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Proving a Theory?


Author's Note: Hi everyone! Well, it's been a long time since I last wrote a one-off short story so I thought I had better set that right and bash out a nice little fun tale of an anonymous encounter between two young friends and a man chosen totally at random. It is loosely based on one of my favourite CFNM scenarios albeit with much more back story and a very different ending.

As usual, all characters are over 18 and any similarities to any person(s) living or dead and any company or organisation are totally unintended and entirely coincidental.

Hope you enjoy it!


Proving a Theory?

"You can't be serious!" A shocked Mandi gasped from the passenger seat at her best friend as she drove them along a quiet country lane towards the village where they lived.

"I'm telling you..." Lizzie replied, "They're all the same!"

"No way! I simply refuse to believe that." Mandi replied, "I mean, you can't just make that kind of aspersion without solid proof to back it up."

"Think whatever you want, but it's true."

"How do you know it's true?" Mandi retorted, "You know me, I'm an empiricist - I need to have proof of something before I can believe it. How do propose you prove it to me?"

"Well, I'll go find you one and then I'll prove it to you."

"Nope, that won't work." Mandi said dismissively, "If I know you, you'd have arranged it beforehand. It needs to be completely random in order to prove your theory."

"Okay then, we'll do it." Lizzie said, "The next one we come across."

Mandi Jessop and Lizzie Simmonds had been best friends since their first day at secondary school at the age of 11. They had been through all of the myriad feelings and the hormone-fuelled roller coaster of emotions that teenage life could throw at them. They had experienced their first periods together, supporting each other as first Lizzie, and then Mandi went through the experience of their first menstrual cycle and the required use of feminine hygiene products that went with it. Then they had shared gossip about the boys in their class at school, about which of them they fantasised about the most. They shopped for their school prom dresses together, went to university together, they both worked for the same local council - Lizzie in the planning department and Mandi in the housing team, in fact they were rarely apart for more than a few hours at a time. To say that they were best friends was an understatement; it was almost as though they were twins.

During their years as A-Level students, they had lost their virginities within days of each other. Mandi lost hers to a young Greek man while on holiday in Crete while Lizzie had her first time with an older man - her 'uncle' who was really a friend of her father's - during a wedding reception.

The two friends, now in their twenties, lived close by to each other in the same village they had grown up in and it was customary for them to share the chore of driving to and from the nearby town where they both worked. They often gossiped, as most women do, as they made their way to and from work and Lizzie often provoked Mandi's interest by throwing in a totally random hypothesis from out of the ether and it was one such hypothesis that had led to the conversation they were currently having.

"No chance!" Mandi scoffed as Lizzie piloted the car along the road.

"You wanna bet?" Lizzie grinned.

As far as she was concerned, to Mandi this represented a pretty safe bet.

"You're on!" Mandi said brightly, "Fifty quid says you can't prove it!"

"Deal!" Lizzie said with a wide grin, "I'm telling you Mandi... men are always the same! All a girl has to do is ask and he'll drop his pants and show you his cock!"

Mandi remained unconvinced, what about gay men for example? Certain in her own mind that surely a man wouldn't simply agree to just show his manhood to any strange woman - not unless there was something in it for him in return - she decided to throw a caveat into their wager.

"Ah, but it has to be genuine okay, there has to be nothing in it for him - no promises of sexual favours or any kind of arrangement to hook up later and show us his bits in private. It has to be right there, and right then. And if he's gay it doesn't count okay."

"Fair enough, although it would probably be best if we at least found somewhere nicely secluded." Lizzie added, "He's not going to want to do it by the side of the road."

A moment of contemplative silence passed between the two of them before they saw him.

Rounding a bend in the road, the two girls caught sight of a man; most likely in his mid 30's walking along the side of the road, a small canvas rucksack slung over one shoulder. He looked to be a typical specimen of a perfectly normal, totally average, completely common-or-garden White European male. Dressed in a loose grey T-shirt, dark blue denims and brown leather boots he appeared the very epitome of conventional masculinity. His light brown hair was kept pleasingly short and with only a very slight stubble on his chin, his facial features gave him a kindly non-threatening demeanour with his blue eyes and perfectly proportioned nose. He wore a smart looking wristwatch on his left wrist and a couple of charity wristbands on the other. His only other adornment was a tasteful gold chain around his neck. He was in short, the ideal candidate for Lizzie to prove, or disprove, her theory that any man when asked by a woman would happily drop his trousers and pants and show her his most sacred and private parts.

"He'll do!" Lizzie announced brightly, and she immediately flicked on her indicators and pulled over to the side of the road. She opened her window as the car came to a halt, pausing to turn and wink at her friend.

"Excuse me, erm... we're strangers around here and we're a bit lost and we're running a bit low on petrol, is there somewhere we can fill up around here?" Lizzie asked the man with the rucksack.

"Um... I dunno really, I'm a bit of a stranger around here myself." The man replied politely.

"That's a shame." Lizzie said, adding a hint of 'damsel in distress' to the timbre of her voice.

"What brings two nice young ladies so far off the beaten track anyway? Were you looking for anywhere in particular?" The man said as he stepped over to the car.

"Well, some directions back to the main road would be helpful... if you know how we can get there that is." Lizzie said.

"Ah well, that I can help you with!" The pleasantly mannered gentleman said with a smile, "I got off the bus a few miles down the road from here from the main road into Felchester. If you take the first left and then the second right you should find yourselves back on the main road. I think I remember the bus passing a garage about a mile or two down the main road from the stop where I got off."

"Thank you sooo much, that's really helpful!" Lizzie beamed, and then added completely out of the blue, "Would you like to show me your cock?"

"No problem, anything to... I'm sorry... what did you just say??"

"I said I'd really like to see your cock." Lizzie replied as though it was the most normal thing in the world to ask a man she'd never met before.

"You want to see my what?!?"

"Your cock." Lizzie said patiently, "I bet it's a real beauty. Handsome man like you... I wouldn't mind betting that your cock is as gorgeous a sight as the rest of you!"

She batted her eyelashes at him for added flirtatious effect.

"Well... I... erm..." The man replied in utter confusion.

"Pleeeease??" Lizzie pleaded, putting on her best curious little girl voice.

The man looked up the road, first one way and then the other.

"We wouldn't tell anyone... honest!" Lizzie added, "We just want to take at look at it and then we'll let you go on your way. Pleeeease???"

The man sighed heavily.

"Alright." He said in a placating manner, "Just as long as it isn't here by the roadside."

The two girls squealed in delight.

"Hop in, we'll see if we can find somewhere to pull over! Mandi called across to the anonymous man.

Lizzie knew exactly where she wanted to go. It was a spot called Chiver's Copse, a small patch of dense ancient woodland about half a mile up the road from where they were. She knew of a small wooden shelter there, right on the edge of the copse by the side of a small woodland track. She knew it would be perfectly secluded and they would be unlikely to be disturbed by anyone. It was the scene of one of the most exhilarating episodes in her life. Her father's friend, the man she called 'Uncle' Steve, had taken her for a walk in the countryside a few years earlier, not long after the evening at the wedding reception where the two of them had made love together in his hotel room. They walked through peaceful woodland glades, fording the occasional stream and took in the views of the surrounding countryside from the hilltops. Eventually they came across the small wooden shelter - it had been erected many years ago to provide shelter for shooting parties on the local Lord's estate during pheasant season. The current Lord of the manor was very much against blood sports however, and the small hut had fallen into disrepair as a result of years of disuse. Quite on the spur of the moment, for such was her impulsive nature, she dragged Uncle Steve into the shelter and kissed him. That kiss elevated into a full-on make out session, 'heavy petting' her mother's generation called it. As the passion between them ramped up with every passing minute, Lizzie felt a hormonal surge that ignited a fire within her loins. With a smile she took a step back, reached up inside her skirt and then pulled down her knickers.

With her lacy pink panties around her ankles she turned and bent over, hiking up her skirt and presenting her puffily engorged vulva in an open invite for him to take her from behind. 'Uncle' Steve needed no further prompting, within moments his trousers and pants were around his ankles and his stiffly engorged manhood was buried up inside her.

The rapid, urgent, animalistic sex that followed was the most incredible feeling she had ever felt. His forceful thrusting and masculine grunting only served to fan the flames of her own arousal further and further still. She gasped and cried as his thighs repeatedly collided with her bare buttocks, causing a sharp slapping sound to echo around the wooden walls of the little shack.

When it arrived, her orgasm consumed her totally, causing her to scream and cry and gnash her teeth as her 'Uncle's' penis pummeled her vagina like a pneumatic drill on its most powerful setting. When her orgasm eventually subsided, his began. It was much shorter than hers, but judging by the sudden explosion of warmth she felt inside her and the loud exultations he made as he came, his orgasm was certainly no less enjoyable for him than hers had been. His eruption lasted but a few moments, but it felt as though a bomb had exploded within her and she marvelled at the raw, visceral power of the male orgasm.

As they both stood momentarily exhausted and panting heavily, he slipped out of her. A little of his sticky greyish-white spend dribbled down her leg as she stood up, turned to face him and then took him in her arms. They kissed once again, softly and languidly for a while before making themselves decent and continuing on their way.

That brief dalliance had been only the second time they made love but alas, it was also to be the last. 'Uncle' Steve, a Lieutenant in Her Majesty's armed forces, was sent to serve a tour in Afghanistan a few weeks later.

He returned home in a coffin draped with the Union Flag carried out of the back of a C-17 Globemaster by six smartly uniformed pall bearers on a rainy afternoon the following February.

The strange man cautiously sat in the back seat - not wanting him to let the man change his mind, Lizzie put the car in gear and headed off down the road almost at the very second the man's buttocks made contact with the softly upholstered rear seat.

"See, I told you!" Lizzie whispered across to her friend.

"Hey, it's not over yet Lizzie." Mandi whispered in reply, "He may have got in the car but this ain't done until he drops his pants remember!"

An uneasy silence followed as Lizzie drove along the road to the gate that led to the woodland track. She hoped that the man in the back wasn't having second thoughts about going through with showing the girls his man-parts. She decided to try and strike up a conversation between them.

"So erm... what brought you out here?" She asked.

"Oh, nothing really," he replied conversationally, although there was a definite hint of nervousness in his tone of voice, "I'm just out for a hike in the countryside, I've heard it's very pretty around here."

Lizzie, picking up on his nervousness figured that it was understandable given the circumstances so she decided not to make an issue of it.

"I guess it is really." Lizzie replied, pretending to gaze out at the lush greenery and idyllic pastoral scenery as it passed them by as if she'd never seen it before. In reality she was more than familiar with the pleasantly rural landscape having grown up in its leafy environs.

After a couple of minutes they came across the gateway.

"Ah, this looks promising." She announced as she slowed to make the turn into the narrow gravel track.

"Are you sure?" Mandi said, obviously taking up her role as 'lost young lady with equally lost friend', "Looks a bit bumpy if you ask me."

"Well, let's just see how far it goes. I'm sure we'll be able to find somewhere to turn around if necessary." Lizzie replied, a smile spreading across her face. She knew precisely where she was!

Five bumpy minutes later, they came out into a large clearing full of long grasses and pretty wild flowers. The little wooden hut stood before them just as Lizzie remembered it, with the dense primeval woodland of Chiver's Copse behind it.

"Ah, a little hut. That should be perfect!" Lizzie announced, "How about we do it here?"

"Um... fine, I guess." The man in the back seat replied nervously as Lizzie pulled to a halt.

Lizzie and Mandi got out of the car first. The man followed a few moments later, his canvas rucksack still with him, looking increasingly nervous. Lizzie had to stifle a chuckle as she watched the man follow Mandi towards the hut - he looked like he was some kind of condemned man on his way to the electric chair or something. Mandi pretended to appraise the little timber shack as the three of them convened within its rundown walls. It was open to the elements on one side where a line of windows had once been and its door had similarly disappeared years ago. Aside from that, the shelter was in remarkably good condition - its internal fittings may have been lost to the years of exposure to the elements but it was still structurally sound.

"Well then?" Lizzie prompted as she and her friend turned to face the man.

He shifted on his feet uncomfortably.

"Erm..." He said after a few uneasy moments, "Well... umm... now that I'm here... I erm... I don't know... I... don't know if I can umm... go through with this." He rubbed his hand over the nape of his neck, a gesture that Lizzie knew signaled nervousness.

Mandi on the other hand, felt that very soon she would be £50 better off.

"Awww... come on. You promised!" Lizzie pleaded, trying her best 'daddy's spoilt princess' voice in a bid to recover the situation.

The man sighed heavily, weighing up the situation.

"It's quite okay, you don't have to if you don't want to." Mandi said soothingly, trying to steer him in the direction that meant she would collect on her wager.

He sighed once more.

And then...

The man drew in a deep breath and brought his hands to his belt. He unbuckled the leather belt around his midriff and then unbuttoned his jeans. He unzipped his flies and pushed his denims down until they were gathered around his ankles in a crumpled heap.

He was wearing a delightfully masculine pair of close fitting red boxer briefs that accentuated his maleness and his supple and well-defined buttocks. After taking another deep breath, he pulled his underwear down.

His penis was indeed a marvelous sight to behold. It wasn't the largest that the two girls had ever seen, in fact Lizzie figured his size could be described as average at best, but it was the perfect size and proportion for the rest of his masculine frame. Any smaller and he would've looked strange, any larger and he would've looked too threatening. His pubic hair, dense and curly as it was, had been carefully manicured leaving a patch towards the base of his shaft whilst his scrotum remained entirely hairless. Like almost all men in the UK, and most of the rest of the world for that matter, his manhood was entirely as nature intended. The head of his penis was enveloped within the protective sheath of his foreskin, the shape of his coronal ridge visible under the layer of soft skin, teasingly concealing his most sensitive part from view.

"Oh wow!" Lizzie gasped as she got down on her knees before the bottomless man to get a closer look at his (normally) private parts, "That looks beautiful!!"

"You... you really think so?" The man replied, his voice quavering a little as he spoke.

"Totally!!" Lizzie confirmed, "Your cock is an absolute beauty!"

Lizzie turned to look up and face her friend.

"See? What did I tell you? They are all the same!" She said, "All it takes is some nice words and any man will happily get his cock out for you. They love it! Don't you?"

"Yeah... I guess." The man replied sheepishly.

"Well, this man clearly loves it, but I still don't think all men are like that!" Mandi said sulkily, now that she was £50 down.

"Can I touch it?" Lizzie asked as she looked up into the man's eyes pleadingly, "I mean, now that it's out it'd be a shame not to take a closer look at it."

"Um... sure I guess, go ahead." He replied.

Lizzie reached out and gently stroked the anonymous fellow's manhood, marveling in the softness of its skin. She picked it up in her hand and scrutinised it carefully, slowly retracting his foreskin to reveal the smooth dark pink flesh of his glans with the tiny vertical mouth-like opening of his meatus at its very tip.

"Any woman would kill to have skin as soft as this." She sighed as she caressed his penis. With her other hand she cupped the man's testicles, slowly rolling them around in the palm of her hand almost like a pair of Chinese meditation balls.

The stimulation she was giving him began to have an inevitable effect upon him.

It is often wrongly assumed that men have some kind of control over their erections but the reality could not be further from the truth. The uneducated falsely believe that if a man becomes erect, it is because he is aroused - that he wants sex at that moment. The reality however, is that the erectile process is merely a reflex action and as such is not under any kind of conscious control. Some ideologues use this false assumption to argue that because a man has to have an erection in order to be able to penetrate, he must therefore be aroused. And if he is aroused then he is consenting to sex... right? So by some ideologues reckoning, it is impossible that a man can be raped by a woman! Indeed, even the law itself seems to have bought into this false assumption - a man forcibly penetrating a woman is classified as rape, a most heinous crime that nobody in his or her right mind could ever condone. A woman forcing a man to penetrate her however, is merely the 'lesser' crime of sexual assault, and by using the 'he must've wanted it, he was erect at the time!' argument, there are those who don't even see it as any form of crime at all.

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