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Fantasy Island Getaway Prologue



When I posted the original Fantasy Island story I was considering several possible scenarios that would tie up the individual fantasies. The only one that had fully resolved itself was the Julie/Michael relationship which was heading to a logical and planned outcome. Cindy had almost reached resolution while Janice and Joseph had some way still to go. The one that I was having most trouble with was Richie's. It was because of this that I had decided to end the story where I did. Nothing that I had thought of seemed to fit, he had to have his fantasy realised and I was hoping that by taking more time and giving it some more thought I could come up with a satisfactory ending for him that wouldn't appear too far fetched. Here goes.


Richie had stormed out the previous afternoon vowing to sue the company for they had. He would have done well to read the fine print on the contract that he signed which stated that, by leaving before the end of the fantasy vacation he effectively abandoned the programme before a result could be obtained, and all guarantees were therefore null and void. There would be no redress and no refunds.

But they hadn't given up on him just yet, he still had a way to go.

Janice came to Michael after her night with Peter and asked that she be allowed to stay on the condition that Peter could stay with her. Michael and Beth were happy to oblige, as indeed they were with Joseph and Rachel.

Cindy had no intention of leaving before the end of the holiday and she would use the time remaining to cement her relationship with Martin. Michael and Beth had already spoken to him and told him that what he chose to do at the completion of his contract with the company was of no concern to them and they wished the two of them all the very best.

It did not go un-noticed among the guests that Julie and Michael were now an item. That she had moved out of her cabin and into his quarters was a dead giveaway, and the fact that she was with him all the time did nothing to change things. Beth had confirmed their suspicions on day four and life returned to normal.

A conference was held between Beth, Michael and Julie to discuss the future of the operations, after all there was no need for two female hosts. Beth proposed that she should take over the stateside part of the operations leaving Julie and Michael to run the resort and to help with selections for the future programmes. Beth would tie up any loose ends with the current group while Michael and Julie made preparations for the next.

The mood that pervaded the group on the final evening was upbeat. Michael had arranged for them all to go to the other side of the island for the village feast. He warned Joseph and Rachel that the meat served would be pork and if they had a problem with that then they should stick to the fish. He also warned them all against imbibing too much of the locally brewed kava, it was pretty rough and had a kick to it that would take days to get over. They should take a polite sip and pass it on.

There was much singing and dancing before the cooking pit was opened and the steaming meat and vegetables removed. They all sat in a circle and ate with their fingers from a plate made from a palm leaf. The half coconut shell of kava made several circuits and the group had no trouble limiting their intake, it was definitely an acquired taste.

Julie came into Michael's arms as he shut the door of their villa. "That was the best night of my entire life, thank you Darling."

"It's not over yet." He kissed her and as they kissed his hand unfastened her floral dress that was little more than a large piece of printed fabric wrapped around her body and the end tucked in just covering her breasts.

"No fair, you undress me too easily Sir." She stepped away from the pile of fabric on the floor and reached for the waist of his trousers. His shirt hung loose over his trousers and she undid the buttons and opened it putting her arms around him under the shirt she pressed herself against him, feeling his body pressing on her breasts. "Have I told you today that I love you?"

"Several times, but don't let that stop you telling me again."

"I love you, and want to feel you inside me again." Her hand squeezed his cock through the material of his trousers and he stepped back to allow her to remove them.

Michael picked her up and carried her to his bed, their bed, but he didn't enter her body just yet, there was pleasure to be had first and he loved to see her reaction to his caresses and kisses and when his tongue wreaked havoc on her clitoris. She was begging him to put her out of her misery when his slid his cock into her moist pussy for the final assault. She pleaded for several minutes for him to come before with a final lunge he emptied himself into her. "Darling," she whispered, "I keep thinking that life couldn't get any better than this and then you find new and amazing ways to give me pleasure. When will it stop?"

"Never. It is my intention to continue to please you."

The final day brought with it several surprises. Joseph and Rachel had decided against a retirement villa in Boca, choosing instead to buy a property on the main island from where they could explore the surrounding islands and Rachel could indulge in her passion for painting. Joseph even thought that he could try it as well. It was something that they could do together to cement their newly rediscovered love for each other. They were not looking forward to the discussion with their daughters and their families.

Janice and Peter had made a similar decision. He would resign his job and they would seek work on the main island. Michael offered to help with contacts and suggested that Peter might consider setting up his own accountancy practise and look after the Fantasy Island Getaway's accounts as a starting point.

Cindy had decided that she too would resign her position. She wanted to slip away as quietly as possible but Martin suggested that she should seek some form of redress for the humiliation that she had had to endure from her boss over the years.

Beth accompanied the three couples when they left the island to return home. She had work to do that involved Richie. Her first stop was his parents' home where he still lived. "Mrs Johnson, I represent the Fantasy Island Getaway group, you spoke to my brother Michael before Richie went on his vacation. I have come to see what has happened to him, after all he did leave rather suddenly before the program was completed."

"We wondered about that. He hasn't been the same since he got back, moping around all the time, he hasn't even been out with his friends like he used to do. What happened out there?"

"You are probably aware that the reason that he was chosen for this vacation was to facilitate a change in him. He has drifted through life from one short-term relationship to the next with no prospect of any long term involvement. You and your husband both expressed the desire that he should settle down with one woman and maybe start a family. What we did was to provide him with a woman on the first night that met all of his fantasies and then some. He was so taken by her that he wanted to see her again the next and every other night of his stay. We would not allow that and he got a little upset and left. What we did to him was exactly the same as he had been doing to girls from his high school days."

"So that's what happened. What happens now?"

"This girl, this woman, was one of his first conquests and she was hurt rather badly by what he did to her, but she had a huge crush on him and saw through the bravado of his life and that of his pals and could see that underneath all of that there was a kind and considerate boy. Her words were that she found him to be a follower, not a leader and that he went along with the group for fear of being called a wimp. She has stayed in love with him all of these years. She wants to see him again, now that he has had a taste of his own medicine, and we have a plan."

"A plan?" Mrs Johnson was curious.

"Yes, and this is where you and your husband come in. Richie works in the family plumbing business and this young lady just happens to need some plumbing work done." Beth explained the plan in detail.

Richie walked into the kitchen and kissed his mother on the cheek. "Hi Mom, what's for dinner?" He lifted the lid of a pot on the stove and sniffed the contents.

"You're not going out tonight?"

His cell rang and he answered it. "Hi Dude, what's happening?"

"Dude, have I got the girl for you! She's everything you want in a girl, gorgeous, horny as hell and available for one night only!"

"Nah, I think I'll give it a miss."

'What's with you man? This is the third time this week that we've lined up a sure thing for you and you wimp out on us. What's happened to the stud-meister that we all know and love?"

"I just don't feel like it, that's all."

"You haven't felt like it since you got back from that vacation of yours, what happened, did it wear out on you? You didn't catch anything did you?"

"Nothing like that, I just don't feel like it."

"Give me a call when you do."

Richie ate his dinner in silence before going off to his room where he listened to music on his IPod until he went to sleep.

Meanwhile a conference was happening between his parents at which the plan that Beth had proposed was discussed. It would be implemented in the morning.

"Richie, I have a job for you this morning. I want you to go to Greenburg Fashions, the address is here," he passed a job card over the breakfast table, "You are to talk to the Managing Director Miss Greenburg, she will tell you what the problem is."

"Okay." He looked at the card, it told him that there was some sort of problem with one of the toilets in the Administration offices, 'shouldn't take long' he thought.

Parking his van in a parking space in the loading dock at the back of the building he grabbed his tool bag and walked into the reception area. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, I'm Richie Johnson from JohnCo Plumbing, I'm here to check out the washroom in the Admin offices, I have to speak to Miss Greenburg."

"Certainly sir, if you go down that corridor to the end, the offices are on your right. I'll let her know you've arrived."

He knocked on the door. "Enter." A voice from inside. He entered and almost dropped his tool bag. "Mimi, is it you?"

"Do I know you?"

Richie looked at the name plate on her desk, 'Miriam Greenburg Managing Director.' He was confused, if you looked closely at her, beneath the meticulously applied makeup she looked very much like Mimi, but her tailored suit was a far cry from what Mimi wore on that night, not that she wore anything for very long. He was convinced that it was her but her cool demeanour towards him cast doubts in his mind.

"What seems to be the problem?" He struggled to get the words out.

She stood up. "Come, let me explain what it is." She led him into the washroom area. "This toilet won't stop running."

Richie looked at it and saw the steady stream of water running into the bowl. "Shouldn't be a problem, I'll have it fixed in no time." He turned the control valve off and the flow stopped and then he removed the cistern lid and checked the flush mechanism, the ball arm came up too high before it made contact with the valve surface. He stripped out the ball valve and was replacing the rubber disc when he heard the office door open and a man's voice. "Mimi, has the plumber arrived yet?"

"He's working on it now, Papa."

"Good. It is not a big problem?"

"He says not."

"Good, I'll leave him to it I have some work to do in the packing room, we have to get a delivery out this morning and if I'm not there those slackers will never get it done." He knew as well as Mimi that he wasn't needed to oversee the operation and that the workers showed good natured tolerance at his presence.

Richie was wiping his hands on a rag as he walked back into her office. "All done, it's working fine now."

"Thank you for coming so promptly. How much do we owe you?"

"Our office will send you an invoice." He looked closely at her. "I'm sure that I've met you before, you didn't happen to be on a South Sea island in the past fortnight, did you?"

"I wondered if you'd remember, your past record would suggest that you would have forgotten by now." There was no malice in her voice.

"How could I forget you? I demanded to see you again but I was told that you had left the island."

"That was true, I had left the island."

"But, didn't you enjoy our time together? I did."

"Obviously. Yes I did, but the plan was always for me to be there for one night only in keeping with your fantasy."

"And that was the reason that I stayed for one night only, when I was told that I couldn't see you again I spat the dummy and got out of there as soon as I could."

"I hope you weren't angry with Michael and Beth, after all they were only doing as you yourself had requested."

Richie thought for a while. "I know that, but I sort of hoped that they might be a little flexible when I ask for you again, you were everything I was looking for, I didn't need anyone else."

"If you stop and think about it maybe you can see a point to all of this. When you do, call me." She handed him a business card with her work and cell numbers.

Richie picked up his gear and left, deep in thought.

Cindy and Martin walked into her office, she sat behind her desk and he sat in a chair in the reception area. Troy, her boss walked past her into his office without acknowledging her presence. "Cindy will you come here." He yelled from his desk. She got up, smiled at Martin and went into his office. "Who the fuck is that?"

"His name is Martin Rogers and he says that he wants to speak to you about something."

"What about?"

"He didn't say, just that it was between you and him."

"Do I know him?" His mind was racing, was he a friend of the temp he'd hired while Cindy was gallivanting around on her vacation, was he the boyfriend or husband of someone that he'd screwed, He had no idea. "You'd better send him in."

Cindy went out to her desk. "He'll see you now sir." She smiled at Martin and he winked at her, he was going to enjoy this.

"Sit down." Troy ordered. "Now what is this all about?"

"Mister Masterson, Troy, I'm from head office and I'm not here on a pleasure trip. It would appear that you've been a naughty boy."

"What do you mean?" Troy was trying to think of a reason for head office to take an interest in him, there were several and this bothered him. Was it the money that he'd been taking from the accounts, was it the under counter discounts he'd been giving his friends, was it the use of Cindy that he'd allowed, encouraged, at his private business functions.

"We have been made aware of several different infractions; some of them would result, if we so choose, in criminal prosecution, some of them you may claim were genuine business decisions necessary to maintain business growth, none of them fit within our company charter. Now we can look at this in two ways, the first is that you can admit to these indiscretions and we'll look at ways of dealing with this at a company level and the second is that we turn our information over to the police for them to prosecute. It's up to you."

"Do I have a choice?"

"The short answer is; no."

"You tell me what you have and I'll try to explain the situation."

"Our accountants have noticed several discrepancies in your branch accounts, I admit that what we've seen doesn't amount to much but then we haven't had a close look, yet. Things like money disappearing from accounts only to turn up a month or two later. This would suggest that you are giving yourself short term loans to cover some debts that your salary couldn't at the time. I would guess that you have a gambling problem and need to cover losses, if that is the case I think that you need to take stock of your situation and seek help."

Troy sat there for several seconds and mumbled an excuse.

"I take it that you admit to these borrowings?"


"Good, now the next item. I realise that from time to time you have to offer a sweetener to retain clients. My problem is that you only offer sweeteners to regular clients who don't need the inducement, and who just happen to be friends of yours. Now it's not a quantum leap in credibility to think that maybe you are getting kick-backs from these friends. It may not be financial, it could be contra deals, payment in kind, something of that nature. Am I close to the mark here?"


"That practice could be looked on as fraud, I'll leave that up to our legal people. Now the final issue, and this one displeases me more than any other. Your receptionist, Cindy, now she's a very attractive young lady, agreed?"

"Yes." Troy had a good idea where this was heading and he was quite frankly scared.

"Now her conditions of employment are set out in her employment contract, agreed?"


"I have read this contract thoroughly, and I have had our legal department go through it with a fine tooth comb and I have failed to find anywhere in that contract any mention of her duties including giving you a blow job when you feel like it!" The last sentence came at a volume and tone that caused Troy to jump, everything up to that point had been spoken in a low and controlled voice.

"And, and I cannot find anywhere in this contract any mention of her being required to provide sexual services to your friends and business acquaintances." He tossed a copy of Cindy's employment contract onto the desk in front of Troy. "Can you show me where it says that?"

Troy didn't even look at it. "No."

"What would we suggest that we do about this?"

"I don't know. I guess the decision is up to you."

"Thank you." Martin got up and went to the door. "Cindy, would you come here please?" Cindy walked into the office. "Sit down please. Now Cindy, I have spoken to Troy here about the issues that have been identified in the report that we received and we have come to the time where a decision is necessary. We have three choices as I see it. The first is we can turn the matter over to the police and let them deal with it. The second is that we can fire him, it will be a summary dismissal which means that he will get no retirement benefits. The third is that he can tender his resignation and leave with his entitlements. Which choice would you suggest we make?"

"The third. He will have time to reflect on his behaviour while he looks for another job and that may take some time given that what few qualifications he has are 'in house' and not much use out there in the real world. I think that will be punishment enough."

"You're too soft, I would have gone with the first choice, but I'll go along with your choice. You heard the lady Troy, Cindy will type up your letter of resignation and you can sign it before you pack up your things and leave. The company will accept it and that will be the end of it, don't bother calling us for a reference because we will have to be honest in our appraisal of you and I don't think that you want that, do you?"

"No sir."

"I'll leave you to it. Don't get up, I can see myself out." Martin got up and left the office. Troy was just about to take out his anger on Cindy but her expression cut him off before he could utter a word. He sat down and scribbled out his resignation and threw it to her to type up. Within half an hour he had cleared his desk and left the building.

Ten minutes after that Cindy stepped into the coffee shop across from her work. Martin had her coffee waiting for her. "You were brilliant!" She exclaimed as she kissed him and sat down. "And that bit about not contacting the company for a reference, he'll never know that you have nothing to do with the company."

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