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Fang and Caterina’s Day in the Forest

One beautiful summer day Fang and Caterina went out for a horse back ride to a nice forest area where very few people go to visit. The day was perfect, warm and comfortable to a pair of riders that needed a rest from the three-mile ride to the pond area with beautiful waterfalls. They took their picnic lunch with them when they began their hike into the forest. They put the blanket down near the pond but out of the bright sunshine.

Once they were all settled down on the blanket, when Caterina set out the lunch for a bite to eat and enjoy some nice conversation. After a few bites of a sandwich Fang couldn’t wait any longer to touch those rosey lips of his partner. For the past several hours he longed to taste them with his own lips. He put the sandwich down and stood up to embrace Caterina that was standing near the waterfalls. He turned her around in his arms for a tight embrace and a passionate kiss. The kiss was intense with the passion he felt for this woman.

Slowly, his hands caress her back and she caressed his back to feel each other’s tensing back muscles. Slowly, very slowly they release the embrace for another passionate kiss where their tongues played with each other in another playful kiss. During the kiss his hands reached for her tushi for a nice feel of the meat that is there and found it to be soft to caress.

Caterina’s hands found his tushi was nice to squeeze and did so with a delight of a hardness that grew against her leg.

Fang movement was smooth and slowly as he lied her down on the ground where the blanket was lied out. Slowly he began to kiss her from her lips to the neck and down towards the breast. He started to unbutton her blouse to undress them as his kisses move further down her chest to the hardening nipples. The were large and round before they started to grow little bumps that would bring them to a full erection for tongue which was making its way to the tip of the nipple.

Fang continued to play with the right breast nipple with his hand and mouth as Caterina’s head rowed backwards against the ground as a moan of pleasure escaped her lips. His other hand wondered over to the left breast making her take in a deep breath of delightful surprise with a loud moan of pleasure.

Caterina’s desire to run her fingers over his chest became stronger with each touch of his tongue. She began to pull his shirt out of pants before pulling it up over his head and off his arms. As his arms come back down to her shoulders he moved his hands into a position of push the unbutton blouse off her shoulders. They both lied next to each other and caressed each other’s bare backs. Fang’s hands moved in a caress motion up her back in a soft and caring manner. All the while the hands were heading up her spine to the hooks of her bra in order to undo them. With the hooks undone the strips fell of the shoulders revealing the full size of her breast with the large pink nipples that begin to reharden from the teasing that he had begun and the cool air that surrounded them. The soft white breasts just ached for the touch his fingers.

Her fingers slowly move through the individual hairs on his chest until the finger tips and short nails reach your nipples. The nails encircle his nipples causing them to harden to the teasing of the nails.

He lied back on the blanket pulling her with him and begin to kiss his lips and slowly move in the same motion to his nipples where her tongue finds a warmth there that call for her playful bite on the harden nipple. Her other hand continued to caress his other nipple, then moved slowly moved to the stomach area going playful to the waist line before bring the hand back up to the nipple area.

A nice moan escaped his lips at the playful teasing that was going. His manhood was getting harder by the second and when he couldn't stand it any more he push her backwards. Carefully he placed her head on the ground, making sure the neck was well supported before he started to nipple at her breast. He wanted to play and suckle them more with his tongue played quickly making her wiggle and moan with pleasure that she received.

With his hardness growing within his pants making them uncomfortable, which made his hands move to her waistline and undo the pants button and zipper.

She raised her bottom just enough to pull her pants and panties down off her body showing the love mount slowly being exposed to the light of day and his eyes. He enjoyed the rear sight of a full bush on the mount that awaited a touch of his fingers.

With the pants disguarded to the side he moved in-between her legs. The legs were moved just enough to get a better view of what his tongue was about to investigate. First his fingers moved lightly over the to lips which made her wiggle at the touch from the teasing of the love mount before his fingers find the split of the lips and opened it revealing the point of entry for her pleasure domain. He could smell her beckoning essence, plus see the wetness that started to leak out of the waiting love bud. His pants become even tighter to the point he couldn't take the tightness and strand of the shaft wanting out. Not being able to take it any longer he undid the buckle and button on his pants. Then he slowly undid his zipper before releasing the head of shaft that needed to be released. He was getting hotter by the second for his desire to be for filled.

He moved into a position that he could reach her mount once again and slide his fingers into the awaiting mount of pleasure and found the entry point to begin slowly circle and playing with the clit before he would roll over onto her body to push into her. He played for unknown amount of time making his partner wiggle and moan at his touch.

When Caterina couldn’t take the playing any long begged him to enter her body. Before starting to push inwards, slowly he smiled with great pleasure at the wiggling and moaning she doing. For several more minutes he played this way before pulling the fingers out to tease her still a little more, he reinsert his fingers to get my juices and rub them on your manhood before laying back once again without your pants

He lied down on his back once again, only this time her mouth found his hardness for a little delight of his need for pleasure. She moved into a position of being able to see and touch the erection with her juices on it that stood straight into the air. She smiled to herself at the sight of pleasure she was about to take into her mouth. Caterina slowly licked the outside of cock, up and down. Then around the tip of the head until she was at the tip where his pre cum was glistening on the tip. Then her lips and mouth slide down over the shaft taking it as deep in her mouth as she could take him. She moved her mouth up and down his hot rod several times before she moved to place a kiss on the tip, then down the side of the rod and up his belly to his lips.

Once Caterina placed a passionate kiss on Fangs lips that tasted of him on her lips and tongue. He wanted more then just the teasing she caused him.

He knew that she couldn't begin him to full eruption he roll her over again and play again with her awaiting bud before he enter her with your harden manhood. The hot rod that can't wait to feel the wet warmth of the mount of pleasure that awaited him.

He started a slow rhythm that worked its way up to hard and fast pace that allowed him to finally explode with pleasure and release of joy upon that final release of pent up needs. He gentle lied down upon her body and encircled her arms and kissed her lips passionately then roll onto your side with me still in your arms and we slow relaxed until their needs started to arise once again.

After they slept for a short time, they went for a play swim in their birthday suites in the pond. They play in the water until they get to the waterfalls where they get out of the pond and sit under the waterfalls just enjoying the pleasure of the pressure of the water.

Fang decides he wants to have a little more fun, so he pulls Caterina behind the waterfalls and starts to enjoy the pleasure of each other’s bodies.

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