tagMind ControlFantasies Can Be Real

Fantasies Can Be Real


I had been having this recurring dream for about a month now and it was beginning to interfere with my rest. It was always the same and extremely erotic. In it I was making love to this man who was doing everything I had ever imagined, with me.

The positions were those I had imagined from time to time or seen in those xxx tapes of mine. The things he would say to me were things I had imagined my dream lover would say.

No matter what time I went to bed, the dreams would always begin around eleven thirty and I would have orgasms several times during the night and wake up to find my pillow between my thighs and very wet.

I finally made a bolster to put between my legs since it seemed that I wasn't going to stop having these dreams. It was about six inches in diameter and perhaps thirty inches long and I could remove the cover and wash it each day with my other things.

This one night I woke up just before orgasming and decided to try and stay awake, perhaps that would break the trend. I reached over intending to call my friend Monica. She always stays up late and wouldn't mind chatting, I thought.

I dialed her number, and the phone was answered by a male. A guy with the sexiest voice I have ever heard. At first I thought that perhaps she was entertaining, but still I asked to speak with her.

That voice softly responded. "I think you have the wrong number miss."

I suddenly had this desperate need to continue talking with him, so I asked if he would stay on and chat for a few moments. He agreed and I began a conversation of meaningless ramblings.

As he answered my questions I found myself lying on my back slowly stroking my pussy. Now my questions moved to more intimate subjects.

"Tell me about yourself. Are you attached? How tall are you?" Then I began to ask questions that no girl should ask a stranger.

"What are you doing right now? Oh you're in bed? What do you have on? Oh you sleep in the nude, so do I," I interjected.

Realizing that this was just a voice on the phone and he knew nothing about me I could ask or tell him anything I desired. So I took advantage of this anonymity.

"I am laying here and my pussy is so wet. Would you like to tell me what I should do? I mean tell me something sexy so I can finish myself."

There was a long pause, and then he asked. "What would you like me to tell you? I mean, what would you want me to tell you that might help?"

I was now stroking my clit with three fingers, rapidly drawing its sheath around and around. "Talk dirty to me, or tell me what you would do to me at this moment if you were here, or how you would fuck me, or eat me, anything, but for gods sake help me!"

"O.K." he answered. "I want you to put three fingers inside your pussy and stroke them in and out while you draw the ball of your thumb over the top of your clit. Rub it hard and let me hear you cry out as you cum.

"I'll stroke my cock for you while you do that, and we can cum together. Now do it!"

I did precisely as he had directed. I closed three of my fingers so that the tips met and drove them deep into my pussy. At the same time I extended my thumb up so I could wiggle it around and round my engorged clit. Within seconds it expanded and now felt like a small pearl, and ever so slippery.

As the sensations increased I suddenly lost the rhythm of stroking in and out while stroking my clit in a circular fashion. My hand now frantically plunged in and out of my dripping cunt, and the salacious wet sounds echoed thru the room. My thumb no longer could be controlled and began to simply glide back and forth firmly over my clit.

Then I began to sob, as my clit suddenly became the center of my life. It begged to be tortured and yet it needed to be seduced. Now I began to cry out. Simultaneously I could hear him stroking his cock more and more quickly. That added to my urgency.

Then he told me to use my free hand and slide my index finger into my ass and allow it to twist and turn. Again I obeyed.

That did it all right. I did just what he had told me and screamed out all sorts of obscenities as I orgasmed. "Oh my god! I am. It's getting close. Oh shit, it's coming now. Oh my dear god cum with me! Let me hear you cum with me."

Then I heard his hand as it slid up and down his shaft and his breathing began to come in short gasps when finally he sobbed out. 'NOW! Take it! Oh damn it's spurting for you now!"

His command, "NOW!" Suddenly sent me over the top.

I rarely can cum a second time so quickly after the first, but this night I had my second orgasm within a few seconds of the first and it was even more intense then ever before.

Now my fluids were flowing so profusely that they ran down the crack of my ass, lubricating my finger as it plunged in and out of my ass. Then I seemed to go limp.

I lay panting, completely spent, and satisfied. "Did you shoot much, I gasped? Tell me what it looks like. Did it spurt on your chest? Can you taste it for me and tell me what you taste like?"

He must have thought I was crazy but he did as I asked and finally came back on and whispered, "Yes it's all over my chest and my hand, there's not much taste, sort of salty, but not much more. But it's thick and sort of stringy."

"My god but your good. What's your name?"

He chuckled and answered, "What do you want it to be?" I thought for a second then answered, "I often have sexy dreams and my lover is called 'Rex'."

He answered, "Then I'm 'Rex' and what is your name?" I whispered, "Pamela, or just Pam."

Before he hung up I convinced him to call me tomorrow. I didn't know what number I had dialed to reach him so I gave him my number. He agreed to call tomorrow night at midnight.

I needed him so badly by now, and I have never had such intense orgasms as this evening, and I wasn't going to let him get away.

He softly whispered, "Now go to sleep. You need your strength for tomorrow." And with that, hung up.

Going quickly to sleep, I rolled over on my bolster and wiggled and squirmed hard against it. That night I had some of the most erotic dreams I have ever had, because now there was a voice added.

By morning it was so slippery and wet that my thighs were a mess with my own cum.

That day I went out and purchased a speakerphone so I could keep both hands free if he called again. It was the top of the line and could pick up any sound in the room.

The next evening I anxiously waited for midnight to arrive. As the hour neared, I began to get wet. It was my body preparing me and triggered by the anticipation. Then the phone rang. Before I could say anything he softly whispered, "I'm already hard for you sweetheart."

"Tonight I want you to do exactly as I tell you, agreed?"

I gasped my answer. "Yes! Oh god yes! Anything you want."

Then he began and I obeyed. Each thing he had me do was something that I had fantasized about doing but never really had the courage to try. After two weeks I was cumming on his command. He had taught me to bring myself just to the brink of satisfaction then wait until he was ready to shoot before I was allowed to go those few seconds longer and finish.

I was now orgasming almost on demand, and merely by listening to him describe what he wanted to do to me or what he wanted me to do to him. My mouth would water when he told me that he wanted to fuck my mouth. My ass began to spasm at the mere mention of his desire to have me bend over so he could stick his cock deep inside me. My vaginal muscles would begin to tightly contract as he described how his shaft would feel as he plunged it in and out of my body and what he wanted me to cry out as I came for him.

Now I was staying up until two in the morning and orgasming as many as eight or nine times before I begged him to let me rest.

By now I was asking him for other things. I wanted him to make a cast of his erect penis and send it to me. I wanted him to select the toys that he thought would help me do the things he was describing.

Then one Tuesday I found a package the postman had delivered. In it was a scented candle and a butt plug, which was unique in that it was curved and when switched on, would slowly rotate. Enclosed were instructions. The candle was to be lit when he called, and extinguished when he bade me good night. The plug was to be inserted when he told me to do so.

I waited for his call that evening. When it came he directed me to light the candle. Its aroma was unusual. It exuded a scent, unfamiliar to me, but which seemed pleasing. That evening he had me insert the plug in my anus. I used my own wetness to lubricate it, and as he described how he wanted to mount me. I have a dildo, which I sometimes use and tonight he had me suck on it as he described how he would have me suck on him.

I was again on the verge of cumming and listening to him stroking his cock and waiting for permission to join him when he paused and told me to turn on the plug. It began to twist and turn inside my ass and I let out a scream as I came. I had upset him by not waiting for him to finish with me. For that I was punished. He wouldn't call the next night.

I waited and at midnight I began to literally drip thick streams of my own fluid and they ran down my thighs and the crack of my ass. But no sound from the phone.

I waited almost an hour and nearly went insane before I was forced to masturbate without his help. Oh my god. I couldn't finish. I tried but could never get quite over the top. I needed him. Like Pavlov's dog I had been conditioned to respond to his voice and his commands.

The next morning the postman delivered another package. In it was a rubber replica of an erect cock. The note with it said that he had decided to cast it as I had asked. Holding it in my hands I gasped. He couldn't be this big.

I took it to the kitchen and measured its length. Almost eight inches long and two inches thick, I could barely get my fingers to go around it. My first thought was that it was a joke, but that evening the phone rang and he assured me that it was an actual replica.

For the next week and a half I used that dildo every way imaginable. When he told me to suck him I would place it between my lips and suck. When he told me he wanted to fuck my mouth, I would stroke it deep down my throat.

Should he describe fucking me, it was forced in and out of my dripping pussy, and it replaced the butt plug on several occasions. There was nothing that he wouldn't do with me, and then on Saturday morning, very early, three more packages arrived along with a note.

Opening the first and largest, I found a very expensive cocktail dress, complete with accessories. In the next were shoes with stiletto heels. In the third was a beautifully engraved invitation.

The instructions were simple. Prepare to go to a party at ten thirty this evening. Shave my pussy; wear the dress and accessories and shoes, then leave in the limo that was going to be waiting outside at ten fifteen.

It was exactly ten fifteen when I was blindfolded and slid into the back of the limousine and the driver closed the door. At precisely ten thirty I was helped out and led to the door of a mansion somewhere just outside of town.

My greeter was a rather young girl. She introduced herself as, Genie but said very little and led me into a rather large room. Other guests were already seated around what appeared to be a dance floor. Five tables were around it, each occupied by a couple that were sipping drinks and quietly conversing. They didn't seem to even notice my entrance.

I was seated and brought a small vial of greenish liquor. The girl, Genie, leaned over to me and softly whispered, "Just sip it slowly, your escort will be with you shortly." True to her word, I suddenly felt a warm hand on my shoulder and a voice that I had heard so many times before. Then I instantly began to feel the flow between my legs.

He moved around to stand in front of me. He stood about six feet one or two and wore a white silk shirt open at the collar. His black slacks were form fitting and outlined a trim and very lean body. A lock of hair fell softly over his forehead and he smiled down at me.

That liquor or what ever it was definitely began to take effect. He reached across the small table and quietly whispered, "It's almost time, come!"

Now, with Genie on one arm and Rex on the other, I followed him to the center of the dance floor and the lights around were dimmed so I could barely see the couples sitting there. Then he stood in front of me and reaching out grasped the top of my blouse and tugging down. The seams parted with each tug, and soon it was deftly taken off and floated to the floor.

I was frozen. I lifted my arms to cover my breasts, still contained in my bra. He moved to face me and unclasped the bra in the front and peeled the cups slowly, exposing each breast.

Next he knelt down and in a similar fashion found the spot where my skirt was weakest and with a tug, it too divided into two and fell to the floor. They had been made to come off at the slightest tug in certain places.

I stood and gazed into his eyes. I could hear the people softly murmuring as he prepared to remove my panties. They were very low on my hips and had small pink bows on each side.

He grasped each with his fingers and tugged. The garment split down each side and the back dropped. The front was momentarily glued to my pussy by my own secretion but slowly came loose and fluttered down.

Now I stood completely nude, before this very beautiful man while five couples stared at me.

He told me to pirouette for him and I obeyed. The audience softly clapped and then Genie came over and taking my hand, led me in a slow walk around the room as if showing off a prize to those assembled spectators. Then she began to lead me away. The heels on my shoes made a sort of clicking noise on the floor as I left, and was escorted into another room

In the center of the room was a raised round bed or platform covered by a thick mattress. To one side was an end table on which rested a phone similar to the one I had at home.

I was seated and she removed my shoes. Now I watched as the other couples entered the room from another doorway and took their places on small couches lined around two sides of the room. They had discarded their clothes and sat on the loveseats and quietly waited.

Now only the subdued light from above lit the room and they became invisible spectators. Suddenly there was a gasp from the women in the room. My Rex had entered and as I turned to gaze at him I saw a vision.

He was nude, and his shaft swayed with each step he took. My god but he seemed larger then the dildo he had sent me.

His body was glistening in the subtle light and I was entranced, as were the others, by his cock. He approached me and stood perhaps two feet away. His shaft seemed to waver in front of me, enticingly close, and then I heard the phone ring. It was midnight.

My body shook as my pussy began to ooze droplets of clear viscose fluid. The flow slowly began to run down the insides of my thighs. My clit tingled and began to swell and my nipples started to expand and stood erect in the centers of their areoles.

I stood and turned towards him. He simply smiled and whispered. "Suck me!" I immediately knelt before him and reached out. Cupping his balls in my left hand and directing his shaft to my lips with my right hand.

My mouth opened and my head moved forward. My saliva began to drip in a stream from between my partially parted lips and then they encircled and drew his shaft into the warm wet recess of my mouth.

The audience gasped as I hungrily began to suck his cock. I was amazed that I could do this in front of strangers.

Within moments his shaft began to expand. I began to move my head fore ward then back repeatedly. He was holding perfectly still as if entranced by the sensation of my tongue as it swirled around the rim of his expanding cock.

Softly muttered words drifted thru the room. "Look at her go," "God he's getting long," "Watch her, she's hungry for it."

Now he had expanded immensely. It was almost as if a balloon were inflating in my mouth. I held my breath as I drove his now inflated cock deep to the back of my throat. Again and again his shaft stabbed the back of my palate and slid down my throat. I was more sucking and licking then anything else and the slurping sounds were mostly from the saliva filling my mouth.

Suddenly Genie took a firm grip on my shoulders and pulled me off his rigid shaft. I felt its head slip from between my lips, and as it was freed it sprang upwards. It was blurred to my vision and all I could see this close to him were his balls, but as she helped me stand I could suddenly see the results of my efforts.

His rod stood proudly upward, almost parallel to his abdomen. The audience gasped and one phrase, uttered by some woman echoed in my ears. "Marvelous, he's absolutely marvelous, and she is really good."

Genie stood behind me, and suddenly I felt her place a blindfold over my eyes. She turned me and led me to the platform and turned me so I could sit on it. Then she helped me move to the center and softly whispered, "Lie back, you'll be just fine, just lay back and I'll take care of you."

Than I heard the rustling of clothing being removed and I knew that she too, was now nude. Now she reached over me and took both my hands in hers and lifted them up over my head and with my wrists crossed she interlocked her fingers with mine. She had gently secured me in her grasp.

Now I felt Rex next to me, the mattress rocked slightly as he leaned over me and softly placed his mouth over mine. His tongue divided my lips and entered my mouth. I hungrily sucked on it and than forced mine into his mouth. The kiss was long and tender.

Momentarily breaking, he whispered, "Spread your legs, Pam, I want to taste you, suck and drink you, but don't let yourself cum unless I give you my permission! Do you understand?"

I moaned, "yes, oh yes, I want that. I'll be good and behave."

Then he began. His fingers ran up my legs, beginning at my knees and continued up my thighs. Then they dipped between my legs and gently separated them.

I heard his voice pant. "Just feel me Pamela Just let my tongue explore your body. Taste you and drink you." Then I felt his hot breath at the very bottom of my vagina. His fingers moved up my inner thighs and over the now puffy and swollen lips of my pussy.

His fingers seemed to glide inward, separating labia. It felt as if they had come unglued. Then his tongue began a long sweet upwards. The flat of it gleaning my wetness while the outer edges taunted my inner folds. Upward he moved and its tip seemed to just dance over my clit. My body convulsed and my hips thrust up for just an instant.

I really wanted to scream out at that moment. I was being very quickly brought up to that point from which there is no return. Now I could hear people close to the platform. They moved around me.

Suddenly a warm caress on my cheek, than someone gently stroked my left nipple. Another hand ran over my tummy while yet someone else was softly puffing their hot breath on my right nipple. I was being attacked everywhere, and yet it was so gentle, so erotic that I never wanted it to end.

While Rex continued to torment my pulsating pussy, others were diverting my attention. Suddenly a woman's lips were upon mine, her hair gently stroked my face and I opened my mouth to permit her tongue to enter. I sucked it and she reciprocated, than withdrew. Now two people were tenderly sucking my nipples at the same time. I wanted to be quiet but it was impossible. I gasped, "Oh my dear lord what are you doing to me? Don't stop! I need it!"

Than as if that opened the gates for more intimate contact, I felt either a dildo or someone's cock press against my wet lips and my mouth opened wide and it entered. Much too warm to be a dildo, I sucked his shaft. Slippery and hot, it allowed me a few seconds of erotic pleasure before being taken from me.

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