Fantasies 12


"What would you do if I sent you a picture of my panties and an address and told you to find me?" I text.

"Well obviously I'd jump in my car and come after you ;)" you reply.

"Good :)" I send back, followed by the promised picture.


You didn't expect that!

The location follows soon after. The game begins.


Pulling on a pair of jeans and a t shirt you hunt around for your keys, the idea of me waiting patiently somewhere for you making you hurry, although you'd never admit it.

You take a look at the picture again, trying to imagine what I'm doing as I wait. Well you'll find out soon enough. You drag on a sweater and eagerly run down to your car.

Tapping the location into your satnav as you drive, you feel yourself harden in anticipation. Somewhere out there you'll find me, minus my panties.

You wonder if I'm touching myself. You wonder if I'm wet yet. You reach down and unbutton your jeans as you drive, stroking yourself as you think of me. Not far now, not far.


You pull into the deserted car park of a hardware store. It's almost 9pm and the store closed an hour ago, the industrial estate its located in is quiet with just the occasional passing car.

Good location you think. Now where am I?

My car's nowhere in sight but then you didn't expect me to make it easy for you. You scan the photo again looking for clues. The panties are tied to a mesh fence next to a big wheelie bin. You guess that must be somewhere around the back of the store and driving toward the rear entrance your headlights indeed pick out a mesh fence and some bins.

Grinning to yourself you stop the car out of sight of the road and get out, walking over to the fence.

As you approach, the security light goes on, startling you, but you appreciate the added illumination, it's dark round here with the glare of the street lamps blocked by the building.

Slowly you walk up to the fence, half expecting me to jump out on you before you get there, but you reach it without incident and start methodically checking along for my underwear.

You find them tied to the fence about waist high, hidden in the shadows between bins number two and three and you smile in relief. At least this wasn't a wild goose chase.

Slowly you turn, searching the shadows for me, looking for any sign of movement, your ears straining to pick up the sound of my breathing.

Unable to see me you reach out to retrieve my panties, balling them up to shove in your pocket for later, then sucking in a sharp breath as something sticks into your finger.

Pulling them out again you realise there's a note pinned to the fabric. Written on the small scrap of paper is another address. You yank out the pin and throw it in the bin, holding the note in one hand and pushing my panties back into your pocket with the other.

Looking more closely at the address, you feel your phone buzz an incoming message. Hmm, wonder who that could be, you think wryly. Sure enough, it's me again. This time with a picture of my bra hanging on a door and the text "Congratulations. Next stop..."

This game gets better and better you think, now not only am I not wearing any knickers but I have no bra either. Fleetingly you wonder what else I might be wearing. Knowing me it'll be something easy access, a dress or a skirt.

As you settle back into your car to go to the next location, the balled up fabric in your pocket reminds you of what I am (or aren't) wearing and you groan in frustration, thinking of me sitting somewhere half naked playing teasing games with you.

The flash of headlights on the road behind you remind you that you need to get going and you start the engine, realising as you begin to drive that every time you lift your foot off the clutch, the mass in your pocket presses against you, exacerbating your frustration.

Trust me to choose a location the other side of town! All this stopping and starting at traffic lights might make you blow your load before you even reach me!

You curse me under your breath, thinking that even without being there I've still found a way to rub against you. If you didn't know better you'd think I'd planned this somehow just to tease you...


Pulling into the petrol station you head straight for the toilet. It's the only door I could hang anything on without it being obvious, although you're curious how I managed to make sure it remained undisturbed for the 20 minutes it took you to get here. You're pretty certain I won't be meeting you here and leaving an address and a bra in a toilet for anyone to find is a little risky, even for me. The 'out of order' sign on the door answers that question and, looking quickly around to ensure you're unnoticed, you slip inside, locking the door behind you.

The motion activated lights flicker on as you look around, spotting my bra almost instantly, as well as the note attached.

This time you're careful to remove the pin before grabbing anything and in a second you hold the note in your hand. But now you have a dilemma. What to do with the bra?

Your phone vibrates as another message comes through, this time a picture of my skirt, red, short, hanging on a coat hanger from a fence, underneath a sign that you recognise instantly, what the hell am I doing there? And how the hell did I get my skirt there without being seen?

The text accompanying the picture reads, "Don't lose that bra, it's my favourite!"

Well that decides it, you suppose, the bra has to come with you, but it's not like you can just walk out with it in your hand.

You curse yourself for rushing. If you'd pulled on a pair of cargo pants instead of the jeans you'd have plenty of pockets big enough to take it, but you're guessing I won't appreciate you trying to bend the wire to fit it inside your jeans which really only leaves one option.

Heaving a sigh you pull out the front of your trousers and, folding it carefully, you gingerly push the bra inside, the wire digging into the base of your cock and the lace scratching slightly over your shaft as you wriggle uncomfortably.

The knowledge that you're walking around with my bra stuffed down your trousers and my panties in your pocket is both incredibly erotic and also incredibly embarrassing. As you try to move normally you're sure everyone is looking at you, and the trip to the car seems to take an absolute age.

Face flushed slightly you sink into the car seat, pulling the offending items out and dropping them on the seat beside you.

Tapping the address into the satnav you have a moment to wonder what it is I'm actually wearing now.

Driving away you catch a glimpse of a blue car pulling out behind you. For a second you're certain its mine, but then it turns off and you dismiss the idea. Even I wouldn't be so brazen as to drive into a brightly lit forecourt, half naked, would I?


Pulling up next to the railway station entrance you spot my skirt immediately.

Jumping out of the car you look around nervously, wondering who's watching you, before grabbing it off the coat hanger and sprinting back to your seat, locking the door behind you and breathing hard.

Flipping the skirt over you look for my note, but there's nothing. Frantically you turn it inside out, feeling round the seams, no note!

A buzzing in your pocket makes you drag out your phone. The picture shows my vest top laying on a concrete slab. Grinning with relief you let out a huge sigh. You recognise that location, or at least you think you do. Maybe it doesn't matter that you lost the note after all.

The sound of a car engine revving next to you makes you look up.

You catch my eye through the glass and have just enough time to think 'holy shit, she's naked!' before I wheel-spin off in the direction of the beach.

Revving your engine you pick up the chase, I have a head start but you know I'm not going to do anything too risky in case I get pulled over. You can just see my tail lights as I turn the corner and you smirk thinking you're going to be right on my bumper at the traffic lights, but when you get there I've vanished.

The thought of me driving around town, naked, has you so hard you're aching. You just hope you can remember where you're going without my lead. I always drove before so you didn't pay too much attention but surely it can't be that difficult.


Parking up by the swimming pool you glance over to the passenger seat, before shaking your head and climbing out. You could be nice and bring my clothes with you, but at the moment you don't feel too 'nice'. You're horny as hell, hard as granite, and you've been chasing me all over town for the best part of two hours. Maybe after you've worked off some of this frustration you'll allow me to persuade you to bring them back. In the meantime I can damn well stay naked on the beach until you're done!

Your shoes on the pebbles make a horrendous racket as you stride towards me. I'm sitting, cross legged and completely naked, exactly where you thought I would be. A naughty smile spreading over my face as I see your expression. My gaze falling to where your cock is clearly pushing against your jeans.

Reaching me you grab a handful of my hair, pulling my head towards you to kiss me hard, the other working your belt and trousers until they fall round your ankles.

With a low growl you push me back, grabbing my ankles and pulling my legs apart as without hesitation you ram your cock into me. I cry out and you pause, worried that you've hurt me, but I wrap my legs around your waist and dig my heels into your arse, pushing you further inside me until you're buried as deep as you can go.

I moan and my pussy clamps around you as you just stand there, a little shocked and bemused at your own behaviour.

"What are you waiting for?" I pant. "Fuck me!"

A slow smirk spreads over your face and I panic a little, the feel of you inside me is driving me wild, if you try to tease me now I may actually die!

Grabbing hold of my hips, you lift them slightly, pulling back inch by inch until just the tip of you is still inside me.

You watch as I bite my lip and moan, writhing beneath you, trying to use my legs and my hips to drag you back into me.

Just when I think I can't take it any more you dig your fingers into my hips and slam back into me, making me cry out again, then whimper as I feel you slowly starting to withdraw again.

"Please," I whisper incoherently, my mind unable to concentrate on anything but the feeling of you and what you're doing to me. "Please?"

My muscles clench around you again and with a groan you thrust back inside me, moving hard and fast now as I moan my thanks. Each thrust making your balls slap against my arse and your pelvis bump hard against my clit.

With a stifled cry you feel me cum around you and you look down to see I've stuffed my fist into my mouth to keep myself from screaming out loud. It's a public beach after all.

The thought of discovery and the sensation of my pussy convulsing around you is enough to send you over the edge and with one last thrust you pull out, covering my face, breasts and belly with your cum.

You carry on rubbing your cock up and down along my wet slit as I open my eyes and you reach up to wipe a blob of cum from my chin.

I lick my lips and smile up at you and you bend down to kiss me tenderly, a laugh building in your throat as you realise that now, not only do I have to walk back to the car naked, but I have to do it naked and covered in cum.

You stand up, enjoying the view for a second, before yanking off your jumper and sliding it over my head.

"There you go, that'll do until I can get you somewhere more private," you say.

"Can't wait," I reply with a smile.

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