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Fancy Series: Fancy It?


Spoilers: Everything from "Lovers Walk" on is fair game. And I have mixed around the facts to suit Spike's...er...my story's needs.

Summary: This follows "Fancy That". Spike comes back to Sunnydale for what he left behind. Takes place during Season Four before "The Initiative"

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Background: I'm assuming that Spike came back to look for the Gem of Amarra AND Willow. He is not dating Harmony.


Willow sat on a bench in the university's rose garden. She'd come across the place quite by accident one day when she'd been walking with Buffy. It was situated in the center of a thick wall of rose bushes. She smirked as she looked at the decorative plaque stating that stated the obvious. Nonetheless, the ornamental "Rose Garden" sign graced the well manicured patch of land. So that's what my tuition money pays for.. .dirt, fertilizer, and plants. Wouldn't want to spend it on something silly, like books or hiring some new professors! She reached into her backpack to pull out her lunch, a peanut butter sandwich, a soda, and an apple. She sat back, enjoying the warmth from the sun that suffused her body as she looked down at her notebook.

Buffy couldn't meet her for lunch today because she was training with Giles so Willow reviewed her notes for an upcoming test while she ate. She only had fifteen minutes today, her classes were back to back, but figured she might as well make the most out of it. Her psychology professor gave incredibly hard tests that always contained obscure details from the lecture notes. She was going over Piaget's theory when a hand tapped her on the shoulder. Willow looked up from the white pages into two sky blue eyes. "Spike?" Had she dozed off? Was she dreaming now?

"Hello, pet." He said nonchalantly, as a big smile spread over his handsome face. Spike was enjoying her shock immensely. " Thought I'd join you for lunch today."

Spike was outside. And he wasn't burning to a crisp. "How did this...when did this, uh...?" Her mouth finally fell open in utter shock, unable to speak anymore.

Spike showed her his hand, a small gold ring graced it. "Fancy it, luv? It's called the Gem of Amarra." He said proudly.

"It makes you able to walk in sunlight." She breathed. She took his hand in her own and ran one finger over the ring. On one hand, Willow was elated. Part of the problem in Buffy's relationship with Angel was that they were only able to meet in the shadows. Spike had taken care of that. They could go to the beach, have a picnic, and now he could even lay out and try to get a tan if he wanted too! The other problem with the Slayer's relationship with the soulled vampire was his tendency to lose it and become a homicidal maniac. Homicide. Spike could now prey on humans during the daylight hours.

"Why so glum, pet?" Spike had watched the play of emotions across her face.

"Oh, I'm not sad. Why would I be?" Willow tried to shake off her misgivings temporarily. She'd heard of the Gem of Amarra, she'd look it up tonight at Giles' apartment for more specifics. "Just surprised, that's all. Wanna go do something sunny? We could go to the beach."

Spike smiled, glad that she had accepted this new development. But he hadn't shared everything with her though. For all intents and purpose, he was now invincible. Even a stake through the heart wouldn't hurt him. "The beach, eh?" Spike mused.

She nodded happily. "Yeah, we can go out in the sun now." She frowned, noting his exposed pale skin. "Goddess, Spike, you have to be careful now. The sun's rays are harmful. Y-you could get skin cancer." She said and then grinned. "Well, if you weren't an immortal vampire, you could." She kissed a white finger tip of the hand she still held.

Spike growled low in his throat as he pulled her up from the bench and then lifted her until she stood on it. Now he was shorter than her and he could look up into her face. Willow leaned down to kiss him and her mouth was achingly sweet. He ran his hand under her skirt to pinch her thigh gently. "Been a long time since I did anything on the beach, pet, and never under the sun." Then he waggled his eyebrows suggestively. She laughed, blushing all the way to the roots of her hair. He grinned suddenly, running his eyes over her. "You look beautiful today, did I tell you that yet?"

She leaned down to hug him. "No, not yet. But you say that every time you see me."

"That's because I always mean it." He kissed her softly, it was filled with more caring than passion.

Willow sigh was caught by his mouth. Goddess, she was in trouble, she already knew the vampire was irresistible but she began to suspect that she loved him. What do you mean, 'suspect', Rosenberg? Isn't more like 'know you love him'? She was chiding her own thoughts now. Maybe she should stop by the campus psychology clinic.

Spike reluctantly relaxed his hold on her a bit and smiled mischievously, eyeing the thick tangle of rose bushes that still surrounded them. "I do love your beach idea. But, I came here for 'lunch', pet."

Willow felt that familiar stir of excitement in her belly. She looked over his shoulder at the dwindling flow of students, calculating the odds of someone seeing them. The place was quickly becoming a ghost town. Another class had just started. Class! "Spike, I have class."

Spike wasn't about to give in so easily. Making love to her under the harsh glare of the sun was too good to resist. The ring had given him a renewed sense of power. Spike felt like a god and all he wanted was his goddess. "I told you how much I enjoy being a teacher, didn't I, pet? Don't you want to stay and take my class instead?" He traced a circle on her kneecap.

Yes, she really did. Psychology, schmycology. Willow felt her knees began to weaken. "Maybe I have a little bit of time for just a lesson or two."

"Good girl." He pulled her from the bench and settled her against his hips. "Close your legs around me."

When she did, Willow flushed. She could feel the hard length of him against her. The only thing that separated them was the faded denim of his jeans and her underwear. The skin of her inner thighs was very sensitive to the rough material of his pants and she gasped at the contact. He walked them around the bench until he could lean against it's wrought iron back. She put her arms around his neck. "Are we going to-"

God, he really wanted to. It would be so easy to free himself and push aside the thin barrier of her cotton panties. But she hadn't confessed her love to him. She wasn't yet his. He had to play the game to win her, one false move and the Slayer would take her from him. "Not yet." Spike said hoarsely. He silenced her protests with his mouth, gratified that her body wanted him so much. Then he began to grind against her.

Her wetness stained the front of his jeans as they rubbed against each other. Willow's breath was coming out in harsh pants against his neck as her thighs gripped him harder. His belt buckle scraped up against her belly and the small pain only made the pleasure that much sweeter. They were both hurtling out of control.

He nipped at her neck, teasing her with his sharp teeth. "Bite me, Spike." He sank his fangs in, gorging himself on her blood. She keened then, a startled cry of perfect pleasure. He groaned, as he came in his jeans. Spike pulled his fangs from her neck, sipping the excess droplets of blood. Willow looked at him, with her flushed cheeks, sated smile, and tear-stained eyes then. She caressed his pale cheek with one of her small hands. "I love you, Spike."

Spike's mouth dropped open as felt his world spin gloriously out of control. Willow loved him. He brushed his hand over the ring he had given her last time. Yes, tonight she would be his. Forever.

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