tagLoving WivesFantasy Should Stay That Way

Fantasy Should Stay That Way


We sat in the pub as usual, I looked around the bar and saw the familiar faces drinking and chatting, nothing unusual about that. Looking across the table I watched my wife Cindy chatting animatedly to Alan. Friendly chit chat in this busy and rather noisy bar, unheard words, but I could only guess at what was being discussed.

Last night's event still so fresh in my mind as I watched the two of them sitting close together, as if conspiring but outwardly showing that nothing was different from any other lunchtime meeting between friends.

Alan is a grey haired guy, smartly turned out at all times and something of a ladies man. He has always had an eye for the women ever since we had known him. It was noticeable that he had obvious designs on another of our friends, a woman on her own in her 40s who eventually fell for his line of charm. He is in his early 60s keeps himself trim and has a fit looking body for a man of his age. His ease around women always seemed to make them comfortable and many enjoyed his company, the latest being my wife Cindy.

We had known Alan for many years as a casual friend who we met at the pub and exchanged casual chat with whilst enjoying a few drinks with on occasion. I had noticed he always looked at Cindy with a flirtatious eye, he was always nearby if there was a dance on and many times they had danced together. Thinking nothing of it I allowed myself to ignore this whenever we met and thought it was nothing more than an older guy eyeing my wife, little did I realise how determined he was to get closer to her.

The sight of Alan dancing with my wife that particular evening caught my attention, for some reason that I couldn't explain he seemed to be holding her a little tighter than normal, they seemed closer somehow. Cindy was laughing and having a good time but I noticed Alan was definitely pressed quite firmly against my wife. Returning to my drink and the chat of the company I was with distracted my attention from the couple on the dancefloor, but Alan was making his move. Cindy had had a few drinks and was very relaxed and pliant without being drunk as Alan held her close to him. As they danced he was pressed against the thin silky dress that she wore, her laughs were to cover her embarrassment as she felt his hard cock pressing into her. The awkward looks between them were signals that both knew what was happening, by not stopping him Cindy was essentially giving him the go ahead so he became bolder.

When they returned to the table Alan guided her to a seat opposite me and then slid in beside her, Cindy looked a little flushed but in good spirits. Alan then leaned over kissing her on the cheek thanking her for dancing with an old man.

"You have an old man feel really happy "he added.

I saw the look in his eye as he smiled across the table at me, he adjusted himself as he sat making sure that I saw what was obviously his hard cock as he made himself comfortable next to my wife. The next 30 minutes or so passed without incident until Cindy wanted to visit the loo, as she stood to slide past Alan he stood too, as she worked her way past him he rubbed himself against her silky ass, I saw his hands on her hips as he held her for a second longer than was decent, the look in her eyes as she looked at me told me he was rubbing his cock into her ass.

"That's enough of that Alan" she chided.

"You know I can't resist you" was his response.

Cindy left the table, Alan leant forward and said.

"Your wife is gorgeous, you are a very lucky guy to have such a beautiful woman all to yourself, she is lovely all over, and if I was 20 years younger I would be trying to pinch her from you."

"Thanks, she is quite a fan of yours too."

"Really? that's lovely to know, well you know I think she is a sexy woman, I do enjoy dancing with her too you know, she is a lot of fun, I hope you don't mind too much."

"That's OK I know Cindy loves it too, so it's no problem."

"Great then I would like to dance with her more often if that is OK with you of course."

"Yes of course anytime."

Cindy returned to the table, seeing we had been chatting she looked at me, smiling I started to move to let her in my side of the table but Alan had stood and was guiding her to his seat as she passed him again he gripped her hips and she felt his unmistakable bulge against her ass.

"Your hubby tells me you like dancing Cindy"

"Yes I love it", she looked across at me wondering where this was going.

Alan took hold of her hand and stood up almost pulling her with him to the dance floor.

"Well let's go!"

I watched as he took my wife in his arms as a slow tune was played, his hands on the small of her back as she held onto his shoulders. He was whispering to her as they danced, she smiled back as his hands stroked her back, and I could see he was pressed very close to my wife as they circled.

After another dance Cindy came over and took her drink, taking a large gulp she looked flushed.

"You OK?"I asked.

"Alan has a lot of energy, I think he would spend all evening with me if he could too."

"I am sure he would, he told me he fancies the pants off you."

The look in her eye told me she was surprised at my comment yet couldn't help herself being interested.

"He was getting turned on as we danced you know" she teased.

With that Alan came over and whisked her off for another dance, I sat back and watched closely trying hard not to appear to be staring. Seeing Alan running his hands over Cindy's ass feeling her soft hips, tracing the course of her panties, feeling her through her flimsy dress was starting to fuel feelings inside me that were only shared during our love making. Cindy made no move to stop him and appeared to be enjoying the attention.

Alan's hand strayed to her ass, slowly easing her dress up exposing more of her thighs until her stockings were on display as they turned away from my sight her back towards the wall now. Alan leaned in and planted a kiss full on her lips, her reaction was to be stunned yet crucially she didn't pull away her arms round his neck as his hands busied themselves under her skirt. The mixture of the drink and the atmosphere was having an effect on Cindy, her inhibitions loosened as Alan used his hands to feel up her dress, his fingers tracing her stockings, finding her suspenders then her smooth naked skin between her stockings and panties. As the music carried on my wife was being groped by Alan in the darkened corner, I couldn't see clearly but she had stopped turning as his hands wandered over my wife. At least one of his friends had spotted what he was doing and was acting as a screen as he fondled my wife.

A few minutes later they reappeared and danced back into view, I could see Cindy was holding onto him as he smiled over at me a look of triumph on his face. As the lights dimmed again I saw him lean into her and kiss her softly on the lips, her arms round his neck and offering no resistance. The drink relaxing my wife as she enjoyed the attentions of this older man.

They returned to the table, I could see that Cindy was flushed and definitely a little tipsy, Alan had his arm wrapped round her waist guiding to her seat next to him. I noticed how his hand looked comfortable and lingered on my wife's body and the way she seemed at ease with this.

A couple of drinks later and Cindy was starting to get more than a little bit drunk, she leaned against Alan who raised his arm looking over at me as he wrapped it round her shoulders and pulled her closer to him. In the dim light of the bar he leaned over and kissed her brazenly as I watched transfixed. He smiled at me as he saw my shocked face.

"Well sorry mike she is gorgeous as I told you earlier, I couldn't resist kissing her."

Cindy stirred her face turned to Alan, without a word he kissed her again, this time slower and I saw her responding. His hands now resting on her breast as he used his tongue to excite my wife further.

"I think we both know what she wants now don't we Mike?"

I found myself nodding as the bulge in my trousers became bigger, seeing Cindy kissing Alan in a public place like this was so horny, although it was in a darkened room I caught at least one of his friends looking over with interest.

As the party started to break up we finished our drinks and staggered out the door together, Cindy somewhat worse for wear was being supported by Alan who was more than keen to offer her a hand, albeit inside her coat and no doubt stroking her ass.

We took a cab home and Alan offered to come in and help me get Cindy comfortable.

Although slightly drunk she was still capable of walking and understanding what was going on as she giggled at Alan's hands running all over her at every opportunity. Once inside she was placed on the sofa, leaning back her dress riding up her thighs exposing her stockings, she seemed unaware yet relaxed as Alan sat beside her and attempted to ease her dress down to cover her.

I got us all another drink, as I passed them to Alan he slid his arm round her shoulders so I placed the drinks on the coffee table. Looking up I saw Alan kiss Cindy again, his hand stroking her nipple through her dress, she shifted her position as he was getting her into a position where he could make his next move. I felt my cock harden as I watched him taking my wife, unable to raise any objection the excitement was overpowering.

I heard my wife moaning as he expertly teased her nipple until it was clearly hard, his hand massaging her tit then slowly moving down her dress onto her thigh. I saw him slip his hand under the hem of her dress and then slide upwards to her panties. As he moved closer to my wife's pussy my cock was so hard I could not stop the build-up of excitement in me, as I watched the scene unfolding in my own home.

Cindy moaned softly as Alan's fingers found her panties, she wriggled slightly as he was trying to get inside them. He was whispering to her between kisses as his fingers excited her married pussy, the way she responded to his soft kisses told me he had complete control now.

I heard him say to her loud enough for me to hear this time.

"Cindy, I am going to tell Mike to take your panties off in a moment, is that OK with you?"

Cindy just nodded, completely aroused now.

"Mike, take your wife's panties off for me please, so I can get her more comfortable".

I moved closer to them as if in a trance as they continued kissing. Alan lifted her dress and I saw his hand inside her panties clearly, he was working his fingers in and out , twisting and teasing my wife's clit. I eased her sheer lace panties down as she raised her hips allowing me to remove them completely.

Alan looked down seeing Cindy's trimmed pussy exposed he smiled at me, a look of complete triumph on his face.

"I have wanted to see your pussy for ages Cindy, mmmmmm it looks gorgeous"

Cindy giggled, as Alan moved his hand back to her tits rubbing and teasing her sensitive nipples through her dress.

"I think this needs to come off now sweetie don't you?"

Cindy could only nod.

"Mike, please remove your wife's dress for her please"

I again moved close to them, I unzipped the back of her dress seeing her smooth skin slowly becoming more exposed.

Alan eased her to her feet as she did the dress fell to the floor and she stood in her stockings and suspenders before him, he licked his lips as he took in her body.

Cindy stood in front of him posing her long legs encased in silky stockings, his hands reaching out and stroking them. Alan turned her round as he stood, his arms wrapped round her now and his hands covering her tits, I watched as he teased her nipples as he looked at me, I saw the look of pure lust in Cindy's eyes as he kept up the pressure arousing her more and more.

He was rubbing his cock against her ass, her hips starting to gyrate slowly then her hands moving behind her to rub him openly. His smile said it all as he watched my discomfort, the turmoil he saw in my eyes as I wrestled with the emotion of seeing another man fondling my wife in this way and the huge excitement it brought me too.

Cindy turned and started to unbutton his shirt, he encouraged her and soon she had his trousers down too, his hard cock like a tent pole in his boxers. He allowed her to stroke him as he stood looking at me.

"I think Mike needs to help you with the last item Cindy"

I knew immediately he wanted me to remove his boxers and reveal him to my wife. Slowly I fumbled with the waistband and eased them down, his hard cock sprang up before me, and I heard Cindy gasp as she saw it for the first time. It was about 8" and thick too, hard and cut, the head swollen and purple.

Alan guided Cindy to his cock, her hand wrapped round his shaft as he kissed her again, he used his hands to slide her down to his cock, kneeling she was wanking him slowly. Looking at me he eased his cock to her mouth, automatically it seemed her lips parted and her tongue flicked out and licked the head of his cock, he continued to push forward until it was in her mouth. Another milestone. He smiled again as he held her head and started to fuck her mouth gently, sliding his cock in and out as she licked and sucked. The wet sucking noises seemed to fill my head as my wife sucked his cock I had not realised I had my own cock out and was wanking steadily as I watched.

After a few minutes Alan pulled Cindy to her feet kissed her deeply again and his hand was busy with her pussy once again, he was keeping her aroused, constantly teasing her pussy or her nipples. I could hear her breath coming faster as her excitement grew, she had all but forgotten I was there as she stroked Alan's cock.

Without a word Alan then held her hand and started to move towards the stairs, Cindy then took the lead, heading up the stairs as he fondled her ass. I followed a few steps behind, my erect cock in my hand as they entered our bedroom.

Alan kissed my wife again as they both sat on the edge of the bed, he eased her back now and I could see how wet her pussy was, the lips swollen with excitement as he rubbed her clit.

Cindy parted her legs for Alan as he knelt between them, his thick cock moments away from her pussy, he looked back at me as her rubbed the head against her soaking pussy lips. I heard Cindy moan as he wet his cock in her juices, then he shuffled forward a little, a grunt from Cindy as the head entered her. Another smile at me before Alan eased his whole cock into my wife.

"Ohhh yesssssss "he moaned as he was enveloped in her wet tube, "mm that feels so good"

I watched as he started to move his hips to and fro, his ass tightening with each forward stroke, accompanied by small grunts from Cindy as he probed her deeper. Slowly he started to fuck my wife faster, the noises becoming louder and more urgent as he rammed his hard shaft into her wet pussy. Cindy's hips rising to meet his thrusts now, her moans louder and more insistent, wanting more I wanked faster, my hand covered in pre cum now as I watched Alan take my wife.

After what seemed ages I sensed a change as Alan was slowing down, his strokes deeper, thrusting harder it seemed, his ass cheeks clenched tight as he tried to force his cock in even further. Cindy's legs were spread wide, around his waist as he wanted to get in so deep, they were both sweating and making animal noises as they neared climax. With a last few deep plunges of his cock Alan began to moan loudly as he started to cum in my wife's pussy, Cindy could also feel it as she pulled him in deeper still using her pussy muscles to milk his cock. As they both started to climax my sissy cock erupted and my cum flew over my hand and thighs, spurt after spurt erupted as I pumped at my cock. Alan unloaded his spunk in my wife as she held onto him, her body shaking form her orgasm. Their breath coming fast as they panted together, their exertions resulting in a mutual climax. I watched as they kissed, as he lay on top of her his cock still buried in her eager pussy.

Now it was in the open, we had fantasised about this sort of thing so many times together yet now it had happened and we were now forever changed. Cindy looked at me and smiled as she saw my flaccid cock in my hand spent as Alan started to move his hips again bring her attention back to him. In a few seconds they were again kissing and going for a second round. As they were preoccupied with each other I turned and left the bedroom my heart pounding as I moved down the stairs with the sounds of their passion echoing in my ears. Was this really what we had wanted or would it have been better to have stayed as a fantasy, time will tell.

Those were the thoughts uppermost in my mind as I sat looking at my wife and her lover across the table from me. I sipped my pint as they flirted openly without any care for who was watching. As I watched I sense feel her moving away from me, I did not want that, I loved her, needed her, had she already gone from me? All I knew was that at this time I wanted her back! My stomach seemed to betide in huge knots as I rethought the events of last night nd now in the cold light of day I knew it wasn't what I really wanted.

I had been aroused at the events of last night that was true, the fantasy had aroused me and indeed Cindy also, for some time now. Was I getting a case of the jitters after the fact and was I being insecure? Yes and yes I reasoned. This was out of my control now as could be seen by the way they were acting so brazenly in front of me. I could feel the sympathy emanating from some of the people who knew us at the pub and also some of the other feelings being made obvious towards me and my apparent acquiescence to what is effectively an open marriage. I could also sense that there were more than one or two others who would be ready to follow where Alan had so recently pioneered. Where the fantasy was exciting yet benign in its consequences the reality was anything but and the effect was far reaching. Cindy was enjoying and still basking in the afterglow of this exciting new adventure, she was unaware of any downside yet. No thought as yet had been given to the future but Alan was keen to stake a claim to my wife it seemed obvious.

I watched as Alan leaned over and kissed Cindy full on the lips, I shuddered as I saw her kissing him back. She was obviously on such a high that she gave no thought to where we were or who could be watching. I looked away and caught someone I knew looking straight at me, it was our next door neighbour Jeannie. She had her mouth open as she looked at me then back as Cindy lip locked with Alan. I blushed and tried to avoid her eyes. All of a sudden, the growing embarrassment became a surge and was too much to bear, I felt my blood pressure rising as my face burned, the pounding in my head grew louder. I stood quietly and quickly, stepping from the booth and slipped through the crowd of drinkers towards the door. I heard no call for me to stop or any reason for me to turn around. Cindy was still wrapped up with Alan, I caught sight of them still engrossed as I went through the door. I headed for my car and in less than a minute I was exiting the car park and headed down the road. Still nothing from Cindy.

I sat in my lounge staring out the window, not really thinking but not really seeing either. I was in a sort of comatose state; my mind was sort of trying to process my feelings without actually thinking or planning in any way. I was in a sort of emotional limbo.

I shook my head and forced myself to think, I had to do something, I had walked out and left my wife in the arms of another man, what was wrong with me? What was wrong with her? She had not called or come home yet, it must have been an hour or more since I left them at the pub. Oh my God! Jeannie saw them! What will she think of us? I held my head in my hands as the reality started to permeate my addled brain. From the sexual high of last night to the welcoming depths of despair all in less than twenty-four hours. A reasonably happy marriage now hanging by a thread for the pursuit of a fantasy? Where the fuck was she? Why hadn't she come home or at least called me? Didn't she care anymore?

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