tagNovels and NovellasFantasies Abound Ch. 01

Fantasies Abound Ch. 01


Laney Collins sat at her desk in a full-fledged daydream. Her husband had woken her that morning with breakfast in bed and softly spoke to her the words of his latest fantasy. It had to do with him pampering her, as they often did. She knew she’d have to wait a while to play it out as he always caught her off guard.

“Ms. Collins, you have a delivery,” the voice of her secretary called over the intercom.

“I’ll be right there, Maggie,” she responded.

Laney Collins stood up and smoothed out her black suede dress suit and checked to make sure there were no stray hairs falling from her bun. She put a business smile on her face and stepped into the lobby.

“Ms. Collins?” the deliveryman, a tall handsome blonde with an imposing demeanor asked.

“Yes,” she responded, taking a step back from him.

“Were you expecting something?” Maggie asked as she gestured toward a rather large box.

“No, who is it from?” Laney asked.

“It’s anonymous,” the man said in a harsh voice. “Sign here.”

He thrust a clipboard toward her and she signed quickly without looking into his eyes, though she could feel his eyes on her.

“Would you like me to carry it inside?” he offered.

“No, no thank you,” she said quickly. “I’m sure I can manage.”

She grabbed the box from the desk and stumbled a bit under the weight, which was considerably more than she’d expected. She struggled to regain her composure and re-entered her office without looking back.

She cleared some papers from her coffee table and set the box on it. She sat on the settee and just stared at it for a few moments wondering whom it was from and what it held. She slipped a letter opener under the tape and slid it across the top allowing the box to spring open.

She picked up a fancy notebook from the top and opened it to read a beautifully written letter. She read it quickly and proceeded to follow its’ directions to a tee. She stood and walked to the large mirror on the wall across from her. She slowly unbuttoned the buttons on her suit dress and slipped it from her body, leaving her in a matching black lace bra and panties, garter belt, black stockings and 4 inch black heels. She slipped the panties down and stepped out of them. She reached behind her body and unclasped the bra, releasing her perky 34 C breasts, and dropped the bra on top of her panties. She turned toward the mirror and used her reflection to reach down and release her garters from the stocking before seductively rolling each stocking to her ankles. She removed the garter belt and let it fall to the floor before slipping out of her heels and removing the stockings from her feet. She left everything in a heap and glanced at her taut body in the mirror before returning to the settee.

She reached into the box to pull out another box, labeled clearly with the number 1, which she opened to reveal a beautiful pink beaded teddy with garter belt, sheer stockings, and her very own 5-inch pink heels from her closet at home. If there had been any doubt as to who was behind the unsigned letter, it was gone and replaced with a renewed love for her husband.

She slipped into the teddy and smoothed on the sheer stockings before attaching them to the garter straps. She slipped into her heels and then looked around and into the box again, looking for the panties to no avail. Jacob loved the thought of her walking around without panties on, she should have known his fantasy wouldn’t call for them.

She reached inside the box and found the box clearly labeled with the number 2. She sat down on the settee and opened this smaller box. She found a beautiful matching pearl necklace, bracelet, earring and ring set. She slipped them all on and stood to admire the look in the mirror. She pulled her hair down from the bun and allowed the chestnut brown locks to fall down over her shoulders and down her back. She ran her fingers quickly through it and let it lay where it fell.

She felt sexy, sexier than she’d ever felt standing in her office and she ran her fingers across her pussy to confirm it. She sat back down and started rubbing her fingers over her clit in fast circles. She struggled to keep her moans in check as she pushed herself closer and closer to orgasm. She let out a gasp as she dipped two fingers deep inside her pussy and started to stroke her spot. She cried out in pleasure but quickly composed herself as she recalled where she was.

She looked in the box and found a smaller box with a small envelope attached with the number 3 written clearly on it. She opened the envelope to reveal a card that said. ‘You deserve another.’ She opened the box, the words ‘Yes, I know you that well,’ were written on the inside of the lid and a vibrating egg waited for her to use. She quickly pressed it to her clit and within moments was writhing in pleasure again.

“Oh God, I love you Jacob,” she moaned softly.

She reached inside the box and pulled out box number 4. Inside she found a glossy strawberry flavored lip gloss and she smoothed it across her lips, smacking them seductively to her reflection.

Box number 5 was large but she lifted it from the bottom of the outer box and held it in her lap. As she lifted the lid, she found a silvery pink glossy jacket with pearl fronted buttons and a flared bottom. As she lifted it out of the box a note slipped from it, which read ‘Wear this only over your teddy.’

She slipped it over the teddy and slowly buttoned each button deliberately, taking her sweet time.

She picked the box up and went to replace it in the box when she saw a large envelope lying in the bottom with a large number 6 written across the front.

She picked it up and opened it. Inside there was a hotel key card and a note.

‘Finish any unfinished business, cancel your remaining appointments, and wait for flowers to be delivered. Once they arrive, leave.’

She found the hotel information and room number attached to the key card.

Laney picked up all of the boxes and placed them back inside the outer box with her clothes and sealed the top again. She slipped the toy into the jacket pocket and sat at her desk.

“Ms. Collins, Mr. Reed would like to see you in his office,” Maggie announced over the intercom.

Laney panicked. She couldn’t tramp into her bosses office in her current attire. The jacket was barely long enough to cover her lack of panties when she stood still and it flared out when she walked.

“Ms. Collins?” Maggie added.

“I’ll be there shortly,” she replied.

“Should I tell him that?” Maggie asked meekly, knowing that no one ever asked Mr. Reed to wait.

“No, Maggie. I’m on my way,” Laney announced, figuring she had no choice but to deal with the situation she’d been handed. “Please cancel the rest of my appointments, I’ll be leaving after my meeting.”

“Yes, ma’am” Maggie was agreeing into the intercom as Laney opened the door and entered the lobby area.

Maggie’s jaw dropped and she stared, as did every male employee in the area, as well as the majority of the women. Laney stood tall and tried to walk gingerly as to not stir the jacket. It seemed like the short walk to Mr. Reed’s office took forever.

“Ms. Collins is here,” his secretary called into the intercom as she stared at Laney’s legs disapprovingly.

“Send her in,” Mr. Reed’s booming voice replied.

“I’m guessing this meeting wasn’t pre-scheduled,” his secretary said as she looked up and down the outfit.

“Excuse me,” Laney said as she walked past her and opened the door to Mr. Reed’s office.

“Laney?” he asked in a shockingly disapproving tone as he blinked twice to confirm it really was her.

Mr. Reed had hired Laney when she was just 22 and fresh out of college. He’d taken her under his wing and taught her all about the business. Ten years later, he viewed himself as a second father figure and Laney looked at him that way as well.

“Yes, Edward,” she smiled a forced smile in return, trying to pretend that she saw no reason that this meeting should be uncomfortable.

“Are you meeting with clients today?” he asked.

“No, actually I’m done for the afternoon. I’m just leaving to meet my husband,” she answered meekly. “What did you need to see me about?”

“Come, sit down,” he said as he pushed himself further under his desk and attempted to put any thought in his mind other than the ones that were causing his cock to tighten in his slacks.

Laney walked cautiously to the chairs in front of his desk and sat down, clenching her knees tight together.

“I was just hoping to get an update on the Venture case,” he answered.

“Oh,” she said, relieved. She loosened up a bit as she talked about the case.

The sun was streaming through the windows behind him and she could barely see Edward, just his outline. Before too long she felt completely comfortable and barely acknowledged that he was looking at her. She leaned forward as she talked revealing deeper shots of cleavage down her jacket.

As they continued to discuss the details she completely allowed her mind to forget her predicament. She felt comfortable with Edward, like a daughter feels comfortable with her dad. It wasn’t long before she forgot what she was wearing and all matters of decorum. As he was going over some of the numbers, she yawned and stretched her arms high above her head. His cock jerked and tented his pants as he saw the tops of the stockings and the garters. She confirmed his ideas as she crossed her legs and gave him a quick but lingering view of her glistening pussy lips.

He reached under his desk and undid the clasp and zipper of his slacks. He started to stroke his cock as she subconsciously ran her fingers across her knee and up and down her leg as she spoke.

“Could you pull my file on that case please?” he asked as he stroked quicker.

He motioned toward the file cabinet and Laney stood up and walked over. Venture was in the lowest cabinet and she didn’t think twice about bending at the waist to retrieve it.

Mr. Reed squeezed hard as he saw her pussy in full bloom. He squirted high, splattering cum over the underside of his desk.

“Ohhh,” he moaned.

“What?” she asked as she turned around to look at him, but the sun behind him blinded her from the look on his face.

“Oh, never mind about the file. Go ahead and meet your husband.” He said in cover.

“Okay, I’ll send you a memo with the updates in the morning,” she promised before walking out with confidence.

She was halfway down the corridor before the whistles and murmurs of her co-workers made her realize that her jacket was twirling and swinging in the wind.

“You got flowers,” Maggie announced.

“Finally,” Laney responded. “Lock up my office and you can have the rest of the afternoon off.”

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