tagGroup SexFantastic Fulfillment Ch. 03

Fantastic Fulfillment Ch. 03


Since my previous plan to get Reid and Ken and myself in the same room amiably had been such a success, I decided to plan another.

Lunch this time. Good, hot food to fuel the muscles I longed to use to my own benefit.

Not that it seemed a terrible hardship for them.

Steaks, corn, fresh-baked rolls and, of course, ice-cold beer.

This time, the consumption of food was filled with playful flirtation, suggestive reparte. I was in heaven, surrounded by these two great-looking, sexy men.

I was alight, aglow with the possibilities as well as burning from the memory of what had already transpired at our last get-together. I couldn't get those images or sensations out of my thoughts. It seemed also as if they were each feeding on the tension, their masculinity turned-up on high and flirtation was the name of the game.

We were lying around after, all three of us on the couch. My head was in Reid's lap, feet in Ken's. Ken's hand was stroking my feet, and I turned to give Reid's tummy a raspberry, nuzzling at his cock after to muffle my impish giggles. I peeked up at him. He was already obviously very aroused. Just maybe he was thinking there would be some more fun in the near future. If so, he was up for it.

I prodded Ken with my toes, doing a sort of lap check on him. It was, as I suspected, hot and hard in that vicinity.

"Hmmmm...." I mused, a teasing tone in my voice.

"You guys seem up for an adventure. I know I'm horny."

I got the funniest looks. A happy sort of disbelief.

"Yes....I could use a couple...hard cocks!" I giggled again, feeling slightly self-conscious the more I thought about it.

Luckily, I didn't have to give it much more thought.

Reid slipped his arms around me, pulling me up over his lap. "Well, well. What you need is a little direction. You're in over your head, little girl." I heard that tone in his voice that I know so well. He loves the interactions we have, feeds on it, and this was no exception.

Ken was scooting over. I reached for him, pulling him close.

Reid's expression had me on the spot. I could feel his cock straining in his pants where I straddled him. He leaned forward and said, his voice raw with need, "Whatever happens, I need to get this cock in you soon."

I groaned in response. Yes. "Ohhh....you...do...need to get that cock in me, I need you to get that cock in me."

I slid my shirt over my head. Unbuttoning my jeans, I noticed that Ken was slipping up behind me, standing between Reid's knees. His hands slid up my torso, fingers cupping my breasts. He leaned down near my ear, "Hey, baby...do you want some ass fucking by some chance?" His tone was teasing, assured, deep and sexy and dripping with that midwest-southern honey I'd come to know so well.

I sat up straight, tingling.

Nodding, I leaned in close to Reid, purring in his ear, "Are you going to...fuck....my ass....?"

I peeked back at Ken. "I think you want some more, that's what." No doubt he saw the mischievous expression I wore.

I heard a sound in Reid's throat as I ground against his cock. Even through our pants the heat was obvious.

His hands slid down on my ass. "Get these off and we'll talk about what you're going to get." He was staring straight at me, steel-blue resolve and an inferno at his center.

I stood, pushing down my pants, and wiggling my ass back against Ken, teasing him, enticing him.

Reid looked up at Ken. "Think she can go on much longer without getting some, or do you want to go first?"

Before Ken could answer, I piped up, "I have a great idea!"

Directing Ken to sit, I laid a towel on the edge of one of the big reclining chairs. Before he sat, I took his pants down, and of course could not resist the urge to suck, lick and kiss his cock as I did so. Looking up at him, I could see in his eyes the depth of heat and passion I'd grown so addicted to.

I had him sit in the chair like Reid likes me to do, butt scooted almost past the edge, knees over each arm, and reclining but with the footrest in. I'd taken more than a few good, hard fuckings both front and back from that position.

I hurried back with vaseline. "Some for you...."

I knelt between Ken's legs in front of the chair and laid a big dollop of thick, sticky-slick vaseline over his hole.

"And some for you..." I turned to coat Reid's cock, stroking it, pushing my fingers all the way to the base. I leaned down to suck his balls, my tongue swirling around, over the surface. He had a heat in his expression which was tangible as he looked down at me.

"You'd better get that hole ready for this...or maybe I'll let you go for a test ride, first." Reid said.

I was trembling with need already, and I stood, bending over Ken and taking his cock into my mouth. My ass was displayed prominently, and Reid was stroking his cock. The vaseline made an almost crackling noise, a different kind of wet sound as his fingers squeezed, stroked and tugged at his hard cock. I felt his other hand on my ass, fingers sliding down through my pussy. "Ohhh, I don't know....this pussy feels like it wants this cock." He was teasing me and he knew it.

I muffled a whimper in Ken's balls as I sucked on them, my tongue flicking back and forth between them and my finger sliding through the generous portion of vaseline. One fingertip rested over his tight pucker. I heard him inhale, felt him react, and waited for the inevitable release as I worked his balls. My fingertip wiggled inside. We both moaned softly as it invaded the tight opening, me for knowing what it was doing to him, and him for the sensations.

Meanwhile, Reid was pressing his cockhead into the tight, slick folds of my pussy. He thrust inward all at once, driving a surprised exhalation from me. I worked my middle finger more deeply into Ken's ass, twisting it, making sure he had time to get used to it.

"More...." he was whispering, and so I added my index finger. I could taste the cum leaking from his cock as I moved to suck it, looking up at him as he watched Reid withdraw from my pussy.

Again I whimpered, wanting, needing more, myself.

Reid's large hand made contact over my ass, slapping lightly, stinging. He squeezed, then rubbed. Leaning down over me, "Going to fuck that ass." What I didn't know is that he was looking in Ken's eyes as he said it, with that grin; that knowing, horny grin.

I felt his cock then resting there, at my own backdoor, my ass reacting with a tingle, tightening. I worked at sucking Ken's cock more enthusiastically, finger-fucking him deeper, turning my fingers side to side to spread them, stretching, knowing what he was in for.

What I was in for.

I came as Reid pressed against my tightly puckered star; that blunt, broad pressure was enough. My left hand braced, and my right three fingers were plunging into Ken's ass hole. Ken's hips were bucking, fucking my mouth and as I started to cum, I felt Reid's big cock slip into my ass. I muffled my groans of ecstasy around Ken's thick tool, the vibrations from them were deep, low, and I could feel his reaction.

I felt wave after wave of orgasm pouring through me as my ass stretched around that thick, hard, hot cock. Even though it was well lubricated with the vaseline, it seemed to slide so slowly. He waited until the restriction eased, the reaction to close was calmed. I pushed back and heard Reid groan.

I had Ken's ass very well accustomed to my three fingers and so I pulled out almost all the way and then added my pinky, slowly forcing my way back in, knowing that the extra fullness, the stretching would be increasing the arousal, the desire for more. I watched Ken's face as I moved so slowly, sometimes not advancing at all, but turning my hand to find a better fit, waiting. Ken was cumming and I eagerly drank his semen as it spurted and blasted down my throat.

I used Ken's broad shoulders to brace myself, eventually needing to use both hands as Reid slammed into me. I had to abandon fucking Ken's ass for the moment. I muffled my cries in Ken's neck, his shoulder as I bent down, absorbing the thrusts, lifting, arching my back to change the angle. I clung tightly as another orgasm shook my senses.

Biting into his neck, I felt Ken's arms close around me, giving me further support.

I was begging Reid to cum, knowing I could not take much more, feeling a diffuse sense of uncertainty as I looked back and saw his hips slamming into my ass again and again. I so wanted to see the place where his cock disappeared into me.

I knew that as he was taking Ken's ass, I could see this. I remembered a time when Reid had held a little hand mirror for me, so that I could see what he saw as his cock slid in, pulled out. I shuddered and moaned, panting on Ken's chest, who was also whispering encouragement to me, sweet-hot words that furthered my pleasured release.

"I'm gonna....fucking cum....so...hard...." Reid thrust into me, impaling me once, hard, a trembling desperation to the way he clutched my hips and filled me with his cum Spurt after spurt sent shockwaves through me. I kissed Ken, sucking on his tongue, then breaking to whisper in his ear.

"Your turn, next. I can't wait to watch, to see you take his cock up your ass this way...I love it when you take me this way, want you to feel this good, baby."

"Ooooooohhh..." He let out a low, breathy, groaning exclamation.

Reid had tugged his cock free of my ass, and pulled me up for a long, deep kiss as well.

He said, "You...love that so much. I love giving that to you. Does my babygirl want more?"

I looked at him, my expression reflecting my curiosity. "But...?"

"Butt." He said, and steadied me, grinning mischievously.

I looked back at Ken, who was stroking his semi-hard cock, watching us.

Reid directed me back, and it was obvious what he wanted. He guided me down on Ken, and Ken, realizing what was going to happen, finessed his almost-erect cock into my ass again. I whimpered as it slid in, feeling it grow inside me, filling me, keeping the gripping walls of my ass apart even as they tightened around it. I laid back against Ken's chest as Reid lifted my legs over Ken's, splaying my pussy, displaying Ken's ass, his balls and my ass being impaled on his cock.

Reid stroked, looking...he knelt and licked my pussy, his tonguetip flicking over my clit. Ken was squeezing, tugging my nipples. I was moaning, cumming one after another. The spasms seemed to originate deep in my belly, and I knew Ken was feeling every one.

Reid's mouth was as if it was kissing my pussy, a french kiss, his tongue stabbing into my pussy, probing. He sucked gently at my clit, hummed appreciatively, fingers slipping inside. I could feel them sliding along the length of Ken through the wall separating my pussy from where he was buried in my ass.

My hips bucked, sitting now fully on Ken's hard cock. I knew I'd be in for a long ride seeing as how he'd just cum somewhere around a half hour ago.

I bounced, feeling his cock deep up inside me, his hands squeezing my breasts. Milk was leaking from each nipple, no doubt from the pleasure I was receiving as much as the stimulation of Ken's fingers and hands milking it out.

Reid noticed, and stood to lap at it, suckling. His fingers slipped down to my ass, and then down to Ken's ass, probing where he brought his cock to aim. I was looking down, treated to a view I'd fantasized about often.

I scooted up and back a little, leaning forward so I could see as Reid angled in. His expression showed his tension; A frown as he forced his cock into Ken. He gave little half-thrusts, and Ken's cock throbbed inside my ass, which clenched back, fluttering as I came. I turned my head to whisper to Ken, "Ohhh, baby, so good...take it so good for me....give it to me..."

I could hear Reid's breathing, Ken's breathing, and my own, it was a symphony of pure lust, of tension building. I heard each exclamation of "Fuck!" and felt it as well. I could hear but not contain my own cries, my own pleadings as I asked for a break so I could regain my composure. I was trying to support my weight over my legs which were also over the arm rests, but Ken was urging me down on his cock, whispering lust-filth in my ear, telling me how good Reid's cock felt fucking his ass and how hot and tight mine felt on his cock. His words drove me crazy.

I felt my muscles tighten, locking as one strong orgasm rolled through me, stealing every nerve ending, every impulse full with its burning, tingling explosion of sense.

When I regained my awareness, I had sweet whispers pouring into each ear, different voices, both comforting, soothing, and still Ken's hardness within me, knowing Ken was still full with Reid's.

I truly felt overwhelmed, but in the happiest, most deeply satisfying way. I could feel Ken's cock reacting as the cock in his ass slid in, and out, and every pulsation there.

By the sounds when Reid thrust in, I could tell he was going to cum again, in Ken's ass this time. Strangled grunts were escaping from deep in his throat. I pulled him down close to kiss him, to hold tightly to him as I rolled my hips, grinding against Ken's cock, feeling him moving up into me, deep in my ass. Reid was moving faster, driving deeper in Ken, and his cock was throbbing, growing as Reid's cock hit his prostate, then filled him completely, dragging back out...and in....

I listened to Reid's terse breaths, grabbed at his arms as he pushed up, in, and held the full penetration into Ken, tremblingly as he came. In turn, Ken filled my ass with cum, the warmth spreading. I gasped at each spurt, each contraction and bulging thrust of Ken's cock. Ken's own breathing was full of a certain desperation, an overwhelmed sense of impending release, and I could tell he was struggling to stay in the moment.

Reid pulled out, his cock still half-erect, slick with vaseline and his own cum. His face was flushed, short, dark hair clinging damply around his temples.

Intrigued, I reached down to feel Ken's still-gaping hole, and easily slipped my three fingers back inside. I felt him shudder and spurt more cum into me. Leaning forward, I watched my fingers disappear inside...pressing more deeply, my hand rolled up, thumb tucked into my palm. Reid's cum and the vaseline were coating the gripping canal. Ken's body was trembling, his muscles overwrought with the intensity. His expression was urgent, also intrigued, lustful.

I felt the spasming, tightening response of his sphincter, waited through it then pushed again, turning, feeling for the best fit, the best opportunity.

I was so turned on by this, by giving him this, feeling and watching it.

Ken's cock was getting hard again. I could feel it growing, my ass was throbbing with the recent fucking, and every little pulse of cock was intensely felt.

I looked back at Ken, and asked him, "Is this good...should I....keep going?"

Ken nodded, his breath coming shallow and fast.

"Unnhhhh.....baby....." He let out a whisper which was both a protest and an importunement to continue.

I wondered just how far we would get, this time.

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