tagIncest/TabooFamily Visit Ch. 03

Family Visit Ch. 03


Travis blinked in shock when his Mom kissed him, then relaxed into the kiss and began to kiss her back. He pulled her closer to him and ran his hands up and down her back, feeling her silky toned skin. She felt so good.

"Damn... Mom sure can kiss and wow, her body feels amazing," he thought as he heard her moan against his lips. She opened her mouth and Travis felt her tongue brush across his lips. He opened his mouth in return and welcomed her tongue inside... the taste of her cascading across his tongue.

"Oh God she tastes so good..." Travis thought as he moaned into the kiss... and his thoughts went naughtier and naughtier. He wanted his Mom, he had for a long time now, but this was the closest he'd ever been to having her before. He didn't want to lose this chance.


Mary moaned into the kiss and felt the lips pressed up against hers open to her questing tongue. Smiling in victory, she slid her tongue into his mouth and tasted him.

"Oh Daniel... Daniel... it's been so long," she thought as she felt strong hands sliding up and down her back... then grasp her ass and begin to knead it. "Oh yes... touch my ass... love me, my Daniel."

She moaned louder and rubbed her breasts up and down his chest, her eyes tightly closed as she drank in the love and excitement flowing through her veins. She was so turned on; a river of her juices was trickling down her thighs to her knees. She hadn't felt this alive in such a long time.

She ground herself against his groin and felt his cock. It was hard and big... and felt bigger than she remembered. "He must be so excited for me. Oh this is going to feel so good."

She broke the kiss and slid down his body, kissing and nipping at his neck as she pulled on his shirt, lifting it over his head and off of him. Once his shirt was free, she opened her eyes and stared hungrily at his muscular bare chest.

Growling softly, she moved in and began to lick and suck on his nipples, closing her eyes once more. The moans of pleasure turned her on even more and she slid down lower until her cheek rubbed up against a very hard cock.

"Mmmm it's so hard... oh I have to have it now..." she thought as she pulled down his shorts and felt something slap her cheek. Opening her eyes, she looked at a very large, engorged cock before her and whimpered with need... then stuck out her tongue and began to lick it.

"Mmmmmm..." she thought happily as she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, savoring him and watching him grow even harder. Slowly she licked down his shaft to his balls and then sucked first one, then the other, into her mouth. She loved his sweaty salty taste and couldn't wait to swallow him whole.

"I'm going to suck your cock off baby..."

With a feral grin, Mary licked back up his shaft and devoured him whole...


Travis was in another world. His Mom had stripped him naked and was licking on his cock like she was starving. It was an amazing feeling; even better than Jen... and she hadn't even sucked him into her mouth yet.

The feel of her tongue on his cock, then her mouth as she sucked on his balls was driving him up the wall. It was when he heard her voice - so sultry and horny - that he nearly blew his load.

"I'm going to suck your cock off baby..."

He blinked in shock at her words, then felt something he wasn't expecting.

"Oh fuck!"

Travis moaned out loud as his Mom opened her mouth and sucked his cock into her mouth. He looked down at her and blinked as she went lower... and lower... and lower until he felt the head of his cock bump the back of her throat, then slide inside.

"Oh shit... not... not gonna last.." was all he could think as he felt his Mom began to swallow his cock, her throat milking him hard and fast while her hands reached up to play with his balls.

"Gonna... gonna cum..."


Mary was in cock-sucking heaven. Her Daniel's cock felt so good in her mouth... better than last time, and he tasted so much better too. He felt thicker and longer and she had to have more. "Hold on tight baby... you're going to love this," she thought as she opened her throat and sucked him the rest of the way in... then began swallowing, milking him with her throat.

Instantly she felt his hips wiggle and she knew he was going to cum hard soon. She wanted that. She wanted to feel his cock expand in her throat and fire burst after burst of hot semen down her throat. She wanted to taste his cum and swallow every drop of it.

"Gonna... gonna cum..."

Mary smiled around his cock and sucked harder. She wanted his cum so bad... but she wanted to look into her Daniel's eyes as she drank him dry. Opening her eyes wider, she slowly began to look up his body. Sucking harder and feeling him begin to thrust into her mouth, she wanted to look into his eyes when he filled her belly with his tasty cum.

"Oh God..."

Mary felt the cum surging up his cock and then felt it blast against the back of her throat. She swallowed hard and looked up into the eyes of... her son?!


Travel moaned loudly and grabbed his Mom's head as he began to fire his cum into her throat. Thrusting into her mouth, he felt like he was cumming a gallon. He stared down at her head and smiled when he saw her eyes look up at him. The lusty look in her eyes spurred him on... but then that look turned into one of fear.


Mary looked up at her son as he was gently fucking her face, his cum filling her mouth as she stared up in shock. His strong cock filled her mouth with cum and she began to choke on it. She had to either spit it out or swallow it... so she swallowed and continued to suck, to get every last drop.

"Oh God, what's going on here? Where's my Daniel? Why am I sucking Travis's cock?" she asked in her mind as she continued to swallow her son's hot and tasty cum.

As it hit her what she was doing, the naughtiness of it all washed through her and she came... hard. Squealing around his cock, she writhed about on her knees and felt her eyes roll back in her head a little. "Oh God... oh God...."

Cum dribbled out of the side of her mouth and Mary slowly came back to herself as she felt her son's massive cock slowly slide out of her mouth. It hung there before her, all shiny and dripping cum and without even thinking about it, she leaned forward and licked it clean... then blinked and lurched away in fear.

"Oh God... what have I done?!"

Mary scrambled away from Travis and stared at him in shock. Her eyes were a mixture of confusion, disgust at herself for what she had done... and a desire to do more. "I... I'm sorry... oh God, Travis... I'm so sorry. I thought you were Daniel."

She turned and ran back to the house, leaving Travis standing there with his cock bouncing in the open air; a stunned and confused expression on his face.


Travis watched his Mom back away in fear then heard her words and felt his heart sink some. "She thought I was Dad."

He watched her run back to the house then slowly picked up his clothes, puling them back on. Once he was dressed, he sat down next to Jen's car and sighed.

"I can't go inside... she wants nothing to do with me right now. I should just stay out here and let things calm down. Maybe I can sneak back in later."

He sat there for a moment or two longer, then remembered the pond on the other side of the hill and smiled. "I'll just go take a swim to cool off and head back home later. Maybe by then Mom will be better."

Travis got up and headed over to the pond. As he arrived, he looked around and smiled when he saw that there was no way anyone could see him where he was. Looking down at his sweaty clothes, he stripped them off and walked naked into the cool water...


Jen smiled at her girls as they played in the pool. They looked like they were having so much fun and she remembered them as babies.

"They were so precious then..." she thought as she unconsciously rubbed her belly. "I hope I can do this again."

"Mary's been gone a long time."

Jen looked over at Rose, her Mother, and nodded.

"She's probably talking to Travis. I asked him to go unload my car for me."

Rose nodded and smiled at her daughter. There was something odd about Jen that she just couldn't put her finger on. "She's smiling so much and she looks a little flushed. She's either coming down with something... or she got fucked real good." Rose thought as she laughed a little inside.

Jen moved a little in her chair and winced. Rose felt her eyes widen some and she shook her head.

"Damn... I'm right. She either played with herself way too hard... or she's been fucked earlier... but the only man here is Travis, and she wouldn't... would she?"

She was about to ask her daughter what was going on, when she saw Mary rush in. She was trembling and looked flushed as well.

"Mary... what's wrong?"

Mary turned to look at them and Rose blinked at the look on her daughter's face. She heard a soft gasp from Jen and glanced over to see her staring at Mary's mouth. She took a better look and noticed that her lips looked a little swollen and...

"Oh my God... is that cum on her chin?!" she thought in shock as she stared. "What the hell is going on here?"

"Mary... come with me. Let me get you something to drink."

Rose looked over at Jen as she spoke and got to her feet, then watched as she quickly dragged her inside. "There's something fishy going on here... and I know only one person who might talk to me about this."

She looked at the girls and saw they had climbed out of the pool and were getting some sun. "I'll be back in a little while. When they come back, let them know.. ok?"

The girls nodded and Rose got up then headed out to the barn. As she arrived, she saw the place was empty. She could hear splashing in the distance and knew where her grandson was... the pond.

"None of the kids have been there in a while. I'm surprised he's using it."

Rose smiled at a memory of her and her Henry there when they were first married and blushed. She'd been fucked so good that night... and many other nights as well there. There was just something about that place; it brought out the slut in her.

"I still can't believe I let Henry talk me into letting him and his brothers all fuck me... but lordy, what a good time we had."

She'd had six cocks to enjoy that night and enjoy them she had. Oh she was sore for a few days and got worried about having a baby and not knowing who the father was... but thankfully she got her flow a little later on so there was nothing to worry about.

Rose climbed over the hill and headed down the path to the pond. As she got closer, she could see her grandson swimming in the dark water. She watched him swim across the pond then float onto his back as he rested in the middle.

"Damn!" she thought as she saw something she hadn't seen in years. "Travis is packing a monster there. That boy's got a real splitter there."

She stood there and watched him and he began to stroke his cock and saw it get even bigger. A tingle moved through her body at the sight and she felt herself growing a little moist. "Damn.. if Jen really did fuck him, no wonder she was wincing. That cock looks like it would stuff a pussy so full."

She slid a hand down to rub herself through her bikini and moaned softly. It had been so long since she had got a good hard fucking... and her grandson was looking real good.

"Hmmm... I wonder..."


"Oh God... oh God..."

Jen shook her head as she moved Mary to the bathroom and wet a washcloth.

"Here.. wash your face... and don't forget your chin."

Mary took the cloth and looked at her confused, then looked in the mirror and saw a massive line of cum hanging on her chin.

"Oh shit!"

She looked at Jen and saw her smirking at her. It was what her sister said next that surprised her.

"He tastes good... doesn't he."

Mary stared at her sister and nodded, then blinked.

"You... you... with Travis... my son?"

Jen nodded.

"Yes.. and so did you."

Mary looked shocked.

"I... I thought he was Daniel. He looked and smelled like him... and its been so long. I... I didn't mean to."

Jen was smiling as she listened, then lost her smile and nodded as her sister's words sank in. "I know... I noticed it too."

She paused then smiled. "I can see you sucked him off... but did you fuck him too?"

Mary blushed red and gasped. "Jen! No!"

Jen laughed and nodded. "You should. He can fuck your brains out."

Mary felt outraged at her sister's words... then had images form in her mind of her son and Jen. She felt herself growing wet again and shook her head.

"How could you?!"

Jen shrugged. "You tasted him, sis. You saw that cock. Let me ask you... how could I not?"

Mary started to reply but Jen stopped her. "It's been a long time for me, Mary. I'm not like you. I need sex. I need a lot of sex and my ex-husband wouldn't give me enough. I've been taking care of my own needs for a long time."

She began to pace as Mary watched. "When I saw him so hard... and knew he was thinking about me... Mary, I had to do it. I needed it so bad!"

Mary was angry at her sister... but as she listened, she remembered her own feelings and needs. The feel of her son's cock in her hand and mouth was amazing. He was just like his Daddy and she missed Daniel so much. She could see Jen's need for affection.

"I understand. I'm not that happy about it... but I understand."

Mary opened her arms to her sister and hugged her tight.

"I'm sorry we took things so far... but my God Mary... I, I think I love him."

Mary looked at her sister in shock and could see the truth in her eyes. She thought about it and if she was honest with herself... she loved her son too, and not in the motherly way. The feel of his cock had her wanting more.

"I know how you feel.."

Jen looked up at Mary and grinned. "You want more of his cock... don't you?"

All Mary did was grin.

To Be Continued...

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