tagInterracial LoveFantasy Man Ch. 02

Fantasy Man Ch. 02


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When Terri woke up, she found that sometime during the night her hands had made their way into her underwear. She smiled, thinking that her fantasy man had once again come through. Over the past week and a half, she found herself fantasizing about Zack whenever she got a chance. She didn't know what had come over her. The fact that a guy that she had talked to for just a few minutes had affected her in such a way blew her mind. The worst part about it was that she knew he was taken and that should have put the brakes on her crush. She could no more stop thinking about Zack than she could stop breathing. Somehow he had embedded himself in her mind and she justified it by telling herself that she wasn't hurting anybody by fantasizing about him. The trouble would come if she acted on the fantasies while he was still dating the blond. Then she would be no better than the hoochie that slept with Ty and broke them up. No, she wasn't going to be that kind of girl ever. She wanted a man that could give himself freely to her. She didn't want to share.

Terri drug herself out of bed and yawned. It was going to be a long day. She had class and then she had to work at the coffee shop. She threw her uniform in her backpack before heading to the bathroom that was connected to her room. She loved the fact that the shower was always hot and the pressure was always just right. If she kept the apartment for no other reason than the shower, it would still be worth it. The dorm showers were no more than small boxes. She appreciated the space and the comfort that her shower afforded. She pulled off her pajama bottoms and her oversized t-shirt and turned on the shower. While it was heating up, she looked at herself in the mirror. The bags under her eyes seemed to stand out, but she hadn't gotten much rest the night before. She had spent most of the night studying for the test that she had that day. She could feel her body's rebellion fast approaching. She couldn't keep it up for much longer, working three jobs and doing school. Terri made a decision. She was going to find a job that paid enough to allow her to quit both the pizza delivering and the coffee shop. She didn't know what kind of job would do it, but she was determined to find it.

After her shower, Terri rushed out of her apartment, grabbing a bagel and an orange for breakfast on the way. She arrived at her history class just in time. The professor walked in and began to talk about the American Revolution. Terri tried to be attentive and take notes, but she found her mind drifting to Zack, her fantasy man. Terri almost missed the question that the professor directed at her, but she was able to answer it without much of a problem. While her heartbeat was returning to normal, her friend Arthur passed her a note asking her what she was thinking about. He could tell that she wasn't all there that morning. But, really, was she ever?

Arthur always had something of a 6th sense when it came to her. From the very beginning, he seemed to be able to get into her head. They had met in a psychology class their freshman year of college. They were paired up to work on a project and that was when she really got to know Arthur. He was about 6'1" with fiery red hair that hung into his face and a sprinkling of freckles. His green eyes seemed to pierce her soul when he looked into her eyes. It was a feeling that often threw her off her game. Terri had initially thought that it was some sort of sexual attraction, but after spending more time with him outside a class setting, she realized that they were meant to be best friends rather than lovers. She couldn't get anything past him and she didn't even bother trying to lie to him. He could tell when she was lying, just as he could tell what she was feeling at any given time. It was really unnerving, but she loved him to death and welcomed his presence in her life.

She scribbled down a reply and tossed it to him when the professor turned towards the chalkboard to write something. She wasn't going to tell him that she was fantasizing about Zack Smith having his way with her, but she hinted at the nature of her thoughts. Once he read the note, Arthur looked up at her and gave her a playful smile. He was going to give her crap about it later, of that she was sure.

After class, she rushed to the coffee shop to begin her shift. As she walked in, she spotted her co-worker and good friend Charmaine working the counter and Holly quickly making coffee. The coffee shop was small and catered to college students who used it as a quiet place to study. If she didn't work there, she probably would enjoy relaxing at one of the small wood tables. As it was, she spent far too much time there to want to come on her day off as well. Hopefully, she would be able to find a job that would help her make ends meet a little better. She waived to Charmaine before heading to the back to wash her hands. It was time to get cracking.

Terri took over for Charmaine at the counter. Since she was always spot on when it was time to cash out, her boss pretty much insisted that she be on the register when she worked. Her charming personality, not to mention her large assets, also earned her and the rest of the staff nice tips. When there was a lull, Charmaine sauntered over, curious about what Terri had been up to. "Well, I've decided I need to find a job that will allow me to pay my bills and not have to work two other ones. I haven't started looking yet, but hopefully I'll find one soon. I'm going to burnout if I keep this schedule up."

Charmaine nodded sympathetically. "I know what you mean, girl. I feel like I'm about to keel over myself. If I do, leave me on the ground until some tall, dark, and handsome hunk comes in. Then have him pick me up and carry me away. What better way to start a relationship than that?"

Terri shook her head and laughed. "You'll just have to hope that he doesn't carry you away to his roach-infested apartment that he shares with three mice."

Charmaine stuck out her tongue at Terri. "Party pooper. Just because you're not having any doesn't mean you should spoil it for the rest of us. That was a great fantasy I was having right there."

Terri sighed at the word fantasy. Her fantasy man was probably at his huge house, eating bon bons or some shit like that. What she wouldn't give to see him again. His face was still fresh in her mind, but she wouldn't mind having a refresher.

Zack just shook his head. He had been to almost every coffee shop in the area, and some twice, over the past week and a half, looking for that girl who set his body on fire. He had driven to the pizza place that he ordered from the next night, only to be disappointed. Terri wasn't working that night and the person at the front and the manager seemed reluctant to tell him when exactly she was working. The guy at the counter did mention that Terri worked at a coffee shop near the college campus though. Upon hearing that information, he left and decided to visit a few of the shops in his free time. He thought about calling each shop and asking if she was there, but he didn't want to give her a heads up. He wanted their meeting to seem spontaneous. Plus, he didn't want her to know just how much she was affecting him. When he found her, he wasn't sure what he was going to do to get her to go out with him, but he would cross that bridge when he came to it.

Zack reached his destination and hoped that they sold more than just coffee. He could really go for a lemonade right then. He had walked around campus, admiring its beauty and hoping that he would catch a glimpse of Terri. He looked up at the sign. Extreme Kaffine...what an interesting name for a coffee shop. Zack hadn't been to this shop yet and he wondered why. He must have walked past it at least 10 times in his search, but never looked at the name and never thought to walk in. The only reason he knew of it was because he did an internet search for coffee shops. It was kind of out of the way and seemed like it had a quiet atmosphere. He pulled open the door and his breath caught in his throat.

Holly let out a low whistle. "Speaking of fantasy, I wouldn't mind if he was in a few of mine," she remarked while gesturing towards the door. Terri looked up and the moment she laid eyes on him, her heart skipped a beat. It was him. Zack...

Charmaine looked at Terri with a raised eyebrow. "You know blondie over there? And you never told me about him? I don't believe you were holding out on me."

Terri tore her eyes away from Zack to look at Charmaine. "Huh? What are you talking about?"

"You just said 'Zack'. I assume that's the hunk at the door's name, unless you're in the habit of assigning names to random guys you don't know."

Terri cursed herself in her head. She hadn't realized that she spoke out loud. Shaking her head she whispered. "I delivered his pizza the other week. He...his name was on the receipt and he signed for the pizza, so I assume he's Zack." It was a lie, but only slightly. She had delivered his pizza the other week, but she didn't want Charmaine ragging on her about how she actually learned his name, harmless or not. "He's got a girlfriend anyway, so lay off, ok?"

Charmaine just shrugged. "A girl can have her dreams, can't she?"

Terri wanted to laugh at that, but she would have to explain herself. She really didn't want Charmaine to know that she had been having dreams and he was the star. There were just some things that were better left unsaid.

Zack finally found the power to move forward and stop looking like a moron in the door. He noticed the other two women that were working with Terri. One was a cute blond, but he could tell by her roots that she wasn't a natural blond. Then there was another black woman, but she was shorter and a little bit more curvy that Terri. She was pretty, but Terri was beautiful. There was no one who could seem to live up to the standards that Terri had set. Zack wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing. He walked to the counter and leaned on it, trying to play it cool.

Terri took a deep breath. She quickly decided that she wouldn't acknowledge him unless he recognized her. Until then he was just another customer...another delicious looking male customer. She realized how hard it was to serve him with a straight face, since she had been coming to the sound of his voice and the imagined feel of his touch for over a week.

"Hi there, Terri, fancy meeting you again and while you're working no less. I have to wonder if I'll ever see you in a non- work situation."

"Umm...Hey, Zack. What can I get you?" Terri decided to ignore his statement. She reminded herself that he had a girlfriend and was off-limits.

'You can give me a piece of that sweet ass of yours.' Zack smiled slightly at the immediacy of his thoughts. "Do you sell lemonade? I could really go for some right now."

Terri nodded. "What size?" 'So far, so good,' she thought to herself. Now if she just kept it up for a little while longer, then she could melt as soon as he walked out the door.

"The biggest you've got." Zack smiled as she looked down to punch in the order. He took the opportunity to admire her breasts, which were threatening to bust out of the shirt she was wearing. He was trying his best not to lean over farther and burry his face in between her prominent globes. He looked up just in time to see Terri wrinkle her nose at him. He'd been caught, but she made the cutest little faces. Zack could only imagine what kind of faces she made during sex. Her face would probably be even more expressive then.

"That'll be 3.75, sir." Terri pressed her lips tightly together. She hated when guys stared at her chest, but the sheepish grin that Zack gave her after he was caught red-handed made her insides turn to goo. Somehow, she didn't mind so much anymore.

Zack pulled out his wallet and handed her a ten dollar bill. While she was busy making change, he put two twenties into the tip jar. For some reason, he found it extremely easy to part with his money when she was around. Just the thought of her face when she saw the tip made him want to put more in the jar, but he restrained himself. He didn't want her to feel like she had to go out with him just because she owed him for the tips. He wanted her to go out with him for him, not because of his money.

The blond placed the lemonade on the counter and winked at him. As she leaned over, he noticed that the top two buttons were undone on her shirt and he was being treated to a peek down into her ample bosom. If only she were Terri. But, then again, if Terri did something like that, she would find herself on her back behind the counter about 5 seconds later. He knew she wasn't ready to go that far with him yet, but perhaps sometime in the future. His mouth spread into a slow, easy smile. The bottle blond was cute, he had to admit, and two weeks ago he would have thought about starting something up with her, but now his mind was only on the vision of beauty in front of him. Terri...He longed to feel her beneath him, to feel her chest rise and fall while he fed on her dark nipples, to hear her scream his name as she reached mind-blowing heights. Zack felt the blood rushing to his lower head and frowned slightly. He didn't want to walk away with a tent in his pants. So, he'd stall for time and try to keep his mind on other things.

Terri handed Zack his change and expected him to leave right away, but instead he just stood there against the counter.

"How have you been since the last time I saw you, Terri?"

"Fine..." Terri looked at him skeptically. She wondered what kind of game he was playing.

"That's good. I was hoping that you got a break from all these jobs you're working, but it doesn't seem like you have yet."

Terri blew out a breath. "Who needs rest? I'll sleep when I'm dead."

Zack chuckled. "It must be hard to keep up a relationship with all this working."

Terri's eyebrow jumped up in surprise. Was he discretely trying to figure out if she was seeing anyone, or was it just her imagination? He had a girlfriend, why did he care if she was attached. Perhaps he was just being friendly. That's it. Terri scolded herself for jumping to conclusions and decided to be friendly. She could always use a friend and having one who was amazingly handsome didn't hurt either. "That's true. Good thing I don't have a relationship to keep up."

Zack felt like dancing, she was single and his boner had gone down. Because there wasn't anyone to compete with, it would be easier to get to know her. "I suppose that would make things easier in you. But, don't cut all of the fun out of your life. Make sure to get out and live a little."

Terri was slightly insulted. Who was he to tell her to have fun? He didn't even know her, she had tons of fun and she was living life to the fullest...At least that's what she told herself.

Zack picked up on her defensiveness, as well as her realization that what he spoke was true. She was so easy to read. He couldn't get enough of her expressive face. "All I was trying to say was, don't run yourself into the ground, Terri. But, what do I know? I've only run into you twice. I hope to change that sometime in the near future, though. I look forward to our next meeting, Terri."

Terri smiled softly. He would make a good friend. He was no Arthur, but it was good to have a guy friend who couldn't read your mind. Terri just hoped that classifying him as a friend would help her with her level of restraint. As it was, she wanted to fling herself across the counter at him and rip off his clothes. Bad, Terri. She shook her head to clear it of her impure thoughts. She held up her hand and waved to him. "Bye, Zack. I hope to see you again soon."

Zack walked off, pausing at the door to look back and smile at Terri. Her lips were still begging to be kissed and with any luck, he would be the guy to do it. Now to get her to trust him, that was his next challenge. He walked out into the warm day and somehow it seemed just that much brighter.

As the door closed behind Zack, Terri let out a soft sigh. She then turned around to meet Charmaine's amused expression. "What?"

"Alright, miss 'I just delivered his pizza,' fess up. You had to deliver more than a pizza to have a man fawning over your like that. He looked like he wanted to climb over the counter and eat you alive. I won't even say what you looked like..."

Terri stuck her tongue out at Charmaine. "Well, Holly was trying to give him a free show when she gave him his damn drink. Why aren't you giving her crap too?"

Charmaine shrugged and turned to walk to the back of the shop. "Simply because he didn't even look twice at her showing her goods. It was the Terri Show and he wanted a front row seat to that one."

As she walked away, Terri turned back towards the counter and tried to process everything that had just taken place. Zack remembered her and her name and had even stayed to talk to her. According to Charmaine, he looked at her like she was water in a drought and he wasn't interested in Holly's peep show. It was too much to process. Shaking her head, Terri decided that she would just take it all in stride and wait for the next time her fantasy man made a debut in her reality.

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