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Author's note:

1. Yes, I'm still working on the final part of Lydia!

2. Yes, this is based at least somewhat on a personal fantasy (as are all of my stories). That said, I've changed the names and some identifying features to protect the innocent. ;-)

3. As with all of my stories, there's a point at which the line between consensual and reluctant gets crossed. If that bothers you, my apologies, but please don't read any further.

Fan Mail

If I'd expected anything to come from it, I'm not sure what I would have done. We'd formed a casual online friendship after I sent her a fan letter over one of her stories. There'd never been any real hard-core flirting or anything; she had a husband and daughter, and I was also married. Neither of our partners were interested in our kinks, but we both preferred stories to random cybersex.

I got the email the day before I was due to leave for my trip. "Hey, you mentioned that you're going to be in Denver this week, right? I've got a business trip there, too. Want to grab dinner?" Thanks to some weirdness with the cost of flights and hotel rooms, it was cheaper for my company to fly me home on Sunday than Friday evening, so we agreed to grab a bite after my conference ended.

If we'd only just started talking, all sorts of fantasies would have gone through my head, but like I said, we'd chatted for a while, and while I found her stories incredibly arousing (and she knew it), I didn't expect anything to actually happen.

I walked into the hotel bar at the top of the hotel shortly after 5 and spotted the woman in the pink blouse, the one thing I knew to look for. "Emma," I asked?

She turned, and it was, indeed, her. We hugged and grabbed an early dinner. She was pretty, but also clearly not someone out on the prowl, wearing a cute blouse, jeans, and light-heeled sandals (okay, I did notice her pink toenails, but I always notice things like that). She had light red hair, a look that worked for her, and wasn't overly made up.

The conversation flowed easily. We certainly did talk a bit about kink, but there was no flirting or suggestiveness. We also talked about plenty of other things, and just generally had a good time.

At the end of the evening, we entered the elevator to head down to the lobby so she could go to her hotel. As the doors shut, she turned to me, grabbed the back of my head, and kissed me hard. I hesitated for maybe half a second before responding, as it was an amazing kiss. When she pulled back, I took a second to gasp for breath, and only then realized what I'd felt at the end of the kiss.

I reached my hands up to my neck as she grinned. She had put a collar on me. And it had a small padlock in it.

"Emma, wha-?"

"Shh!" She put her finger to my lips. "We're both travelling today, and I'm declaring this hotel a morals-free zone. You can say no, and I'll let you go, but I want you to be mine for just one night."

"What are you planning?" I was still a little speechless, but I was turned on. That said, our kinks didn't always intersect.

"To enjoy myself, of course." She grinned and took my hands in hers. "Although I think you might enjoy yourself, too!"

As she talked, she held my eyes with hers, and it was only after the fact that I realized what she'd been doing with my hands. As she held them, she brought them together, and then quickly put them through a loop of satin that she'd had prepared and tightened it. It had a pair of D-rings at the end that helped seal the loop.

"So, will you be mine?"

I didn't hesitate. I'd never been so turned on. "Yes."

She smiled, then quickly attached a chain to my collar and dropped it into my shirt. When it came out, she attached it to one of the D-rings. She pulled the satin into her hand as the door opened on my floor (I'd mentioned my room at dinner, and hadn't even noticed when she'd pushed the button for that floor).

"If you walk real close behind me, like a good servant should, no one might notice your wrists."

I did as she advised. As a bonus, as we walked down the hall, I got to look at her ass, which looked marvelous in those jeans. I also couldn't help noticing what seemed to be a key impression in her back pocket. I suspected that it was my collar's lock, and that she wanted me to see it.

The hall was empty, so we never did find out if we fooled anyone, but when we got to my room, she turned to me. "You've got ten more seconds when you can still back out." She then pulled me to her and kissed me for those ten seconds. I supposed I could have pulled away, but my mind wasn't thinking about that.

She reached into my pocket and pulled out the room key. Once we were inside, she walked me into the bathroom and had me kneel on the floor of the bathtub. She tied my hands to the towelrack, then walked out of the room. From my angle, through the crack in the door, I could see that she was taking off her jeans, and then her black underpants! Alas, the angle made it so I couldn't see anything above her shapely calves.

I saw her put the jeans back on, and then she walked back into the room. The shower had a stool in it for people who needed assistance, and she sat on it, facing me and kicking off her sandals.

"I think I recall seeing some foot fetish stuff on your Literotica Favorites list, right?" Even as I started to answer, she brought her left foot up and stuck the big toe in my mouth. I sucked at it, not really being sure what to do, but wanting to do my best. As I worked, she shoved more of her foot in my mouth, and as I started to try to pull back a bit, I felt her other foot curl around to the back of my head, keeping me in place. She soon had me sucking her entire foot in and out of my mouth.

After a few minutes, she finally pulled her foot out.

"That was nice," she purred. "But I want to try putting something else in your mouth instead.

Before I had an inkling of what was happening, she shoved something cotton in my mouth. "Those are the panties I wore all day yesterday. You can help me clean them. Oh, and these are the panties I wore today!"

She placed her black panties over my head, with the rear over my face. My eyes, nose, and mouth were all covered. I felt her tie something through the pantie's leg holes, and tha panties were pulled snug against my face. Every breath I took pulled in her scent, and the cotton and latex over my eyes, even stretched thin, weren't enough for me to see much more than blurs.

"I need to run downstairs for something. Don't go anywhere," she giggled.

I waited, breathing her in and tasting her, starting to wonder what I'd gotten myself into. For all my interest in kink, I'd never really done anything serious, and I briefly thought about trying to get out. Between the cuffs attached to my neck and then to the towel rack, though, I couldn't move a bit.

After about five minutes, I heard the door open, and Emma walked back in with what sounded like a rolling suitcase.

She walked me into the room and had me stand near the bed. I felt her pull one of the ribbons of satin through my legs, and then I heard a click as she attached a chain from the collar to the D-ring. My hands were now immobilized, not able to move up or down. And the satin ribbon against my bulging crotch only made things more uncomfortable.

Emma walked me around the room, and since it was a small hotel room, I knew she was just trying to disorient me. But walking without seeing anything or being able to use my hands was, indeed, disorienting. When she finally had me lie down, I could tell it wasn't on the bed; it was lower to the ground, but still raised, and slightly cushioned.

I felt cuffs being placed around my feet, and sure enough, she'd cuffed my ankles together, and attached those cuffs by another chain to my wrists. I then felt her wrap what felt like a seatbelt around my chest and tighten it. Another went around my waist. I was completely immobilized.

She lifted my head and untied the string that had held the panties in, rolling the up so that they were now doubled over my eyes. I felt her warmth as she settled on my chest.

"I think you know what to do." She pulled the panties out of my mouth and pulled my head forward.

When she was finally done, Emma reached around the back of my neck, and I realized that she'd secured the collar down, too! I was now completely immobilized.

She shifted off of me, and I heard her moving what sounded like heavy objects near me. After a few minutes of this, she peeled back the panties off my face. As I blinked at the light, I could see that I was in a long box of some sort. It was almost like a more shallow coffin, with wooden sides and a top that was already closed over my legs.

I saw Emma walk up and close the second third of the box, over my torso. She then turned and grinned at me.

"I might not have been completely honest with you. I actually live here in town, and I've had this box around for years! It's an old magician's box, and I can close and open different sections as I need."

She leaned down and kissed me on the forehead, then pulled something tight over my head. I could once again smell her scent.

"These are the compression shorts I wore when I went jogging today." She'd pulled the leghole down by my ear."

"Now, I'm going to close the box. I'm going to spend the rest of the night opening sections of the box when I feel like it and having fun. I expect to have a lot of orgasms, and if you're lucky, you'll get one by the end of the night. And if you're good, I might even let you out of the box before the maid comes."

Emma paused to let that sink in, then purred, "and if you're really good and lucky, maybe I'll take you home in the box with me."

My thoughts raced quickly. She'd lied about being local. Could she have lied about everything else, too? As that thought sank in, she closed the lid, and I was alone in the dark, with her scent in my nose and no way to know how serious she was. I knew I was in for a long night, at least.

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