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Fancy Series: Fancy That


Spoilers: Everything from "Lovers Walk" on is fair game. And I have mixed around the facts to suit Spike's. . .er. . .my story's needs.

Summary: This follows "Idle Fancy". Spike comes back to Sunnydale for what he left behind. Takes place during Season Four before "The Initiative"

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Background: I'm assuming that Spike came back to look for the Gem of Amarra AND Willow. He is not dating Harmony.


Willow opened her eyes to see a ruby ring sitting in the palm of her hand. It rested on a gold pedestal and was flanked by two small emeralds. Spike had made her close her eyes before placing the gift in her hand. "It's beautiful." She breathed.

"I'm glad you like it." He plucked it from her palm and then slid it carefully onto her ring finger. "Perfect fit." He murmured. Spike's fingers entwined in her red hair as his gaze met her cool green eyes. "Reminded me of you, pet. Blazing with fire but fresh like a spring meadow. " He couldn't help himself, she brought the poet out in him.

"It's so sweet of you to get this for me." Willow said, touched. Then she smiled impishly, "Even if you do sound like a detergent commercial." She looked down at the golden ring. For a moment, it seemed to grasp her finger and she thought she felt a slight burning sensation but it quickly subsided. Willow shook her head. Too many years spent living on the Hellmouth. She was imagining rings were after her! Maybe she was just allergic to gold.

The heated look he gave her was blatantly carnal and intense and his voice was hoarse as he spoke. "Sweet? I remember how. . .sweet you can be." Willow looked into his eyes, they almost burned her with their heat. She blushed and ducked her head, not used to these new feelings. The innocent action sent a fire storm through Spike, the thrill of pursuit was heady indeed. She could still blush even after all the things they had done together. It drove him wild, those traces of innocence. She was just begging to be corrupted. He smiled at her lowered head before he cupped her chin in his hand and made her look him in the eye. "Now, luv, vampires never do anything for free. Maybe I'm just tempting you. If I keep giving to you, you won't be able to fight me when I decide to take what I want. " Willow gulped, the idea of him "taking" didn't bother her nearly as much as it should.

She knew he was dangerous, he was a killer. But all that raw power was leashed around her. Spike took pains to be gentle with her, because he could hurt her very easily. Not that he was all sunshine and light. The vampire had been ruthless in his pursuit of her. She knew that he followed her when she out at night, kept tabs on her during the day. But it was comforting somehow. He was also extremely generous with her. Gifting her with roses, candlelight dinners, and with his time. Whenever she spoke to him, he listened to so intently. He made her feel that, for him, she was the only person on the Earth. She was the only one who mattered to him. For a girl who'd always been taught that she was ordinary and nothing special -- that was exhilarating. He made her feel so beautiful. So cherished.

They had been seeing each other for a little over a week now. Needless to say, she had kept it from the other scoobies and this caused her some guilt. But it didn't make her stop seeing him. Spike would come for her in his car and he would take her to the mansion for dinner followed by incredible lovemaking. But he never entered her. Not since that night in the factory a year ago. Even though she pleaded with him, he merely pleasured her with his mouth and hands and allowed her to do the same to him. He had forestalled her questions by telling her that he was 'teaching' her about passion and didn't want to push her so fast. Spike told her that he felt bad about coercing her into sleeping with him the first time and wanted to make up for it by using all of his skills to instruct her on pleasure. He said he wanted her to be sure before she slept with him again.

What she didn't know was that Spike was withholding the full physical expression of his passion for her in order to gain control in their relationship. He wanted her with him for eternity. . . wanted her so desperately he would use any means at his disposal to acquire her. Including that ring.

It was a ring that master vampires gave to favored human lovers. The ring implied ownership as well as the handy side effect of making her immortal. He had placed three drops of his blood into a secret compartment of the gold ring and recited an ancient incantation. When they made love fully once more, he would say another incantation. Then, she would live as long as he did, their lives would be forever entwined.

Spike had mercilessly used his status as a vampire to entice her, the thrill of the forbidden was a powerful aphrodisiac. Especially to a girl who had a dark side like Willow. He hadn't hid his demonic qualities from her, instead he used them to his advantage. Willow was captivated by his power and his darkness. It called to the dark space inside her, a place Spike wanted her to get in touch with.

Spike had also made it plain that he wasn't going to share her with anyone else. He listened while she told him of her breakups with both Xander and Oz after his departure and was inwardly grateful that their were no rivals for her affections. . .not that these potential lovers would have lived long.

He made it no secret that he killed nightly when he fed. Willow had a hard time accepting this, she shuddered when he told her. Then she had railed at him, telling him that she'd have the Slayer "stake his sorry ass" and he could go to hell for all she cared. Then she began to cry and tried persuading him not to kill, to live off of bagged blood like Angel. He had flatly refused and then grilled her about her association with the other vampire, jealously looking for any sign of attraction. There had been none. Spike had been put in such a good mood by her answers he offered to kill only evil doers -- rapists and murderers while in town. They had compromised, though he could tell that Willow was still upset about him. . .but she still couldn't give him up.

That's part of the reason Spike was confident that his manipulations were working. That and the fact that she had kept his presence in Sunnydale a secret from her little friends. He was slowly luring her away from them. She seemed to spend less and less time with them lately. Willow had even missed a portion of a 'research party' to be with him. She was growing to need him as much as he needed her. It wouldn't be long now. Not long at all.

"Tempting me, huh? To do what exactly?" She said, trying to use humor to cover up her feelings.

He pulled her to her feet and crushed her mouth with his own, putting all of his hunger into it. Spike thrust his tongue into her mouth, mimicking the action with his mouth that he longed to complete with the rest of his body. He released her almost as suddenly as he grabbed her. He needed to maintain control. Unfortunately, they didn't have time for another "lesson" in passion this evening. "I'll show you tomorrow night, pet." Willow groaned and he smoothed her hair affectionately. "Come on, get your things. I'd better get you back home before curfew, like the good little girl that you are." He grinned at her wolfishly.


"So, it's not just a rumor! Willow Rosenberg really does live here." The lights flicked on and Willow was nearly blinded by the brightness. Her best friend, the Slayer, sat up in bed and fixed her with a concerned look. "What's the deal, Wills?"

"Deal? What deal? What are you talking about?"

"Wills, come on! It's Buffy you're talking to. I know that something is going on. I hardly see you anymore, you're always sneaking into the dorm late at night. You hardly talk at the scooby meetings. I repeat . . .what's the deal?"

Willow took a deep breath and sat down beside Buffy. She wasn't about to confess the truth or Spike would be a pile of ashes in less than an hour. "I'm seeing someone."

Buffy's pout turned into a delighted grin. 'Bout time Wills started dating again! "Details, girl, I need some details! You must be hot and heavy with this guy or you wouldn't be out all hours of the night." She was relieved, Willow wasn't in trouble.

Willow winced. There was no escaping the Slayer's insatiable curiosity. She gestured towards the door. "Come on, let's go to one of those all-night restaurants by the mall and get some pie." And on the way over, I can think about a way to give you 'details' without saying too much.


Spike watched the Slayer and his love exit the dorm. He crushed out his cigarette and climbed surreptitiously out of his car so he could follow them on the foot. This was the one person which Spike feared. Not because of her fighting ability or her prowess with a stake. But because she could take Willow from him. He knew that his redhead was loyal to her best friend. Whenever she spoke about Buffy, her face would light up, she credited the blond with her transformation into the confident young woman she was becoming. Willow must've thought herself mousy until she'd become one of the scoobies. Spike knew better, Willow hadn't yet plumbed the depths of her strength. She had hidden depths that had nothing to do with Buffy.

Perhaps it was time to eliminate the Slayer. Not like he hadn't killed one before. He hadn't put the full weight of will to destroy into action yet. He'd always held back in his fights with her because she was so much fun to fight. Spike rarely had an opponent as cunning as her. She challenged him, forced to him to become a better fighter. The predator in him admired her for her lethal slaying abilities. Before Angelus came back he'd wanted to play with her some more, like a bored cat with a cagey mouse. But then he'd been forced into making a deal with her. A master vampire reduced to bargaining with a lowly slayer!

His admiration for her fighting skills didn't mean that he wouldn't kill her though. If she came between him and Willow, he'd rip her head right off her bony little body. She was nothing to him. Spike didn't even want to taste her blood, something he'd indulged himself in when he'd killed the first girl. Sure, he'd been elated to drink her. Blood of a Slayer and all that rot.

But her blood couldn't even begin to compare with the ambrosia of his redhead's essence. The sharp taste of the magic flowing through her veins combined with the sweet aftertaste of her purity. Spike felt his face change as he thought about tasting her again. He loved doing that, just after she climaxed, as she lay with her warm limbs entwined with his cool ones. Her small hands would trace the ridges on his forehead and she would shiver as she saw his intent. Then she would eagerly tilt her neck to receive his sharp kiss. She'd cry out as she thrashed against him, mindless in her pleasure. Spike groaned, now he was hard and hungry. He walked behind them, unnoticed in the shadows and kept his eye out for a 'drive by happy meal' to temporarily sate his thirst for blood.


Spike sat in the shadowed parking lot in the front seat of an old junker. He'd drained the middle aged man who'd owned it swiftly. The man had been trying to abduct a young woman from the deserted parking lot. Spike got the distinct impression that he'd done this before, judging by the roll of duct tape, handcuffs, and the gag he'd found in the car. He paused his musings to wipe a trickle of blood from his mouth. He honestly preferred sweet young things to tough old birds like the man but he was willing to put up with it for his sweet siren. For awhile at least.

He watched from the window as the women spoke to each other. By now, he'd figured out Red's expressions. And right now she was lying through her teeth. It amused him to no end as he watched the Slayer buy her lies. It never even occurred to the dimwit that her dependable best friend would lie to her. Lie for him. It made him feel warm inside, she must have some feelings for him to blithely lie to the Slayer like that. He must be important to her.

As soon as the girls finished their pie, they paid the check and left the dingy restaurant. Spike quickly ducked in his seat until they passed him. Buffy asked Willow to go on patrol with her and she agreed. He was once again their silent shadow. They made there way to a cemetery in record time. As usual, a gang of vamps was there. Willow stood to the side and watched her friend dispatch them with a sort of fascinated horror, thinking about how easy it might be for Buffy to kill Spike.

Then a cool hand closed over her mouth and she was pulled back against a well- muscled chest. The scent of tobacco clung to her captor and a roughened British voice teased her ear. "Miss me, pet?" Willow nodded, his hand still covered her mouth. Curiously, she felt only a bit of fear and a sense of anticipation. "Good girl." He pulled her back against a tree, the Slayer was busy fighting and her view of them would be obscured by the branches of the large tree they stood under. "Know what happens to good little girls?" He slid his hand from her mouth to run it down her trembling stomach.

"No." She said breathlessly.

"They get rewarded." His hand slid under her sweater to cup her breasts through her bra. Her roughly abraded her nipples with his fingertips as his tongue licked a path along the vein in her neck. She tried to turn in his grasp, wanting to touch him but he held her fast. "No, pet. Not this time. You've got to keep an eye on her."

Goddess! Had she completely lost her mind? They were doing this in front of Buffy? She struggled in his hold, worried about his safety but then he slid his hand under her skirt and cupped her sex in his palm. All conscious thought escaped her. They hadn't had a chance to touch each other tonight and she was aching. "Mmm. Maybe you're a bad girl, luv. Since when do you go without panties?" She was soaked, coating the finger he stroked her with easily. "Did you want me to be able to get at you quickly? Did you think about me touching you?"

"Yes." She whispered, rotating her hips. She was mindless in her need.

"Do you want me, pet? Want me to take you right here? In the middle of the cemetery with your friend standing only a few yards from us?" He pulled her against his hips, letting her feel how much he wanted her. She rubbed up against him and he brought two fingers to her opening, tracing it but he didn't sink in to her. " Want me to slide these inside you?"

"Yesssss." She hissed, one hand clenching his arm as she bucked against his hand trying to force him inside.

"I see." He slid one finger in, only half an inch. She nearly sobbed in disappointment.

"Please, Spike." She said softly, knowing that's what he was waiting for.

He pushed them deep inside and Willow had to stuff one of her knuckles into her mouth to keep from crying out. Spike pistoned his fingers in and out, in and out. She bucked against him as he ruthlessly brought her to climax. Just as she was sent over the edge , he sank his fangs into her throat, swallowing her rich blood in deep gulps. He was greedy, she was so luscious that he wanted to devour her. But he made his demon settle for merely a taste.

Willow's breathing slowly returned to normal. Spike had taken quite a bit of blood from her but she was fine. He lapped at her wounds in order to savor each drop of her delectable blood. He pulled back, enjoying the sight of his mark on her. He righted her sweater, taking care to cover his puncture wounds in her neck. Wouldn't do to let Slutty see them.

Pulling her forward roughly, he ravished her mouth was his. His lust for her was still unsatisfied. Maybe they had time. . . he looked over her shoulder to see the Slayer dust the last vampire in the gang she'd come across. Damn it! He dropped a perfunctory kiss on Willow's head and propelled her forward on her shaky legs. "Willow?" He called out in a rasping voice. She turned to look at him. He slid his finger into this mouth to taste her once more, all the time watching her face. She felt wetness pool between her legs again. "Delicious as always." He quirked an eyebrow at her before he sauntered back into the night.

Willow moved into the Slayer's field of vision and smiled at her best friend. "What's wrong with you?" Buffy asked, a little breathless from the fight.

"N-nothing. Just . . .wow! What a fight."

"I know." She sat down on a bench. "Ten of them and I still won. I feel like Superslayer." Buffy smiled crookedly.

"Yeah. Superslayer." Willow sat down next to her. "You're really good, huh?'

"I like to think so." She looked at Willow's expression. "Hey! Don't look so down, you're pretty powerful yourself witchy woman."

Willow grinned, the guilt lessening a bit. "Yeah, guess so." Maybe she and Buffy had a lot more in common than they both realized. It's not like Willow was the only one to date the undead. Buffy had a vampire boyfriend. She even kept him a secret from them when he'd gotten back from Hell following his killing spree.

Buffy rubbed her arms. "Let's get out of here though, this place still gives me the creeps. We'll hit a couple more graveyards before we head for home."

"Sounds like a plan."


"Wake up, pet." Willow's eyes snapped open to see Spike leaning over her in the inky darkness of her dorm room. Wildly, her eyes sought the form of the Slayer who was sleeping soundly.

"What are you doing here?" She whispered furiously. "Buffy might wake up any second!" She'd given him an invitation two days ago against her better judgement. She sighed at her own thoughts. Like she had any good sense when she was with him! All he had to do was turn those blue eyes on her and grin and she melted.

"I know, luv. But that makes it more exciting, doesn't it? Ads a little spice to the taking." He looked at the Slayer briefly before his hands tugged at her blankets which she held to her chin. "Besides, I'm still hungry for more." He licked his lips in anticipation as the blankets slid from her grasp. He took in her sleeping attire with lustful appreciation. She wore cotton baby doll pajamas with little stars sprinkled on them. She still looked so virginal. And debauchery was one of Spike's areas of speciality.

"Are you hungry, pet?"

"Very." This was what she liked best, his words. He could make her want him so much with only his voice. He grinned as he pulled the frilly bottom half of her nightwear from her. He could see her cinnamon curls in the muted moonlight. "I only got a taste of you earlier. I want much more than that."

Her legs spread of their own volition. Spike took a pillow from underneath Willow's head and pushed it under her thighs. Now she was completely at his mercy, thighs splayed and thrust up to his voracious mouth like an offering. He pressed a fingertip to her mouth to warn her to be quiet. Then he slid his tongue into her honeyed warmth to taste the heart of Willow, the moist center that seemed to call to him. He groaned as he tasted her, he wanted to be inside her so badly. But now wasn't the time for that. After she came, he let her recover as he placed gentle kisses to her brow. He was still fully clothed. He was straining at his jeans, more than ready to take her. She slowly came back to herself and he smiled. It was time. He took her mouth in act of fierce possession before he slid off his coat and shucked his t-shirt. He worked the button on his jeans and lowered the zipper before he climbed into her bed bare-chested.

"Can I touch you, now?' She asked softly. In answer, he brought her hand to the line of crisp hair that formed at his belly button. She traced it with a warm fingertip, all the way down to his pulsing shaft.

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