tagMind ControlFamily Time Ch. 4

Family Time Ch. 4


Jonathan woke up to a wonderful feeling and looked down to see Mel sucking his cock, what a sweet sister she was. He reached down and stroked her nipples as she hungrily worked on his cock and he began to feel his orgasm build, "Oh yeah Mel, that's it sis, take it deep, mmmmm," he moaned as Mel deep throated her brother's large cock. His hands left her nipples and grabbed her head as his orgasm exploded, "Yeah, swallow it sis," he said as he saw a little bit dribble from the corners of her mouth.

She continued sucking, not wanting to lose a drop, "What's keeping you two? Breakfast is ready, oh my!" he heard his mom say from the bedroom door. He saw mom's robe come open and her fingers work at her clit as she watched her daughter finish up with her son's cock and Jonathan motioned for her to come over to the bed and he kissed her and pulled her robe and gown off, admiring mom's luscious body. As Mel continued sucking him, he felt his cock come back to life staring at his mom's sweet body and he took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked it until it was as hard as a rock. His mother moaned as the pleasures took over her body and Jonathan's hand replaced hers between her legs, stroking his mom's clean shaven cunt.

He had Mel climb on his face and lower her clean shaven twat to his face and his mom mounted his now hard cock and guided it into her hot, wet pussy. Mel and his mom French kissed as they rode his body, their hands working each other's tits while he worked their pussies. Mom and Mel's moans filled the room as Jonathan worked to bring them to a dual orgasm. He didn't have long to work as they clutched each other and shook, coating Jonathan's mouth and cock with their juices.

His mom stopped and pulled off of him and then guided his cock into her waiting ass and resumed her fucking, now moaning at each thrust as her son's cock filled her tight ass. She leaned forward and sucked on Mel's tits, squeezing them as she sucked making Mel moan out loud and Jonathan kept pace eating his sister's shaved pussy, the loud slurps filling Mel's senses and the slaps of his mother's ass against his balls filling hers. All three of them came this time, as his bed shook and the screams emanated from his bedroom. His jism loosened his mom's ass and he felt some of it streaming down his balls as they all shook.

His mom and Mel climbed off of him and both of them worked to clean him up, their tongues doing wonders for his now limp cock. He looked down to see his mom and Mel sharing kisses as they cleaned him up. His cock was once again hard, but he thought that the women had already had enough and he asked them to stop and they all showered and ate breakfast. After breakfast, mom and Mel did the dishes and he could see them getting frisky again. Mel got behind mom and pulled her gown up and rubbed her crotch and mom cooperated by spreading her legs to give Mel better access.

Mel eventually had mom bent over the sink and was eating her as Jonathan left to get dressed and go out. He heard screams of pleasure coming from the kitchen as he closed the front door and headed down the walk. He waved to Mr. Johnson as he went down the walk, "Where you headed to Jonathan?" he asked.

"Going downtown Mr. Johnson," he replied. "Come on in and I'll give you a ride, have to go downtown myself," and Jonathan headed up the walk to his front door. Mr. Johnson showed him in and he sat in the living room as he waited. Mr. Johnson was a widower and Jonathan looked around at the pictures in the living room, pictures of his wife and his daughter and son and his grandkids. He hadn't seen his daughter Bethany for quite awhile, she was quite a looker!

Just then, Bethany came out of the kitchen, "Oh hi Jonathan," she said as she saw him sitting there, "Hi Bethany, what are you doing here?" he asked as he surveyed her tight form in her jeans and shorts. "Mike and I are separated, he has the kids for the weekend and I came to see dad. He spends too much time alone and I worry about him," she smiled and then Jonathan caught her eyes and she was transfixed. 'This was great!' he thought, 'I'll have her take care of her dad.'

He had her sit on the sofa while he went and put her dad in a trance also and led him back into the living room, "Is anyone else here?" he asked them and they nodded no, "Good, now Mr. Johnson, don't you think Bethany is beautiful?" and he saw him eye his daughter, "Oh yes." He surveyed the living room and he saw that they were both getting excited, there was quite a bulge building in Mr. Johnson's crotch and Bethany's nipples were about to poke holes in her t shirt.

"Why don't you do a little strip show for us Bethany?" Jonathan said and she jumped up and began to peel her shirt off, her tanned skin presenting itself for their pleasures. She had no bra on and her tits stood out firm and proud as her shirt drifted to the floor and she unbuckled her shorts and slid them over her hips and let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them. I could see Mr. Johnson fidgeting in his seat as his daughter's lovely body was bared for him, she wore very sexy panties, they were mauve colored and had a lot of lace and were high cut. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband and peeled them over her hips and down her thighs and her pert tits offered quite a nice view as she bent to roll her panties down her legs.

She was totally tanned, no tan lines at all and even her close shaved pussy showed nice tanned pussy lips through the thin muff. Mr. Johnson could barely sit still as his daughter's treasures were bared for us to see and I told Bethany that she should help her dad out of his clothes and she pulled him to his feet and began to unbuckle his pants and shirt. His clothes were soon on the floor also and Bethany stroked her dad's hard cock as they looked into each other's eyes.

"Your dad needs you Bethany, you will deny him nothing. This will become a natural thing for the two of you, anytime either of you wants sex, you will provide tit to the other. Let's see what you can do for one another," Jonathan said and Bethany kissed her dad and then moved to her knees and took his cock into her hands, licking the length of either side of his shaft before burying it in her mouth.

Mr. Johnson grabbed Bethany's head and fucked her mouth, Bethany seemed to be quite experienced as his cock was buried to his balls in no time and she never even gagged once. Jonathan didn't know how long it had been for either one of them, but Mr. Johnson soon tensed up and he saw small droplets of cum squirt from the corners of Bethany's mouth. He saw Mr. Johnson get weak in the knees as Bethany sucked the last of his jism from him and then he had to sit down and regain his composure. Amazingly, his cock stayed hard and he knew it wouldn't be long until there would be more pleasures shared between them. "I want your ass baby," Mr. Johnson told her and she got down on all fours as her dad positioned himself behind her and lovingly rubbed her ass cheeks before pushing his cock to her ass.

He entered with no problem and Bethany let out a moan as he did, Jonathan surmised that this must be a favorite of hers All of this sex had given Jonathan a raging hard on, so he thought he would partake of Bethany's ripe mouth while her dad took her ass and lowered his shorts and positioned himself at her face. Bethany took Jonathan's cock deep in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it as Jonathan watched Mr. Johnson fuck his daughter's sweet ass and grab her hips as a handle. The ass fucking was driving Bethany insane and she sucked Jonathan's cock with zest and he soon erupted in her sweet mouth, swallowing all of his jism as it spurt out. After she sucked him clean, Jonathan got up and pulled his shorts up and admired the two of them going at it on the living room floor. As he closed the front door behind him, he could hear them both screaming.

Jonathan smiled as he walked down the street, his gift not only took care of him, but he used it to help others also. He stopped by the arcade as he got to town and saw a bunch of his friends there and they chatted for awhile, then he noticed Marilyn walking down the street and rushed out to see her. "Hi Marilyn," he said and her nose immediately shot up in the air, 'Fucking bitch,' he thought and then he said "Megabyte," and she froze.

"I want you to go into the arcade and suck and fuck as many people as want it," he told her and then he reached out and opened her blouse up all the way so that her tits could be seen as she walked to the arcade. He stood back and watched as one by one, she took guys to the back of the arcade and got on her knees and sucked them, hell even the owner got a blow job! Jonathan smiled to himself as he walked, 'If she had been a nice girl, she wouldn't suffer so much,' he giggled. He stopped at Wright's Drugstore to check out the new computer magazines and was standing at the magazine rack when he noticed a young oriental girl at the soap counter.

He looked at her for a long time, noting the curve of her hips and how the spandex pants clung to them. She was about 5 feet tall and had small tits, a flat stomach and sensual hips, the kind you just love to grab on to. Her jet black hair shimmered as the light hit it and she turned and he saw her almond shaped eyes and as they met his, he saw her go under. He walked over to her, "What's your name?" he asked, "Mai Lyn," she answered. He looked at her close up now and what he saw made his cock rock hard, he would have to have this girl. "Go into the women's room and when you are there alone, lock the door. When I knock twice, wait and knock twice again, open it."

And she headed off to the women's room and Jonathan couldn't help the stirring in his crotch as his cock strained to be let out. He made sure that no one was suspicious and he headed to the back of the store and knocked on the door, waited and knocked again. Mai opened the door and he went in and locked it behind him. His hands grasped her face and held it up as he kissed her, easily guiding his tongue into her mouth and swirling it around hers. As their kiss broke, he asked her," Have you ever had sex before Mai?" and she reached down and grabbed his hard tool through his shorts, "Oh yes, many times," she answered. Her delicate hands moved inside of his shorts and grabbed his hard cock and stroked it, "You are bigger than what I've had," she said and he could have sworn his cock grew another inch or two. "Let's see how well you suck cock Mai," and she dropped to her knees and pulled his shorts down to his ankles.

Jonathan had always heard that oriental women knew how to please a man, and her velvety tongue and lips were making a believer out of him as she worked until she eventually had all of his 8 inches in her mouth and his balls were caressing her chin. He could feel her throat as she sucked him and he noticed that she was breathing only through her nose. Her mouth felt like a warm, wet glove around his hard cock and before he even knew it, his cum was shooting into her waiting mouth as she swallowed it down, not missing a drop.

She stood up now and asked what pleasures he desired of her body and he asked her to show him what treasures she had. She pulled her shirt off and he saw her white cotton bra holding her orange sized tits. Cotton was always such a turn on for him, to him, cotton symbolized innocence. She reached behind her and unhooked it and let it drop off of her shoulders and to the floor, his hands went out to caress these fine, orange sized tits, their nipples already hard. As he caress her tits, her hands rolled the spandex off of her hips and the white cotton panties caught his eye and he could feel his cock grow again. She stepped out of the pants and then rolled the cotton panties down over her hips and let them drop and stepped out of them.

He stepped back and admired the silken hair that covered her sweet crotch and how it too shimmered in the light and he ran his fingers through it. She shuddered as he hit her slit and he outlined it with his fingers, feeling the texture of her soft skin. He rested his finger at the entrance to her hot, wet pussy and she moaned and thrust herself on his finger, burying it inside of her. "Please to fuck me sir," she said as his cock was straining to get at her sweet, tight pussy.

He led her over to the sink and lifted her up and put her on the vanity, he just had to eat this one. Her hands grabbed his head as his tongue flicked out and tasted her juices oozing from her slit. He pulled her legs up and dropped them over his shoulders as he began to eat this oriental beauty with all he had. She fell back against the mirror as his tongue showed her pleasures she had never known, exploring her tight pussy and nibbling on her erect clit. Her pubic hair felt like silk as his tongue glided over it and licked her sweet pussy and she moaned uncontrollably as his tongue did it's work,' Mom sure taught me well,' he thought.

Her orgasm shook her whole body as she filled his mouth with her nectar and he drank it down. Her juices had flowed freely and he noticed some had collected on her ass hole, so he licked them up as well and she clenched her thighs around his head as he did, another orgasm shook through her. "OOOOOOh, I like that," she cooed as she came down from her orgasm. "Ever had a cock in there?" he asked as he tongued her tight ass, "No, but I once put a banana in there, it felt good," she smiled. "Will you put your cock in there?" she asked and he thought about it for a moment, this would be a very tight fit, but who was he to deny this girl her fantasy?

"Sure, but you will have to relax a lot," and he helped her down from the vanity and led her to the stall. He had her grab the rim of the commode and spread her legs as wide as she could and then he spit on his cock to lube it some. He pushed at her entrance, but it wouldn't yield so he dipped his cock into her tight pussy and began to fuck her as her juices further lubricated his cock. When she was totally excited, he withdrew and jammed his cock into her ass all at once, causing her to yelp at the pain.

He rested one hand on her ass cheek as he put the other one to work on her clit, she had to be relaxed or this would hurt the both of them. He held his cock in her ass as he worked her wet clit, rubbing and pinching it until he felt her body relax and then he began to move in and out of her ass. Her body shook at the sensations she was feeling and his cock was soon buried in her as far as it would go. His hand could no longer fit between them and he saw her use her hand in place of his. She soon began to fuck back against him as the sounds of them slapping together filled the small rest room. She was much too tight for him to get off this way, but he kept at it until she shook and came.

As she came down from her orgasm, he withdrew and inserted his raging hard on into her tight little pussy and it enveloped him just like her mouth had done. The smooth walls of her pussy sucked at him, like her mouth had and soon he could feel his balls slapping her pussy as he struggled to get all of him inside. Her pussy was almost as tight as her ass, but her pussy provided lubricant to help him glide in, and soon he could feel his balls tingling, and his load shot out into her tight pussy, making her cum again also as she grabbed the commode to keep her balance. Jonathan pulled out and she turned around and sucked him clean as she looked up at him. She licked his balls clean too and then he stood back and admired this beauty before him. He pulled his shorts back on and got her address before he left, telling her that she would awake when she heard the door close.

Jonathan would have loved to cum in her ass, but being so petite, she was just way too tight. Asses had become an obsession with him lately, here he was just 18, but since he began using his powers, he had gotten all the sex he ever wanted. He smiled at the cashier as he hit the door, careful not to look her directly in the eyes, and he walked down the sidewalk. His next stop took him by surprise, he hadn't expected it. At the intersection, a little old lady was struggling to get her shopping cart up onto the sidewalk, "Here, let me help you," he said and as she looked up at him, she went blank. He had never thought about older women, 'How would it feel to fuck an older woman?' he thought and he asked her where she was going.

"To Mitchell's Retirement Home," she replied and he helped her take her groceries there. He watched her as they walked down the walk, she had a decent body for an old lady, tits kind of sagged, but her hips were firm and her ass too. As they rolled the cart into her room, he saw that she shared it with another lady, this one too was not too bad, he noted. The other lady looked up when they came in and as her eyes met Jonathan's, she went blank also.

"What are your names?" he asked.

"I'm Gladys and that is Betty," the woman he helped said, "And what's the routine around here?" he asked. "These sorry sons of bitches don't care what happens to us," Gladys said, "They don't even check on us until bedtime." Jonathan walked over and closed and locked the door and asked the ladies to strip for him. They both began removing their clothes, 'Not too bad,' he thought as their clothes revealed older, sagging features, but they were still something he had yet to experience.

"Are you two still sexually active?" he asked as they were now totally nude, "No one wants to fuck an old lady anymore," Betty said and Jonathan looked at their aged bodies, Betty had much smaller tits than Gladys, so hers sagged less, and both had sparsely covered pussies. "Would you like me to fuck you?" he asked and he saw the devilish grins come to their mouths. Now he had to decide which one he would take first, the decision was hard, they were both attractive for their ages, but he chose Betty first, her small tits appealed to him.

"Gladys, you lay on the bed on your back and Betty you straddle her in a 69 position and eat each other, which they eagerly did. They went right to work on each other and Jonathan thought that maybe this was nothing new to the two of them as they both moaned very quickly. He got up on the bed behind Betty and rubbed her ass as he inched his cock forward. She shivered as his cock touched her ass cheek and she backed up slightly, wanting it inside of her.

She captured the head of his cock with her experienced pussy and he felt Gladys licking his balls as he buried it in Betty. She felt pretty damn good actually, her pussy was moist and tight as well, he surmised that going without sex had tightened it up. She had great control of her muscles as well, as her pussy milked his young cock and her moans could be heard over her eating Gladys. He looked down and saw that ass of hers as it moved back and forth and decided he would have some of it. He withdrew and pushed against her anus and she moaned even louder, it accepted his cock without a problem and he was soon pumping in and out of it.

It was tighter than her pussy and felt like a small hand jacking him off. Gladys licked at his balls as he fucked Betty's ass and before long, he could feel that familiar feeling in his balls and his cum shot into Betty's ass as he grabbed her ass cheeks and held on. Betty screamed out too, as her orgasm overtook her and Gladys licked up all the cum that oozed out of Betty's ass, hungering for more. Jonathan withdrew and Betty's ass hole remained open and his cum dribbled down into Gladys' mouth and then she licked Betty's ass hole to get the last of it.

"Oh, please fuck my ass too," Gladys asked and he told them to switch positions. Jonathan had Betty suck his cock to get it hard again and then stuffed it into Gladys' pussy, she was not as tight as Betty and he couldn't wait to get at her ass, it had to be tighter. He withdrew and pushed into Gladys' ass, it was even tighter than Betty's, but not too tight, it was like fucking a good fitting pussy.

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