk to you about later. You gonna be home tonight?"

"Yeah I should be," I replied. "Want me to round up Rachel and Nikki?"

"No, that's okay," Mom said. "Just you."

I went home soon after that. On the bus on the way home, this really cute black girl was checking me out in a not-too-subtle way. I smiled back. She had short, dark black hair and light brown eyes. Her chocolate skin and athletic figure, combined with being fucked by my girlfriend earlier and walking in on some lesbian love-making, had me extremely horny. We continued giving each other teasing little looks and glances, and at one point she even licked her lips while giving me a naughty smile. As the bus slowed down, she got up to leave, walking past me. She dropped a piece of paper in my lap. It read -- '650 701 7350. Karla'. I smiled to myself; the way this day was going I might need to give her a call. I know what you're thinking, I already have a loving girlfriend. But just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at the menu.

I got home at about 3.30, and I knew walking in that Nikki would be at college, and Mom would still be at work. The door was locked, meaning I was home alone as I unlocked it and walked in. I headed up to me and Rachel's room and laid down on our bed. Perspiring, tired and horny, I unzipped my jeans and was about to pull out my stirring manhood when my cell phone started to ring. The name on the screen read 'Amy'. My cousin, one who lived just down the street with her family.


"Hi Sean, it's Amy. How you doing?"

"I'm doing good thanks. How about you?"

"I'm cool. Listen, are you doing anything right now?"

Figuring that the honest answer, 'I'm about to jack off' wasn't a smart option, I instead lied: "Nothing much. Why?"

Amy's voice came back, sounding suddenly excited. "I just borrowed this mega-cool DVD, wanted to know if you wanna come round watch it with me."

Not having much else to do, I answered, "Yeah, okay, sounds good. I'll be there in a few."

"Great, see you in a minute." Again, she sounded unusually excitable. Why was that? I considered that question as I put my sneakers back on and walked the four-minute walk to her house. I knocked on the door, and she promptly answered.

She was a tall, slim blonde girl of 21, with legs that went up, up and up to make a shapely ass of themselves. She had an athletic figure, and the figure-hugging pink vest she was wearing accentuated her perfect B-cup breasts. A perpetual devilish glint in her green eyes was present in her eyes as she kissed my stubbly cheek. "Hey Sean, come on in." She turned and led me into the sitting room, giving me the perfect opportunity to ogle her perfect ass as it swayed there underneath her tight, pale blue jeans as she walked.

"Want a drink?" Amy asked me.

"Sure," was my reply, and as she left I sat down on the comfy, wide sofa and picked up the DVD case on the coffee table. Battlestar Galactica. Not exactly what I had in mind.

When she came back I called her on it, and she said: "Hey, don't knock it 'til you've tried it. My friend gave it to me, and she's like the coolest person ever."

Amy sat beside me and flicked on the TV with the remote, but then laid down, her legs over my lap. As the movie started to play, I almost subconsciously, without thinking, started to rub her calves through her jeans. Nothing sexual, just fooling around. After a minute or so I was snapped out of my reverie by Amy fidgeting, and moving her legs slightly. "Don't stop," she said with a smile as I froze. "That feels good." Taking that as an invitation, I rubbed and caressed her legs with more fervour, and was rewarded with a deep, contented sigh from Amy. I massaged higher up her calves until I came to her thighs, and her legs opened slightly to give me better access. I rubbed the outsides of her thighs, then my hands moved around the back. A couple of times my fingers grazed her firm butt, but nothing was said.

I felt her shift a bit, but her eyes remained firmly on the TV screen. Feeling daring I decided to move my hands in between her legs and lightly caress her inner thighs. To do so, however, I needed to shift my position. I laid down behind her, my right hand still slightly between her legs, my mouth just inches from the back of her golden head. I could hear her ragged breathing from this position, and could feel her heart beating faster than normal. Both good signs, I hoped, because if this didn't go down well I'd be in a real sticky situation. And not that kind either.

Luckily, she didn't seem to notice. Or if she did, she didn't say anything. I let my fingers run up one thigh and down the other, coming perilously close to her radiating pussy: I could feel the heat even inches away. My eyes looked back up to the screen and there was, unexpectedly, a sex scene playing. A hot half-naked blonde was mounting some lucky British guy. Pretty explicit for sci-fi, that. It was definitely having an effect on Amy, as her hips started to rock, and she thrust them back into my groin. My mouth was hanging open like a dog as her taut bum rubbed over my penis, which wasn't about to stay limp for long. She was grinding on my right hand as she clenched her legs, my fingers now trapped as her hot womanhood made contact through the layers of her clothing.

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