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Fantasy In the Woods


I see myself on a path in a very large wooded park, its very early maybe 7:00 or 8:00 am. I mean so early that you know not many people to slow me down. I'm doing a little speed walking and running enjoying the mornings beauty. After awhile of being alone I hear someone coming up behind me pretty fast so I move to the side to let them pass, but they don't pass they stay behind me for about 10 min never making themselves visual.

I turn around and stop and am run over by this guy who stops and apologies and helps me back up. I ask him why he never passes me on the trail, he says not to be rude, but that he was enjoying the view perfectly and didn't want to lose it by passing me by. I smile looking into his eyes seductively and ask him if he wants to see more. So I pull him off the track and further into the woods so as id still be able to find the path easily but out of the view of anyone who could possibly find us.

Having been earlier in the morning I had worn a jacket! I take my jacket off and put it on the ground and tell him to sit down and enjoy the show. I start dancing seductively and then start taking off my jogging sweatshirt throwing them upon the ground I turn around and let him get a good look of my breast and the sports bra covering them. Then I slowly start with my spandex shorts I was wearing, slowly, provocatively moving them down my thighs and off giving him a good show of my panty covered cunt.

Turning around I speedily take off my bra giving him a good show of my beautiful big breasts with their soft colored aureole and big, fat, hard nipples closely matching my soft brown skin. Left only in my panties I start to give him an even better show, holding my breast and stroking my nipples to the limit I move closer to his face and where he's sitting and thrust my ass in his face and ask him if this was the view he wanted, and then I start to pull my panties down my hips, thighs and calves kicking them off close by. Pushing him back I sit on his face and let him lick my flower.

Gathering my nectar on his tongue and encircling my clit into his mouth he brings me to orgasm. After recovering from the sweet pains of his attention I slide down his body leaving a trail of love juice down his chest. I kiss him passionately and tell him to fuck me senseless, switching positions he lays me down on top of my coat, takes his cloths off and crawls in between my legs, strokes his cock up and down my pussy wetting it with my juices, and slowly slides it into my pussy's velvety folds and thrusts it deep inside me, pushing it into my stomach.

Picking up speed he drives me over the edge making me cum once more for that day, feeling the intensity of my orgasm he cums deeply inside of me filling my love box to the brim.

After coming down from our orgasms we get dressed and walk back to the path chatting over the incredible morning we both just had, and offer each other numbers and names for the first time hoping for a chance to do it all over again...

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