tagLoving WivesFantasies Fulfilled Ch. 10

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 10


After visiting work for an hour or so, Gavin arrived home around 6:30pm.

Elaine practically pounced on him the moment he walked through the door.

"The kids are next door and you're coming upstairs with me; now."

It was not a request.

Despite the fact that he was physically tired and sexually sated, his wife's new aggressiveness was a huge turn-on for him. Without a word he allowed her to pull him by the hand up the stairs to their bedroom. His wife pushed him towards the bed.

"What's got you so worked up?" he asked.

"Strip" she commanded, falling to her knees before him and tugging at his belt.

Following his wife up the stairs, he was not sure that he was going to be able to cope with yet another sexual encounter. Once in the bedroom he watched Elaine slide his zipper down and his hardening cock out all thoughts of failure fell away.

"I am so going to fuck you," he thought.

"That's the idea." She replied, and slid his semi hard cock into her mouth.

Once again he had failed to keep his thoughts in his head. Three days ago there was no way he would have even thought it, let alone spoken it. No way would Elaine be doing this in the daylight, he could not remember her ever going down like this. He watched as her head bobbed on his once again rigid penis. His jeans were around his ankles, he pulled his shirt off over his head.

Elaine released her lips from the glistening tip of his cock. She stood before him and began unbuttoning her white cotton blouse. "Get rid of those" she ordered nodding towards his pants and trousers that wrapped around his ankles.

"At once madam" he replied.

He sat on the edge of the bed and awkwardly pulled shoes, socks, pants and trousers off. By the time he had finished his wife stood before him naked save for a pair of white knickers. From above him she returned his gaze. His eyes fell upon her large breasts.

"Suck my tits." She commanded.

His cock almost doubled in size, this dominant female behaviour was new to him, he liked it.

He bent forward and cupped her breasts with his hands, then leaned in and flicked his tongue across her left nipple. Elaine gave a little gasp and whimpered as he drew her teat into his mouth. She wrapped her arms around his head as he continued to squeeze, lick and suckle on her tits. After a few minutes Gavin dropped his right hand from her breast and cupped her cotton covered sex with it. His wife was fiery hot between her legs. He pushed the gusset of her knickers to one side and slid his fingers deep into her cunt. He could not remember her being so wet. Elaine almost growled as he thrust his fingers into her all the way to her cervix.

Elaine pulled away from him, quickly removed her knickers and moved to lean over the bed, she extended her hands and supported her self on the bed.

"Fuck me. Now."

"Oh, alright then." Said his cock.

Gavin stood and moved behind his wife. This was an entirely new experience for both of them. Elaines new sexual aggression, was a big turn on. He looked down at the smooth back of his wife, her bum cheeks almost quivering in anticipation, even the position was new. He lined up his the head of his cock with his wife's glistening sex crack.

He was about to spear into her when it occurred to him that she was so desperate he could tease her.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Put your cock in me."

"Say please."

Elaine pushed her cunt backwards and almost managed to impale herself, but Gavin moved out of the way just in time.

"Fuck me, you bastard."

Gavin leaned forward and put his arms around her his hands cupping her heavy swaying breasts, her nipples were engorged and stiff. His cock shaft pressed against her bum crack.

"You're a horny little whore tonight aren't you?"

"Put your cock in me."

"Say please."

"Please, fuck me."

Gavin kneaded her breasts pulling down on the nipples.

"Are you my whore?"

"Gavin, fuck me, please fuck me now."

He withdrew his hips and his cock found the entrance to her vagina.

He stood back up. "This hole, or this one?" He pressed his finger against the Elaine's pink puckering anus.

"I want you in my cunt, now."

He thrust into his wife with a single long push and held it there.

"Ahhhhhh, yes, ohhh that feels so good."

Elaine slowly rotated her hips pressing back against him, enjoying the exquisite feeling of finally having a cock deep inside her. Gavin withdrew almost entirely, then forcefully thrust back into her. She grunted like an animal, he repeated the motion and she exhaled a powerful groan. On the third stroke she growled.

"Fuck me hard, give it to me."

Gavin was surprised to hear her, she had always wanted slow love making, this whore wanted fucking. He determined not to disappoint. After the amount of sex he had experienced in the last few days he felt he could stave off his cum indefinitely.

He rammed his penis into her almost putting her off balance, again he thrust deep and hard, Elaine whimpered.

"I'll give you the fuck of your life you horny bitch." Gavin held her shoulders and began thrusting into his wife, long, hard and fast. He was trying to hurt her with his cock.

Elaine's heart was pounding, the feeling of friction inside her belly was indescribable, "this is real sex", she thought to herself. Her tits swayed heavily and slapped together with each thrust of her husbands cock. She could no longer keep her balance, her head was swimming, they both fell forward, his cock popped free.

With an animalistic grunt Gavin roughly rolled her onto her back fell on top of her and forced his cock past her cunt lips and back into her deep wetness.

"Ohh yes, fuck me, fuck me." She hissed. Her eyes were shut, and when she felt Gavin's tongue slip past her lips and into her mouth she struggled for breath. Gavin mauled her breasts and fucked her pulsing cunt. Elaine was cumming, repeatedly, she pulled her mouth from his "I love you, I love you, I love you." she breathed. Gavin could only grunt. His wife was writhing beneath him like no woman ever before, he continued to 'rape' her.

"Cum in me, fuck my cunt and cum in me." she begged.

"Take it you fucking slut."

With a final hard thrust, he pumped his seed into his wife's trembling vagina and almost passed out on top of her. Panting and sweating he lay on her, she was quivering with the aftershocks of her prolonged orgasms. He kissed her, she had tears dripping from the corner of her eyes. He licked them away.

"You OK?"

"Oh yes, I'm OK". She panted.

"That was fucking intense."

"That was fucking fantastic." She said in disbelief. "We've been doing it wrong."

"I practically raped you."

"You fucked me, and I was begging for it."

"Is this because of Irene?"

"It opened up a new world, I, or rather we, haven't been open with each other. You can't fuck properly unless you're open with each other."

Gavin felt a strong pang of guilt, given that he had spent the day fucking his mistress and a black lesbian teenager he thought it a pretty fair comment on her part.

"I've always wanted to experience a woman, " she continued, "Irene was like a present from you to me and I thank you for allowing me to have that experience."

"I seem to remember that I got to fuck her so it's hardly a one way thing."

"But you never would have done that if I hadn't suggested it, and then she and I did slip off to bed together while you were asleep."

"That at least is true, and I want all the lurid details about last night."

"Does it turn you on?"

"You with another woman? Too bloody right it does."

"I don't get it," she continued, "I couldn't bare the thought of you with another man."

"Neither could I. That would be gross." They both giggled.

"So, did Irene leave this morning or did you get up to anything together?"

She got her son to come with spare car keys, but found her lost ones before he arrived. They drove home together."

"So no more girlie sex then?"

"Just a little kiss or two."

Elaine had been dreading this conversation, she hated telling lies to Gavin, and stuck as close to the truth as possible.

"What do you think of Irene?" He asked. "Would you want a repeat performance?"

Elaine had very mixed emotions on that score. Irene had opened up a completely new world of bi-sexual experiences that had fulfilled a deep-seated need in her. Elaine knew that that particular cat could never be put back in the bag. Whether Irene was the one she would choose to be her long-term female partner, she was doubtful. The events of this morning with Irene's son had been decidedly weird and with hindsight, Elaine regretted the whole mother and son threesome thing. She could not of course tell Gavin that she had achieved orgasm under the attentions of Irene and her son on this very bed just a few hours earlier.

She had spent the day fretting over whether she had been unfaithful to Gavin. It came down to how he would see it, she decided sharing oral sex with a teenager and his mother and so nearly allowing him to penetrate her would in Gavins book be rated as 'unfaithful'. She wanted to make it up to Gavin. All that had gone on also massively turned her on. She still could not get the image of that huge penis out of her head, what would it have been like riding that monster? By the time Gavin had returned from work she was in a state of sexual frenzy.

"A repeat performance? I'm not sure." She said.

"To be perfectly honest, I don't find her particularly attractive," he confessed, "but I'm a guy, so if it's on a plate I'll eat it."

"Well I'm not so shallow that looks are everything, she's a very nice person, but I do think that she is a little old for us." Elaine offered.

"And wrinkly." He added.

Elaine laughed, "Her face certainly has character."

"So we don't want another visit any time soon then."

"I think we both know that our sex lives have changed for ever, and we need to agree where the new boundaries are." She looked earnestly at her husband, searching his face for any kind of disagreement.

"I know that we just had the best sex we ever had, and that I like the new dirty you."

"I've just realised that it's alright to really go for it, that's all." She said.

"So what next?" he asked.

Elaine thought for a moment. "Honestly?"

"Of course."

"I'd really like you to lick your spunk out of my sweaty cunt."

Gavin looked truly shocked, this was not his wife, this was a whole new exciting personality.

The look of shock on his face registered with his wife. "Of course you don't have to, I was just being honest."

"Spread your legs I'm going to eat you till you beg me to stop."

And he did.

Later that evening after their daughters had been put to bed, husband and wife snuggled together on the sofa. It had been a long time since they had cuddled like this. Elaine felt she had to make up her transgressions of the day. Gavin too felt guilty about Paula, he wished he could be open about her with his wife. He also knew that had he not started his affair with Paula then none of this would have happened, so in a sense Elaine should be grateful to Paula. "Yeah right", he thought.

"Yeah right, what?" asked his wife.

He really needed to get his brain to stop speaking its thoughts.

"Sorry, it just slipped out."

"What were you thinking about?"

"I was thinking that I'll have to work twice as hard to satisfy you now that I have to compete with women."

"Don't be daft, you're not competing with anyone. I promise that you are all I desire in the bedroom department, I would have thought that was obvious earlier on."

"Elaine, twenty four hours ago you were licking another womans fanny, and it obviously turned you on big time."

"I was also letting you fuck my bum. Which, by the way I want you to do again very soon."

"But let's face it, you do have a yearning for women that's not going to disappear, and if I deny you the pleasure you will only resent me for it. It's not like I can personally fulfil that role for you."

"I admit I loved having sex with a woman, and I do want it again but not at the risk of our marriage, it's you that I love and if I never saw another woman, you would be enough. Especially if we can keep this new sexual honesty going. I'm not going behind your back to find women sex partners. God how would I do that anyway?"

Gavin kissed the top of her head. What he wanted to say was "I really enjoyed having another woman in our bed the threesome thing was fantastic. Bring home a different one each night and I'll be happy."

What he said was "I love you too."

"Of course you obviously enjoyed fucking Irene as well." She continued.

"Only because you were part of it, I thought you were getting off seeing me do it." It was blurring the truth, but he knew it would please her.

"I suppose I did enjoy sharing you, Irene seemed so needy."

"She doesn't seem to have much of a home life."

"Maybe." Elaine thought of Irene's son. "That will probably improve quite soon." She said. "So what have we decided?"

"Sounds like we need to find you another girlfriend. Don't you know any woman at work who might be up for it?" He asked.

He was trying to steer her to asking him the same question. He could not believe how his life was changing, could he possibly get Paula and his wife together in the same bed? That would be so perfect.

"I've never even thought about it. I suppose there are a couple who might be that way inclined, there are none that I really fancy."

"You mean you really fancied Irene?"

"I guess not, it was more the novelty of it. Heck I don't know how a woman approaches another woman. Irene happened because we were pissed and I was feeling very randy."

"We could look on the internet."

"No thanks, that would be way too seedy who knows who you are really talking to."

"Are there any women you actually fancy?" he asked. That was not a question he had expected to be asking his wife.

"Actually, you won't laugh will you?"

"Depends on who it is, I'm not making any promises." He joked.


"Louise? Next door Louise? Neighbour Louise?"

"Yes, next door Louise."

"Well I can understand why, she is really quite good looking. She's about our age and she certainly looks after herself."

"You've obviously thought about her a lot, do you fancy her too?"

"I wouldn't go that far, but I wouldn't object to getting to know her a bit better, especially if you were keen." He lied.

He thought their next door neighbour was gorgeous, he also thought her out of his league. When she and her husband and seven year old son had first moved in they had flirted a little but the genuine two way spark was missing. These days they chatted about kids and boring stuff, he had forgotten how much he really fancied her.

"Has she ever shown any interest in you, in that way?" He asked.

"No, not really, I've noticed she's very tactile with me, we always peck each others cheek to say hello and stuff and she is always putting her hand on my arm or leg when we are talking but I think it's just the way she is."

"Well if you think you can persuade her to take a trip on the other side of the street then I wouldn't complain." He laughed.

"What about you, whoever we get you'll be fucking them too. Aren't there any women you know that may be up for it?"

This was the question, the opportunity to introduce Paula into the mix. He opened his lips, "I hear Paula at work is up for an adventure or two, I suppose she is attractive in an obvious sort of way, I could possibly broach the subject with her." Is what he intended to say.

"No, I've never looked at other women in that way." He chickened out. He could not break the habit of a lifetime and tell his wife that he actually fancied other women.

It was probably what Elaine wanted to hear, nevertheless she felt a little disappointed that the task of finding their next joint bed partner seemed to be falling at her feet alone.

"So let's go to bed and you can tell me what you would like to do to Louise." He suggested.

"You're just a perv."


Several days passed.

Elaine had rung Irene to make sure that she would not mention her son's visit to the house and to enquire how things were between them. Irene did not mention the fact that she had fucked her son at least a dozen times since then.

At work Gavin had thought that Irene would have been all over him, he was both relieved and a little disappointed that she made no moves in that direction. They spoke of the good time they had had but neither suggested a replay.

Paula was business like around Irene, and a slut around Gavin. Every chance they got they were touching, feeling and kissing each other, to such an extent that they were both in a permanent state of heightened arousal. They had no real chance of being alone together. The result was that Elaine was on the receiving end of Gavins lust for both her and Paula. Elaine was getting sore.

Elaine had time on her hands, she only worked two days a week but it was in the building next to Louise. They had always given each other lifts to and from work. She took the opportunity of the forty-minute journeys to try to steer the conversation towards finding out Louise's sexual preferences.

After about an hour and a half of round about conversation Elaine was none the wiser.

She decided that a more direct approach was in order.

On Friday morning, it was Elaines turn to drive and as usual, Louise called around about 20 minutes before they had to set off.

Elaine was upstairs.

"Sorry Louise, I'm running a bit late this morning," she called from the bathroom.

"Grab a coffee I'll be down in a minute."

Elaine wandered into the kitchen still wearing her silk dressing gown. "Sorry Louise, Gavin took the kids to school and didn't wake me. I only just got out of the shower.

Louise smiled at her. "It's OK we've plenty of time."

Elaine sat opposite Louise and poured herself a coffee, The front of her gown slipped open a little revealing her deep cleavage. Elaine took her time in gathering it shut..

Louise smiled "You nearly popped out. I have a gown like that, the silky ones are difficult to keep closed aren't they.? "

"Sorry. Yes especially when you've got as much to hide as us." Elaine laughed nodding in the general direction of Louise's ample bosom.

"I think you'd be the winner in that contest," laughed her companion.

"I like having big boobs though, don't you?" asked Elaine.

"Not much fun when you're running for a bus."

"Fun in the bedroom though?"

"Mike doesn't complain."

"Gavin neither, and I get jealous looks from less well endowed women sometimes."

"I once had a girl ask if she could feel mine."

"I would love to feel them too." Elaine thought, "Why?" she said.

"She was quite young and flat chested and simply wanted to know what a large pair felt like."

"Did you let her?"

"Actually I did." Louise looked coyly down at her coffee.

"Where were you?"

"In the changing rooms at the gym I used to go to."

"Was she suitably impressed?"

"To be honest I think she was a little turned on by it. I remember her breathing became rather laboured, and she fondled me for longer than I had expected. I think half the girls there were lesbians."

"Is that why you stopped going?"

"No, not at all, it just got too expensive."

"I went with a girl once." Elaine blurted it out hurriedly.

"You too? I'm surprised I wouldn't have had you down for that." Louise said in a relaxed manner. "I slept with half a dozen girls at university, but I must admit that none of them really rocked my boat the way that Mike does."

Elaine's heart was racing. What next? Should she just lay it on the line or carry on the 'idle' chat?

"Half a dozen? You must have really had a thing for women?"

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