tagGroup SexFantastic Fulfillment Ch. 02

Fantastic Fulfillment Ch. 02


Reid's hand reached forward, palm up and he cupped my pussy which was now swollen and sopping-wet slick with my own juices as well as his. The way he looked at me as he slipped his fingers inside, the heel of his hand pressing against my pussy and spreading open the outer labia made me blush even deeper than the already-red cheeks I no doubt wore.

"Sweet pussy... it needs more cock." He said, staring me down. I could read exactly what he meant. I was taken aback that he would suggest it, but even more surprised that his eyes were ablaze as he did.

I could feel, even hear the rush of lust that simmered, boiling over. A hissing steam seemed to envelop me. I could not think straight. He stood over me and bent to kiss me even as Ken stepped up behind me to caress me. I could feel Ken's heat increasing, a magnetic force as well. Undeniable.

Four hands roaming my body, and two mouths... two cocks...

Reid whispered in my ear, "You could wear out a dozen cocks, yes, you could, babygirl. Can't keep up with you... you want this?"

I nodded. He then picked me up and carried me to the bed. He sat down behind me, pulling me back against him, my back against his front.

It seemed to me as if he was almost ready again, himself. His cock was a hot bar, throbbing between us, against my back.

He whispered, "Going to get you fucked again."

He reached his arms under each knee, behind my thighs and pulled them up, spreading me open. I looked at Ken, and watched, even felt your eyes looking at my pussy. I leaned back against Reid. He was whispering in my ear, telling me how I was going to get fucked again, "Lift these legs a little higher... open your legs for that cock, take it deep."

I knew that he was looking at him, watching as Ken stepped up, and looking down over my shoulder at my pussy displayed so wantonly.

Ken stepped up, his hand slowly stroking his cock. I watched, turned on by the sight of his hand gripping his cock, the feel of Reid's hands and arms holding me open for him, and his heat at my back, his dirty whispers in my ear. "Look, girl, look what you're going to get now. You need more fucking, lots of fucking... such a hot little pussy you have there."

My hand tugged and squeezed my breast, and the other caressed and spread my pussy in anticipation of the heat of Ken's cock.

I whispered, "Ohhh... Ken... please... give it to me... I need it."

"You're going to get it, baby... look what I have here for you." He brought his hips in close, cock still in hand and slid it through the need-swollen labia, slipping the glowing-hot head just inside the opening. I groaned, whimpering, wanting more already.

"You want that cock don't you, little girl? Want it deep, want it hard and fast... " Reid coached.

"Yes, I want it, need it... need it." I answered, breathlessly.

Ken gave a little thrust, the heat and hardness of hium spreading me open.

"That's it... take that cock, honey... " Reid said into my ear, his voice like velcro catching my imagination, trapping my arousal. I focused on it and was driven over the edge as Ken slid into me fully, angling upward and giving a little half-thrust in, hard, just when he got all the way in. I grunted softly, hearing myself moan, whimper and mewl as I came. Reid boosted from behind, providing his strength to force us together.

"Ohhh girl... baby... girl... angel, that's it... you're so beautiful... cum... " Ken was saying, his voice tense with lust.

I could hear and feel the sounds as he thrust into me, shuddering as Ken soon neared orgasm, as well, pumping, driving into me. I could feel Reid behind me meeting thrusts, his firm pressure forcing me harder onto Ken's cock, and keeping my legs splayed widely. I gasped at the sharp sensation of fullness as Ken's cock collided with my cervix, spurting superheated seed, and the resulting fullness in my belly turned into another strong, breath-stealing orgasm. Reid sucked at my neck, his own breathing coming hard and shallow.

My body locked in a hard convulsion of release, and my other senses intensified, then faded in favor of the sensations overloading me from where Ken's thick cock was buried in me and the heated suggestions pouring into my ear.

I laid there not wanting to move, my arms around you, stroking Ken's back, his shoulders, squeezing his ass in appreciation. "Ken, that was... ohhh... thank you... " I whispered to him.

Reid slipped out from under me. I watched him cross the room and grab a towel. He flashed a grin as he walked back, "Going to need a few of these, it looks like." I tingled, knowing why he said that and looking at his beautiful body; mature, strong, a good layer of flesh covering a thick frame, muscles that work for a living. The dark hair at his groin formed a delightful triangle which was mirrored above, less thick, larger, over his chest and trailing down in a line over his abdomen to that fine cock. It was half-hard again, and impressive even at that.

I laid back, holding Ken on top of me, sighing happily as I felt him pulsing, still seeping more cum into me. I could hear the happy, blissful sighs he was giving as his breathing, heartrate returned to normal. Our skin slid over each other, damp with sweat.

I glanced back at Reid, who was lazily stroking his cock. His arm was pumped from the exertion of lust, arousal, and the veins stood in relief, his strong, large hand curling around it and stroking upward, then tugging down. I was mesmerized, wanting.

My hands slid down Ken's back, driven by what I was seeing. They stroked downward over his ass, squeezing... moaning softly at what I felt, saw, thought.

I looked Reid in the eyes, begged him to come closer where I could reach him.

He knew, and gesturing, looking down at his cock, his hand, he gave me that suggestive look I knew so well. An invitation.

I nodded, flicking my tongue over my lips, and beckoning, curling the tonguetip to urge him closer. He came to the bedside, getting onto his knees beside me.

"Get this ready... get it good and hard, babygirl... suck me... sweet head... " His hand reached to stroke the back of my head, knotting in my hair.

I opened my lips, creating a tight opening for his cockhead to penetrate.

Ken was kissing, nibbling, licking at my neck, down my chest and taking turns suckling each of my nipples. I could feel the streams of milk squirting into his mouth.

I sucked his cock into my mouth, the thick, hard shaft throbbing-hard already. One hand stroked and lifted his balls. I took him as far in as I could, tasting the pre-cum already leaking from the blunt, hot tip.

My left hand stroked the back of your neck, your head, urging you to suck harder. There was a tingle-fire electricity running through me as your mouth tugged at my nipple. I could feel his cock surging, filling again within me. I leaned my head back, hand replacing my mouth on Reid's cock, and let out a long, low moan to express the slow, harsh rise of need again. My breath caught in my chest, my heart seemed to hesitate as my hand gauged the cock grasped there.

At its base, it was so thick I could barely wrap my fingers around it, and if it was eight and a half inches at its longest, it must have been nine just now. Looking at it, stroking it, sucking it was one thing. Taking that big tool in my pussy, my ass, was quite another. I knew how good it could feel, and the part of me that wanted more than I could handle was afire, my imagination putting it to good use, though it did take some getting used to. Well worth the effort.

Ken was moving his hips slowly, his cock having reached erectness again. My hips moved with him, undulating sweetly, slowly and enjoying the languid increase of sensation which would culminate, I knew, in the best kind of orgasm; it would increase beyond what might normally push me over the edge, and when it broke, it would be a slow, thick band of pleasure rippling through me, and would seem to last longer even if it wasn't as deep in intensity. These kind, though, often took my senses with them, and so I tried to distract myself. I was not ready for this to end. Not yet.

I let my fingers tease Ken's ass crack, and feeling his cock react, I whispered naughty things to Ken, "Ken... let me fuck that ass... fingers in you... in your tight hole. I want to feel you cum in me with my fingers in there... "

"Yes... fuck my ass." He whispered back, shuddering in a burst of energy, thrusting upward quiveringly, holding the full penetration. This was what I wanted.

I looked up at Reid, and he looked down at me, knowing. I felt caught, and blushed deeply. Too often, he sees inside me, knows me before I even know myself. He grinned in that wicked way only he can.

"Well, well... look what I have here... " He displayed his cock, hard and straining, his hand slid down to the base, making it look even longer, the skin over its surface shiny with the sheer hardness. "What do you want to do with your cock, Mine?"

He smiled again at me, the fiery sparks in his expression were killing me. He often said this to me when he wanted me to have what I wanted most. My cock, to do with what I wanted.

"I... " I swallowed, a gasp catching in my throat as I felt Ken convulse in me, no doubt having an inkling of what was on my mind. I just knew that he knew. I felt Ken looking at Reid, at his cock and suspecting. I wondered if Ken felt the same excited trepidation, thinking of it buried to the hilt in his ass as I do, as I did. It would take some time to get accustomed to, to prepare his tightly puckered hole for that impressive cock. I wanted to feel what it would feel like to have Ken fucking me when he was being fucked. In me. As one, we would take it, Ken would take it and I would hear, I would absorb his fierce erection, the joyous release as he was fucked. I would feel each stroke, his cock straining upward within me, pulsing, throbbing, quivering and forcing me to unimaginable heights as well. Slow and deep, hard and shallow thrusts and feel him cum in Ken's ass, hot spurts filling his bowels.

I started to cum just thinking of it, my head falling back, writhing, moaning beneath Ken. He was grinding into me, pulsing, growing thicker, harder, himself.

"Fuck... his... ass... " I said it, in halting whispers, distracted by the thrusts of his cock into me, the thought of them driven by Reid's thrusting into him, curious about the way it would make his cock convulse, knowing how it is when I slide my fingers in there, or a toy, but this would be... different, I knew from my own experience, and I knew what Ken was in for:

Reid's expression was one of sweet devotion. He knew how badly I wanted this, and while it was never anything he would think about for himself, he was totally into it right now. He got the bottle of lube and handed it to me. "Get it ready. Lube it up. I'm going to fuck his ass."

He squeezed some into his hand, first, and stroked his shaft, lubed the tip. I was mesmerized, watching, knowing what was about to happen.

Still watching him, I spread open Ken's ass cheeks and poured it into his crack, using my fingers to massage it around his tight opening, "Have to get you ready for this... that's a thick, long cock... can you take all of it?" I felt his reaction at the suggestion I was whispering to him.

Ken exhaled tensely, apprehensively whispering, "Help me get ready. It's a bit ummm... "

"Thick?" I teasingly suggested... "Long?" I chuckled.

"Don't worry, she's good with her fingers, with her mouth. She'll have you ready. Baby gets what baby wants." Reid spoke, his jovial tone not necessarily as reassuring as it might seem he meant it. I looked at his cock and agreed it looked like a lot of meat to take, but also knew from experience how fucking good it would feel in there, and how my mind was spinning with that thought.

I disengaged from Ken, feeling the gush of our mingled juices leak out of me. I needed one of those towels about now.

Kneeling, I licked, sucked and kissed his cock, tasting his cum, my cum. At the same time I reached around again to tease his ass some more. He was quivering, and, I knew from my own experience, tingling in anticipation of this.

My fingertip circled, then pressed in, over his tight hole, and god it was tight. It reacted by tightening more. I chuckled quietly, "I'm not so sure... c'mon, babe... let me in... " my finger pressed insistently and very slowly slid in. "Ohhh so fucking tight, Ken. Reid's going to have a good fuck in this ass."

I next positioned the bottle of lube at his pucker and put the tip just inside and squeezed, pushing a blob of cool lube inside, knowing it would soon be forced even further in as Reid's cock made its way inside, the thick head forcing the slick liquid ahead of it, lubricating the walls as it went.

Ken's cock seemed to quiver, pulsing intensely and causing reactions within me as well. I placed my hand between my legs so I could feel our gooey combination, quell the throbbing need there.

Sucking Ken, fucking him gently with my mouth, blowing his cock out and then sucking it back in, kissing, nuzzling his balls was arousing by itself.

I watched as Reid stepped in behind him, his cock still in hand. Just seeing him there so close to Ken, standing between his legs filled me with the need to cum. He watched as my finger again probed Ken's opening, and urged me to add another. He coached me, and I knew again from experience, that he was good at insinuating himself into tight places just like this. He pressed in close so that Ken could feel his heat right next to my fingers. "You've got a long ways to go, but it's a start. Open up, let her in... deeper, wider." I know he heard this, felt what he was saying as I felt the reaction in Ken.

I had three fingers inside him, and rotated, twisting them, fucking slowly, feeling him ease open, hearing his ragged breathing, ecstatic panting and receiving his thrusts resulting from the extra stimulation. I took his cock as deeply into my mouth as I could. I could barely contain my own need. It rose inside me until I felt I couldn't breathe as I thought about what was soon to happen. I was envious of the way it would feel when he first made entry, and for every delicious inch of cock he was going to take, but this was something I had dreamt of, something I had fantasized about for a while, and to have it happen with these men was beyond imagining.

I sucked on Ken, working his cock slowly, gently, knowing it would not take much to ready it again so that I could have it in me once more.

I gauged his ass, knowing it was still not open enough for what he was about to get. I asked Reid to get the dildo from the bedside drawer. He leaned over, all the while I was watching his arms, his shoulders and the muscles play beneath the skin. He was especially fine right now for his intensity, his arousal, the bloodflow heightened. Just maybe if there was any left over when he was done with Ken, I'd have some more of that. And this.

Reid scooped out a generous dollop of vaseline, the thickness would be better for the friction which was about to take place. He laid it right over Ken's slightly gaping sphincter, pushing it in with flattened fingers. I heard his groans, fed on the sensations that caused them.

I took the dildo and slid the tip inside Ken's ass, letting it adjust slowly again, and hesitating as I felt the sphincter muscles clamp down around it. "Ohhh... Ken... Ken... just think... this is going to open the way for that long, hard cock you're going to take. I want all of it in you... when all of you is in me... I want to feel you cum from that... blow me across the room when you do... it feels so good... going to cum hard in you, fill you with hot cum... take it, baby... let it in... doesn't it feel good?" Speaking low, I kissed and sucked his balls. His cock was good and hard by now, again.

I pushed the dildo inside him, feeling how tight it was even with the lube and the slick surface, and feeling the restriction. I heard him grunt, felt his cock stiffen and pulse.

After several thrusts, I felt the restriction easing, felt him ready, knew that it would still be tight, would still require patience on Reid's part, but he was good with his cock, and again I was jealous, knowing how every millimeter of cock that was delivered in his backdoor would fill you with sensations of pleasure, but then I remembered that I would feel them, I would know them for my proximity to them, as well. He was able to take the toy easily, all 6" of it. I twisted it in him when it was fully inside, and pulled it out, slowly, and noting with my finger that his ass still gaped open a little. Ready. Quivering.

I reached for Reid, urging him closer. He was stroking his cock, waiting. He leaned in to whisper in Ken's ear, "Are you ready for this?"

He positioned his cockhead right over Ken's loosened opening. I used my fingers to help guide him, holding him in place for, feeling Ken's pucker tighten in response. I knew the broadness of the hot tip was a little surprising at first, seeming so much bigger than the target it was intending. It would stretch. Slowly, inevitably.

"My cock's so fucking hard... take it slow, now." Reid was speaking low, a breathiness to his voice that made it more like a growl.

I felt his muscles tense as he applied pressure, and my fingers teased, hoping to get his ass ring to open, to allow Reid in gently, slowly, so as to avoid that bruising, burning tingle that would happen if it was fast, too sudden. I slipped my finger in again and tugged upward, using my other fingers to stroke his cock behind the flared crown of its head. It seemed to lengthen right there and into Ken's ass it pushed. I came again as I felt it slide in, the thick, tight friction of it and the slightly wet sound of the lube sent me past the limit of my control. I left off helping get Ken fucked to trying to get close enough to look, to see his cock penetrating Ken's ass. My fingers slid along Ken's shaft as I watched, my other hand holding Ken's ass cheek aside so that I could see Reid's cock slipping inside. I could feel Ken's cock changing angle as he penetrated it. It seemed to be driven by his cock, throbbing harder, twitching and jerking and leaking cum.

I heard Reid's ragged breathing, his harsh gasps and groans as he met with resistance. "Fuck this is tight. Fuck! Fuck!" He hissed as he gave little mini-thrusts which didn't gain him any depth, but merely sent shockwaves through Ken's ass. He was holding his position, quelling the uprising of sensation. I could tell he was having a hard time maintaining. I stood for a kiss, ravenously sucking at his mouth, knowing it wouldn't help, but so grateful that he was indulging this. I was out of my mind with the experience, and wanted it to last indefinitely. I knew if he did lose control and cum, I could get him ready again in a short time, but I also knew the longer he put it off, the harder he'd cum, and he would enjoy it that much more. As would Ken. As would I.

I wanted to remember this, and I watched with rabid desire as Ken took Reid's cock in his ass. My hand was busy between my legs, and I could feel both watching.

Reid spoke up, reaching around Ken to stroke his cock, and that was an intriguing sight: his hand sliding along your length, his eyes also on me, "Look what I have here for you." I looked between them, stood, turned and bent over the bed, reaching through my legs to play with my pussy. Mh ass in the air, an invitation. I looked back, and both stepped up, Reid's cockhead never leaving Ken's ass.

"I want that cock, Ken... fuck me while you take it up the ass for me." I moaned, already feeling very near release.

I spread my legs, reclining on the edge of the bed, letting out a moan of arousal watching them advance until the heat, the throbbing hardness of Ken's cock was there between my legs, still gripped in Reid's hand. Ken's hands reached forward to brace himself over me.

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