tagInterracial LoveFantasy Out Of Control Ch. 02

Fantasy Out Of Control Ch. 02


Susan is just five feet tall, and soaking wet weighs about 100 pounds. Her short brown hair matches her hazel eyes, and from her neck down is soft, round curves that includes small, firm breasts with dark inch-long nipples. Her stomach isn't necessarily firm, but there's no fat and shortly trimmed pussy hair does little to obscure her swollen pussy mound with its large clit and large lips. Her heart-shaped ass is often described as perfect and despite her age more than one guy has described her as having the body of a teenager.

That Friday night she wore a simple sundress, about mid-thigh length, of a thin cotton material. While it covered her body, the material accentuated everything, flaring at the hips in a most suggestive way. Underneath she wore nothing, and her short-trimmed pussy mound pushed intisingly with just the right movements.

William was right on time, and as I let him in (Susan was on the sofa) I noted he was casually, but well dressed in expensive attire. His muscles bulged through his jeans and T-shirt and he was a good five inches taller than me – and I'm almost six feet tall.

He was polite in his greeting but showed no nervousness. That was good because we'd had a few in the past who were, and ended up non-starters.

I'll skip the preliminaries, except to say William soon put Susan at ease. He was charming and witty, and direct in a non-offending way (just like Susan). He sat beside her and I took an armchair across from them. We talked small talk and finally William asked about any ground rules. Susan said pain was out and 'no' meant 'no.' Other than that she thought they should play it by ear and decide limits as they went along.

We warmed to William easily, but I had a feeling that he was a bit of an actor and the first few times would be fairly typical of fuck sessions with some of our previous white friends.

Unlike the cafe where we first met, our livingroom was less restrictive as far as conversation was concerned, so William was able to ask questions, as was Susan. She admitted she was fucking another guy regularly (Dave) and had been for years.

"Interesting," was William's only comment.

After a few drinks, William and Susan were side by side and his arm was across the back of the sofa. Before long it was on her shoulder, and when I went to get more drinks, I returned to find Susan half lying on the sofa with William leaning over her from his seated position. They were kissing passionately and he had one big hand on her breast and the other under her ass.

Within a minute her dress was hiked up and her thighs spread as she lay down completely and William kneeled over her.

He was good. Susan was soaked and his fingers were soon sticky with her juice.

Like I said, I'll skip the warm-up. In a few minutes Susan's dress was pulled down and up so it was like a scarf around her middle. William's jeans were around his ankles and his T-shirt was on the floor. Then the moment came when his almost-hard cock sprang into view as his briefs came off. Susan's eyes widened (as did mine) at the sight of a thick 10 inches of Black meat. He saw the look on her face and grinned.

"Don't worry," he said. "It doesn't have to go all the way in."

Unlike the porn flicks, William didn't shove his cock in my wife's face and she didn't go down on him. He simply positioned himself and slid the head of his shaft into her pussy. For the next few minutes he slowly worked it in and out, spreading her pussy perhaps wider than any cock had done before. She was moaning and her hand was on his belly as a precaution, sort of slowing him down if the thrusts were too deep.

Soon he was in to his balls, and as he sank each thrust, my wife's eyes opened wide, and she gave a little gasp as his pounding expelled the air from her lungs.

I can now say it is an amazing sight to see a giant Black man pistoning into a tiny white woman. I was rock hard as I watched from the chair. William's face was contorted in pleasure and Susan's ass and hips were pushed deep into the cushions with every thrust.

Unlike all the porn movies, William didn't last for hours. I'd say it was about 10 minutes later that he stiffened and slammed into her one final time as his sperm exploded inside her. That brought on another in a series of climaxes for my wife. I was glad there were no close neighbours, because her screams would have brought them running. Or maybe not in this day and age.

It was moments later, when William finally eased out and his long, limp cock plopped from my wife's swollen cunt that I saw the true magnitude of the effects of his mammoth cock. Her pussy was, for a moment, an open hole filled with his milky white liquid. As she slowly sat up, the jism cascaded out of her steamy orifice and drenched the sofa.

William was now sitting on the floor and Susan swung her legs down so she was again sitting on the sofa. His sperm was still dripping out of her and he helped her stand up so he could slip the dress to the floor.

"Quite a beautiful sight," he said. "An amazing sight when you think about it, your wife's pussy stretched out and dripping a Black man's cum. Ever see that before?

I shook my head. I'd imagined it a thousand times, but reality was more difficult to comprehend. My mind raced through the biology involved, the racing sperm and the vulnerable egg. It was a split second thought, and now I was trying to make myself realize that this was actually it.

Susan sat back down, legs apart, cunt lips wet and sticky -- and open. William's sizable load was still dripping from her hole in little trickles down to her ass and onto the cushions. The warm-up had been faster than I'd expected, but I was certain the real show was yet to come. And I was right.

Susan was aglow and still very aroused. We resumed our drinks and chitchat as if nothing had happened. After 15 or 20 minutes William was stroking my wife's milky white thigh, and I could see his cock was semi-hard. He moved his hands across her body as if appraising his next purchase – feeling, squeezing, rubbing – all the while talking to me about her body, how wet, snug, deep she was.

"It's amazing," he said. "She's so tiny but can take 10 inches to the hilt. It's like that's what she was made for. I never felt such a perfect fit in my life. And she's so wet."

Until then I felt a bit left out, and maybe a bit sheepish. But I soon got caught up in William's enthusiasm and was agreeing and making my own comments.

"Next time try eating her and finger-fucking her at the same time," I said. "And when she's ready to cum, put your mouth over her entire cunt. She'll squirt about a cup full into your mouth. It's the most amazing taste in all the world."

"You're shittin' me," William said. "I got to try that."

I told him how Dave and I sometimes get her to squirt into wine glasses. Then I'd take the three filled glasses and put them in the fridge to chill. After the next fuck session I'd get them out, add a shot of vodka and we'd drink them. (We'd done that two or three times. Dave was crazy about it.)

Susan sat there naked, spread, wet, open, and totally accessable. The big Black hands feeling her most intimate and erogenous spots were making her breathe harder, and her eyes kept going back to William's large, hardening shaft. Soon her hand was playing with it and the other was gently cupping his giant balls hanging in his equally large sac. Inevitably, she leaned over and closed her lips around the bulbous head and in seconds drew William's considerable manhood to its true size. She wasn't necessarily interested in sucking him off, she just wanted that black cock back inside her greedy cunt, the only really legitimate place for penis and sperm. While she offers all holes, she prefers her studs to make most use of her pussy. And William turned out to be insatiable for her twat. He never gets enough.

"It's like, every time I use her cunt, it's like the first time," he later told me. "It's like you know it's really good but you can't quite remember what it's like. Every time I fuck her it's like experiencing her for the first time. I know it sounds crazy. And I bet I've fucked her a hundred times. Maybe twice that. It's like half remembering a dream."

I knew exactly what he meant. By that time, when William brought it up, I had only vague memories of her warm, wet cunt – how it sucked and milked my cock, until the velvet sensation resulted in explosions of sperm deep into her body. William had probably fucked her four or five times that week and he could hardly remember.

Their second coupling that first encounter, began on the couch, moved to the coffee table, and ended up on the floor before William finally draped her over the arm of the couch and fucked her long and hard from behind. She dripped his sperm all over the carpet when she finally stood up after he disengaged. She was loose, dripping, pussy mound swollen, cunt lips distended -- and in a daze.

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