tagGroup SexFantasy Fulfilled Ch. 04

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 04


The Final Chapter

I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Angel_Love (a Volunteer Editor) for graciously and competently taking on the task of editing this submission to Literotica. Without her guidance and sharp eye, I don't think I would have got by the 'censors'. I'm blessed though as she's agreed to edit all my submissions and I'm going to take her up on that! For any of you out there who are the least bit hesitant about submitting a story, get in communication with Angel_Love as you'll get all the help and encouragement you need to become successful submitting stories for publication in Literotica.

When we arrived for the dress rehearsal, there was a misty kind of rain falling outside, giving this whole scene a surrealistic ambience. It seemed like a kind of protective cloud was surrounding us, making everything cozy, keeping out any possibility of harm or hurt. I felt like 'the Gods are smiling on us'!

Jason and Dana were waiting in his gorgeous Porsche, parked close to the club's entrance in the nearly empty parking lot as Bronwyn and I pulled in next to them. We all stepped into the club and were greeted by John as we walked into the big room on the ground floor. He turned and pointed to the area that usually was the dance floor.

"We're not finished setting up," he said, "but, we've got enough of the basics done that we can complete the setup for you guys!"

There was a circular stage in the middle of the dance floor. The floor of the stage was about eight feet above the dance floor. The stage was about forty feet in diameter. Surrounding it were circular bleachers, in the process of being assembled. The height of the first row was such that a spectator, seated, could see anything at the center of the stage starting at about the three foot level. The bleachers rose from the dance floor to about eight feet from the ceiling. This setup would support seating for well over three hundred people, I estimated - and John had said it was already 'sold out'!

On one side of the stage there was a set of folding steps which looked like they could be folded flush into the side of the stage when not in use. The angle of these steps would allow anyone walking up them, to do so with ease as they extended out into the walkway which spectators would use to get into the lower section of bleachers.

There was a circular curtain suspended from the ceiling, dropping down about two feet, within which there were four sets of twin, thin steel cables hanging down with a two inch diameter ring attached at the bottom of each. They looked like the rings provided with rock climber's equipment. The top of the cables were curled over twin steel rollers in blocks which seemed to be able to slide on tracks attached to the ceiling, the cables continuing on into what looked like large wheels with motors on the inside of the space within the circular curtain. There were two motors on the end of each track. These were winches which could both raise and lower the two cables on each track and also position along the track.

Each track ran into the center of the area. As there were two cables at each point, with separate motors, I assumed they could be operated individually which would allow for adjusting their burden's height on a linear basis. That is, something attached to the two rings at any one point could be tilted at any desired angle. The cables were all lowered such that the rings were at 'chair height' above the stage floor.

Very cleaver, I thought!

John led us to the stage and up the stairs. Four of his assistants followed us up the stairs carrying, what appeared to be, 'costumes' of some kind. The costumes were made of a fine, flesh-colored mesh with ring-clips attached to three-foot long 'strings' at two points on each costume. John told me later the costumes were entirely of Kavlar, an 'unbreakable' material!

John asked, "OK, is everyone ready to begin the final 'fittings'?" We all nodded, yes.

"Good, all of you will be assisted to strip down all the way."

I didn't immediately understand why we needed to be assisted, but picked up on the 'why' later on. John nodded to his assistants and waived them to begin. One came to each of us with our 'costume' in hand and began to help us strip down. There were very attractive, young women with Jason and me and well-conditioned and good looking young men with Bronwyn and Dana. This somehow increased the sexual tension as they helped us shed our clothes. We all quickly slipped out of our shoes and socks. The young girl with me then unbuckled my pants and unzipped my fly. She knelt in front of me and pulled my pants down. I was getting aroused by this as evidenced by my rapidly growing erection. I glanced at Jason and saw he was in the same condition.

I stepped out of my pants and the young girl reached up from her kneeling position and put her fingers into the top of my boxers and pulled them down. My erection sprang out, almost hitting her in the face. I stepped out of my underpants and she placed them on my pants. Then, still kneeling in front of me, she reached up and stroked my rigid cock and leaned forward and kissed it on the purple head. She ran her tongue around it, lingering on that sensitive area underneath. I almost came right there! She stood, giving my cock a gentle pull!

When she finished unbuttoning my shirt, her hands slipped under it and she ran her fingertips over my chest. When she passed over my nipples, she tweaked them, and then gently rubbed her palms on them. This was incredibly erotic! Again, I had to 'pinch down' to prevent an immediate climax. She helped me out of my shirt and placed it with my other clothes on the edge of the stage.

I observed that Jason had been similarly served.

Dana and Bronwyn had came dressed in simple frocks, as John had asked when he called, which buttoned down the front. Neither was wearing a bra or panties, per his instructions.

As each lady stood there, the men stood in front of them and began to unbutton their frocks, starting at the top. As they got down to their waists, they slipped their hands inside their dresses and ran their hands lightly over the women's breasts, fondling them gently and softly pinching their nipples. Both women moaned, eyes closed, their heads falling back as they arched their backs, pressing their breasts into the fondling hands.

Now it was clear to me these preliminaries were deliberate. John wanted us all to be able to participate fully in the 'final adjustments' - we'd need to be able to easily penetrate the appropriate orifices and they needed to be ready to accept us! Then, the male assistants continued to unbutton the ladies' dresses, kneeling on the floor in front of them. As they completed the unbuttoning, they stood and helped Bronwyn and Dana out of their dresses, folded them and put them with their shoes and footies.

They returned to the ladies, knelt in front of them and began to lightly run their fingers over the ladies' feet and ankles and gradually moved higher until they were on their thighs. Both Bron and Dana flushed and spread their feet to allow access further.

The assistants stroked their inner thighs and softly ran their fingers over their pusses. They ran their fingertips up and down their labia, pushing in lightly from time to time until, each lady flowing copiously, made it possible for the men to insert a finger into each pussy, slowly thrusting in and out and increasing the number of fingers until they had three fingers in each girl's pussy, with a thumb swirling around their clits.

Both Bronwyn and Dana orgasmed! Moaning their pleasure loudly.

The arousal begun, each assistant began to dress us in our costumes. Each costume was like a brief 'teddy' which provided both hip and shoulder support, leaving our arms and legs totally free to move. There were 'open' areas in each costume, specially designed to facilitate each person's unique role in the performance. Jason and my costume each had a fully open crotch. Dana's allowed her breasts and pussy to be freely available. Bronwyn's was a little trickier - not only were her breasts and pussy fully available, but so was her lovely asshole.

Sturdy hooks and clasps were engaged and we were each firmly encased, our sexes seeming to be emphasized, naked and not covered by the otherwise easily seen through fine mesh. Now, the two clasps on each costume were snapped securely onto the twin rings dangling on the end of the cables by each of us. We were each about six feet apart. Bronwyn was the first to be raised. Her cables lifted her so that she was tilted backward, her head slightly higher than her waist and with her legs supported and spread wide. She looked like she was lying on a bed. Next, I was raised. My cables guided me up, overall even with Bron's body and stopped, my rigid cock pointed at Bronwyn's glistening pussy. Then, Jason was raised similarly, such that his stiff cock was pointing at Bron's tight asshole.

Then, motors began to whirr again and Jason and I moved in close to Bronwyn. As we approached her, our three bodies were adjusted to allow for each of us to be in the exact right position to perform our role in the show. It was obvious the motors were multiple speed, because our movement as we got closer and closer to each other slowed down to the point that minute adjustments in our position, one to the other, were possible.

I looked at Bronwyn. She was flushed, breathing hard and fondling her breasts, pulling and pinching her nipples. Her eyes were closed. I knew she had no fear of heights (we had earlier determined none of us did), so I assumed she was aroused, in contemplation of what was beginning to unfold. I was right, noting her body shudder as an orgasm flowed through her. A low moan escaped her beautiful lips. Her pussy was glistening in the light, as her juices dripped from her, dropping on the floor beneath her. The assistants below looked up and noting the source of the dripping, clapped and cheered. They knew what that meant to the success of the performance!

Before Bronwyn had been raised up, her asshole had been prepared. So, now, as Jason's cock was positioned for entry, coated with excess lubricant, the head of his shaft gradually was pushed into her. The motors whirred again and Jason's cock was buried completely in her tight, clutching asshole.

Then, my position began to change and the head of my stiff member zeroed in on Bronwyn's gorgeous pussy. There was ample lubricant from her recent orgasm to allow me to enter her sopping sex. The motors whirred again and she was impaled on my rigid shaft.

Bronwyn came again, her climax having been initiated by Jason's entry into her asshole and pushed over the top by my entry into her pussy. Her pussy and ass were clutching and milking Jason and my rods as rhythmic contractions wracked her body. She bucked and thrashed about, but the apparatus kept us together. We just all swayed slightly as a connected group.

Jason and I fought to hold back our own rising orgasms. Bronwyn was gasping for breath, spasming and clutching the top of her thighs, not daring to put her hands near her gushing, supersensitive pussy!

Once again, the staff below clapped and cheered, yelling appreciatively at Bronwyn.

When her breathing had calmed, the sound of motors whirring began again and Dana was raised to a position above Bronwyn. Dana was tilted slightly to a position as if she were laying on her back, with her legs spread wide. I could see her pussy was very wet.

The motors whirred again and Dana descended to a position where her juicy cunt was being pushed comfortably into Bronwyn's face. Bron gripped Dana's ass cheeks and began to eat her out furiously. It did not take long for Dana to begin bucking and screaming out her own climax, accompanied by Bronwyn, cumming again. Both women's juices dripped to the floor, amid the hoots and cheers of the staff below.

Jason and I were able to thrust in and out of Bronwyn and had begun our motions such as to induce Bronwyn's rocking motion which we had 'practiced' earlier. Now as Bronwyn was cumming, her rocking increased to the point that both Jason and I came simultaneously.

Bronwyn could feel our climaxing! Another intense orgasm swept through her and she screamed out with joy and thrashed her mouth over Dana's pussy, bringing her, too, to another crashing climax.

We were hanging there, interlocked, climaxing all at the same time! We bucked! We jerked! We spasmed! All the while screaming out our passion as it released! The air was thick with lust. I glanced down and noted the assistants on the platform were all engaged in various sex acts, pleasuring each other as we had just done, hanging above them.

John told me later that the motors were computer driven and that these final adjustments were being automatically programmed in. The result of this would be that these actions we had just been through would all be part of the final performance. Wow! What a show this was going to be!

But, then I realized the Thompson twins were not there. I'd have to check that with John. We stayed there, in the air, seemingly suspended by our interconnected sexes. None of us was strained in our positions, the apparatus fully supporting us. We could have stayed there for hours. Well, who knows, we might just do that in the last analysis!

After a bit and the staff were ready, we began to be lowered toward the stage as a connected group. When we got down to a point about four feet from the surface of the stage, the whirring stopped. The Thompson twins came up the stairs, naked, carrying wooden boxes. They placed them on either side of Bronwyn and stepping up on them, pointed their raging hard-ons at her. She smiled broadly and reaching out with her hands, began to slowly jerk them off, while gently licking Dana's pussy and rocking on Jason and my cocks. They, in turn, per the instructions given them by John, fondled and played with Bronwyn's breasts as best they could.

Some quick adjustments were made to the placement of their wooden boxes so that their 'connection' to Bronwyn was perfect. Then tape was put around the boxes on the floor of the stage to define where they should place them during the performance. Then, Bronwyn decided she wanted to suck the boys' cocks again, while they fondled her and Dana, so new box positions were established.

Well, it looked like we were all set. But Bronwyn had no intention of ending off until the twins had both cum, one in her mouth and one all over her breasts! She continued to pull on them with her mouth and tongue until they climaxed, screaming out their release. Bronwyn wasn't sure which one had cum in her mouth this time. She hoped it was not the same one who had cum in her mouth the first time, wanting to 'share the wealth'. John and a couple more assistants came up onto the stage. They all agreed that this had been, without doubt, the most erotic scene they had ever observed (and they had seen plenty). They said the performance would be the most unforgettable the audience would ever see.

John said, "To start the performance, I want each of you to come up on the stage just as you did today, in the following sequence: first, you Brett, then, Jason, then, Dana and finally, Bronwyn. The Thompson twins will come up a bit later, as a culmination of the act. You'll come up one at a time, such that only one of you is on stage at a time to be placed in your 'harness'. I think we should go through the same undressing bit. That was really hot! But the staff serving you will be handpicked for their attractiveness and naked. When the performance has been completed, the circular curtain up there will drop to the stage floor surrounding you in a draped cylinder."

At that, John signaled his crew to remove us from the apparatus, so we could get dressed and go home. The Thompson twins stayed to hug and kiss Bronwyn, both stroking her body as they stood around her, seeming to be mesmerized by her gorgeous breasts. It was agreed we'd all show up on Saturday night at six o'clock. The show was scheduled to begin an hour after our arrival, at 7 PM. The four of us were starved and decided to go out for Chinese at the Golden Dragon on the way home. We were all hoping we'd see the delivery boy (chuckle), so Bronwyn could parade by him.

Friday and Saturday were days and nights filled with excitement and anticipation! I'm sure none of us slept much! Bronwyn and I met Dana and Jason outside the club just before 6 PM as planned and went in together. We were all nervous, but in a good way! We couldn't wait to get started. Each of us had selected clothes which we felt would enhance the early part of the performance when we were each being stripped to be put in our harness.

I agree with John, this was definitely an addition to the show, setting the stage, so to speak and building the level of excitement and lust in the audience. The stage and bleachers were now all completed and the whole thing looked very professional. The "special seats" which John said sold for $500.00 apiece were the first eight rows tiered up from the bottom and were covered with red velvet. There were red velvet cushions at each place and by their spacing it was clear everyone would have an unobstructed view of the stage and us. I estimated there were at least 100 cushions. That meant $50,000 in ticket sales and at 15%; our take was $7,500 from those sales alone, at a minimum! The rest of the bleachers were plain wooden boards. At $100 a seat for those...well, I didn't try to estimate, but was confident we'd be sharing at least $12,000 among us. That was $3,000 each for one night of pure pleasure! Interesting business!

The sides of the stage were now draped in dark blue velvet. It looked great! The circular curtain which would drop down from the ceiling appeared to be diaphanous, thus after it had dropped down at the end, the images of our bodies would still clearly be seen, before we were each removed from our harness and dressed. I had a quick thought as I perceived that fact, that there was some chance we might not get out of our harnesses very quickly!

The lighting had all been set up now, too, with spots aimed at center stage from all angles - from the edges of the stage, from the ceiling above and from the walls about the room. There would not be a shadow anywhere on any of our bodies at any time! And the lighting would be bright enough for anyone in any seat to see clearly everything that was in their line of sight! John was indeed, a professional!

John spotted us walking into the stage area and came to greet us. He told us his people would provide us with the apparel for the opening scene. Jason and I were to be in baby-blue silk shirts and pants with white loafers, Dana would be in a soft pink, silk frock with matching heels, and Bronwyn would be dressed in a blood red silk frock with matching heels. No socks would be used. The articles of clothing were replete with buttons so the act could take place much as it had at the dress rehearsal.

John said the sequence in which we would come on the stage had changed. He wanted Bronwyn to come on first so that she would get 'maximum exposure'! Otherwise the sequence was the same. I could see that with this change, Bronwyn would be 'in position' as each of us came on the scene. Thus, each of us would be 'placed', so to speak, before the next person came onto the stage. This was a better approach to building the audience's erotic arousal, and, quite honestly, in us, as well!

As we stood there, briefly considering these changes, I looked at Bronwyn. She looked vibrant! Her skin was rosy. Her nipples, poking through the frock she was wearing, stood firm and proud. Her lovely auburn hair was loose and flowing with its natural waves. Her lips were slightly parted, with the tip of her pretty pink tongue showing and I noticed her breathing was slow and even. However, the excitement in her lovely, deep green eyes literally flashed! Betraying what was going on under the surface! She looked happier, more beautiful and more full of life than I'd ever seen. After all, she was about to experience her "Ultimate Sexual Fantasy"!

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