tagLoving WivesFantasies Fulfilled Ch. 11

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 11


Following the previous nights debacle, Gavin decided to take matters into his own hands. It was Saturday morning and he was back at work. He had arranged to meet Paula for lunch. One way or another he determined that he was going to get Paula in bed with him and his wife.

Elaine was at home in the kitchen. Louise announced her arrival with a tap on the window and a wave. Elaine beckoned her in.

The two women looked into each others eyes and began to laugh, they hugged and pecked each other on the cheek.

"I'm so sorry." Said Louise.

"No it was my fault." Corrected Elaine.

"It just never occurred to me that you meant for me to have sex with your Gavin."

"Same here, I never even considered Mike. Was he very disappointed?"

"You could say that. After all he's never had a threesome and when I suggested it out of the blue like that he nearly came on the spot. He thought all his birthdays had come at once. Turns out he really fancies you."

"Gavin has obviously got a thing for you too." Replied Elaine.

"Trouble is I've put the idea in Mike's head now, he'll keep on at me to do the dirty deed some how or another. He knew about me and other women before I married him but he thought that was all in the past. Now he knows that I'm still interested he won't let it be."

"Sorry babe, I seem to have gotten you into a spot of bother. I could never be unfaithful to Gavin with another man."

"I feel pretty much the same way about Mike."

"Oh well, it was a nice idea while it lasted." Said Elaine.

Louise took Elaines hand, "I'm not sure that I would worry about being unfaithful with a woman though." Louise suggested.

Elaine looked at her friend, there was no doubt as to what was on offer here, "You mean you and I could?... just us?... no men?"

Louise squeezed her hand. "It's not the same as sex with a man, it's not like they can compete, it's not like we're about to leave them for each other, is it?"

Elaine knew what she meant, and was very receptive to the idea. "I'm not sure our husbands would see it that way."

"They wouldn't know. Besides they were up for it when they thought they were getting in on the action."

"But we would still be keeping secrets from them. I don't think I could live with myself, I'm sorry Louise but I have to say no. You have no idea how much I'm tempted, I really want you but I just couldn't do it to him."

Louise was truly saddened by the rejection, Elaine had rekindled a long forgotten part of her sexual past and she had spent the last twenty-four hours dreaming of once again making love to another woman.

"If Gavin can't be involved then I just can't."

Louise had a sudden flash of inspiration. "Let's film it."

"Film what?"

"You and me."

"Film us having sex? Then what?"

"Show our husbands. Let them watch."

"Gavin would go mental if you showed a film of me to Mike."

"Mike would feel the same way about Gavin seeing me naked. So the simple answer to that is ..."

"Don't tell them."

"Exactly, let them each think that it's a secret that only they know about. You make a 'secret' recording for Gavin and I do the same for Mike."

"That would do it, they would be happy and we would be being honest about our relationship." Elaine was impressed with the idea. Plus she was quite turned on by the idea of filming her making love to Louise. "Aren't you a clever girl?"

She pulled Louise to her and they locked lips, this time they kissed open mouthed long and hard their tongues fencing between their lips. Louise raised her hands to Elaines right breast and squeezed.

"Mmmmmm," murmured Elaine, she in turn cupped Louise's own right breast and trapped the long hard nipple that she found there between her fingers.

Louise broke the kiss. "Oh God it's been so long. When will Gavin be home?"

"He'll be out until late afternoon. Where's Mike?" "Playing golf, so he won't be back for at least three hours, and he took Michael with him. Where are your girls?"

"Still at my mums, Gavin will bring them home later."

"Have you got a video camera?"

"Gavin has."

"Get it and take me to bed."

Elaine's heart was practically bursting from her chest. She almost ran to the desk in which the camera was kept. "Got it," she said.

"Let's go upstairs."

The two women rushed up to the bedroom.

"You had better put it somewhere hidden with a good view of the bed." Suggested Louise.

"The bookshelf over there will be good," said Elaine. She 'secreted' the camera on the shelf where it had a good view of the bed, indeed it would have been an excellent hiding place for the camera.

"How do you turn it on?" asked Louise.

"I have a little remote, if we use that they won't be able to tell which of us is operating it."

"OK, come and stand with me over here away from the camera before you set it going."

Elaine joined Louise on the far side of the bed away from the camera. They would be in full shot when she pressed the remote button. "Ready?" She asked.

Louise nodded. The camera whirred quietly and a little red light started flashing.

Elaine popped the remote in her pocket and looked at Louise. Louise returned her gaze, the women smiled at each other and took each others hands. Slowly and softly they leaned forward and kissed each others most lips. Then they melted into a deep and long embrace. Elaine pushed her tongue into Louis's mouth and played it across her soft lips. Louise's breathing deepened. She raised her hands and began to unbutton Elaine's blouse. Elaine gently pushed her away. "Here let me." She said.

Quickly and quietly they both unbuttoned and unzipped their own clothing until they stood before each other in just bras and panties. Elaine climbed on the bed and held out her hand to Louise inviting her to join her. Louise readily accepted and clambered across the bed to be closest to the camera. They lay beside each other gazing into each others eyes. Louise stroked Elaine's cheek and said "you look really beautiful, I so want to please you." With that she kissed Elaine long and deep while her hand snaked down and over Elaines round fleshy belly to delve into her knickers. Louise's fingers briefly noted the sparse hair covering between her lover's legs and then moved on down and round trying to make sense of the mush of clitoris and labia. Thumb and finger separated Elaine's sex lips and suddenly her cunt opened like a flower allowing Louise full access to her wet slippery slit and deep cunt hole. Louise inserted two fingers deep inside Elaine and used her thumb to rub her clitoris. Elaine moaned at the touch of someone who knew her body as well as she did. She spread he legs wider and started a rhythmic humping against Louise's hand.

Louise felt released, it was many years since she had been to bed with a woman but the old feelings were quickly returning, she really enjoyed making another woman squirm under her touch.

Elaine ran her hand over Louise's lace covered breast, the covered nipple was surprisingly big and very hard. She squeezed the soft flesh. Louise's tits were not as big as Elaines but they were much bigger than Irene's, and they were soft, Louise gave a muffled moan into her mouth. The women mashed their breasts together and delighted in the soft wobbly buffer that they created. Louise loved her nipples to be sucked, she pulled the bra up over her boobs and let her large tanned pear shaped orbs free. Elaine fumbled with the newly uncovered flesh. Louise released her lip lock on Elaine's mouth and offered her a nipple as a replacement. Elaine hungrily accepted the teat and began sucking. The nipple was large rubbery and very hard, Louise moaned loudly as her new lover gorged herself on her tits.

All the while Louise continued her rhythmic rubbing of Elaine's clitoris, Elaine's cunt was clenching her fingers tightly.

Elaine came up for air. She was rampant with a horny desire to please her friend. "Let me eat you," she whispered, "let me taste you, I need to taste you."

Louise pulled away from Elaine and sitting up they both removed their remaining underwear. They knelt facing each other, Elaine could not help but stare at Louise's glistening heaving tits, they seemed to tremble with anticipation. From this position she could not see Louise's cunt which she so desperately wanted to ravage. Elaine reached out her right hand and cupped Louise's sex. It was bare, hot and sticky. With her other hand she pushed Louise back "Lay down I want to lick you." Louise fell back and opened her legs revealing to Elaine and the camera her tanned glistening shaved cunt. Louise pulled her legs wider with her hands, knowing she was showing her innermost femininity to Elaine and her husband.

Elaine stared at the engorged cunt before her, little strings of moisture ribboned between the slowly separating lips. Elaine leaned forward and inhaled her friends most intimate aroma, slowly she placed a little kiss on Louise's hooded clitoris. Louise had a sharp intake of breath. Elaine deliberately wiggled her bum and cunt directly at the camera, she was thinking of Mike watching the video as she snaked her tongue deep into the hot wet aromatic crevice that was his wife's vagina.

"Ooohhhh yeeesss", hissed Louise, "yes, yes yessss. That is so good, that is sooo fucking good." Elaine continued to lap and tongue and finger the pulsating cunt before her, totally captured in a world of feminine lust. Louise's panting increased, her moans became louder her hands squeezed her own breasts and pulled alarmingly hard at her own nipples. Suddenly Louise arched her back and her arms slammed the bed the walls of her cunt clenched and spasmed painfully tightly around Elaine's fingers. "Fuck! Yesss!" she uttered in a high pitched whine. Then she grasped Elaine's head and pulled it hard against her cunt, she began to violently hump Elaine's mouth. Elaine could no longer keep up with her lovers orgasm, indeed she could hardly breath.

After what seemed an age, Louise slowly released her grasp of Elaine's head, Elaine struggled free and was finally able to breath. She knelt above the nude, panting, sweating frame of her neighbour. Louise's smile turned to a laugh and then an uncontrollable giggle, she was nearly delirious.

"Fucking hell babe," laughed Elaine, "you go like a train."

Louise laughed a little louder. "To be honest it's been a while since I had a really good cum."

"That'll please the viewers." thought Elaine.

Elaine continued to kneel over the collapsed body of her friend, she massaged Louise's thighs and abdomen. Slowly Louise recovered.

"Your turn hun." She said, shuffling down the bed between Elaine's thighs. "Come and sit on my face, I want to return the favour."

Elaine crawled up Louise's body until she was straddling her chest. Her cunt smeared juice on Louise's chest. Elaine liked the feeling of Louise's nipples rubbing against the lips of her fanny. She lingered and made tine rotations of her hips rubbing her cunt against her friend's nipples. "Oh that feels good," she moaned. Louise managed to bring her arms around and began to rub the clitoris that gyrated just a few inches from her chin.

After a minute or two Elaine twisted her whole body around to face the other way, she lowered her hot wet vagina down onto Louise's waiting mouth. While she rode her mouth Elaine played with her tits. Louise could see nothing but Elaine's little pink bum hole winking at her, as its owner rode her tongue, she could taste nothing but Elaine's free flowing womanly essence, she could feel nothing but Elaine's hands tightly mashing her breasts. Elaine came quickly, facing the camera, mouthing filthy words that never became sound, grimacing with the exquisite perfection of the orgasm that pulsed within her clitoris. As she finally regained the power of speech all she could manage was "Oh you; you dirty bitch." She was actually talking to herself, but Louise did not mind either way.

They kissed, cuddled, petted, snuggled for a further twenty minutes until they finally climbed off the bed, and dressed. Elaine secretly clicked the remote and the camera fell silent.

"They'll cream their pants when they see this." Said Louise.

"I might do the same. I'll make a copy, straight away. When are you going to show him it?"


"Me too, I think we're both in for a damn good seeing to this evening." Laughed Elaine.

"I wish I could be there with you."

"Same here. But that would involve sex with the wrong guys. And they'd never go for it." Elaine said.

"You're right, best leave things as they are."

Louise left the house clutching a copy of the afternoon's events, and Elaine went for a shower. It was just after three in the afternoon. She dressed and went to the kitchen where she sat and relived the day over a glass of wine.

She was sure that Gavin would approve of what she had done and could not wait to 'show and tell'. Once again she was getting that itch that only a cock can reach. She decided to call Gavin and tease him about it.

She rang his mobile.

Around 11.00am that same day, Gavin had met up with Paula. They had spent an hour just chatting, browsing shops and holding hands. They had gone to a bistro for lunch and talked about nothing in particular over pasta and Chianti. They ordered desert and their talk turned to their encounter with Rachel.

"Have you seen her since?" enquired Gavin.

"Just briefly, she returned some clothes she'd borrowed. We didn't mention the other day."

"We never really talked about it either. How do you feel about what happened?"

"I've thought about it a lot actually, I can hardly believe I let a girl lick my bits. I actually came. I had my tongue down her throat. I just don't do girls."

"Well you did that one, and I for one loved every second of it."

"You dirty bastard, you fucked me, then ogled Rachel then fucked me again then bedded the pair of us, I'm not surprised you loved it. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it, because I did but I only did it because you said it was what you wanted your fuck buddy to do. I told you there would be a price to pay."

Gavin remembered her saying something along those lines, but at the time he had not taken any notice.

"What did you mean? What's the price? Have you got something in mind?"

"We all have fantasies, some of them are light hearted some are darker, you owe me a dark one."

"I'm up for a bit of role play if that's what you mean."

Paula leaned into him, under the table her hand brushed across his crotch, her lips kissed the corner of his mouth. "I haven't decided yet, but when I do you have to promise to go along with it. It's our fuck buddy deal."

"Absolutely. I owe you one." He really should not have been so flippant. "Now that you have experienced a bit of bi-sexual stuff though, don't you want to try some more? You must admit our little threesome was bloody exciting."

"I wouldn't totally rule it out, but I have other ideas that I'd rather work through first. Speaking of bi-sexuals, how's Elaine?"

"She's fine, she's actually turned into a bit of a slut since Irene paid us a visit. She's certainly not backward in telling me what she wants."

Paula was surprised to feel a pang of jealousy. That was not part of the deal. She had been OK with Gavin sleeping with his wife when he said she was boring in bed. But she did not especially like to think of Gavin enjoying himself without her, it smacked of competition.

"As long as you have enough for both of us." she half joked.

"Thing is we have decided that Irene will not be paying a return visit, but she feels that she still needs a female partner." He tried to sound nonchalant, he thought it best to blame the need for a female sex partner firmly at his wife's door.

"No. Not going to happen, Don't ask. I did it once, that fulfilled my duty. I am not going to bed with your wife."

"I never even..." he was lost for words this was not in the script he had written in his head, the one that one ended with Paula saying "Oh could I, thank you so much."

"Be reasonable, I'm not looking for a wife I'm looking for a fuck. I had never so much as touched a girl until the other day, now you want me to be number three in your marriage. It's not what I want, it's not what this is about."

"I'm sorry Paula, you're right, I don't want to spoil what we have. I value our friendship far more than that. I won't mention it again." When all else fails contrite apologies with a hint of truth is a good bet.

"It's OK Gav. Just don't forget that we're equal partners in this relationship and you owe me one. When you've paid your dues then maybe, just maybe..."


Paula decided to change the subject.

"Want the bathroom?" she asked.

"No, I went earlier."

"I think you do."

"No really I don't."

Paula shuffled out of her seat dropped something in his lap and headed for the ladies.

Gavin held up the black lace knickers with both hands, it took a while for it to register what he was holding.

"Very nice dear," said the old lady in the booth opposite, "I think she probably wants you to return them." She nodded in the direction of the ladies.

Gavin suddenly very flustered stuffed the knickers into his pocket and hurried off to the toilets. Outside the ladies he looked around to make sure the coast was clear. His heart was thumping, he had never done anything like this before. He put his head to the door and listened. He could not hear anything. Slowly he pushed the door ajar. The room was empty, three wash basins three mirrors and three cubicles with closed doors, two pairs of legs one with white shoes one with black.

He clearly remembered Paula's white shoes and crept to that cubicle. He pushed on the door and it swung gently open a little way. He was about to push again when a hand on his arm pulled him towards the next cubicle.

"What are you doing?" hissed Paula.

"I thought you were in that one." Gavin whispered pointing at the other cubicle.

"You think I'd be seen dead in shoes like that?"

The occupant of the next cubicle tore paper.

"Shshshhh" they both agreed.

More paper, a rustle of clothing, a failed flush attempt, a successful flush and a clatter of a door.

Gavin and Paula held each other tightly hating the fact that they had to breath. They looked at each other's reddening face; they were in the early stages of the giggles.

The tap expelled water and soap was being applied. Rinse and paper towel, paper towel, swing bin lid, clothing adjustment and finally door.

The pair gasped for breath and laughed.

"So is this your dark fantasy? Sex in a toilet?" He asked.

"Don't be ridiculous." She admonished.

Gavin held up the knickers that she had presented him with. "Didn't your mother tell you to always wear knickers in case you were in an accident.?"

"She told me that I could cause an accident if I didn't wear them."

"Am I going to have an accident?"

Paula sat on the closed toilet lid, she hiked up her skirt exposing her bare pussy, smoothly she undid Gavins flies. "You tell me, are you going to have an accident?"

"Oh yes, yes please."

She struggled to release his semi-stiff cock but finally had it loose. She licked the end, then sucked it into her mouth and coated it with saliva. After a few moments, she withdrew it from her mouth and began to wank him with a determination that surprised him.

"Whooa, slow down, I'm gonna cum."

"That's the idea isn't it?" She did not stop.

"It's a little fast."

"Gavin you're getting a hand job in the ladies toilet of a busy restaurant from a woman who's not your wife and my pudding is melting. This is not the time to hold back. Now be a good boy and cum for me."

Paula continued her steady rhythm. Gavin ogled her jiggling breasts within her tight sweater, his hand reached out and felt the left one.

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